The Neighbor’s Kids

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Early in the 80s I dated a woman named Carol. She was only 19 when we started dating, I was 27. We had a vigorous sex life, taking the opportunity to do it most anywhere and as often as we could. This included sex in the car, on the beach a couple of times, and when picnicking. The latter was the start of an adventure…

We canoed up to a spot we had found a year earlier, spread out our blanket, opened a bottle of wine, and just let our nature and libido take us. Soon we were both naked and Carol was slowly but lovingly sucking my by-now rigid cock. It was heavenly! She was good at it, and took care not to get me to come too quickly. As she was stroking me, we both heard a giggle from a nearby bush! I jumped out, cock sticking straight out and quickly discovered my next-door neighbors’ two kids, Mike and Cathy (both 18), had been spying on us.

I was ready to give them both a good cuff on the ear and send them packing, but before I could, Carol slipped one arm around me and whispered “If they’re that curious, why don’t we let them see it all?” I was shocked! We’d talked earlier about having threesomes or group sex a couple of times, but had done nothing about it to date. Mike and Cathy were apologizing profusely and explained that they were indeed really curious — they had heard Carol’s joyful shouts from our bedroom window a few times and wanted to see what was the cause.

Carol took charge. She ordered both Mike and Cathy to strip, which they canlı bahis did meekly. Mike had, I saw, a decent-sized cock, with a thatch of hair around it, and two good-sized balls underneath. Cathy was beautiful! Her breasts were quite small, but her nipples stood out about 3/4 of an inch. Her pussy was completely bare. Carol ordered them to the blanket, and to lie sit cross-legged. Then I lay down, and Carol went back to work on my cock, sucking and stroking until I said, “I’m coming!” and shot several squirts of hot semen into her willing mouth. Carol prided herself on swallowing, but I was so excited with the two kids being there I shot so much come into her that she gagged and some of the come ran out of her mouth and onto her chin and tits.

Mike said, “Wow! I’ve never come like that jerking off!” and Cathy said she couldn’t believe Carol got all of my cock into her mouth. Carol asked Cathy if she would like to try sucking my cock. I was in heaven!

Cathy hesitated, but then said, “I’m here to learn, I guess”, and slowly took my still-hard cock into small mouth. She slowly worked her way down my shaft, gagged a couple of times, and then settled into a steady rhythm. Her technique wasn’t as good as Carol’s, but hey, she was just a beginner! Meanwhile, I looked over to see that Carol had started to masturbate Mike and he quickly shot a decent burst of semen onto Carol’s tits, something I loved to do myself. Then Carol moved Mike into position and got bahis siteleri him to slide his cock into her cunt.

I knew how hot it was as Mike moaned in pleasure. “This is sooo good!” he said. He started bucking quickly and Carol had to get him to slow down lest he come again too quickly.

Meanwhile, Cathy continued sucking me. I wet a finger and slipped it into her incredibly tight cunt. I wanted so much to have intercourse with her, to be inside her tight hole, to look at her angelic young face beneath me. I asked her if she was willing to try it. She removed her mouth from around my cock and smiled and said yes. I lay her back on the blanket and continued to finger her now-wet cunt. When I felt it relax just slightly, I said, “Now is the time.” I spread her legs apart and placed the knob of my cock at her cunt lips, and pressed slightly. She gasped a little as my cock entered her. I stopped briefly, then pushed again, going deeper into her. She gasped again as I punctured her hymen. “You’re my first virgin” I said quietly to Cathy as my cock slid all the way into her, pushing up against her cervix. She was SO tight! I thought I would come quickly, so I tried to make it last.

Mike was fucking Carol with vigor now and announced he was going to come. I saw his ass muscles flex as he shot several spurts of young sperm into Carol’s hot twat. Carol joyously shouted “He’s filling me up with semen” as Mike continued to come. This pushed me to the brink bahis şirketleri and I told Cathy I was going to fill her cunt with my sperm. She smiled sweetly and said “Yes, please”. My balls tightened up and I let forth a terrific spurt of sperm which filled Cathy’s cunt and started to leak out and flowed down my cock. I couldn’t believe how intense it was!

All four of us took a few minutes to catch our breath. Mike announced he would like to fuck his sister, and Cathy accommodated him by spreading her thighs. Mike could see my sperm dripping out of her and this excited him greatly. He plunged his cock into Cathy and fucked her vigourously, coming in a few minutes. I mounted Carol from behind and slid my cock in and out of her cunt. After a few minutes, she turned her head and said, “When you come, come on my face and tits” (my favorite!). I gladly told her that I would be coming shortly and removed my cock, turned her around, and shot several spurts of semen onto Carol’s face, red hair, and generous breasts. Mike & Cathy laughed and said they would be trying that at home.

They got dressed and headed off into the woods, going home. Carol and I stayed a while longer. She was still turned on and asked me to fuck her in the ass, something we hadn’t done to that point. I did and it was terrific as well. What a day!

Carol and I parted ways a couple of years later. Cathy’s parents continue to live next door, and I have sex with her occasionally when she comes home from university. Mike has joined us occasionally in a threesome and Cathy has progressed to having both of us in her at the same time, one in the cunt and one in the ass. Perhaps I’ll write about that later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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