The List Ch. 03

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Michelle sat on her couch, a laptop in her lap, scanning the list on the screen. In her brain she checked off the sexual fantasies that she had completed. Each one brought back memorable moments, and she could see the faces of the multiple men and women who had made it possible.

Her boyfriend Nate was central in all of them. They worked together, and now played together in a continuous effort to work their way through the list of ten fantasies. Seven fantasies were down, with three to go.

She looked at the list: sex between a student and teacher; sex between a patient and a doctor or nurse; and, sex with a virgin or pretending to be a virgin.

Michelle’s cell phone rang and she saw Nate’s name.


“What are you doing? And are you naked?” he asked.

“Looking at the list, and almost.”

She considered a long t-shirt over nothing as almost naked. Nate had seen her in far less.

“How many are left on the list?”

“Three,” Michelle said. “Want to hear?”

“Of course.”

She rattled off the items and waited for his response. After a short pause, Nate said, “Seems to me playing a virgin student shouldn’t be too difficult for you.”

“That’s what I thought, too. I just need a teacher.”

Nate smiled to himself. “Looking for volunteers?”

“Can you teach?”

“I have a Masters in teaching virgins how to have sex,” he said.

“I was afraid of that,” Michelle said with mock anger.

“Will you dress up as a schoolgirl?”

This time Michelle smiled. “A sex-deprived, virgin schoolgirl hot for teacher.”

“God, Michelle. Stop. You’re going to make me cum.”

“That’s one more off the list,” she said.

They talked for another fifteen minutes making the arrangements of when and where they would meet. They settled on Nate’s condo over the weekend. It would give Michelle time to find the right outfit. Nate wasn’t sure his cock could last that long, knowing what the twenty eight year old brunette would look like when she arrived. If Nate knew one thing about his girlfriend, it was that she never skimped in making the fantasies realistic, and stimulating.

It had been ten years since Michelle played a virgin in real life, but she was confident it would all come back to her.


Michelle was made for the role of schoolgirl. Her long, brown hair was cut in the style of a much younger girl. Her plentiful breasts were perfect for teasing teacher. Her tan, shapely legs would tempt any lecherous old man, not to mention a boyfriend her own age.

She was excited about making the trip to the adult costume store and hurried into the shop the next day after work. The young man who assisted Michelle seemed more than happy to survey every inch of her while pulling several costumes off the rack for her to choose from.

Michelle started to think that maybe sex with an adult costume store clerk might not make a bad fantasy.

In the end, she chose an outfit consisting of: shiny black ankle strap shoes; knee high white socks; a pleated red plaid miniskirt; and, a long sleeve vest-style top that buttoned down the front, or at least what there was to the front.

For the small amount of fabric involved, the costume cost more than Michelle would have expected. But she figured the benefit of wearing it would be priceless.

Saturday couldn’t have come soon enough for the couple. Michelle prayed she didn’t get pulled over on her way to Nate’s, and he prayed he could play the role of a groping instructor before simply ripping Michelle’s clothes off.

Of course, he had already done that when they fulfilled her fantasy of being forced to have sex in an elevator at work. A three for one deal, resulting in massive orgasms for both of them.

Michelle arrived safely, grabbed her schoolbooks from the passenger seat, checked her hair in the mirror, and headed for the front door. She was completely in character about the time she rang the doorbell.

Nate opened the door and Michelle said in her cheeriest voice, “Hey, Mr. Sparks. Am I late?”

She held the books in one arm, forcing her right breast to practically fall out of the low-cut and tight top. Her legs were crossed at the ankles.

“Not at all, Michelle. Come on in.”

Nate scanned her from head to toe as he closed the door. His cock responded faster and stronger than even he expected. This was going to be hard…in more ways than one.

“It’s so awesome that you agreed to meet with me like this. I think it’s going to help a lot,” Michelle said in her sexiest voice.

“I hope so,” Nate replied. “I’m always more than willing to work with my best students.”

Michelle started down the hallway, swaying her ass inside the little skirt much to Nate’s liking. Her heels clicked on the wood floor.

“We’ll go into the kitchen, Michelle,” Nate told her.

She turned into the spacious room and headed straight for the table at the far end. Michelle set her books down, pulled out a chair, and settled into it with a smile.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Nate asked.

“Margarita?” sex hikaye Michelle replied.

Nate grinned. “I think you’re too young for that, Michelle. And besides, you’re here to study and learn, right? How about a Coke?”

“Oh, alright Mr. Sparks,” she pouted. “I’m not old enough for alcohol. I’m not old enough for sex. I hate this.”

Nate pulled the sodas out of the refrigerator and poured them into glasses. “Are you a virgin, Michelle?”


He put a straw in Michelle’s drink and took both glasses to the table. He gave Michelle hers and sat down in the chair around the corner of the table from her. Her legs were crossed and the short skirt barely covered the tops of her thighs.

“Waiting for the right guy?” he asked, watching her daintily slip the straw between her lips.

“Yep. All the guys at school are jerks. All they want to do is get me alone in the locker room or something.”

Nate glanced inside Michelle’s top, marveling at the perfect curve of her breasts and the smoothness of her skin.

“And what do YOU want, Michelle?”

She sucked on the straw for a few seconds, and ran her tongue around it. “I want the first guy to know what he’s doing; to make me want to fuck him.”

She put her hand to her lips. “Oops. I mean have sex with him. Sorry, Mr. Sparks.”

Nate smiled. “It’s alright, Michelle. We’re alone. Want to get started?”

Michelle opened one of her books and put it between them. She leaned forward and offered Nate a whole new view of her cleavage. She said, “I’m having trouble with this part right here.”

Nate got out of his chair and stood next to her. From there, the only thing he couldn’t see down her top was her nipples themselves. He glanced quickly at the book and saw that it was History.

“Well, Michelle, the Middle Ages represented a time when women were totally dominated by the male members of the family,” Nate said. “They were expected to obey not only their father, but also their brothers. If they didn’t, they were beaten into submission.”

Michelle looked up with wide eyes.

“At the same time,” Nate continued, “every king during that period had a queen or a mistress who had almost as much power as him.”

“I think I would have made a good mistress,” Michelle said.

Nate moved behind her and put his hands on the top of her arms. “A king would have been very happy to have a virgin mistress.”

Michelle felt her body shiver as Nate’s hands moved up to her shoulders and neck. He pushed her hair aside and felt her warm skin. His fingers slid down the top of her chest.

“Anything to keep from being beaten into submission,” Michelle said quietly.

“I don’t think the girls of today would have liked being so submissive,” Nate said, his hands beginning to disappear inside her top. “Would you?”

She hesitated, and then said, “It depends.”

Nate opened the top button of Michelle’s shirt. And then the next button. There were two more, but the areolas around her nipples were already starting to show. Nate didn’t stop until each button was open and the shirt hung limply over her tits.

“A king would have known what he was doing when it came to women, Michelle. And he had ways of making you want him,” Nate said.

His hands slid directly on top of her tits, massaging them for a few seconds before gripping her nipples and squeezing them tightly. Michelle gasped out loud.

“What’s that tingling between my legs?” she managed to say.

“That’s me making you want me. Your body never lies, Michelle. And your pussy most of all.”

Nate began to pull off her top. She leaned forward and allowed him to slide the sleeves down her arms and remove the top completely. He laid it on another chair.

His hands returned to her breasts.

“You have beautiful tits, Michelle. Most girls your age aren’t so lucky.”

“Michael, in my algebra class, told me once he wanted to suck on my tits. Why, Mr. Sparks?” she asked.

Nate walked around to the front of her chair. Michelle spread her legs and let him stand closer. He immediately leaned down and began licking her left nipple. Soon, he had it between his lips. Then, a good portion of her tit was inside his mouth and Nate’s tongue was sliding across her nipple.

“Oh God,” Michelle murmured.

Nate bit harder and licked a little faster. The nipple doubled in size. Then he moved to the other breast and did the same.

“Ohhhh, Mr. Sparks. My pussy. It’s…it’s…starting to throb.”

“Touch it, Michelle.”

Her hand slid up the inside of her skirt and onto the thin material of her bright red thong. Nate was certain from the motion of her hand that she wasn’t faking it.

“Does that help?” he asked, taking his mouth off her tit just long enough to speak.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “I’m getting wetter.”

“I think I can help, if you’d like.”

Michelle nodded. “I’d like you to help me, Mr. Sparks.”

“Stand up, Michelle.”

She pushed the chair back and stood in front of Nate, her magnificent porno hikayeleri breasts glimmering from the moisture of his tongue.

“Take off your skirt.”

Michelle pulled down the tiny zipper at the side and loosened the skirt. Never letting go of it, she pushed the skirt down her legs, bending at the waist as she went. She stepped out of it and put the skirt on top of her previously discarded top.

Nate never took his eyes off her full breasts and thong covered ass while she undressed. But now he stared at the miniscule, triangular piece of material that attempted to hide her pussy. Below that, her black shoes and white socks highlighted her long legs.

Michelle squeezed her legs together and turned slightly to the side in a display of bashful innocence.

“You’re very beautiful, Michelle.”

“Thank you, Mr. Sparks,” she almost whispered.

“Now take off your shoes and socks for me. Please.”

Michelle put one foot on the seat of her chair and unbuckled her shoe. While the leg was still raised, she slowly slid the sock down. Then she did the other leg, only slower, and making certain that Nate had a prolonged view of her ass.

Nate moved up to her once she was standing again. He put his hand on her pussy.

“Are you still throbbing, Michelle?”

She nodded.

“Are you wet?”

She nodded and he confirmed it.

“Do you know what that all means?”

She shook her head.

“It means you want to fuck me.”

“Do you know what you’re doing, Mr. Sparks?” she asked.

“Yes. And I made you want to fuck me. I think I meet all your criteria, Michelle. It’s time for you not to be a virgin any more.”

She said softly, “Tell me what to do.”

“Sit on the edge of the table.”

As soon as she was settled, Nate took hold of her thong and pulled it off her legs.

“Now I’m going to start fixing that throbbing in your pussy, Michelle.”

He pushed her legs slightly apart with his hands and pulled her forward by the back of her ass. With her pussy right at the edge of the table, Nate kneeled down and buried his face between her legs.

Michelle tilted backwards until she was lying on the table, moaning at the feel of Nate’s mouth attacking her clit. She played with her tits while Nate moved down and probed the inside of her cunt with his tongue. He squeezed her ass with both hands and forced her pussy up into his face. She eagerly submitted to his every movement.

“I want you to fuck me, Mr. Sparks. I want you to be the first,” Michelle moaned.

“Good girl,” Nate said. “But you have to get me ready first.”

Michelle leaned up.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Stand up and I’ll show you.”

Michelle jumped off the table and Nate kissed her. She could taste her own sweet juices on his lips.

“Take off my pants, Michelle.”

She had his belt undone and his pants opened within seconds. She let them fall around his ankles while her hand traced the outline of his cock inside his underwear.

“Take it out.”

Michelle lowered his shorts and let his semi-erect cock fall free. Nate clumsily stepped out of his pants at the same time Michelle was kneeling down. She finished the job of discarding the pants, underwear, and shoes. Then she concentrated on his cock again.

“It’s so big, Mr. Sparks. Are you ready yet?” she said.

“Not yet. You need to lick it, and put it in your mouth until it’s good and hard.”

She had her tongue on the cock almost before Nate finished talking. With long, slow licks from the bottom to the top, Michelle started to make him harder.

“Like that?” she asked.

“That’s good, Michelle. Now put it in your mouth.”

She spread her lips and took him in all the way to the balls. Nate couldn’t imagine any schoolgirl being as good as Michelle, especially when she began to circle his cock with her tongue and stroke him with her hand at the same time.

It only took a minute for him to be at full erection.

“I’m ready, Michelle.”

She licked him once more, kissed the tip of the cock, and stood up.

“Lean against the table and spread your legs,” he told her.

Her hands gripped the edge and her ass pointed back invitingly as Nate got into position. He slid his cock back and forth across her pussy, feeling the warm moisture that was going to make his penetration very, very easy.

“I’m going to enter you now, Michelle. It won’t hurt. And then we’re going to fuck. I’m going to fuck your cunt until you cum. OK? And I want to hear you when you cum.”

Michelle’s heart pounded as he spoke and she almost missed the fact his cock was already at the entrance to her cunt.

“Now, Michelle. I’m going to fuck you NOW.”

Nate drove his body forward and thrust his cock deep inside Michelle’s pussy.

She cried out, “Yes! Fuck me, Mr. Sparks! Fuck me!”

“Open your tight, little virgin cunt for me, Michelle. Feel my thick cock open you up. Take it all and scream when you cum.”

Michelle had to brace herself against the force of his thrusts. His legs smacked erotik hikaye against her ass and the sound echoed through the kitchen. When his hand closed around her right tit, Michelle knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. When he pulled on her nipple, her cunt stiffened around his cock.

“Oh God, Michelle. You’re so good. So tight,” Nate groaned.

“You’re going to make me cum, Mr. Sparks. It won’t be long.”

They fucked for another couple minutes, the pace and intensity increasing to fierce levels. Michelle was crying out almost continuously.

But Nate was the first to give in to the urge.

“Now, Michelle! I’m cumming!”

Nate grabbed Michelle by the hips and held her in place as his cock began to unload with each plunge deeper into her cunt. He watched her ass ripple from the impact of his body against hers. He felt the accumulation of his cum and her juices covering his throbbing cock.

He was almost done when Michelle cried out, “Yes. Yes!”

The contraction of her cunt muscles was Nate’s other clue that Michelle, too, was having an orgasm. She spread out her upper body on the table and rode out one of the longest, strongest orgasms she ever had. Nate saw her hands trying to grip the table top as she moaned louder and louder.

Luckily, he stayed hard enough long enough to satisfy her, and they both collapsed. Nate’s cock rested on top of her ass, leaking the last few drops of cum onto her bright pink skin.

“Well, THAT seemed to work,” she said.

“There’ll be a quiz later,” Nate replied.


Michelle seemed exceptionally merry as she strode into Nate’s office at work. She flopped into the only available chair.

“One more,” she said with a wide smile.

“One more what?”

“There’s only one more thing on the list,” she explained.

“And what would that be?” Nate asked.

“Sex between a patient and doctor or nurse. I’m the patient.”

Nate stared at her. “Can I be the doctor?”

“Why not the nurse?”

Nate frowned. “Not my kind of fantasy.”

Then he added, “You’re going to try this in real life?”

She smiled. “Sure. Why not? My doctor’s in his fifties. I think I can seduce him and get results.”

“I’m thinking he’s been seduced by patients before and is still a practicing physician because he has refused them,” Nate said.

“Or,” Michelle interrupted, “he has been seduced by patients before and has fucked them much to the satisfaction of both the patient and himself.”

“You’re setting yourself up for disappointment,” Nate said. “I still think you need a fill-in ready and able to play the part.”

“Nope. It’s either the real thing or nothing. You don’t think I can seduce a fifty year old man, alone in an examination room, wearing nothing but a robe that ties in the back?”

Michelle’s hand was inside her partially unbuttoned blouse, cupping her breast in such a way that it was easily visible by Nate. She played with the nipple and then withdrew the hand, leaving plenty of skin for Nate to gaze at.

“I want all the details when you’re done,” Nate said.


Michelle made the appointment for her annual physical and made sure hers was the last appointment of the day, arguing that work made it impossible for her to get in any earlier. She thought she sounded sincere and believed she had won over the sympathy of the scheduling assistant. In any case, it was on the calendar and Michelle knew she had one shot at fulfilling her fantasy in a realistic setting.

Of all the fantasies she had completed, this one required the least amount of concern over what she wore. By the time the doctor got to see her, she’d be in her examination gown. Michelle figured she either had the body to make him want to fuck her or she didn’t. And if there was any question in his mind, she’d resort to other means to convince him.

She arrived for her appointment ten minutes early and was called back by the nurse almost half an hour after the scheduled appointment time. Michelle took this as good news, assuming the office would be emptying out by the time she got to see Doctor Abrams.

The nurse—a cute woman about her own age who Michelle would have been more than happy to seduce in another fantasy—led Michelle into a vacant room. The gown was neatly folded on the examination table.

“Undress completely and put on the gown. It ties in the back. Doctor Abrams will be in shortly,” the nurse said mechanically before leaving the room.

Michelle began to strip, much more nervous than she ever was for a routine physical. She took one last look at her nude body before sliding her arms into the gown and reaching back to tie it behind her neck and in the small of her back. She jumped up onto the table, crossed her legs at the ankles, and pulled up on the bottom of the gown to expose just a bit more of her thighs. And then she waited.

A quiet tap on the door preceded the entrance of the doctor. He was a very average looking man with graying hair around the temples, a pleasant face, and typical frame for a man his age. Michelle had been seeing him for almost five years, so nothing about him surprised her.

“Hello, Michelle,” he said.

She replied with her own ‘Hello’, sitting up a little straighter as she spoke.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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