The Limo

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Sharon and I have been married for several years. Every year I try to surprise her with something different on Valentine’s Day. Of course, every year it gets more difficult. This year was no different; it seemed that I had run out of ideas. Just when I was about to give up and do the usual “flowers and breakfast in bed” routine, an old memory came back to me, and my idea began to form.

I remembered one of her favorite fantasies was to be seduced in a limousine. She confessed this to me after we watched an erotic movie together with a scene in which the heroine, on the way to meet her husband, has a steamy encounter with her limo driver. After the movie ended, we had one of our most intense sexual workouts ever, with her enjoying several fantastic orgasms!

Shortly before the big day, I began to hatch my plan; I called to rent a limo for the day, and told the owner that rather than having him drive to our house, I would meet him at his office.

On Valentine’s Day, I awoke my lovely wife with flowers and breakfast in bed, hoping that she would believe that this was the extent of her gift. I went off to work, and she left shortly after.

Fortunately, I was able to leave work at noon and hurried back home to prepare my plan. I set out several notes for her to find, the clothes I chose for her to wear, and champagne for her to sip as she prepared, and went into the bathroom to fix a jet black hairpiece on my blond head. I then carefully attached the false goatee and put on the driver’s tux that I had rented. I hurried over to the limo rental office and made the final arrangements. A few extra dollars in the owner’s pocket and a pair of dark glasses and I was on my way to pick up my wife as “Nik” the driver.

I really enjoyed my Valentine’s Day gift this morning; Joe brought me a dozen roses and gave me breakfast in bed. Not as exciting as some previous Valentine’s days, but what the hell; we weren’t as young as we used to be, and it was a work night. I enjoyed my breakfast and hurried off to work. When I finally got home, I went right to our bedroom to change. That’s when I found a note on my pillow.

“Take a warm bath and relax. Then turn down the bed” was all it said.

Reading the note, I grinned like the Cheshire Cat. I now realized that there canlı bahis was more to my Valentine’s gift!

After a relaxing bath, I turned down the covers, expecting to slide into bed and wait for Joe’s arrival. Instead I found neatly laid out, a low cut black silk dress, as well as a beautiful black lingerie set and silky black thigh highs.

The note folded on the dress instructed me to “Slip into something more comfortable and go down to the kitchen”.

I was now getting a little curious and more than a little excited! As I slipped into my sexy lingerie and stockings, I felt myself getting wet with excitement without even touching myself! I shimmied into the dress and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Not bad!” I thought. “Still pretty hot for my age!”

I picked out my sexiest pumps and sauntered downstairs, expecting to see Joe waiting for me. All I saw was a bottle of champagne and another note.

“Have a glass of champagne and listen for the car horn” was all it said.

Now I was really confused, but just as excited! Was he picking me up? Where were we going?


As I pulled up to the house, I beeped the horn and waited for my beautiful wife to come out to the limo. As she came out the door, I saw her smile that wicked smile that I know and love so much. As she got closer, her look turned to one of confusion as she realized that I was not in the back waiting for her. As Nik, I opened the door for her and handed her another note. She gave me a friendly smile and looked me over quickly, giving me an approving nod. Did she recognize me? Was she checking me out as Nik? Did she see the bulge in my pants? She slid into the back and opened the note.


After enjoying my champagne (and wondering what the hell Joe had planned for us), I heard a car horn. I looked out, expecting to see our car. I was shocked to see a big black limo waiting for me! I hurried out, expecting to see Joe step out, but as the driver stepped out to open the door for me, I noticed that the back was empty! The driver smiled and handed me a note as I stepped in.

“Very handsome” I thought to myself as I gave him the once over.

He was about the same size as Joe, but with jet black hair, a goatee and dark driving glasses. Very mysterious and exotic, I thought. bahis siteleri As the limo began to pull away from the curb, I started to read.

“The driver’s name is Nik. He has been instructed not to speak to you. He will bring you to me. He will do whatever you ask, as long as you follow the instructions on this and the following notes. Please have another glass of champagne and relax.”

“Wow” I thought, “This time he’s going all out! I might as well relax and enjoy!”

As I finished my second glass of champagne and listened to the soft music playing, I found myself getting wet with anticipation again. Was it Joe or Nik my body was responding to? Then Nik handed me another note.

“I will be with you soon, my love. In the meantime, please remove your dress.”

“Is he nuts? I’m not taking off my dress in a car with a stranger!” I thought. Then I read on;

“Please trust me, darling; Nik is a professional. He will not harm you. This is our agreement. I know you; you are becoming excited at the thought of this. Please remove your dress. Now.”

I knew Joe was right; I WAS getting excited! Besides, if this was part of his Valentine’s gift, I didn’t want to ruin it! I unzipped myself and slowly slipped out of the dress, leaving me in a silky black slip, panties and stockings. I folded my arms across my chest, hoping Nik didn’t notice my hardening nipples. Nik glanced back at me in the mirror and handed me another note.

“Darling, you look beautiful this evening; please allow Nik to see you. Again, he will not do anything that you do not want him to.”

I smiled wickedly after reading the note; “He wants Nik to look at me!” I thought. I slowly unfolded my arms and dropped them to my sides. Nik looked back in the mirror and gave me a sexy smile. I felt my clit throbbing as Nik marveled at my voluptuous bosom. He handed me another note.

“Play with yourself” was all it said.

This time I didn’t hesitate; I languidly slid one hand over my nipple as the other slipped between my legs. I felt my breathing quicken. As I rolled the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, my other hand had found its way to my clit, bunching the slip at my waist as I rubbed myself through my silky panties. I returned Nik’s gaze in the mirror and licked my lips bahis şirketleri as he slowed the limo to a stop. He watched in fascination as I closed my eyes and brought myself to a climax in the back seat.

As I came down from my orgasm, Nik handed me the last note and a blindfold.

“I am almost with you, my love. Please put on the blindfold and wait for me.”


As I handed Sharon the last note and blindfold she again did not hesitate; she had had her first orgasm, and I knew she wanted more! She slid the blindfold over her eyes, then slipped her hand under her panties and began to work on her second orgasm. In the meantime, Nik silently exited the front seat and opened the door to the back. He slowly slid his hands up her legs, and began to help Sharon massage her pussy and clit. As she moved her hand away, Nik gently kissed his way up her legs and began to nuzzle her pussy lips with his nose and lips.

“Is that you, Joe?” she asked between moans of ecstasy.

Nik did not answer, and frankly, I don’t think she cared. She just slid her hands over his head and pushed his face into her pussy. As he licked his way over her clit and into her pussy she shuddered in another orgasm.

As she started to recover, she removed her hands from his head and started to remove her blindfold. He quickly stopped her.

“Uh,uh; he murmured, trying to disguise his voice.

He slowly kissed and nuzzled his way up her belly and started kissing and nibbling on her breasts. He knew this would quickly get her excited again, and he was right; her breathing again quickened, and she sighed contentedly between jolts of passion. I knew she could feel the roughness of Nik’s goatee, but she didn’t seem to care. She just pressed his head to her breast as he suckled her. He slid two fingers into her sopping pussy as he nibbled and sucked on her breasts, causing her to buck against his hand until another orgasm hit her. He held her tightly as her climax subsided, then slowly withdrew.

Nik slowly slid out of the back seat, removed his jacket, then grabbed the sport coat that was waiting on the front seat. He then quietly exited the limo, leaving Sharon to straighten herself.

I quickly removed the black hairpiece, goatee and bow tie, combed my hair and threw on the sport coat. Minutes later, I entered the back seat, removed the blindfold and gave Sharon a slow passionate kiss.

“How was your ride?” I asked.

“It was fantastic!” she said. “I can’t wait to tell you about it!”

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