The Nixon Girls Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Sarah

Sarah’s Tale Continued; March 1984.

Early the following evening saw me back at the Weir house, which was in itself unusual; Dave invariably collected me from the Rugby Club where I spent most Saturday afternoons in the winter. Sarah answered the door to my knock and after a quick glance around the hallway I gave her a brief kiss and gently squeezed her left buttock; the response whilst not cold, was certainly disappointing. She turned and walked into the lounge with me following, where whilst ostensibly waiting for Dave and Alistair to get ready for our evening out I desperately tried to catch Sarah’s attention without arousing any suspicions in her husband Campbell.

“So where are you lads heading for tonight then?” Cam asked

“Oh, you-know, just around and about.” I replied.

“Just going pubbing, or have you got some girls lined-up too?”

“Nothing’s arranged, we’ll just see who’s out”

“And what time are you likely to be back?”

“I’ve no idea; it depends on where we get to and who we meet”

“Leave him alone Cam. Sarah interjected. “The boys will be back before the cows need milking tomorrow morning and that’s all you’re really bothered about.”

“Rubbish, as a responsible parent it’s the safety issues I’m thinking about.”

“Don’t worry about us Mr. Weir, we’ll be OK”

He grinned. “I know that! It’s the safety of everyone else that I worry about when you buggers are on the loose. No doubt I’ll hear all the gory details of what you’ve got up to at breakfast time tomorrow”

Sarah interjected once again “Not from Rob you won’t, he’s got some jobs to do for his dad tomorrow and has to leave early; so make sure that you get him up and away-home when you and the boys go to do the milking Cam”

“OK” Cam replied.

It was the first I knew about any chores at home and whilst Sarah was looking away from me when she’d spoken, the message was clear enough: I wouldn’t be welcome in her bed the following morning, so much for ‘next time’. I was stunned; I wanted to ask why, but she left the room and with Cam sitting there I could hardly go chasing after her to find out.

After a few more minutes of small-talk with Cam, Dave and Al arrived and we headed out for the evening. Sarah’s rejection had left me feeling somewhat out of sorts, but I could hardly explain my reasons to her sons, so I shrugged my shoulders, downed a few beers and thought ‘sod-her; let’s party’ It turned into a fairly riotous evening and was close to 3:00 a.m. before we got back, so when Cam woke me at the same time as Dave and Al early the next morning I was feeling dog-rough; after a reviving coffee with them I headed for home; I didn’t even see Sarah.

I wasn’t back there again until the following weekend and rather than face Sarah I just sounded the horn and waited for Dave in the car. Dave waved from his bedroom window; signalling that he’d be a few more minutes and that I should come in. I responded in the negative, signalled for him to hurry-up and started flicking through a motorbike magazine that was on the back-seat. Thirty seconds later, the passenger-door opened and Sarah climbed in beside me, I was so surprised that I dropped my magazine; she must’ve come around the side of the house via the back door.

“Not coming in to say hello?” she asked

“Erm. No. We’re already late so I thought if I stayed here; it would make Dave hurry up”

“You’ll be lucky; when has Dave ever hurried for anything” We both smiled; his tardiness was legendry.

“There’s always a first time”

Sarah cocked her head to one side and proffered a small smile “And you’re just sulking because there’s not been a second time”

I looked away from her “No, why should I be?”

“No reason at all, I’ve just not seen you for almost a week; so I thought you might be avoiding me”

“Of course not, I’ve just been busy”

“With Jenny Laing?”

I continued to focus on a sycamore-tree beyond the windscreen “That’s none of your business.”

“True enough and even if it were; as a gentleman you’d never tell”

“Exactly” I still wouldn’t look at her.

“And as I told you last week, what you do and apart from Angie and Princess Leia, who with; doesn’t bother me.

That comment got my attention and I turned toward her for the first time.

“Though you might appreciate some advice regarding young Miss Laing?”

“What sort of advice?”

She smiled again; this time warmly “Are you meeting her this evening?”

“No, we’re heading up to Lancaster”

“Then it’ll keep until tomorrow morning.”

I quickly glanced toward the house; seeing nobody I stretched out my left hand toward her; but seeing the smile begin to fade from her eyes I stopped and withdrew it. “I look forward to the conversation”

Sarah’s smile was back “Not as much as me; remember it’s my turn”

Before I could manage a reply, the door was opening and Sarah was climbing out “if anyone saw us, I was enquiring about your grandma’s twisted knee; OK?”

I just nodded and whilst I returned to my tecavüz hikayeleri magazine, I didn’t even see the words.

It wasn’t a memorable night, other than for the fact that when Cam, Dave and Alistair were heading out to start work the following morning; I was wide awake, albeit pretending otherwise. I’d been relegated back to the lounge settee for the night, so was forced to listen with increasing impatience to their early morning chatter; whilst thinking ‘just go and milk your fucking cows!’

Within seconds of them leaving the house I was out of my pit and fairly bounding up the stairs; I hesitated for a moment as I reached Sarah’s bedroom door; it was slightly ajar so I pushed it open and stepped through. Sarah was walking out of the shower-room, fastening a robe around herself and apparently naked otherwise, she looked up as I moved towards her with my arms outstretched but she made no move to reciprocate until I was almost upon her; when she took a pace back and gave me the hardest slap to the face I’d ever suffered “Don’t ever come into my bedroom uninvited! She screamed “and you stink like a brewery; don’t you know where the bathroom is?” Sarah turned on her heel, returned to her shower-room and slammed the door behind her. I was stunned and slunk away; initially angry at her for seeming to lead me on and then knock me back once more; but at the same time having to accept that I probably did smell of last nights beer and that it might’ve been polite to have knocked at her door before entering; I’d just been so damned eager for her! And now I’d blown it; knowing that it was my own impatience to blame made that even worse. I retreated to the bathroom and took a shower, whilst trying to think of how I might engineer another opportunity to win her around; then wrapped in a towel, I slipped quietly past Sarah’s door and headed back downstairs to collect my things and head for home; the idea of seeing her across the breakfast table this morning was not appealing.

I was half-way down the stairs when I heard a door open above me and the sound of Sarah’s voice “Going somewhere?” she asked.

I stopped but didn’t look back “I, I’ve got some jobs to do for my dad” was my mumbled reply.

“Now that’s not very original is it? Nor is it very nice to just sneak away without saying goodbye.”

I still didn’t dare to look at her “I know and I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me and perhaps give me another chance sometime?”

“Not if you can’t be trusted to make good on your promises I won’t”

“What promises?” I’d started to descend again; I just wanted to be out of there.

“Well last Saturday morning you promised that you’d concentrate on my pleasure ‘next time’ and last night you promised that next time would be ‘this morning’ didn’t you?”

That statement halted my descent. Was Sarah saying what I thought, or at least hoped, she was saying? I hesitated, confused; I considered a dozen responses, but was terrified of misinterpreting her again; I settled for saying nothing and turning to look back at her, hopefully the look on her face might give me some clue as to a suitable response. It did, though there was a few seconds delay in my finding it; my gaze being arrested by the sight of her when I turned: the bathrobe had gone and I saw that I had at least been right once this morning. Sarah was leaning casually on the balustrade, stark naked; looking up to her from below, the sight was awesome and her face carried a huge and encouraging smile. “If you’re going to make good on those promises, I’ll be in my room” she stood upright and turned away.

My heart raced and I could feel my prick engorge beneath the pale blue towel at my waist; it took a huge effort not to charge up the stairs after her but I wasn’t going to let impetuosity be my undoing again. I turned, slowly re-climbed the stairs; regaining at least some control of my heart rate and breathing as I went. Went I reached the door to Sarah’s bedroom, it was wide open; she was standing midway between it and the bed, looking toward me expectantly; I stopped at the threshold and gave her my most winning smile.

“What’s wrong now; what are you waiting for?” she asked.

“I’m waiting to be invited in” I coolly replied.

She laughed “You got that invitation on the staircase”

“No, I listened carefully. You asked me a question and you told me where I could find you; but there was no specific invitation to cross the threshold”

“Are you sure?” her look was more sober.

“Absolutely. I might be slow on the uptake occasionally, but I try never to repeat a mistake.”

“In that case.” She opened her arms and gave me the sexiest ‘come-hither’ look I have ever seen, either before or since; whilst whispering “Rob, would you please come-in and make love to me?”

I stepped forward, we embraced, kissed and I grasped Sarah firmly whilst whispering my response directly into her ear “If I must; I’m not really in the mood you understand, but as you said: I did promise”

Sarah struggled in my arms, not trying to escape from my embrace; sex hikayeleri but to see the look on my face. When she’d managed that, her smile grew as broad as my own; she gave me an exploratory kiss and pulled away slightly, then grinning wickedly whispered “Bastard” and kneed me gently in the balls; whilst at the same time pushing me over backwards onto the bed.

As I laid there laughing, Sarah rushed over to the door, slammed it shut and locked it too. “If that’s your attitude, I’d better make damned sure you can’t escape” she too was by now in hysterics.

My own laughter began subsiding “Don’t worry Sarah I’ve no intention of going anywhere. I just felt that my stupidity had left the mood a little too serious, for making love”

“I usually worry about the fact you don’t take things seriously enough Rob; but in the case of lovemaking, I have to agree that it’s invariably more fun when it’s light-hearted.”

“So, I’m finally making progress. Two lessons learnt and one I already knew. Can we move on to number four yet?”

“A touch of humour was number four, it’s lesson five next.”

“So which lesson did I miss?”

“None. The first lesson was about keeping our relationship discreet. I hoped I’d taught you that last Saturday?”

“Ah, I suppose I did flunk that one”

“You certainly did. Kissing me in the hall-way like that, anyone could’ve appeared; then afterwards in the lounge you were looking at me like an affectionate puppy; god knows how Cam missed it.”

“Sorry, I’ll try to be more careful”

“You already have been. Last night in your car remember: you thought better of reaching out to touch me; if you hadn’t you wouldn’t be here this morning and perhaps not ever.”

My only response was a weak and sheepish smile.

“Hey, don’t go all serious on me again; you managed to scrape through the test and believe me, if you weren’t here this morning, I’d be just as disappointed as you. I was crying in frustration as I listened to you leave last Sunday morning”

“You weren’t alone in that”

“Good. I’m desperate to keep this thing going between us Rob; but no matter how much I want you; our relationship will always come second to that I have with my husband and sons.”

“Point taken and understood. I smiled again “Besides I feel exactly the same; I’d hate to get offside with my best mate just because of some ‘bird'”

“I was right; you are a bastard.” But Sarah said this with an expanding smile, accepting my light-hearted comment as it was intended and dispelling the air of seriousness that was threatening to overtake us once again.

I was still sitting on the edge of the bed; Sarah stepped forward, knelt in front of me and we embraced; enjoying a long moist kiss before she drew back and began kissing my neck and chest, whilst sliding her right hand beneath the towel still at my waist and ascending along the top of my thigh until her fingers reached and encircled my erect prick. I gasped and rocked back; Sarah took that opportunity to unfasten the towel from my waist and throw it aside; I certainly wasn’t trying to stop her. Sarah resumed her light kisses to my chest, whilst slowly and very deliberately stroking her hand up and down the shaft of my cock.

Sarah’s kisses moved further down across my belly before abruptly stopping; but not the action of her hand; as Sarah looked up at me, staring squarely into my eyes; then lowering her head once more, she drew back my foreskin and settled kisses on the very tip of my now raging cock. Sarah’s hand continued to stroke smoothly, whilst she placed more kisses upon my crown, ran her tongue around its base and finally opened her mouth wide and pressed it firmly over my cock-head. My heart was by now racing, none of my previous girlfriends had done this for me; not that I’d dared even to suggest they might. Sarah’s hand continued to trace the length of my shaft, her mouth remained closed; wetly suckling at my tip, whilst her tongue tease me from within; the outcome was predictable, though the speed of its arrival surprised me.

Sarah was clearly better prepared; having withdrawn her lips perhaps two-seconds earlier, she was wrapping the recently discarded towel around my throbbing prick at my moment of ejaculation. My own loss of control was absolute, I’d slumped backward onto the bed and could only tremble, my toes and fingers spastically clenching with each emission; it seemed an eternity until I regained command over my faculties.

When finally I did, it was to see Sarah’s upturned face resting gently and patiently on my stomach, bearing a look which I can only describe as that of the ‘cat which got the cream’. I smiled raised myself onto my elbows and smiled down at her, hoarsely whispering “Thank you; no one’s ever given me a blow-job before.”

Sarah’s smile became raunchy “Oh you’ve still got a treat to look forward to then; by my standards you still haven’t been given one; that was just a tweak”

What look crossed my face, I’ve no idea; but in response to it, Sarah burst out laughing. “I’m not kidding; I promise that sex hikaye when I do treat you to a blow-job, you’ll know and never forget it. But that won’t be this morning; it’s all about my pleasure today.”

“So I seem to remember; but I’m not off to a great start am I? Laid here whilst you ‘tweak’ me to an orgasm.”

The voracious smile again. “Don’t you believe it; that was totally selfish on my part.”

I took the time to think for a few moments, but still couldn’t catch up. “Sorry Sarah, you’ve lost me again.”

“Think about it. You were steamed up like a young bull five minutes ago; so would’ve rushed any fore-play in your impatience to get your rocks off. Now, even allowing for the recuperative powers of youth, it’ll be at least twenty and probably thirty minutes before you’re ready to go again, so I can look forward to your spending all that time and more in indulging me! Let’s call that lesson 4½.”

“Well now it’s over, won’t you join me here in bed? I’d like to get started on lesson five”

She leapt in beside me with a squeal of delight “I thought you’d never ask!”

“I’ve thought of very little else since 7:30 last night. Now where would you like me to begin?”

“Oh No; I’m not offering clues, it’s up to you to discover all the places that make me tingle.

I must’ve looked unsure.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a lesson you can possibly fail; it’s more a question of how high a passing score you can achieve”

I leant forward, cupping her left breast in my hand, whilst stroking my thumb across the nipple.

Sarah trembled “A good start and don’t dare stop; but I’m not giving away high marks for my boobs; or my pussy either for that matter; they’re too obvious.”

“That’s not fair.”

“What’s the problem? You’re supposed to be training as a Surveyor aren’t you? So just give me a complete and thorough survey; watch for the results and you can’t go wrong.”

Whilst I could’ve happily whiled away half-an-hour, even half a lifetime playing with Sarah’s pert breasts and warm pussy; that clearly wasn’t going to hit the spot for her. I now wondered if I’d been mistaken in my assumption with previous girls that it’d been sufficient for their needs either? Too late to worry about that: I wasn’t prepared to settle for barely scraping through this latest ‘lesson’. Sarah had asked for a ‘complete and thorough survey’ and I was going to make damned sure she got one to remember; “Your wish is my command.” I assured her; sliding close up beside her and moving my fingers to the very crown of her head whilst lightly kissing the tip of her nose.

The next hour; despite not orgasming myself, proved to be the most sexually charged and exciting of my entire life. It was a memorable experience for me; as I used my fingers lips and tongue to explore every inch of Sarah’s body. It’s been a matter of pride and delight, that during the ensuing years, I’ve subsequently found very few arousal points on Sarah, beyond those which I discovered that morning. I’ve always hoped that the memory has been similarly cherished by Sarah. And my findings during this journey of discovery…

Sarah enjoyed my fingers being drawn through her hair, whilst the fingernails scraped across her scalp; better yet was to pull her hair; harder than one would think bearable; not savagely but with an initially firm grip, followed by a steady increase in the tension, until her head was dragged backward. Sarah relished having the main body and lobes of her ears bitten hard, with these bites to be soothed afterward by the application of warm breaths; but she hated that her ears be touched in any way whatsoever with my tongue. I came to appreciate the good sense of Oriental men, in finding the nape of a woman’s neck erotic, whilst discovering that Sarah appreciated the scrape of fingernails here too. Actually, her preference to be scratched with my nails, rather than stroked with the pads of my fingers applied to all areas of her body; save for the soles of her feet, the area of her nipples and areole and within the very centre of her womanhood – to scratch hard at the backs of her knees, insteps of her feet and the inside of her upper arms drove Sarah wild; her reaction to a similar touch close beside the boundaries of her swollen labia was even more dramatic. Sarah was equally susceptible to intrusions by my tongue, with the exception of her ears as noted earlier, indeed anywhere above her collarbone; Sarah was a sucker for a gently probing tongue. Particularly favoured receptors were to be found between her toes, the edges of her areole, the point where the underside of her breasts met her rib-cage, virtually anywhere between her knees and navel and most particularly the tight rose-bud of her anal-ring; all probes there proving repeatedly to be explosive. Sarah preferred her breasts to be cupped, stroked and massaged gently; whilst by contrast the favoured treatment for her buttocks was that they be mauled and pulled with a degree of savagery which it took me some time to become comfortable with. With the exception of her ears noted previously and her buttocks too, Sarah preferred that all bites be ‘gentle nibbles’ and perhaps on the basis of discretion rather than dislike, permitted none whatsoever wherever the resulting teeth-marks might be publicly displayed.

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