The Lake House Lessons 11

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A Week and a Half Later

After Gina and I broke up, I was a little down, and Dad wanted to cheer me up and do something fun before Sarah and I left for college. He wanted to go to the lake house for a long weekend, and asked Sarah and me if we would be O.K. if he invited Linda, Ariel and Dana. Sarah was fine with it, and asked if Steve could come, and Dad said yes.

I was a little worried about spending the weekend with Dana, much less Ariel, but ultimately agreed. During my month with Gina, I had limited contact with Dana. We texted a few times, and ran into each other around town, including a couple of times at Orlando’s when Gina and I came in during her shift, and once when we were both at the same movie on a date. Dana was with the guy she was hanging with at Dennis’ party, a guy named Kevin, who had graduated from North a couple of years ago. But she was true to her word, and never did anything to interfere with my relationship with Gina.

When we broke up, I resisted calling Dana right away, figuring that it would make me look too needy. Now, it had been almost two weeks since we broke up, and I had no idea what would happen at the lake house. There was the potential for lots of fun, but also frustration, if Dana, and Ariel for that matter, wanted to just be friends. I probably should have called her before the weekend, but I found myself being reticent. Of course, she didn’t contact me, either, so I wasn’t sure what the weekend would bring.

When the time came, we loaded up a couple of cars and drove up on Saturday morning. We could have squeezed into the SUV, but decided to go in two cars for comfort and flexibility. Dad and Linda went in one car with Ariel, and Sarah drove the other car. Steve sat in the front passenger seat, and Dana and I were in the back.

Sarah was blasting her crappy music, and even Steve complained about it, but not too vigorously. I could tell that he was really into Sarah, and she had told me how much she liked him. She had wondered whether it would last to the end of the summer, and if so, whether it would be able to last when they both went back to school.

Even though Dana and I hadn’t really spent any time together in more than a month, it was almost as if the separation never happened. Dana leaned her head against my shoulder in the back seat, and I couldn’t help but be intoxicated, again, by her scent and her beauty. She had cut her hair a little, and looked a little more sophisticated, but just as hot, if not even hotter. She was wearing a low cut top, and as a result, I was treated to a very nice view of her cleavage. Knowing how carefully Dana planned things like that, I took it as a good sign.

Sarah drove and we sat silently, unable to talk due to the music. Eventually, I put my arm around Dana, and she cuddled close to me, putting one hand on my knee. More good signs. We both dozed off, until the car stopped at a rest area. Apparently, Linda needed to use the bathroom, so we made a pit stop. Steve, Dad and I went to the men’s room, then waited for the women. Dana was the first to come out and she came over to me.

I asked her if she wanted some coffee, which she did, and we went to the Starbucks and I bought us drinks. As we walked to the car, Dana asked, “Are you O.K.? I heard about the movie theatre fight.”

“Yeah,” I responded, amused if not surprised by Dana’s intelligence gathering ability. “We ended on a good note. We just weren’t meant to be a couple.”

“I’m surprised,” Dana responded, “you seemed happy.”

“We were,” I said. “But even though we were friends first, it just got weird. We would have great discussions, great sex, then start bickering over stuff. She started getting jealous if I so much as talked to another girl. It’s better this way.”

“I’m a little surprised you didn’t call me right away. You know I would have been there for you.”

“I did know that,” I said, “but I decided that I wanted to deal with it on my own. Then Dad planned this weekend, so I figured we would have plenty of time to talk.”

She smiled at me and said, “And not talk,” giving me that look that I hadn’t seen in a while. She squeezed my hand.

“And what about that Kevin?” I asked.

“Yeah, he was actually a pretty good guy. I did sleep with him that night after the party, and we went out a couple of times, including that movie you saw us at, but it never really clicked, so we aren’t seeing each other anymore.”

That we were both free of relationships remained unsaid.

We piled back into the cars and finished the drive up to the lake house. When we got there, we unpacked the cars. Dad said that he and Linda would, of course, take the upstairs bedroom and suggested that Sarah and Steve take the big downstairs room. He then suggested that either Ariel or Dana could take the single bedrooms and I could sleep on an airbed in the living room, or Ariel and Dana could take one room and share the bed or use the air mattress, and I could take the other room.

I had a brief flash of them sharing a gerçek sex hikayesi bed, which gave me a pleasant warm feeling as the two Angelo beauties looked at each other and Ariel said, “We can share a room, and let Jack have the other one.”

Dana gave me a look that suggested strongly that no one would be sleeping on any air mattress that weekend. Ariel also smiled at me. Her role in the weekend continued to be somewhat mysterious.

We moved our bags into the rooms, then came out and unpacked the food and drinks. Steve and I filled a cooler with ice, beer and bottles of water and then went to change into swimsuits. When I came out of my room, the beer cooler was gone and the house was empty, so I grabbed a towel, my iPod and a book I was reading, and went to the lake.

Sarah was sitting on a chair next to Steve, who was rubbing sunscreen onto his fair skin. Dad was rubbing lotion onto Linda’s back. Both Ariel and Dana were lying face down on their chairs, with their bikini straps down to prevent tan lines. They both asked me to apply sunscreen to their backs, so I did, first to Ariel, feeling the strength of her shoulders and back, and then to Dana, feeling her supple strength and soft skin. I was wondering if I was going to be “entertaining” both sisters this weekend, because otherwise someone was going to be left out. I pretty much assumed that Dana and I would hook up, but Ariel was another question.

I jumped into the lake and started swimming laps, thinking about how much had changed in the few months since Memorial Day weekend when I last was at the lake house. When I stopped doing laps, I noticed that Steve and Sarah were in the lake, making out. Dana and Ariel were still lying on their stomachs, providing me with a view of their two different but beautiful asses, and Dad and Linda were gone.

I left the lake and dried off, went to my chair, put on my iPod and started to read my book. The book drew me in, and I was totally engrossed, when a shadow crossed the page I was reading. I looked up to see Dana’s voluptuous body looming over me. I had trouble taking my eyes off of her breasts, which were barely being supported by her red bikini top. I realized how much I missed them, and the rest of her. She bent over, I’m sure purposely giving me the impressive top view, and pulled my earbuds out. She gestured at a small rowboat that was tied up in the lake.

“Does that thing work?” She asked.

“Last I checked,” I responded.

“Let’s go for a ride,” she suggested.

“Sure,” I said. I found the oars, and we got into the boat.

I rowed us out pretty far, enjoying the strain of my muscles against the oars, until the people on the shore were too far away to distinguish. I could see the other houses that fronted on the lake, and there were some people swimming in front of a few of them.

I stopped rowing, and we floated on the calm waters.

“You are going to have sore shoulders,” Dana noted, “remind me to rub them for you later.”

“Deal,” I said.

She replied, “But now, I want to give you a blow job.”

I was both surprised and aroused by her directness.

She continued, “I have to admit, I missed you, and it kind of pisses me off that you’ve been getting more action than me recently.”

I shrugged and said, “None better than with you.” Not that there was anything wrong with the sex I had been having with Gina, but I knew it would make Dana happy, and in most ways, it was true. I looked around and pointed, saying, “Let me row over there, it should be secluded enough.” I rowed very quickly to the bank of the lake, in a small cove, surrounded by trees. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do. And I suspected that Dana got off a little on the risk.

I tied the boat to a branch, and when I turned around, Dana’s top was off, and her spectacular breasts were staring me in the face. “Wow,” I remarked, reflexively, having almost forgotten how amazing they were.

“I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder,” she said, laughing, which made her tits jiggle playfully.

I slid my bathing suit down so that my ass was resting on the warm metal seat and my cock stuck out in front of me.

“Wow,” she said, “I guess I know how you feel. I missed that guy.”

She leaned over and kissed it, then got on her knees and took the shaft in her hands. The boat rocked slightly as she put the head of my penis into her warm mouth and spiraled her tongue around it. I moaned with pleasure. I watched her lower her head so that she was taking me in as deep as she could, her breasts hanging down, nipples erect. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, focusing on the sensation of Dana’s warm mouth and active tongue as it played around my cock.

She started to hum softly, which put me on the edge of release, and softly stroked my balls. I was writhing and moaning, as the boat rocked in sync with Dana’s movements. It had been a while since I last slept with Gina, so I was ready to climax quickly, and couldn’t hold back any more.

“I’m cumming,” I hissed, porno erotik hikayeler and she flicked the underside of the head with her tongue, setting me off, and I blasted her mouth with my hot cum. Dana easily swallowed my load and smiled at me. I knew that she enjoyed the power of controlling my orgasm, and I certainly enjoyed it. I was gasping for breath, and the boat was rocking.

Dana calmly put her bikini top back on, and when I had caught my breath, I untied the boat and rowed us back to our dock. She was right, I was going to have sore shoulders tomorrow, but it would be worth it. When we got back, everyone had returned to the house, so Dana and I gathered our things and walked up the path to the house. I let Dana walk in front of me so I could stare at her hot ass in its tiny red bikini bottom.

When we got back to the house, Dad and Linda had showered and changed, and he said that he and Linda thought it might be fun to build a campfire, cook dinner over it, and have s’mores. Dana whispered to me that was something that they used to do on camping trips before her dad left. It seemed like a good idea, so we divided up to get ready. Dad, Steve, Ariel and I went to create the fire pit, and gather wood, Linda and Dana began to prepare the food, and Sarah started making drinks. We got the fire going, and let it burn so that it would be ready to cook.

It was a great night. We cooked steaks over the fire, had baked potatoes that were wrapped in foil and tossed next to the fire, and salad. Sarah had mixed up some sort of deadly fruit punch that went down smoothly, but packed a wallop.

By the time we were making s’mores, everyone was buzzed and happy. Steve went back to the house, brought down a guitar and sang a few songs, and Sarah joined in, displaying a much better voice than I remembered. I saw Dad sitting next to Linda with his arm around her, smiling. It was the closest thing I had to a real family event since Mom had died, and based on the contented looks on Linda’s, Ariel’s and Dana’s faces, it probably was the same for them.

The idea that Dad might someday marry Linda, which had crossed my mind before, thus making me the step brother to both the girl who took my virginity and Dana briefly weirded me out, but it passed, and I enjoyed the moment. We sat under the stars, eating, drinking, singing and watching the fire. I had my arm around Dana, and Ariel was leaning her head on my other shoulder.

It had been a long day, and Sarah’s punch was strong, so began to nod off, and I wasn’t the only one. We realized it was time to go back to the house, so we doused the fire, cleaned up our stuff and carted it back to the house. After a round of good nights, Dad and Linda went upstairs, Steve and Sarah went to their room, Ariel and Dana went to their room, and I went into mine.

I decided to get into the shower because I was grimy from the day, and smoky from the fire. The shower felt great after the long day, and I could already feel some tightness in my shoulders from the rowing. I turned off the water, dried off, put on a t-shirt, got into bed and turned off the light.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened, and I saw Dana enter the room. I wasn’t surprised, and was very pleased to see her.

“I figured it would be more comfortable here than on the air bed in the other room. Shove over,” she directed, playfully.

I made room for her, and felt her sit on the bed. She bent down and kissed me, missing my mouth first in the dark, then finding it. Her lips were soft and she tasted delicious, as always.

“I’m glad to see you, too,” I said.

“I promised you a shoulder rub this afternoon, are you still interested?” she asked.

Rather than say anything, I took off my shirt so that I was totally nude and rolled onto my stomach. In the dark, Dana began to gently stroke my shoulders and back, sending chills up and down my body. She began to knead my shoulders, loosening up the sore muscles. Then, I heard her take off her shirt and climb onto my back, her legs straddling my hips and her warm ass resting on mine. She bent forward so that I could feel her soft breasts against my back, and she rested her face against the back of my neck.

One of the best things about being in the dark was that I was able to visualize in my mind what Dana looked like behind me, and I found that very arousing. After a few minutes in this position, she sat up and began working my shoulders and back with her strong hands. It felt amazing, just short of painful, and I could see, in my mind, her beautiful face and her sweet breasts swaying as she worked. I was sighing and moaning with pleasure as her hands kneaded and rubbed my soreness. Eventually, however, the massage had to come to an end, and she dropped back down so that her chest again rested against my back.

I tried to turn over, and rather than slide off of me, Dana allowed me to turn under her, so that she was now sitting on my lower abdomen. I was so relaxed that my cock was hanging limp behind her ass. She softly porno hikayeleri stroked my chest, and I reached up in the dark, feeling for her breasts, which I easily found, and began to knead and stroke them, causing Dana to sigh with pleasure as I felt her nipples hardening, and my cock stiffened.

I sat up a little, leaning my head against the pillows, and pulled Dana’s legs over my shoulders. She took the hint and, using her legs, moved her way up so that my head was between her thighs. She arched her back, and I put my hands on her soft, round ass cheeks and was able to begin to lick her pussy. Her smell was as alluring as ever, and I realized how much I had missed it. I also noticed that she had let some of her pubic hair grow back, but there wasn’t much, and it was trimmed.

In the pitch black, I kissed and licked my way around her lips, and used my tongue to probe into her juicy warmth, and tickle her clit. I was enveloped in her; her thighs were pressing against my head and my face was buried in her pussy. She was writhing with pleasure as I kept at her. I tried a thing with my tongue that Gina had learned about on the Internet, and as it did when I tried it with Gina, it caused Dana to gasp sharply. While she was bucking with pleasure, she actually was able to arch her back enough to get my hard cock into her mouth. I silently thanked her years of cheerleading practice, as I supported her with my hands under her back.

We orally pleasured each other in this odd, but unbelievably hot, position, until Dana came, trying to hold her yelling in so as not to be heard by everyone else. Before I came myself, Dana rolled off of me, then turned around, climbed back on top of me, guided my throbbing cock inside of her and began bouncing up and down. It didn’t take long before I shot a huge load of cum into her, and she exhaled sharply before stopping. She then climbed off and lay down next to me, as I gathered her in my arms and made room in the bed for her.

We lay there quietly for a few minutes as we caught our breath. Dana broke the silence, whispering “that thing with your tongue was unbelievable.”

I responded, “Gina found that on the Internet.” I decided not to mention the “list” because although it seemed fine for me and Gina, it seemed too geeky to mention to Dana.

“I’m going to send her a thank you card.”

That was the last thing I remembered from that night.


I woke up on Sunday morning with light filtering into the bedroom through the light curtains. I was lying on my left side, in sort of a fetal position, and when I opened my eyes, they were treated to the sight of Dana, lying on her back, next to me, sleeping peacefully, with the sheet pulled up to her neck, covering her beautiful body. I lay there, watching her regular breathing, the sheet rising gently as her chest expanded, then falling as she exhaled.

It was about 9, and I decided to try to wake her in a way that I hoped she would like. I reached under the sheet with my right hand, trying not to wake her, until my hand was hovering above her crotch. I gently rested my hand on her soft skin and slowly began to stroke her lightly. I could feel the small unshaved patch above the opening, and I softly caressed it, gradually increasing the area of my attentions, but keeping my touch light. With her eyes still closed, Dana began to purr softly and slightly spread her legs, giving me access to more of her pussy. I took advantage, and began to increase my pressure and focus my attention on her outer and inner lips.

She spread her legs further, and I slowly stuck a finger into her increasingly well lubricated vagina. Dana kept her eyes closed, and she continued to purr and moan as I continued to use my fingers and hands. Her hips began to move in time with my hands, and she threw off the sheet, exposing her beautiful breasts. Without stopping my efforts below her waist, I began to kiss her hard nipples and soft breasts as my cock stiffened. Dana opened her eyes and smiled at me.

She reached down and pulled my hand out of her and pulled me on top of her. She steered my cock into her and we slowly began to move together. I kissed her neck, mouth and tits as I thrust, and she spread her legs wide to take me in deep, then wrapped them around my hips as we increased the tempo of our lovemaking. I ground my pubic bone against her clit, causing her to sigh, and then we began to thrash wildly, ending in a simultaneous orgasm that shook the bed.

We kissed and cuddled afterward. I turned to Dana and said, “this ‘friends with benefits’ thing is amazing.”

I felt her stiffen a little before saying, “yeah, I guess it is pretty amazing.”

I responded, “I mean, I break up with Gina, and you break up with Kevin, and we are here for each other.”

Dana said nothing for a few seconds. “You’re right,” she said. “‘Friends with benefits.'”

She rolled out of bed and I watched her beautiful body go into the bathroom.

I heard the shower go on and assumed she had gotten in. I followed a few minutes later, and we cleaned each other off and hugged under the hot water. Her eyes were a little red, and she told me that she had gotten soap in her eyes. Dana held me incredibly tightly, and I was glad that I was able to be there for her.

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