The New Workout Program

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Ass Shaking

The New Workout Program (or How I Bartered Sex To Get Into Shape)

Sometime last year, just prior to my 52nd year on the planet, I finally got fed up with my excess weight and came to terms with the fact that I need to go to some extreme in order to lose it. Surgery wasn’t an option. The simple fact was that I could not get myself motivated to stay on a regimen and my mate wasn’t helping any. I knew I had to get away from the desk and do something active. I needed to take the reins and find my “carrot!”

Of course, I knew what my ‘carrot’ was. It was sex. Sex is something that I have enjoyed since my first affair (I was 16, he — 36) and discovered my abundant libido. Though, once I reached 50 I truly thought that my libido would chill, especially with the beginnings of Menopause. But my body had more fun in store for me and over the last three years I was making the most of working at home by meeting men online. A few, I met on Yahoo’s Instant Messenger, a few sent me fan mail after reading my erotica. I now had almost 10 men that I could call on when I needed great sex — virtual or live. So, I figured, why not post an ad on Craigslist? I’ve always subscribed to the belief that if you really want something to happen, you have to put it out into the universe and that the universe will support me. And that just what I did!

I must have composed the ad in my head for months before getting up the nerve to post sex hikayeleri it. It was Sunday morning, I was still waking up having slept in a little when I opened my laptop and began putting words to page. The fact that it was Valentine’s Day seemed to be a good timing. I placed it in the local Personals under “Casual Encounters.” For some reason, it didn’t “take” the first time, so I posted it again. After checking my “x-rated” email account over the next day, it started filling up with replies. And they continued to pour in; almost 50 with the first posting. Then suddenly, it was pulled! I was shocked that someone had “flagged” my post. I mean, how absurd! Mine was one of the few “Real Ads,” not commercial, not resulting in SPAM, just a real ad. I posted it again for good measure. It was flagged again. But by then I had enough to keep me plenty busy responding to half of those who replied.

The ad:

“Sexy FWB looking for workout partner to trade with – w4m

This is a serious offer so pls don’t reply unless you meet the following criteria:

* Must be happy too many guys named Mark, none of their email addresses had their real names, and the sheer volume resulted in my need to start keeping notes.

The First Candidate

A financial planner named Mark was the first to pursue me stridently. I befriended him on Yahoo IM and we chatted that night. We made tentative plans to meet on Tuesday and adult hikayeler I gave him my phone number. He emailed me twice; late Sunday night and early Monday morning. Then he called me Tuesday morning and we made plans to workout around 1:00, when he would be coming back from an appointment up north. About a half hour later, he called back to say that he decided to reschedule his appointment so that we could get together earlier. He was definitely into this!

When it rains, it usually pours, at least down here in South Florida! Just after I let Mark go, I saw that my newest lover Michael was online and to my delight, informed me that he could come by around 12-Noon. I quickly emailed Mark and told him that 1PM was still good!

Now Michael his dick bends down and away, rather than towards him. It’s kind of odd. Once he started fucking me, he became a fucking piston, thrusting hard and fast. That’s fun for about 10 minutes, but he must have gone on for an hour! Hard pounding on and off for an hour!

Damn, I thought, I’m gonna be sore, I know it. He was really working up a sweat too. Guess he got his work out after all! We changed positions for a while to give him a break. He wanted me on top. Then he got behind me and I pulled out my vibe and was able to cum again with him pounding me from behind. It’s my favorite way to cum, next to Michael’s tongue, of course!

I’ve trained myself over the past few sex hikayelerin years, sans lovers, to cum with my mighty bullet vibe on my clit and a nice thick dildo inside me. Having his nice hard cock pounding relentlessly away, feeling his sack smack against my ass made my legs weak. The vibe did it’s duty, bringing on my orgasm, strong and intense. I left it against my clit as I pushed back against his erection, panting and groaning, squirming and squeezing around him.

Then he kind of lost his erection so I offered to suck him. I asked him to wash it off and gave him the washcloth. Once he was back on the bed I started to lick him, running my tongue from his balls up his cock then taking it into my mouth and sucking softly as I slid it in and out, hoping to feel it go from flaccid to stiff. I quickly realized that he needed faster action than I was able to give him. I tried jerking him. He said that I could do it harder. I tried a combination of sucking him and jerking him at least until I started getting sore gums and lips. I jerked him harder and gave it all I had, until finally he came. It was a big load too and I did my best not to gag. I got up and rinsed and when I looked back he was jerking himself again! Damn, this guy wasn’t done yet! He looked kinda nervous, but said he was ready again, when I asked him. He jerked until he was ready to cum and asked if I wanted it on my chest. I declined and he got between my legs to cum inside me but didn’t quite make it in. Instead he came on my bush.

I might give Mark another go, but I think he’s too much work. Besides, I really didn’t like his performance in the gym.

One down…20 to go!

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