The Note

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Nancy slid a note down the table to Robert. He was slightly surprised. She was hot as hell, but had always seemed a bit snobbish. He didn’t think she’d ever talk to someone like him. But he hadn’t read the note yet, he figured. It was probably nothing.

He unfolded it and a photo fell out. When he saw it, he quickly picked it back up.

Holy shit, he thought. It was a nude photo of her. He read the note. ‘I think we should have sex.’

He felt himself grow hard. He looked over at her as the professor’s lecture grew to be a distant buzzing sound to him. Nancy was staring at him seductively, sliding a pen in and out of her mouth suggestively. Under the classroom table, she slid her hand over and grabbed his cock through his pants. He felt it grow even harder as she gave it a couple gentle strokes.

Reflexively, his knee jolted up, banging into the table loudly. The professor ceased talking and everyone stared at him. He mumbled a quick quiet apology and the class went on.

When class ended, he waited as everyone except Nancy left the classroom.

“We can go back to my apartment,” she said, acting as if they were already mid bahis firmaları conversation.

“So you were serious in that note.”

She smiled that seductive smile of hers.

“I figured that much was obvious when I started giving you a handjob in the middle of class.”

It was becoming more and more obvious to Robert that Nancy wasn’t a person who fooled around with niceties or small talk.

“So you just want to go back to your apartment and fuck? Is that it?” Robert said.

Nancy nodded.

“I don’t suppose you have any problem with that?”

“Well, just out of curiosity, what makes you think I don’t have a girlfriend?”

She inched closer to him, now grinding herself ever so lightly against his erect cock.

“I’m hotter,” she said. “And better between the sheets.”

Robert didn’t have a girlfriend, but he realized she was right. She was hotter than any of the girlfriends he’d ever had, and very likely the hottest woman he’d ever seen. And he had no doubt that she was great in bed, too.

“So?” she said. “Are you gonna go back to my apartment with me and stick that shaft inside of me?”

“I don’t think kaçak iddaa I’ve ever heard a woman be so direct before.”

“Is that a yes?”

“No. It’s a ‘fuck yes.’ How far do you live?”

He smiled.

“Just across the street from campus.”

They walked across the street together and she wasted no time leading him into her bedroom and taking her clothes off. Soon she had him naked too. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it.

“You don’t believe in taking your time, do you?” Robert said.

“It depends,” Nancy said. “What do you have in mind?”

“Lie down on the bed. Face down.”

She obliged.

He knelt over her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“I plan on enjoying every part of your body.”

He drew his hands across her shoulders, gently drawing them down her back and to her waist. Slowly, he inched them back up her sides caressing the sides of her breasts. His cock fell flat against her back. She rolled over underneath him letting his dick fall between her breasts.

“I’m usually not much into foreplay,” she said.

“That’s a bit unusual,” Robert replied.

“I figure why waste kaçak bahis time.”

“If I ask you a question, will you take offsense?”

“Highly unlikely.”

“Are you a nymphomaniac?”

“Why would I take offense to that? Yes. I am.”

She grabbed his cock again and rubbed it.

“You seem a bit uncomfortable,” Nancy said. “Is something wrong?”

“This is just quite unexpected, is all.”

“Your turn to lie down,” she said.

Robert laid down on his back on her bed. She climbed on top of him and slid herself down onto him. Immediately, loud moans of intense pleasure began coming out of her mouth as she slid herself up and down rubbing her clit to intensify the pleasure. She grabbed Robert’s hands and set them on her breasts and then went back to rubbing.

As she continued to slide up and down on him with no sign of letting up, Robert breathed heavily simply enjoying himself. Keeping his hands on her breasts, he used his forefingers to play with her nipples.

Finally, she slid herself off of him completely. Quickly, she slid down and wrapped her mouth around his cock just in time to catch the jizz that came rushing out. She swallowed every drop.

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled herself up to him and smiled at him.

“I think I need to make Wednesday your day,” she said. “What do you think? Every Wednesday after class?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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