The Locker Room Glory Hole

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*All characters are 18+


The bell rang, rousing all of the students out of their seats. The students stuffed their books, binders, and pencils back into their bags before quickly rushing out the door to get to their next class. It was going into seventh period, the last period of the day for everyone without an after school class. Most students quickly, but sadly, dragged themselves down the halls and up the stairs to their next classes. The closed off, locker lined, LED lit hallways were picturesque high school. And the crowds of students pushing past each other in those halls was even more cliche. But there was one student avoiding the crowds by standing close, clinging to his locker. A boy, named Kent, who was standing quietly and trying to hide in plain sight.

Kent was waiting for the crowds to disappear into their seventh periods. Given he didn’t actually have a class that period, instead he had a study hall, he wasn’t actually required to be anywhere that would notice his absence. Not like many people would take notice that he was gone anyway, it was hard for people to notice he was even there when he’s a foot in front of them. He’s a short and unassuming guy. He has long surfer blonde hair that he usually does up into a man bun. He’s lean, nonathletic, and very childlike. So much so, no one would guess he was eighteen. And whenever he told people that he was a graduating senior, they always had to take a double check. But for some things, this all helped him, and this is one of those cases.

Once the second bell rung, announcing that everyone not in their seventh period class would be late, he looked around. Besides the few people sprinting to get to their class, the halls had completely cleared, and he was now the only one standing there. Now was his time to begin his usual seventh period plan. He grabbed all of his school things, like his backpack and hoodie, along with his other bag that he had stored in his locker. He closed the locker and started down the hall. When he got to the flight of stairs, he went down the two levels to the bottom floor. From there, he went all the way to the exit and left for the parking lot. He walked out to his white Nissan and threw all of his school things inside of it. The only thing he kept with him was his other bag, the one that had been sitting in his locker all day since when he first got to school.

He locked the car and went back to the school. When he walked back into the hall on the lower level, he followed down the cold, lifeless halls until he took a right to go to the south side wing. The south side wing was older, and had it’s reputation as being the area with either few, or broken cameras. Not to mention it was closest to the locker rooms. The side of the school always smelled bad, especially outside, because it was the go-to spot for pot smokers and cigarette users. All of the cutters and truant students would use the lack of surveillance to escape down these halls. He went down to the far end of the hall until he walked into the small, individual multi-sex bathroom there. He chose this one because he knew it had no cameras nearby, it was multi-sex, and because it’s not to far from the locker rooms.

He locked the door behind him. He set the bag down next to the mirror and sink, and sighed. His pale white face displayed his feminine, childish features with glory. His smooth rounded chin, small nose, and soft blue eyes all seemed to radiate light from how pale and cute they were. Usually those things almost bothered him, but not now. He began to unzip his bag and unloaded it’s contents to begin. First was his makeup kit, brush, and razor. He set those things down on the sink and got to work.

He had at this point gotten a lot of experience with these things. He could completely disguise himself with healthy layers of foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and whatever else he saw fit. After about twenty minutes, Kent had finished the first stage in his transformation into Kelly. Between his neck and his hair, he looked nearly passable as a sexy slut. That’s when he undid his man bun and grabbed the brush. He brushed it out to keep it smooth and soft. It took a few minutes, and after the first rough strokes it eventually loosened up. And after that, his entire head was like a woman’s ready to go out for the night. He stripped all of his clothes off and rinsed his razor. He went over all of his already smooth skin once more. His legs, chest, and crotch were all silky smooth. And after he put the razor away, a thin layer of lotion all over solidified his womanly texture.

Once all of those were put back into the bag, he grabbed the rest. He pulled out what he had packed to wear that day, and put away all of his boy clothes. He had brought a pair of frilly pink panties with matching bra, some black pantyhose, a blue belly shirt, and a black mid-thigh skirt. He began to slip into his new clothes. First he admired the soft fabric of the panties over his tiny cock, then over his soft chest. As he rolled the pantyhose up, he couldn’t help but grope his surprisingly big for a boy tecavüz porno bubble butt. The shirt and skirt both came on next, and like magic Kent was Kelly. And in the mirror, Kelly was a sexy girl that was beginning to feel her little penis spring to life in her panties.

She checked the time, and saw that seventh period was almost over. She grabbed her bag and quickly left the bathroom. Still no one was in the hall, and she walked down to the locker rooms without any disturbances. Now was where her heart began to pound as she opened the door to the girls locker room. She started slowly and tried to listen in, but when she heard nothing she assumed no one was inside. She ducked in and immediately rushed for the stalls down and to her right. The line of stalls were the closest corner of the locker room, and the wall on the far end of the stalls separated the girls’ side from the boys’. She went down to the furthest stall, the one against that same wall, and ducked into it, locking the door behind her. She sighed with relief as she set her bag down and looked over to the hole in the wall.

The hole in the wall was pretty obvious, yet somehow it hadn’t been repaired. Kelly didn’t know where it came from, who did it, or how long ago, but she noticed it from the boys side freshman year after gym class. She had heard stories about some guys using it like a glory hole, but for the longest time she heard it wasn’t much to hope for because most girls strayed away from the furthest stall for that reason alone. But as Kelly began to explore her interests more, she began to wonder about the glory hole. After a failed attempt to get a blowjob through it, she gave up. That is, until she started exploring sissy porn and soon found herself wanting to be the giver.

Kelly made her first appearance at the hole only a few months ago, that’s when she finally summoned the courage. But ever since then, nearly every day after seventh period she found herself here. At the start of it all, she could go whole weeks with no visitors because even guys found it too much work or unnecessary to walk all the way to the furthest stall. Not to mention she didn’t have much confidence to start, so when someone would walk in she would just sit and wait, hoping they would make the first move to stick their cock through the hole. But as time went on, she grew more confident, and stories spread of the seventh period glory hole fiend, and soon she began to get more visitors. Now, near the end of her senior year, she was guaranteed at least one blowjob a day.

She spent the next ten minutes sitting on the toilet waiting on her phone. But after the final bell rang, she hopped off the toilet and sprung for the hole. She sat in front of it on her knees, licking her red-lipstick covered lips in anticipation. The noise of students quickly filled the locker rooms. Soon her side was full of the sounds of girls gossiping, changing, and laughing while through the hole on the other side was boys laughing, whooping, and joking. There was always enough noise to cover up the acts that went on in the furthest stall, but either way most of the girls didn’t seem to know or care. But she could hear the boys rushing down the bathroom to get to the stall on the other side of the hole. She heard two boys get to the door, fight for it, then the door close and lock. She readied herself, and to make sure it was legit she lightly tapped on the wall.

As if on queue, a long white dick was pushed through the hole. Kelly admired the dick for a moment, then pulled it into her soft right hand. The warmth of the skin heated her hand, and the few strands of hair tickled the side of her palm. She slowly began to pump the dick, which began to bring it to life as it hardened. Slowly the white dick grew to full size at around eight and a half inches. Once she could feel that it had finished growing, she knew that the boy was ready for more. All of the boys needed to be in and out quick as they still needed to change and leave school, so she had made it a mission of hers to practice technique as often as she could. She leaned in and kissed the head of the penis, prompting the boy to push against the wall more to try and force her to move on. The head parted her lips as the boy shoved, and she was done playing.

She opened her jaw and let the warm cock slide onto her tongue. She went deeper and deeper, taking in the boy’s whole length. As it began to slide close to her throat, she gagged slightly, then fought back the instinct. There was only an inch or two left, so to impress the boy and get things going fast she forced the last bit into her throat. She held her breath and held it there for a few seconds before pulling back. She loved to admire the warm feeling in her throat, and to feel the throbbing pulse of the member against her inner walls. She had never been penetrated anally, but she dreamed about it and hoped that sometime soon she could have her chance.

She began to work into a rhythm. She would work quickly, diving forward and back as the dick slid up and down her tongue. She would go üvey anne porno for a few seconds keeping it in her mouth, then make a long, slow plunge into her throat where she would hold it for a few more seconds. The boy was clearly stifling moans as she milked his dick with her mouth. But both of them knew he couldn’t last long, and was at the mercy of her dick sucking expertise. It only took her another minute or two for the boy to be pushing forcefully into the wall with every pump. And soon following that he grabbed what he could to put all of his force into his final thrust. She held her lips to the end of his cock and sucked in all of the man nectar the boy gave her. She waited for him to finish before she closed her lips and admired her reward. He hadn’t given her much of a load, but it also wasn’t the worst tasting come she had ever had, so she was happy.

The boy’s penis disappeared back through the hole, and she could hear him fixing up to leave the stall. Sometimes the boys would push through a few dollars as compensation, but most of the time they didn’t. They were still high school students after all. She swallowed the load and cleaned up any residue left on her face. She quickly touched up her makeup and readied herself. The stall door on the other end of the wall opened, held, and closed again as she could hear another person walking up. The usual moments pause before her next customer arrived passed, and a girthy black pole was pushed through the hole. She once more took it in her hand, and readied herself.

After the first boy, she serviced two black cocks. The third boy that she serviced pushed through two dollars with a note written on one that read, “You one nasty hoe, call me sometime.” With a phone number written below that. She scoffed silently to herself, knowing she would never contact them. But despite her better judgement, she couldn’t help but pull out her phone and add the number into her contacts just in case. There were no other customers that afternoon, so she just chose to sit on the toilet and kill time until everyone left the locker room. Slowly the other women in the room cleared out, and as she waited she chose to take photos of herself. She would upload the photos to her computer at home, to a file that at this point had almost a thousand lewd photos of her in drag. Finally, when she heard the final two voices walk out together, she waited an extra 5-10 minutes before packing her things up and leaving the stall.

She peaked her head out the locker room door and checked the hallways. There wasn’t a soul in sight besides the occasional teacher leaving their room for the day. She took her opportunity and booked it. She quickly strutted down the halls. When she originally started doing this, her plan would have been to go back to the single bathroom to change back. The only problem with that was she was still there at school so late that the janitorial staff would come knocking. It was always an awkward interaction for her to come walking out looking disheveled with a mysterious bag. So to avoid that, she decided instead to just start leaving in drag. There were no more students around, and most teachers wouldn’t check twice to notice anything off. She just moved quickly through the halls trying to make it back to her car.

As she turned down the final corner into the last stretch of hallway, fate struck. A door swung open from a classroom right in front of her, forcing her to try and move out of the way. But she was too late, and clipped the side of it which caused her to spin and fall to the ground. It took her a moment to figure out she was now lying on the floor, but when she came back to her senses she immediately began to scramble. The teacher rushed over to help her as she stretched to grab the bag she dropped. The teacher was desperately apologizing to her as he leaned down to offer her a hand up. When she spun back around to see who the teacher was, she was horrified to find that it was Mr. Turner, her math teacher.

She grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. He didn’t seem to notice anything, but as he questioned her if she was okay or not, she couldn’t respond. She only looked him in the eyes for a brief moment before she turned and fled, but for that moment she could see that his worries were slowly being replaced with suspicion. She could tell he was analyzing her face, trying to piece together who it was he had just knocked over. When she began to stride away, he called out once more to ask if she was alright. Kelly said nothing, and only kept moving. But now she was beginning to panic inside. She left out the front doors, and practically ran for her car. She got in, and quickly began to speed away. But as she left, she could see Mr. Turner slowly walking to his car. He noticed her, and once more seemed to be trying desperately to figure her out.

Later that night, after Kelly had changed back into Kent, he was sitting on his bed in a panic. He feared Mr. Turner already both as a teacher and as a person, but now this terrified him. Mr. Turner was a rather large guy, about üvey erkek kardeş porno 6’3″ and built like an athlete. He helped coach the football team, and taught intro to calculus. The guy was a ruthless teacher who most students already hated and feared for how difficult his class was. But add on top of that his threatening build and football coach-like aggressiveness and he was easily one of the most threatening teachers on campus. And now, he was the closest person to finding out Kent’s secret. Kent fell asleep that night in a daze of fear and confusion.

Kent woke up the next morning and began his usual routine. He showered, made breakfast and lunch, then began to pack his bags for school. He started with his backpack and school supplies, then as usual his mother left right before he finished. He then took out his bag and took it over to his sisters room. He replaced all of the clothes he had yesterday and replaced them with new clothes. Once that bag was packed it was time for him to leave, so he grabbed all his things and went for his car.

The day was pretty normal. He got through his first four periods without any kind of issues. Once lunch came around, he was beginning to panic once more. Math with Mr. Turner was his fifth period, so after lunch he would have to face the man who nearly caught him in the act. Kent sat alone under a tree out back of the school to eat, the only few close people he considered friends were off with some club that day. He counted down the minutes let in his break in dread until finally the minute hand turned over and the bell rang. He stood up and dragged himself to class.

As the students filed into class, he slinked in close to two other students to avoid being noticed. He quickly rushed to his seat in the back row and slumped into his chair. Mr. Turner wasn’t acting suspicious and was only writing up on his whiteboard the plan for the day. Kent’s worries began to fade as the last of the class found their seats and the bell rang to begin class. Mr. Turner looked over his class and started the lesson like any other. Kent was relieved and got out his pencil to begin taking notes. But as they were working through the topics, Kent couldn’t help but feel that Mr. Turner was occasionally looking directly at him. But it was just a feeling, and Kent could never catch Mr. Turner looking, so Kent only shrugged it off as his mind playing tricks.

The bell released Kent from math, and he made his way to sixth period. Kent’s last real class of the day melted away without anything notable, and soon the bell was releasing Kent to his regular after class heresy. Kent waited by his locker for the halls to clear. Once they had, he walked his school supplies out to his car, then brought his other bag down to the singular bathroom in the south side of the school. Kent walked in, and after some time Kelly walked out. Kelly’s eyes had a dark shade of purple around them, black eyeliner, and long straightened lashes. Her face was well concealed with the dash of pink color on her cheeks that matched the bright pink lipstick she wore. She had even brought a pair of small gem clip on earrings. She was wearing a pair of dark purple panties and bra to match her eye shadow, a black top that cut off above the bra with a thin strap to wrap around her neck, and a pair of jean shorts to accentuate her long, smooth legs. As a finishing touch, she had brushed out her hair, then tied it into a ponytail that came down to her mid-back.

She checked the halls, then made her way to the girl’s locker room. After deciding the coast was clear, she quickly made her way into the furthest stall. She must have taken longer on her makeup today, because there were only a few minutes between when she got into the stall and the bell ringing. As the students came in, she prepared herself. To her disappointment, there were only two customers today, both smaller cocks that didn’t reward her much. And as she finished the second the final few voices of the locker rooms were filing out. She waited about five minutes after and decided to begin gathering her things. But as she got up to pack her things, she heard the door to the boys locker room open again. Fearing that it was the janitors, she kicked it into the next gear to clean up. But to her surprise, she heard the stall door on the other side of the wall open and close again.

She slowed down and was shocked to hear a light tapping on the wall from the other side. She paused and waited, then lightly tapped back on the wall. And within a few seconds, a large white dick was stuck through the hole. Kelly was almost shocked at the size of it, easily ten inches and pretty girthy. She immediately jumped to her knees to begin rubbing the cock. And within only two minutes, she was once again sucking it with all her might. She needed to apply everything she knew to this dick, and had to push herself to her limits to begin pushing the monster into her throat. It got very sloppy, with drool and pre-come covering the shaft that was becoming lined with pink lipstick marks. Kelly was amazed at the stamina of this man, as he showed no signs of wavering as she applied everything she could. It eventually took her about fifteen minutes of nonstop heated fellatio to finally get the man to a climax, but it was all worth it. He erupted with more come than she had seen from one cock. She couldn’t hold it all in her mouth and let it begin to cover her face.

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