The Payback Ch. 03

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Tonight, the Mighty One was certainly having his problems. Riana, his sister’s best friend, and now his wife, was desperate for sex: she was positively in heat. And he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. His penis refused to get erect.

“Oh my god, Salim,” Riana panted, crouched on her knees in front of the chair on which he was sitting. “All day long you play your little games with those monsters. You yell at them to be men and that they should be prepared to give their lives! You make tall speeches and lofty promises. And yet, when I want you to fuck me, what do we have here?” She grabbed his limp penis and yanked it. “Not that I’m expecting the Eiffel Tower, but god, this is humiliating!”

He flushed. One part of his brain was furious at her taunting and yet he kept his cool. He had learnt it from his father. Never be angry with your wife. Damn the clergy that tells you to take control of situations. When you can’t do something that is expected of you, accept it and learn to do it even if it is going to take time. Or, find a quick solution.

Riana was a firecracker of a woman. The first two years after their marriage, they had been at each other practically every time they had an opportunity.

She had been a virgin when they had married. Of course, that was to be expected. The group (and his natural leadership qualities) had chosen him the Area Commander and his fanatic hatred for all things western had created a big fan following not only among the jehadis, but also around the entire town.

Riana was his sister’s best friend. Nazneen, his sister, was just a year older than his wife and the two really liked each other. It was Nazneen who had first broached the subject of Riana as a possible candidate for his wife’s post — he was one of the most eligible bachelors around the entire area. And he had grabbed the opportunity with both hands — literally.

The first half a year or so after their marriage, he now realized were a blitz for both of them, primarily because his mother had gone to live with her sister in London. Initially, he spent a couple of weeks in the jungle, ostensibly to train the jehadis in guerilla warfare, but really to mope over his mother’s absence. Zohra had become THE prime motivating factor in his life.

In the jungles, the jehadis were surprised that their Commander, newly married, could leave his young wife alone and stay with them. But what they saw there was a new Salim. Dark, brooding, moping and angry most of the times, Salim took them through some very extreme drills.

The first week especially was hell for the new jehadis trained from across the border. Salim made them do the impossible and kept them under the pressure till the impossible was achieved. He had made them crawl their way across the mountains to Pakistan, east of the jungle and massacre an entire force of elite troops so that they could bring back a sophisticated cache of arms.

The jehadis were jubilant when they had managed it and credited it entirely to Salim’s dynamic leadership. Salim, himself, was surprised that they had managed it.

Into the second week, Salim had begun to drink heavily, and though liquor was basically taboo, the rest enjoyed it. And then one day, he had ordered the same group to go up north and get a Russian woman.

His deputy, Liaquat, who had been with him since his early days and who had also been witness to Salim’s first liaison with an Russian woman had quipped, “Ah! So that’s what ails the Mighty One!”

The name had stuck.

“What the hell do you mean?” Salim had asked sourly.

“You want to fuck with white women!” Liaquat had laughed.

“So what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Liaquat chuckled. “You have a pretty little wife waiting for you. You do injustice to her.”

“I can’t possibly get her to accompany me to the jungle, can I?” Salim growled.

“No, no. But you could certainly have postponed this training. After all, you have been married only recently. We could have done this next month.”

“And you expect that the elite group would still be there? We got stinger missiles, surface to surface and a couple of dozen of AK47’s. And that ammunition!”

“Ok, ok! What’s with the white women?”

“Pink,” Salim replied instinctively.

“Alright, pink. You got something going for pink women?”

“I love to fuck with them. Anything wrong?”

Liaquat had sneaked away laughing.

Three hours later, the new men, now trained by the Mighty One had indeed managed to sneak across not just one, but five Russian women.

He had chosen the one in her early thirties.

Omar, the youngest of his friends had grinned at his choice. “You always pick the sexiest one you know, not the youngest nor the most beautiful!”

“The youngest know not how to fuck and those you call beautiful are as thin as waif. You can have them.”

So while over a dozen and a half men fell upon the hapless four women, he led the woman he had chosen to his tent.

She was pink all over, large breasted, large hipped and with a narrow gaziantep bayan escort ilanları waist. She also had blue eyes.

“One thing you must do if you want to escape being gang banged by that bunch of hooligans,” he had informed her in broken English.

“W-what?” the woman’s lips were trembling, as she stood naked in front of him. She could clearly hear the sounds of grunts and groans of the men and the stifled cries of her friends, as the group outside began their celebrations.

He lazily unbuckled his fatigues. He had seemed to be in a hurry after he had ripped her dress to pieces as soon as he had led her inside the tent.

“You must call me he-man,” he intoned, his khakis falling to the floor. There was a large tent inside his shorts. Ignoring it, he began to unbutton his tunic, his eyes on her breasts.

She cocked her eyes at him quizzically and nodded.

“Second, you will talk dirty when we are fucking.”

She hesitated and then nodded again.

“Third, you will not comment when I call you names.”


“Come here, go down on your knees. Suck my cock,” he commanded.

She fell to her knees in front of him and tentatively reached for his turgid shaft. He sank his hands into her blonde hair and pulled her head roughly towards him.

“Now!” he commanded harshly.

The woman opened her mouth and took his manhood in her mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth.

“Use your tongue, bitch. Make it wet!”

She obeyed.

“And always look into my eyes.”

She did. Her tongue swept across the cylinder even as she worked it deeper into her mouth.

“Fondle my balls,” he told her.

She brought one hand to his heavy scrotum and fondled them.

He reached down and grasped her ample breasts, kneading them. “Such big tits! You whores all seem to be endowed with these!”

She continued sucking on him, corkscrewing her head round and round and then whipping it from side to side.

“Give me a good time, slut, and you will get off lightly. Any signs of reluctance and its goodbye to all that. Know what I can see through this opening?”

With his shaft sliding in and out of her mouth, she looked towards the flap of the tent where he had indicated.

“That young red headed girl, you know her?”

She managed to nod without stopping the sucking.

“Well, she’s astride one guy who’s got his cock in her pussy and a fat guy’s on top of them with his cock plugging her ass. She’s also got three guys kneeling in front and she’s forced to take turns sucking on one cock and jacking off the other two that she’s not sucking. Want to experience that?”

Terrified, the woman shook her head violently.

“Good! Show me a good time, ammi!”

She didn’t understand the last word, but smiled weakly at him. Keeping the top of his shaft in her mouth, still fondling his scrotum with one hand, she brought the other hand up to grasp the part of his shaft that was still outside her mouth and began to push and pull on it.

“A real good time,” he repeated, shuddering and shivering as he stared into her blue eyes.

The woman drew back, cupping her breasts. They were extraordinarily large with equally large nipples capping them.

“I give you very much pleasure, sir.” Her English was worse than his.

He let go one breast and slapped her across her cheek.

“I said that you are to call me he-man.”

She could hear the ringing in her ears and her eyes watered.

“I-I g-give you v-very much pleasure, h-he-man,” she stammered.

“You sound like a fucking hen that is about to be slaughtered. You must talk sexy, really sexy.”

She managed a dreadful smile and pouted. “Now I show my he-man what it is like to have good sex.”

Still on her knees, she lowered her face and spat in the valley between her breasts.

“I fuck my he-man with my big tits, see?”

She leaned forward and wrapped her breasts around his pulsating shaft.

He shuddered, his hands instinctively reaching down to push her breasts together, trapping his shaft there.

She began to rock up and down on her knees, masturbating his penis between her breasts, looking back up at his eyes.

“He-man likes?”

“Oh yes, that’s good! I wonder why ammi did not teach me that! Doesn’t matter, I will tell her about this when she returns. Oh, yes, it feels like I am fucking a cunt! Faster, you slut, ah yes, squeeze those tits harder around my cock. Fuck it, yes, fuck it, fuck it!”

“Yes, yes, fuck my big tits! Fuck them hard, oh yes, harder, fuck these whore tits! Fuck your cock into my white tits, he-man!”

Two minutes into it and he was shooting his pearly come all over her breasts and face.

“Ah, you bitch ammi! Whore ammi! Slut ammi! You are so good! Spread all that come on your tits and lick your hands, yes, like that!”

He kept his word. Liaquat and a few other men wanted her. He refused, saying that she was to be gaziantep escort bayan ilanları escorted back to the Russian border without any harm done to her.

They obeyed.

After all, he was their Mighty One.


As the Mighty One now watched his wife stuffing his organ in her mouth, trying valiantly to pump some life into it, he imagined that it was his mother doing it.

His penis stirred, showing some kind of life and Riana noticed it and redoubled her efforts. She took him deep into her mouth till her nose was pressed against his pubic hair: it wasn’t difficult to take the entire length of his limp penis completely into her mouth, because whenever he was limp he was scarcely three inches long.

And then just as suddenly, the vision of his mother faded away. At this moment, she was on the first floor, chatting with his nosy kids.

Why wouldn’t kids these days go to bed early, he thought? And why did they need company at night before they fell asleep?

It was always like this. Both Asif and Parveen always needed their granny to chat with them for at least an hour before they went to bed. And that put him into a predicament.

Riana realized that her efforts were going to vain. Desperately, she drew back and slapped her breasts with his penis. But it was futile.

Not that Riana wasn’t a firecracker, he thought. It was just that Zohra was a bomb!

He recalled the delightful time that they had after their marriage. When he had come back from the jungle, he had felt guilty that he had ignored Riana, although his wife was proud that he was now the Mighty One. She had really thought that his work had taken him away.

He had ensured that they had had a fantastic honeymoon (though it was in the house itself) and he had been very gentle when he took her virginity. The next three days were equally delightful, with Salim showing his new wife the various methods of making love.

He had used his hands, his mouth, his tongue and finally his organ in ways that she had never thought were possible. What she didn’t know was that just before he entered their room, his mother was priming him!

Salim would always follow his wife at least an hour after she went to bed. While she would eagerly wait for him, Zohra would creep into her son’s study and get him ready.

No one was allowed in his study room, but he had given a spare set of keys to his mother.

His sister slept in another wing, opposite the study and everybody knew that Nazneen was a deep sleeper. That gave mother and son ample opportunity to go at each other.

The four days they had after their marriage followed the same pattern. He would have his mother slumped back against the chair, her legs draped over the arm rests, gown hiked high above her waist. He would kneel down on the floor and stuff his face between her legs (she never wore panties during such liaisons) and would suck and lick her sex. He had become some kind of an expert at that, of course with her guidance.

She would pull the straps of the gown down (never wore a bra either) her shoulders and would cup and knead her breasts as her son brought her to an orgasm.

She would then fondle him in her own unique ways. Often, she would use her feet to masturbate his throbbing penis. Or, she would stand behind him, her breasts pressed against his back while she would masturbate him from behind. Finally, she would take him in her mouth.

Always, she was careful to stop him from coming. She had this knack of squeezing exactly the spot that would stop his climax, but still keep his penis rock hard.

After about ten to fifteen minutes together, she would tell him it was time for her to go and she would disappear, leaving behind a very horny man indeed.

He would hurry to his room where his new wife would be waiting for him. Riana would never know what hit her. He would be incredibly passionate and extremely aroused. First thing he always did was to dive between her long legs and settle down to lap her between her legs.

Riana would have her first orgasm.

Next, he would kiss her mouth, putting his tongue in her mouth. The smell of her sex would be on his mouth (she wouldn’t know that mixed in the smell, was the smell of his mother too) while he would use his fingers to rub her clitoris: up and down; round and round.

Riana would have her second orgasm.

Third, he would settle down to suck and lick her sensitive firm breasts while slowly sliding his finger inside her. She would grasp his penis and jerk him off with increasing passion, as he would fondle her clitoris and finally shove his finger inside her boiling vulva.

Riana would have her third orgasm.

Finally, he would mount her, missionary position in the beginning, thrusting his raging hard on deep inside her. He would begin to stroke his throbbing organ inside her and she would put her arms around his shoulders and her long legs around his pumping buttocks. He would raise escort gaziantep ilanları the top half of his body and rest the weight of it on his palms and look at her breasts while he would continue to pump like a mad man.

He always threw back his head and that would signal the onset of his climax. She would splutter and moan, begging him to release the hot torrent of his juices inside her body and soon, he would oblige.

In the mornings, Riana would wake up to find him gone. He would always tell her the night before to wait for him while he finished his early morning work. And while Riana would bathe in the newly constructed attached bathroom, he would be down in his study with his mother, who would be priming him yet again.

On one occasion, the third morning after his marriage, Zohra had allowed him to slide his hard organ into her vagina after the two of them were driven to despair by passion. She was helping him out with the finer points of a sixty-nine, with him on top of her voluptuous body. While he buried his face between her creamy legs, stabbing his tongue repeatedly into her moist opening, he was driving his organ in and out of her impossibly widely stretched mouth.

She had finally pushed his hips away and gasped, “Put your cock in me, he-man and damned Riana!”

He was pleased, that much she could tell. Though he loved to make love to his wife and though Riana was a very beautiful and sexy girl, nothing pleased him more than making it with his mother. She was his architect, he thought, his creator and giver and teacher. There was no one as perfect as her!

Eagerly, he had reversed his position, flipped his mother over to her back and entered her from behind.

“Aah, ugh, oh my dear god, I missed your darling cock!” she panted.

It helped that she had a violent orgasm even as he had stroked just half a dozen times inside her, for she suddenly came to her senses. She didn’t want to deprive Riana of her share, and so she managed to push him away.

“Quick, now, my little he-man! Run up to your wife and fuck her real good!”

“But I want to fuck you,” he had answered, disappointment writ all over his face.

“No, not so soon! Go to her. Do as I say!” she had said vehemently.

And so it was that Riana, much to her pleasant surprise, found her husband attacking her when she was still standing under the shower.

“W-what?” she had cried out, her eyes opening in shock, when she first felt him pressing his body into her back and cupping her breasts from behind. When she realized it was Salim, she relaxed.

He nuzzled her neck and kissed her there, thumbing her nipples that rapidly grew in size. They were super sensitive and now, with her husband fondling her large breasts and pinching her nipples, she was aroused like never before.

He had bent her across the sink and taken her from behind, a unique position for her, though she always liked him to be on top between her legs so that she could feel his entire length traversing the warmth and wetness of her vagina. But his hands mauling her breasts, his lips planting tiny moist kisses along her back and his rigid member thrusting in and out of her from behind were sensations she had never experienced before and she was rapturous.

And then his mother had announced that she was going to London with her younger sister who lived there and had come down especially to attend his wedding.

He was shattered.

It was the jungles for two weeks after Zohra went away.

The night before she left, he had crept into her room. His aunt was snoring by his mother’s side and he first put his mouth over her mouth and motioned for her to follow him.

In his study, he bolted the door and turned to his mother.

“Why? Why are you leaving?”

She hesitated, and then spoke firmly, “I’ll be back, he-man.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“You have a wife now, he-man. And you have certain responsibilities. I understand that you are quite a big man in the group and you will soon succeed that wily old fart that calls himself the leader of our pack. That means you have to have children and with me around, this might not work.”

“It will,” he protested. “I fuck Riana at least twice daily and fill her cunt with my seed. She will get pregnant soon. Please don’t leave. I am afraid I may not be able to make it without you.”

“That is why I must go. You have to learn to fuck with your wife without needing my services. It is dangerous. Nazneen is already suspicious.”

He was surprised. “Nazneen?”

“Yes. Apparently, she woke up early yesterday and had to go to the bathroom. She asked me what I was doing in your room. Seems that she heard…um…voices.”

“But, ammi, I need you!”

“Riana needs you more, remember.”

He was quiet for some time and then he looked up at her. His eyes were wet and his lips quivered. Her heart went out to him.

“Tell you what, he-man?”


“Let’s have a farewell fuck!”

Looking at her, dressed in that tempting gown, low cut in front and short enough to reveal her hips, he suddenly found his organ getting hard.

“Yes, ammi, let’s have a real fuck. We haven’t had it for a long time.”

Her hands pulled the cord that tied the gown to her body and all she had to do was shrug to let it fall in a heap over her thighs. She wore white panties and white bra. His heart began doing those familiar somersaults when he looked at the bulging bra.

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