The Love of a Brother

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Trinity and Azriel had always been close. Their mother had died bringing them into this world, and their demon father had been ever absent from their lives. Azriel had always looked out for his sister like any good brother would, and she did the same for him.

They were as different as night and day. Azriel had long silver hair, tan skin, and bright gray eyes. Trinity had black hair, pale skin, and ebony eyes. To look at the two of them, you would have never guessed that they were twins. It was if Azriel had been the image of their mother and Trinity that of their father.

The same could be said for their personalities as well. Azriel had always been more human. He had a tendency to be very warm and caring, ever conscientious of others. Trinity, on the other hand, appeared to be very cold. The only one who had ever seen her human side was her brother.

One night, when they were both the age of eighteen, Azriel heard some strange sounds coming from his sister’s room. It almost sounded as though she were ill or injured. He immediately went to check on her. He opened the curtains to Trinity’s room to find her lying naked upon her bed. Her small hands caressing her large, supple breasts as she moaned ever so gently. Azriel almost instantly closed the curtains. He stood there motionless, still hearing her moans coming from within.

After a few canlı bahis minutes of gathering his composure, he barely opened the curtains to peek inside. How had he not noticed that his sister had grown into a beautiful woman? Her breasts heaved gracefully as her breath quickened. Her dark nipples grew firm and erect as she trailed her fingers over them and down her stomach to nestle in her lovely, thick mound. She ran her fingers lightly along her slit before slipping one inside. Her eyes closed and she moaned breathlessly. Azriel stared intently as the fingers of one of her hands thrust in and out of her lush forest, the other pinching and caressing her still heaving breasts.

As Azriel mentally scolded himself, he allowed his hand to slip inside of his shorts, gingerly stroking his now erect shaft. He knew that it was wrong but it just felt so right. He moved his hands skillfully up and down upon his shaft as he witnessed the play his sister’s fingers performed upon her clit. Trinity continued to moan softly, caressing her breasts and nipples, her tiny fingers thrusting in and out of her most secret of places. Azriel quickened the pace of his hand upon his cock until at last he reached orgasm, moaning loudly as his sticky semen covered his hand.

Trinity stopped abruptly looking at her brother who stood there shaking, his now limp member in his hand. At bahis siteleri first she appeared shocked, but then a warm smile spread across her face. She got up from the bed and began walking towards him. Azriel stood there, not knowing what to do or say. Trinity smiled at him lovingly. “My darling brother,” She took his semen-covered hand in her own. “You have spent yourself. Have you not saved any for me?” Trinity smiled as she raised his hand to her mouth and gently licked and sucked the semen from it. “Mmmm, tastes so good.” She moaned as she smiled. She then led him to her bed. Azriel followed, knowing that he should just leave but it seemed a bit late for that now.

Trinity lightly pushed Azriel onto the bed. She took his hand and placed it upon her breast. “Touch me.” Azriel obliged her, hesitating at first them hungrily fondling and caressing her firm breast, lightly pinching her nipples. She took his other hand and placed it upon her mound. He twirled her thick fur upon his fingers for a moment before slipping one inside of her hot, wet opening. His member began to stiffen almost immediately as he thrust his fingers in and out of her tight slit. He took his hand from her breast and began to stroke himself, urging his member to become more erect. Trinity closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she bit her lower lip.

After just a few minutes more of bahis şirketleri this, Azriel could take it no more. He did not care that this was wrong, he did not care that it was his sister’s clit that he so lovingly stroked. He grabbed Trinity by the waist and thrust her quivering opening upon his pulsating shaft. She screamed out in pleasure as Azriel moaned, feeling her tight lips wrap around his shaft. He bounced her upon and down upon his cock, guiding her by her hips. She thrust madly, grinding her hips upon him. She moaned louder and louder with each stroke, her slit dripping with anticipation. Azriel took her nipple into his mouth, licking and biting it roughly. Trinity moaned loudly as her muscles contracted and thighs trembled, releasing her orgasm upon his still embedded member. He placed his hands on her shoulders, shoving her roughly upon his shaft, burying himself deep inside of her. He pulled her towards him, thrusting his tongue in her mouth, as he came inside of his sister’s hot, quivering opening. The kiss lasted for what seemed an eternity, both of them intertwining their tongues with one another.

They held one another for a few minutes before lying back upon the bed; Azriel still buried inside of her. Trinity smiled softly at her brother as he pushed her hair out of her face. He smiled also, holding her close as they both drifted off to sleep. He did not think about tomorrow, or the consequences that their night of incestual lust may bring. All he knew at this moment was that he had never felt so safe, so at peace. And that he wanted to stay this way forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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