The Order of Hedone

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Father Gregory O’Malley sat up straighter in his leather swivel chair at the sound of a knock on his office door. He paused a minute to gather his thoughts and calm his racing heartbeat. Father Gregory was only 33, young by the standards of the church. He had come to Holy Innocents Catholic School five years before, and was now the chaplain and spiritual head of the preparatory academy. Today, his years of preparation would be put to the test. Hopefully everything would go according to plan. According to the way Archbishop Boller had taught him.

“Come in,” he called. He watched the handle turn slowly. Finally the door began to open on its hinge, until the petite blonde 18-year-old standing in the doorway was revealed. She was no more than 5’1″, with a trim waist, angelic face, small, pert breasts, and a bubble butt Father Gregory had to continually restrain himself from squeezing. Pure perfection. “Ah, Lilly.” Her name rolled off his tongue like honey. “Sit down, my child,” he said, motioning to the chair opposite the desk. A small smile crept across his face, although he tried to appear stern. He cleared his throat and pressed his lips into a tight frown as the girl softly shut the door behind her and hesitantly approached him. She appeared nervous, which put Father O’Malley at ease. He knew simply by observing her timid behavior that she would easily bend to his will.

Her eyes were cast down, staring at her hands in her lap. He gazed at the top of her head, took in the part in her blond hair, imagined what she smelled like. It was obvious she was not going to speak first.

“My child,” the priest said gently. “Do you know why I asked to see you today?”

“No, Father,” Lilly said in a whisper. “Sister Mercy just said I was in trouble.” Little did the poor girl know that Sister Mercy was one of Archbishop Boller’s other trainees in debauchery. Privately, Archbishop Boller and his apostles referred to themselves as the Order of Hedone. Under the Archbishop’s careful tutelage, Sister Mercy and Father Gregory — amongst others — had learned the gospel of pleasure that was denied them by their holy church. Father Gregory would never forget the first time his cock slid inside Sister Mercy’s pussy on this very desk, the Archbishop watching with approval. Now, Lilly was to be Father Gregory’s first convert. “Yes, Lilly, you are. And do you know why you’re in trouble?” He lowered his voice into a low growl and felt a shiver creep down his spine as he saw her lip quiver ever so slightly. Father Gregory’s faith in Archbishop Boller was validated; the Archbishop had been correct that this young girl was truly a seeker and was ripe for Father Gregory’s message of the Order of Hedone.

“No, Father.” She sniffed a little, still staring at her lap, and he grinned. Father Gregory reached for the top-left drawer of his desk and slid it open, revealing a pair of Lilly’s white cotton panties. Sister Mercy had brought them to him after Lilly undressed to take her shower that very morning. The evidence of her activities the evening before remained in the crotch. Of course, the dorms were strictly monitored, so Lilly’s own fingers were the culprits behind the cum clotted on the white fabric. He rubbed the soft material between his fingers for an instant before flinging the garment across the desk at the girl.

Lilly gasped as the wad of her own panties hit erotik hikaye oku her breasts and fell into her lap. She clutched them in her hands and finally, desperately, looked directly into Father Gregory’s face.

“I’m so sorry! Father, I… I…” Lilly sputtered an apology, for what she did not know. Tears pooled in her eyes and began to trickle down her pretty face. The girl was obviously bewildered and tremendously embarrassed. How could he have known? Was touching herself really wrong?

“Shhh, my child,” the priest said soothingly. “Perhaps I exaggerated your troubles. I won’t punish you, Lilly, although you have introduced a great evil into the dormitory. I’m merely concerned for your spiritual well-being, as well as that of the other girls.”

“What have I done?” she pleaded.

“Look at your panties. Do you see the discharge? Touch it, my child. I want you to feel the results of your wickedness.” He watched her relax her frantic grip on the underwear she still held with white-knuckles. Lilly spread the waistband of the panties so the strip that had been nestled against her warm folds only a few hours before was revealed. The white creamy substance she had felt on her fingers last night remained on the fabric. She blushed, shame-faced at the exposure of her sinful acts. At last, she touched the cum with her fingers. Another tear escaped the corner of her eye as she blinked.

“There is something evil inside you causing this discharge, Lilly. Do you understand me?”

Lilly had composed herself a bit thanks to the gentleness in Father Gregory’s voice. “Yes, Father, I understand.”

“Now, come here my child.” Father Gregory extended his arms to the girl and she immediately rose and moved toward him. He was surprised at her receptiveness as she nestled herself on his lap and tucked her face against his neck. “Sweet, sweet Lilly,” he sighed. His cock, already twitching with desire, hardened under Lilly’s slim thigh. The girl did not move, however. “If you are willing, we can discover the cause of this evil within you, my child. Are you prepared to submit yourself to my spiritual authority and allow me to lead you back to the path of righteousness?”

“Yes, Father!” she said, the timidity draining quickly from her voice. “Please, I will do whatever you want. I just want to be good.”

“Of course, Lilly. Well, then let’s begin. Obviously the evil is manifesting itself physically, so I will need to examine you. Please, sit on the desk.” She started to stand up and he took her shoulders and guided her backwards until her ass rested on the edge. She wiggled backward until she was sitting, her feet dangling above the floor. The plaid uniform skirt she was wearing had ridden half way up her thighs, exposing her tender flesh. He could barely see the swell of her breasts under the white button-up she wore. But that would have to wait.

Father Gregory took her chin with his right hand and raised her face so he could look into her eyes. “Hmm,” he feigned concern. “Cloudy.” He raised his left hand to her face and guided her mouth open.

“Ahhhh,” she said out of habit, and he chuckled slightly.

“Looks okay, but we might have to test your reflexes in a little while.” She nodded willingly, though perhaps unknowingly, he thought. In his observations of Lilly, he always imagined her as an untouched erotik hikaye virgin. She had probably never had a cock in her mouth before. Fortunately, he was equipped to change that.

“The evil has not entirely ravaged your body yet, my child. That is good news, indeed. But I need you to show me where this came from.” He raised her panties from where she had dropped them on the desk and held them to her face so she could see and smell her own cum. “Show me,” he commanded.

Lilly cupped her pussy through the plaid fabric of her skirt. Too embarrassed to meet his gaze, she looked downward. But upon noticing the huge bulge in Father Gregory’s eyes she squeezed her eyes shut.

“I must see where the evil is coming from, my child. You promised to be cooperative,” the priest said sternly. His hand, centered on her chest, pressed her back until she lay on his desk. Then, taking an ankle in each hand, he placed her feet on the edge, spreading her knees so her skirt rose to her hips and her panties were in plain sight. He took her right hand from where it was resting on her stomach and placed it on her mound.

“Show me,” he repeated yet again. Her cupped hand slid over her panties, her slit visible under the white material. Lilly slipped two fingers into the leg band and drew the crotch of her panties to the side.

Father Gregory drank in this vision. Lilly was laying on his desk, legs spread, and hairless pussy exposed to his lecherous eyes. Her labia were a rosy pink, in contrast to the milky whiteness of her hand and thighs. Moisture glistened from her tiny pussy and her arousal was betrayed. Her breathing was jagged and every now and then she would glance up to look at the young priest’s face before averting her eyes again. She had surrendered herself — offered herself up on the altar of his desk — and he knew he had won.

He trailed his fingers up the sides of her legs until he reach the waistband of her panties, immediately drawing them down her hips. She raised her ass off the desk intuitively and Father Gregory continued to slide her panties down until they passed her ankles, dropping them on the floor without a second thought. The priest was pleased to see that she had returned her feet to the edge of the desk with him having to instruct her, leaving her pussy gaping open.

Father Gregory struggled to keep his voice under control, but managed to keep up the ruse. “You are suffering from more discharge. This is a very stubborn evil.” His cock was now uncomfortably hard inside his pants, so he loosened them and dropped them along with his boxers to the floor before sitting down in his chair and rolling it close to the desk so his face was only a few inches above Lilly’s spread pussy. Unable to wait any longer, he touched the pad of his right index finger to her engorged clit and rubbed in slow circles. The girl moaned at his touch, and her hips rose in a slight thrust.

Her wantonness emboldened him. He was unconcerned about being interrupted because Sister Mercy was dutifully posted outside the door. “Do not be shy, my child,” Father Gregory said, continuing to circle her clit with his finger. “Let the evil escape your body.”

“Mmmmm,” Lilly began to cry out. The priest abandoned the nub of her clit and traced the outline of her labia, spreading her wetness until her entire pussy glistened. porno hikayeleri Finally, he placed the tip of his index finger at her entrance and sunk his finger inside to the knuckle. Her tightness was astounding, and Father Gregory’s assumption about her virginity seemed to be confirmed. He finger-fucked her, sliding his finger as far as it would go before adding a second. Her screams of pleasure were getting louder, and while Sister Mercy was certainly diligent he didn’t want to press his luck too far.

“I can’t reach the evil. We must try another way.” Lilly was in a frenzy, her face shiny with sweat and her pussy glistening with her free-flowing juices. Still, the sound of Father Gregory’s voice snapped her back to reason and she nodded emphatically, sitting up on the desk to await his orders.

Father Gregory, still seated in his chair, took the girl by the hips and guided her toward him until she was forced to straddle him.

“Open yourself to God’s mercy and forgiveness my child,” he said. With his fist he pumped his dick a few times, watching as Lilly’s hands snaked down her body before spreading the lips of her virgin cunt. She scooted closer towards him, her pussy positioned just above the bulging tip of his cock, which he held steady with his hand.

“Lower yourself onto the rod of redemption, and drive the evil from your body,” Father Gregory commanded.

Lilly’s body convulsed when Father Gregory’s cock touched her pussy, but she steadily and obediently lowered herself. The girl felt the bulbous head pop inside her tight hole and paused momentarily to adjust to the feeling of the invader. She slid down until she felt her body could take no more, but inches of Father Gregory’s cock had yet to penetrate her.

“Further, my child! Do not withhold from yourself the pain you deserve for your sins,” the priest chided. Lilly raised herself a few inches, until she could barely feel the head of her priest’s rod inside her, before sinking down again.

“Uggghhhh!” she screamed, feeling as if she were split in two. She raised herself again and then slackened her body so she collapsed onto Father Gregory and her pussy swallowed him completely. She rested against his body until the painful pressure began to recede and the feeling of fullness became pleasant. Nature took over and she began to buck wildly. Father Gregory placed both hands on her waist to steady her, slowing her frantic thrusting and pumping himself slowly in and out of her pussy. He watch as his cock reappeared from her body before he pulled her down again and buried himself inside the teenager. She began to cry out again, now clearly in pleasure rather than pain, and he picked up the pace until he felt her back arch and her pussy clench around his cock. The priest felt her whole body tense as the orgasm racked her body. When she went limp, he let her slide between his legs to the floor until she grasped his knees for support and his rock hard cock stood at attention mere inches from her face.

This time, he didn’t have to instruct her. She leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth before bobbing down as far as she could go. He placed a hand on the back of her head and held her there for just a moment, feeling himself against the back of her throat before pulling her back. She gasped and then immediately took him in her mouth again.

He came, holy spunk cleansing her mouth and trailing down her throat as she hungrily swallowed him up. She continued to lick and suck him until his member softened and she rested her head on his knee.

“Thank you for curing me, Father,” she said.

“Who said you’re cured?” the priest replied.

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