The Misadventures of Kate Pt. 03

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Chapter 5: The Plot thickens!

I could see Ally Cat undressing me with her eyes, and you could see she was forming plan B in her mind since Jane and Auntie were not there. “Honey, you’re kind of cute-looking in the EVA suit, and I’d love to see you better.”

Before I could say anything, she was unbuttoning my blouse. I was wearing a white see-through one and a school-girl miniskirt and heels. I gasped as she quickly had my blouse off of me, and there I was, wearing just my mini and heels.

I was turning red at this point, not sure what to do as Ally Cat was running her hands over my breasts. “Hmmm…nice and small — I like,” she purred as she started to kiss my nipples. Stopping, she said, “I intend to fuck you silly, Kate, and then you’re going to let me take a copy of Monday’s quiz.” I was moaning at this point, almost forgetting the plan, but hey, the whole thing was being recorded; Security had called me on the phone as soon as Ally Cat had entered the building, so cameras were rolling.

Well, at this point, Ally Cat finally spotted my Lobos tattoo. “My, my, you are naughty girl, Kate! A tattoo?”

“Yes, a little souvenir from when I was in prison.”

You could see her eyes light up, and a wicked grin formed on her lips. “So you’re a gang banger, Kate?”

“Yes and no. I was a prison bitch to the Lobos.”

Her hands were still all over my breasts and belly, making me totally excited at this point. She then quickly removed her top and shorts, pushed me to my knees, and demanded, “Eat me, you little bitch! Show me what those nasty prison bitches taught you.” I dived right in; if she thought I was a girl, I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I’m sure we must have made a sexy site: Ally Cat wearing just her tennis shoes and knee socks, and me still in my skirt and heels.

I slid my tongue in as deep as I could and slowly began to wiggle it around inside her. She was so wet already that just my tongue action was driving her wild. porno . I thought she was going to come on me then, but I slowed down, forcing her to calm down.

Then I began to nibble on her pussy lips. She was starting to lose it at this point, but I backed off again and began to blow softly on her clit. All of a sudden she yanked me by my hair and said, “Stop, bitch! Damn, you’re a fine pussy eater, but I got to lie down on Lucy’s couch.”

She made it to the couch before me. I still had my back to her and she saw my other tattoo. “Figures — a tramp stamp for a tramp. Now get that skirt off, bitch.” She lay down on the couch, watching me unhook my skirt. As the mini fell, she saw my boy shorts I was wearing under it. “Come here, bitch; let me take those off you.”

Chapter 6: The Surprise!

Now I placed my hands on my hips and gave her a bitch-in-charge look. “Not so fast there, Missy. I’m going to fuck you silly like you promised to do to me. Let me guess — you got a toy in this bag of tricks.” Opening it up, I saw that, sure enough, there was a 10-inch strap-on with harness. “My, my, ain’t we the naughty bitch? A strappie! What are you, a whore wannabe?” Laughing, I continued, “Girl, 10 inches? I have had bigger real ones.”

The look on her face was pure horror. “Bigger and…real? Damn, you must have been more whore than bitch!” Ally Cat hissed at me, “Get that damn thing on and fuck me, whore!” Sliding my panties down, making a little show of it, wiggling my ass for her, being careful not to show my own cock, I tossed my panties over my shoulder and they landed right on her face. She was laughing now. “Let me guess — you were a stripper too, whore.”

Looking over my shoulder at her, I said, “Sure was, missy — a damn good one too! You know, I do have a surprise for you.” Turning around, showing my own now-hard cock, and strutting like a fashion model, I walked over to the couch.

“What the fuck! You’re a freak!”

Just japon porno as she was getting ready to bolt, I pinned her down on the couch sitting on her belly. “Not so fast, missy. I’m a transsexual, not a freak, and I’m going to fuck you or you’re going to have to really study for that test Monday.”

“Shit! Wear a damn condom, then, whore! Let me guess — you went to jail for being a tranny whore.”

“Nope, assault and resisting arrest, slut, not for being a whore.” I smacked her on her face. “Never call me tranny, slut,” I said in a hiss. She was scared now. I laid a wet kiss on her lips. “Be nice, little girl, and I will be your personal little toy.” I licked her face where I had slapped her.

She smiled and let out a moan. “Fuck me, then, slut. Damn! First real cock, and it’s going to be yours, so make me come, you slut.”

“What, you’ve never fucked a guy before? Wow, but you’re so damn loose.” I smacked her cunt. Reaching under the seat, I pulled out the condom I had stashed earlier.

She had the deer-in-the-headlights look of surprise on her face. “You set me up, bitch!”

“Yep, I did. Jane told me all about you and told me to expect a visitor today, so I prepared this just for you, missy.” Before she could reply I had the condom on and slid my five-inch cock deep into her. She was looking at me in awe now; a real cock was in her, not a fake toy.

I started off slow and steady. Ally Cat was moaning away, babbling about how damn good a bitch I was, etc. As I picked up the tempo she wrapped her legs around me, matching me. We both were horny as hell from before, so it didn’t take too much to get me in the mood. I began to pound away on her, forgetting slow and easy. She was screaming at this point. The guards were in on the whole deal, as none of them like Ally Cat. Seems she had a bad case of the I’m-rich-you’re-not and didn’t care who knew it. So she’d get no help from them as she was crying lezbiyen porno out “RAPE ME, YOU DAMN WHORE!” It wouldn’t have surprised me if they could hear us, and we were on the fourth floor!

Suddenly we both climaxed; there were definitely no fake orgasm from her! I collapsed on top of her. “Fuck, bitch, why do you want to cut that off?”

Smiling at her as I pulled out of her, I got back up on her belly, keeping her pinned down. I pulled off the now-full condom and poured cum out over her tits, marking them. “You’re mine now, Ally Cat!”

Gasping, she said, “Only one person ever called me that. OH MY GOD, Geoff, is that you?”

Waving at her as I ran my finger down her nose and tapped the tip of it, I replied, “Sure is, Ally Cat.”

She was shocked, to say the least. “Well, damn, you definitely have changed for the better, Geoff — or is it Kate?”

“I’m legally Kate, and if you still want that test, it’s in the filing cabinet. I’m gonna grab a shower and clean this mess up, as I don’t think Aunt Lucy would like to find cum stains come Monday.”

“Aunt Lucy — OH SHIT, she’s your aunt?”

“Bingo, you win a cookie! She is, but I’m not gonna rat on you for taking the test. If I was, I’d’ve done that years ago when the cops wanted the names of everyone who was at the party, but nope, only I went to jail, remember, Ally Cat?” She was turning red at this point but getting the test out and copying it at the same time.

“Look, hmmm…Kate, I’m sorry for calling you names, and yes, I should know you’d never rat on me, as you covered my ass lots of times. Damn, I missed having you around, girl.” She gave me a hug and a full kiss on my lips. “When are you going lose the…hm…toy?”

Looking up at her, since she’s as tall as Auntie, maybe taller, I replied, “Not for another month. Then it’s gone and I’m all girl.”

We ended up in the shower together and had some more fun. Poor little Ally Cat, the die-hard lesbian, was now turned on to my built-in strappie, as she took to calling my cock. She couldn’t keep her hands off of it! We went our separate ways for the rest of the weekend, but Part 2 of my and Auntie’s plan would come into play Tuesday after the tests were graded!

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