The Meet Up

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She couldn’t believe that she was finally doing this. Her heart was racing, her breathing was heavy, she was excited, but very nervous. They agreed to meet at a hotel, a nice one that she’s never been to before. They met on a dating/hook up website, and after talking for a few weeks finally decided to meet up. She thought she was rather vanilla in bed and wanted to explore maybe some kinky things, but mainly just some no holds barred uninhibited sex. Her and her new male friend, Paul, already agreed on what to, and not to, do.

“Are you ready, Alice?” a male voice called from another room.

“Oh, yeah, I’m just finishing up.” she replied.

Alice stepped out from the bathroom into the dark bedroom; tightly wrapped in a towel. A small desk lamp illuminated the far corner of the room leaving shadows draped across the bed. Paul was sat in a chair right beside the bed in the furthest corner. Only his silhouette visible. There was silence for a few seconds until Paul spoke.

“Drop the towel and get on your knees.” She obliged, feeling vulnerable being naked now, until he stood up and walked to her. Even in the low visible light she can tell he was also completely naked now. He caressed her face, reached to the back of her head, and wrapped his hand around her hair and told her to suck him. She swallowed and nervously took him in her mouth. He was soft, but she could feel him swelling in her mouth the deeper she took him in.

“Mmm yeah, just like that.” Paul guided her back and forth. Heart pounding, nervous, but starting to enjoy it, Alice started getting more and more into it. After a little while, he pulled her away and told her to come up to his face, licking and kissing his body on the way up. She refused at first, but when she did he quickly slapped her. She was shocked, they definitely talked about doing rough stuff, but her check was red and her eyes teared erotik hikaye up. He wrapped his other hand around her neck. Squeezing gently but not cutting off air. He bent down and gave her a deep passionate kiss. “Do what I say”, then he repeated his request. With his hand still gripping her hair, that’s exactly what she did, stopping to lick and suck on one of his nipples. They kissed for a minute or two, deep, passionate kisses. Until he pulled her head back by her hair and started to kiss and bite her neck. She started breathing harder, and her legs felt weak. He pushed her on the bed, and told her to stay on her back. He climbed on top and started kissing her on her neck again, but then he started traveling down. From the neck to her breasts, stopping at each nipple to pinch them between his fingers, and lick and suck on them. Biting down on one gently before going down further. She let out a whimper, it hurt a little but also felt so good.

“Oh no,” she thought. She was self conscious about herself, never really being on the receiving end of oral. What if he doesn’t like it? He started kissing her thighs, her left one, then the right one. Then pressed his face against her lips to kiss them. He spread them with his fingers, and stuck a tongue in. She was already very wet. He started licking up and down. Alice started to breathe more heavily, letting out gasps and started to moan. His tongue found her clit and he started to flick it with his tongue, first very lightly, then he started to push it more hard into her. Writhing in pleasure, she reached down and pushed his head into her. He wrapped one arm around a thigh, and started to use his other hand to push a finger into her vagina. First one, then two. First slow, then faster and faster.

In between gasps Alice started yelling “Oh my god, I’m going to cum I’m going to cum!”. He didn’t slow down, he sped up. adult sikiş hikaye She felt his fingers leave her vagina and slowly work their way down further. They talked about ass play but she didn’t think it was going to happen. She didn’t want it to stop. He rubbed his fingers around it, almost teasing it. Then slowly started pushing into it. All the while, still sucking and licking her clit. He didn’t penetrate her ass, but the rubbing and pressing on it was enough to get her to cum. She felt like there was an explosion down there. She thought to herself “Is this what squirting is?” Her body contorted. She turned her head and bit into the pillow, screaming. Her legs locked around Paul’s head. She briefly thought that she was going to hurt him, but she didn’t care. She never experienced any of these sensations with previous lovers and didn’t want them to stop. After a minute or two Paul finally came up for hair, grabbing a nearby towel and wiping his face off.

“Wow I thought you said you weren’t a squirter?” He said with a smirk.

“I never have and I don’t care I want you to fuck me”, she replied. She sat up quickly and gave him a passionate kiss. She didn’t care that she was tasting herself too, she just wanted more.

He pushed her down, and leaned in on top of her. As he pushed his hard cock into her she moaned. He then started to move, back and forth. He wasn’t the biggest guy that she’s ever been with. But she knew right off the bat that he unlike previous partners, he knew what he was doing and was confident in what he was doing. It felt so good that she reached down to grab her thighs and pull her legs up. “Harder” she commanded. He started moaning, moving faster and starting to push more and more into her. He pressed his face into her neck, kissing it, then reached his hand behind her head again, to grab a wad of hair to pull. She smiled and moaned while erotik hikaye he bit her shoulder softly and then started to bite her neck a little more. His other hand gripping a breast firmly while pinching the nipple. Her body started convulsing again, he could tell she was cumming again when she tensed up and felt even wetter. He continued pumping her for a while.

When she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he told her to roll over. She was hesitant; but was also eager to see what else he was wanting to do. He got up on his knees and she rolled to the side on her stomach, then up on her hands and knees. She felt a sharp sting on her ass as he slapped it then pushed himself back into her. It wasn’t like before, he was moving slow, but hard. Ramming in then out. He grabbed her hips and sped up, it already made her feel sore but she was enjoying it. She felt herself getting close again and lowered her head. Paul noticed it and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up. “oh my god, yes!”, she felt herself cumming again. She was worn out but wanted more. He kept pounding her, faster and faster. She didn’t want it to stop and started to push herself back onto him. He stopped pushing and made her start pushing to him. First on her own then he grabbed her hips and started to pull her to him. She felt like she really couldn’t take anymore and was about to tell him to stop. She felt sore, and even though it still felt good also, it was starting to feel too good.

“Turn around” Paul gasped. She moved forward then spun around to him grabbing her head and pushing her onto his throbbing member. As soon as he entered her mouth she felt him explode. She instinctively started swallowing what he was shooting into her mouth. He moaned and thrust deeper into her mouth. She worked her way back and forth a little more, until she could feel him getting a little soft again. He collapsed on the bed beside her, and she laid beside him, caressing his chest. Both sweaty, breathing heavily and trying to calm down.

“I definitely needed that”, she said.

Paul smiled, “Yeah, we should definitely do this again sometime.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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