The Office Party

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“I would rather go to a root canal than an office party,” Dan told his wife when she finally got up the nerve to ask. “But you go and try not to get yourself fired. And if, I mean when, you drink too much, have somebody sober drive you home”.

Lisa pouted. “And when I get home, I suppose you’ll want… something…?”

“I just might, if I’ve been watching porn instead of the Jets.”

A week and a day later, Lisa stood by her window watching a gentle but depressing rain. She was choosing her outfit for the party and hated everything she tried on. Everything was too old or too out of style or too tight.

“Or I’m too fat!” She yanked off the blouse so furiously that her camisole went with it, leaving her in a skimpy red lace demi bra (a festive color) and white half slip. Across the street, Roger, her elderly neighbor, had just lost an argument with his wife and stomped out to go to the mailbox. He was halfway when the motion in Lisa’s window caught his eye. He stopped, in semi-shock as his demure neighbor bared her back, then turned half way around, not quite enough to see him, had she been looking. He could only see down to just below her shoulders, but he walked very slowly to the mailbox and leaned on it for support. The figure in the window raised her arms and ran her fingers under the bra straps, which vanished from view and fell to her elbows. She she reached behind herself for the catch and the bra fell to the floor.

Roger fumbled for the mail as the figure in the window floated away. His reaction, even in jeans, was more than evident. He walked slowly backwards in the rain, hoping she would return. She did, still naked from the waist up as best he could tell, and she slipped a black cocktail dress over her head.

“Damn!” She looked hotter with the spaghetti straps barely covering her shoulders. He would have unspeakable fantasies for the rest of the day. His wife eventually asked him why he kept looking out the window. “Just watching the weather,” he mumbled.

Prefering not to drive in the 5-inch heels she was going to wear, Lisa called one of the men on the tech crew to come pick her up. “Bring friends,” she giggled, “I don’t want the neighborhood to think I have a date.” The she put on enough make up and perfume for a month of dates. She finished her look with gleaming mahogany nail polish, and sat down with Dan. She kept her fingers spread, and Dan noticed the dark color.

“What ever happened to wearing red?” he groused, then he turned on the TV. A woman with long mahogany-colored fingernails was selling scotch. She noted that the color matched her dress and and mood at having to go alone.

He was watching the pre-game and Roger-the-neighbor was at his window when a car, with 3 well-dressed mid-20s aged guys stopped in front of her house. The empty seat was behind the driver. Lisa, in that black dress that almost hit halfway between waist and knee, black patterend “stripper-stockings” and 5-inch black heels, danced down the sidewalk, around the car and unaware that she was giving her neighbor heart-failure, she got in non too gracefully. She didn’t bother to smooth her dress back down.

Roger, his tongue hanging out, turned from the window. His wife commented that he looked like he had seen a ghost.

“No, quite the opposite.” he allowed. She looked out the window, but only saw a car driving away in the rain.

Lisa was more careful with her dress, making sure that too much did not show at the office party, and all the ladies could relate to her struggle with finding something appropriate in her wardrobe. As far as she knew, the men, including her boss had no complaints. She danced the night away, first with one, then another. She was very aware of whose husband she was dancing with, and kept distance and did proper ballroom steps with those men. With the unaccompanied guys, she was less restrained and more than once let herself melt into the arms, and throbbing groin of a partner.

As most of the partiers got deeper into spirits and too tipsy for a work-related event, she chose only single men and none from her department for dance partners. The last half hour, she spent limp and breathless in the embrace of a man she barely knew. He was a great dancer, strong, and made her feel 25, thin and desirable. They danced so tightly together that she could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri feel him twitch and throb, and a time or two she thought maybe her waves would be coming, but each time they waned. She was so warm her hair gel had lost its will and her perfume, expertly dabbed behind her ears, knees and ankles, had become an aura of its own. As the last danced ended, he expertly dipped her, then kissed her full and open-mouth. Lisa nearly fainted. Through her haze she realized she did not want it to ever end.

As goodbyes were being said and people from her department were drifting, or wobbling, out, her last dance partner walked up. “I should have introduced myself, I’m Brad. I’ll see you safely to your car, may I?”

Lisa glanced around. Her gal-pals all had had too much to drink and were getting rides. “Um, well, ok… but it’s home in the garage. I came with the I.T. crew and they have all left.

His eyes glowed. “May I have the pleasure?” He didn’t wait for an answer, but took her hand and led her away. As he helped her into the passenger seat of his car, his eyes fed on her stocking clad thighs and his throat tightened. He drove and they made small talk, most of it being his compliments about her appearance and dancing skills. He placed his hand on her leg well above her knee.

“Um I don’t think you should do that, dear. I am a married old lady, you know.”

He smiled. “Your leg, even under glamor-hose, feels better than my entire first wedding night.”

Lisa inhaled sharply. She had no answer for that and was still weak down to her knees from the way he kissed her. His hand was all the way under her dress when they turned the corner to her street. Her legs had parted and she leaned toward him contentedly.

Roger watched the car pull up to the curb. Across the street, it looked like broad daylight, the lights were all on, curtains all open as if it were noon. He stared as they stepped from the car and he escorted her to the door. His wife was asleep but the prospect of seeing his neighbor-lady in the black cocktail dress had kept him quite on edge. Lisa opened the door to go in.

“This has been the best night I’ve had in two lifetimes, might we have a nightcap before I leave?” His fingers entwined with hers.

Lisa’s eyes opened wide. “My hubby might not approve, maybe?”

“If he’s awake he can join us.” Brad quickly interjected. ” As hot as you are, he must be something else.” And he guided her in and closed the door. Roger watched from his window, but all he could really see was a wall, picture the back of a floral-upholstered couch and a stairway.

“Be right back,” Lisa motioned Brad to the couch. “Have to visit the girls room, and check on Dan.” She slipped out of the heels and flitted upstairs. Two men watched her go. One could see right up her dress. The other, at a distance, imagined that he could. She waved to her company from the stair-landing, then vanished down the hall.

Dan had not been watching the Jets. He was soundly snoozing on their bed while “Chatbox Cathy” moaned and groaned with a toy half inserted in her pussy on the nearby computer. His belly had what looked like dried cum amidst the curly black hair. Lisa was suddenly awash in a dangerous cocktail of emotions as she eased back out of the bedroom and slipped down the hall to freshen up. Having the shoes off felt so good that she peeled down the floral pantyhose and replaced them with a skimpy sheer black string panty. She added a second gold anklet, with a small spade charm and went back downstairs, obviously shaken. Two men watched her.

“What’s the matter?” Brad asked quietly. She didn’t answer, just stood at the foot of the stairs like in a trance. He covered the distance to her in 2 steps, put both arms around her and said, “You can tell me, just let it go.” Lisa did just that, in a stage whisper and flood of tears. Her waist pressed to his as if for more than comfort.

Across the street, Roger couldn’t stand it. To him it looked like they were doing it, or were about to. He opened the front door and crept outside, then ran diagonally across the street, and then, out of breath, snuck up to the living room window and hid in the shadows of some shrubbery. He could faintly hear them. He could see the man’s hands on his neighbor’s waist. Were they güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri moving lower? His throat was tight.

Lisa’s mind was spinning with what she had seen and what she was feeling. Her knees gave way and he caught her and held her, her legs dangling. She was the picture of a damsel in distress being rescued as he carried her to the couch and gently laid her down. Her dress had slid up to her waist while her legs were swinging. She ignored it.

“Lisa?” When she did not immediately respond, he softly kissed her, then his tongue slipped between her lips and the kiss was very very deep and insistent. Her eyes opened wide and she struggled, but he caught both her hands and pinned them to the couch above her head. And kept up the kiss. His manhood rubbed hard against her through his trousers.

Lisa’s “Please, I can’t… not here…,” was muffled by the mouth pressing hers. The more she squirmed, the higher up her dress crept. Then his knees were between hers. She felt the pressure as her legs were so slowly pushed wide open. She wavered, breathless, helpless, hopeless.

In the shadows, Roger could not keep his hand off of his crotch. The chance of being caught made it all the more exciting for him. And upstairs Chatbox Cathy wailed in self driven passion as the toy hummed away and viewers comments burned across the screen. Dan grunted and propped up on two pillows. His cock pointed at the ceiling and he began stroking, all the while staring at Cathy’s thin heaving torso.

Brad knew he had won when Lisa’s knees bent and her legs crossed behind his. He let go of her hands, broke the kiss long enough to whisper how bad he wanted her. His hands slid down to her ass and he pulled her tightly to him. He kissed her, open-mouth, again and this time there was no resistance. His hands, under her ass, grabbed at and pulled down on her wispy underthing. Then only his pants were between his aching manhood and his prize.

Roger strained to see more than just Lisa’s leg and Brad’s pants-covered butt. As they wiggled and squirmed together, Roger mindlessly undid his pants, his cock bounced up and he began. His heart raced.

The pressure bewteen Brad and Lisa eased momentarily as he got his hands in between them enough to unzip his pants. It took some doing, as hard as he was, but he sprung it loose, and it strained against Lisa’s undergarment. She gasped as his fingers brushed her clit and pulled at the sheer fabric. His tip nestled into her entry-place and he pressed as his knees opened her legs wider. Lisa gasped as her folds yielded.

Brad struggled to control himself, he just wanted to ram it in and fuck her violently. But he watched her face intently and pressed, relaxed, pressed, relaxed, until she caved. Her lips opened, and he was accepted, the head just popped in. Just the head, but the short gentle motions advanced it a little each time. And Lisa, now abandoned to what was happening, was copiously wet. Halfway in and then he plunged, tried to shove his entire life into her garden. Lisa’s wide-open dazed eyes fluttered closed as he began the motions that were intended to send her over the edge. They were totally wedded and the long intense moving in and out, back and forth were doing just that. Lisa’s beathing grew shallow, her hips rose and relaxed. She ran her nails down his back inside his shirt.

Upstairs, Dan looked at the clock as he masturbated with virtual, insatiable Cathy. “Where the hell is Lisa?” He got up and padded down the hall to the landing, his cocking pointing the way as it bobbed up and down. Outside, in the shadows, Roger was working himself over watching his neighbor lady being fucked by a black guy when to his horror, Dan appearred at the landing. Roger went cold, clammy and his erection wilted, as if he had been caught. He leaned on the house for support. But no one was looking at him.

Dan, disbelieving and speechless, watched his wife responding to this stranger who was blatantly fucking her on the couch in front of an open window! But, had he not just watched half a dozen such cuck-watches-wife-with-bull scenes before clicking up Chatbox Cathy? Dan’s cock was hard as a baseball bat, and that was before he heard Lisa began to whimper. He knew that that sound meant.

Dan was intently stroking himself. His mouth güvenilir bahis şirketleri was open and dry. He wanted to do something to stop them. Just cough, go shut a door, anything to break the spell she was under. He could not. He was mesmerized. “Why doesn’t she fight him off?” He worked his right hand faster. His breathing was more ragged than his wife’s.

Outside, Roger had to clean his glasses. He was watching Dan masturbate as he watched his wife give herself to someone else. And now he could hear Lisa’s noises, the sounds of a woman surrendered in ecstasy. He was hard again and knew he could not last. His hand closed around his penis again. He pulled himself mercilessly.

Lisa inhaled sharply and her bare toes curled, both of her hands pulled at the couch covers. “Now, baby?” asked the man who had taken her to the edge. Face down he had not seen Dan, who was now furiously stroking it.

Lisa, totally wound up and about to lose it, had not seen anything in a while. “Yes, OMG Yes, fuck me…” her last word washed out by the first twinge between her legs, her eyes opened and closed tight and she trembled as the waves of climax came over her while he rode high on her to keep contact with her clit. Then the floodgates opened. Lisa wailed a long soprano-operatic cry and her hips raised off the couch as the second wave totally dissolved her.

Lisa’s cry was more than Dan could take and the cum spilled, then just shot, then drooled from his cock. He held on to the railing with one hand as he drove himself with the other. He grunted, but no one heard. Lisa was lost in her climax and then Brad was groaning his victory as globs of his honey exploded into Lisa’s depths.

From outside, Roger heard Lisa moan as he watched the couple, and then his cum splattered on his shoes and his pants. He leaned against the house, out of breath.

Dan’s penis finally stopped squirting, after getting his cream all over his shorts and hands and feet and the carpet. He was shaking as he looked down at the couple on the couch, still lost in ecstasy, still moving as one. Realizing he would be humiliated if they saw him, he turned and silently padded back to the bedroom. Cathy was horny as ever on screen, begging viewers to join her in private for a show they would never forget.

On the couch, Lisa begged Brad to lay with her, stay inside her, as he softened. She had completely lost track of where she was. Brad kissed her longingly, then brought her gently back to reality and regretfully, they untangled themselves, straightened their clothes, and Lisa ran upstairs to put on her slippers.

But going upstairs, she did feel something seeping out between her thighs. She giggled and for an instant wanted to lay down and touch herself. Wasn’t what Brad had done enough? “Maybe.” The bathroom door was closed and she heard water running. She danced back down the stairs to the living room. She kissed Brad sweetly on the lips and swirled across the room. “We have to be good, he’s awake now,” she teased.

Moments later, Dan, in t-shirt and jeans, trooped down the stairs. “You’re home?” he asked. Crouched in the bushes, Roger held his breath.

“Honey, this is Brad, from work. The techies faded early so he brought me home. Be glad you didn’t go. Ugh. I invited him in for a nightcap. Join us?” Lisa amazed herself at how suddenly normal everything seemed. Fifteen minutes ago she had been coming unglued with his man’s cock in her up to her belly button. Now they are all having slightly awkward but pleasant conversation. And she was quite a sight in a skimpy cocktail dress and pink fuzzy bedroom slippers.

“Might as well,” Dan agreed. “Nice meeting you, Brad. Are you also in I.T.?”

“A pleasure meeting you both. I’m new in the company. Still in training, then I’ll join legal. Unless I run off and join the circus first.” Lisa giggled knowingly. Brad was so much looser about everything than the suits over in legal.

The doorbell rang. “Who could that be, at this hour?” Dan said as he looked out the window to see his across-the-street neighbor on the porch. He opened the door. “Roger, what are you doing up so late?”

“I saw that car out front and all the lights on and curtains open, just wondered if something was… up,” Roger replied with a straight face.

Just a late party, and Lisa’s date, Brad, finally brought her home. Come in and join us for a drink,” Dan said. “Lisa’s our bar-wench.” She curtseyed, showing too much leg and a smidge of wet underwear, and motioned for him to come on in.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Roger gushed as he tried for the second time in an hour to not wet his pants.

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