The Perfect Fit

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A trickle of sweat ran between Justin’s shoulder blades, his breaths wrenching from him as he barrelled through the bushland. His muscles strained beneath his grey jersey, his fingers tightening around the bars as he navigated the gravel track through the brush. He’d traded his Honda in for a Husaberg a month ago but because of all the shit going on with his girlfriend—ex-girlfriend now—he hadn’t been able to give it a decent ride until today.

A spur of the moment decision this morning had him throwing his camping gear in the truck and loading his motorbike on the trailer. Once he’d filled his travel mug with coffee, he’d taken off on the one hour drive to Avoca to make the most of his Saturday in the mountains.

Now he’d given himself a good workout some of the tension had finally eased from his shoulders. The fresh air and the challenge of the rough countryside always helped him relax. Justin let out a laughing breath, the sound muffled by his full-faced helmet. He should have disappeared for some time to himself weeks ago. God knows Alicia had made him crave it.

He rose slightly from his seat to tackle the oncoming hill. A branch scratched his shoulder, and rocks and ruts filled the track leading up into dense scrub. He feathered the clutch and maintained the throttle, alternating between watching the ground and checking his surroundings. He hadn’t come across any kangaroos or other riders yet but it paid to keep an eye out just in case.

He reached the apex, his heart pounding as he blew out a harsh breath. Justin sank onto the seat and forged ahead, loving the adrenaline rush that came along with the ride. He glanced to the left and noticed another track winding through the trees. His eyes flicked to the right and—fuuuck. A rider came out of nowhere.

His stomach lurched. He braced himself.

His body tensed and he braked just in time to avoid having his front wheel clipped. His heart felt like it was pounding in his throat. He watched the other rider turn in a sharp circle, kicking up dirt and leaves before coming to a skidding halt.

Justin blew out a sigh and hit the kill switch. He removed his helmet and goggles, waiting while the other man did the same—only to find himself staring at a woman.

The first spark of attraction hit him even as he was still trying to catch his breath. Justin exhaled hard and ran a gloved hand through his dark hair as he looked the woman over. Body armour protected her torso while black pants and boots covered her slim legs. Smudges of dirt marred her chin and upper lip; her green eyes were full of surprise as she stared back at him.

“That was…really close,” he said. “Are you all right?”

Her shoulder-length blonde hair stuck to the perspiration on her cheek. She let out a shaky laugh and shoved it aside with the back of her hand. “Apart from almost having a heart attack, I’m fine. You?”

He shared the feeling of relief he heard in her tone. “Yeah, I’m good.” Justin listened for the sound of other engines but heard nothing. “Where’s your group?” he asked. “You’re not out by yourself are you?”

Riders generally travelled in groups or at least with a partner. On any other day he would have done the same thing; going out alone meant potentially having to wait a long time for help if you suffered an injury.

She sent him an amused look. “I don’t see anyone with you.”

Justin flashed his dimples. “That’s because I’m a man.”

She snorted as her gaze swept over him. “I’m guessing you’re a man who can’t keep up with little old me.”

She lifted her helmet and shoved it back on. As it lowered over her head he saw the playful glance she threw his way; it triggered a surprising surge of heat low in his belly. Before he even had the chance to ask her name she started her bike, gave him a wave with just the tips of her fingers, and sped away.

Justin shook his head in wonder, his blue eyes following her movements. She’d taken their near-miss in stride, recovering quicker than he’d expected. She hadn’t tried to shoulder the blame or lay it on him either, knowing it had merely been one of those unavoidable situations.

He couldn’t get the stupid grin off his face as he watched her weave through the eucalyptus trees. During the two year relationship he’d just ended, most of the problems he and Alicia had experienced had apparently been his fault. She’d alternated between turning her nose up at his love of riding and demanding he get rid of his bike. It eventually became just one of the many subjects they’d argued about and the bike finally won out over the woman.

Over the past week he’d come to realise the decision had been for the best. Today he felt like congratulating himself all over again.

Justin noticed the mystery blonde had already become a mere dot in the distance. He snapped from his thoughts and jammed his helmet back on. If he let her get too much of a head start he’d lose her for good.

And something told him he shouldn’t let this one get away.

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It was a full two hours later when they made it back to the small parking lot adjacent to the campground. No other vehicles had arrived in the time they’d been gone and his tent still stood alone beside the creek. It looked as if he’d have the place to himself tonight, which suited him just fine. The warm days and cool nights of early summer made it one of his favourite times of year.

He cruised across the asphalt and glanced over his shoulder, giving his new riding companion a wave to indicate she should join him. She responded by sending him a hand signal he didn’t understand. While he was still trying to figure out the meaning behind it, she rocketed down the road that led away from the mountains.

“What the…” Justin assumed she’d hang around for a while once they got back to camp. He frowned as he watched her go, wondering if he’d somehow imagined the connection developing between them. After he caught up to her earlier, the lead had changed constantly for the remainder of the ride. He’d heard her whoops of laughter and felt the heat in the quick glances she’d thrown his way. The last couple of hours had almost felt like a strange kind of foreplay—for him at least.

He jumped from his bike and wheeled it over to his tent. Justin tried to push her from his thoughts, but when he’d lowered the kickstand and dropped his helmet on the camp chair, he could still hear her engine echoing in the distance. He worked his gloves off and considered the idea of going after her, if only just to ask for her number so they could ride together again.

Jesus. He scrubbed his hands down his face and laughed at himself. Enough of that crap.

After he’d downed a bottle of Gatorade and taken a break for a while, Justin stripped down to his grey boxer briefs and wandered barefoot over to the creek. If there were no other campers around he always washed off the dirt of the day whenever he came here; it beat spending the rest of the weekend covered in a layer of sweat and dust.

He climbed down the embankment, dodging twigs and rocks as he made his way to the water’s edge. He stepped in, savouring the cool relief on his toes. Smooth pebbles pressed against the soles of his feet as he waded into the middle, heading to the spot where he knew the water level reached his upper thighs.

His attention lingered on a dragonfly hovering over the surface. With no breeze blowing through the trees or bird sounds nearby, the stillness made him feel surprisingly alone. He sank into the water and ducked his head under, figuring the feeling would pass as soon as he settled in at camp and opened his first beer.

Justin held his breath and raked his hands through his hair, washing the dirt from the back of his neck. He rubbed the stubble on his jaw where the dust always seemed to get caught after it snuck under his helmet.

When he’d run out of air and places to clean, he pushed upwards until just his head and chest emerged from the water.

A soft shuffling sound drew his attention. He glanced up at the embankment, expecting to see birds rifling through the leaf litter. What he actually found had him sucking in a breath. A now familiar pair of killer green eyes stared back at him from an amused, freshly-scrubbed face.

“Lucky you surfaced,” she said. “I was just about to jump in and give you mouth-to-mouth.”

She came back. The relief that travelled through him surprised him. Her blonde hair was damp and pulled it into a bun on top of her head. She’d changed into a red shoestring tank that hugged her breasts and a short khaki skirt that sat low on her hips.

Justin gave her a wry smile. “Lucky me. Where’d you go?” he asked, already fairly sure of the answer.

“I live in town,” she said, confirming his suspicions. “I wanted to go get cleaned up and come back in my car. Didn’t you see my hand signal?”

“Yeah, I got it. That twirling motion followed by the finger jab made perfect sense.”

She planted her hands on her hips. Her eyes narrowed but he caught the gleam of humour in them. “What’s your name, funny guy?”

“Justin,” he said. “What’s yours?”


It seemed strange continuing on the conversation while she stood up there and he remained partially submerged down here. He found the idea of her sliding in beside him appealing, but didn’t like the chances of that since she’d obviously just showered. “Well, I’m coming out, Hannah, so you might want to turn away.”

She shook her head and smiled. “I don’t think so. I never miss the chance to check out a naked man.”

Justin chuckled, enjoying the pleasure that zipped through him. He pushed off the rocky bottom and rose to a standing position, watching the way her gaze followed the trail of water that slid down his torso. Her attention lowered to his stomach, moving further to the soaked underwear clinging to him.

She lingered just long enough sex hikayeleri to have his heart hammering before her eyes took a slow tour back up his body. “Holy hell,” she said letting out a breathless laugh. “Um…wow.”

He shook his head and smiled at her reaction as he climbed up to the ledge to stand before her. There wasn’t a lot he could say to that.

She poked his abs and glanced up at him. “Underneath all that riding gear it’s hard to tell…I mean I had a fair idea but—you’re married, aren’t you?”

“No.” He frowned, barely able to focus on her words while her fingers were trailing across his stomach. “What made you ask that?”

“You’re mildly funny, you’re physically fit and you ride almost as well as me. You’re too good to be true. Are you…into women?”

Justin let out an amused breath and clasped her chin with his damp fingers. “Only one right now.” He locked eyes with her and brushed his thumb over her jawline, sweeping just beneath her lower lip. “Want me to show you how much?”

“I’m still…” Her tongue darted out to moisten her lower lip. “I’m still making up my mind about that. Probably.”

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. His stomach tensed beneath her exploring hand and a shiver passed over him at the softness of her touch. “Probably what?”

“Probably I’m going to want parts of you inside parts of me.”

Just when he’d started to get into the moment, laughter erupted from him. He gazed down at her, feeling the sudden urge to plant a smacking kiss on her mouth, haul her over his shoulder and take her back to his tent. He’d never felt such an easy slide into…this before. Everything between them came so naturally. “You be sure to let me know when you decide, okay.”

“All right,” she said, biting back a smile, “but just…please go put some clothes on because I can’t think when you’re standing here like this.”

* * * *

Justin leaned against a towering eucalyptus tree and took a sip from his beer. He’d thrown a black tank top and grey athletic shorts on after his dip in the creek. Now, hours later, when night had settled in and they’d long since finished dinner, he stood watching Hannah toast marshmallows by the campfire. With the darkness behind her and the glow of the fire in front, the flickering flames created appealing shadows on her face.

She nibbled her lip as she examined her work. The movement drew his attention to her mouth. He hadn’t so much as kissed her yet but the lack of physical contact only served to increase the heat building between them. The glances they’d shared and the innuendo in their conversations told him she knew exactly where this was headed. The fact that she’d chosen to remain here with him after dinner gave him hope she might decide to stay the night.

Hannah pushed up from her crouched position and walked toward him holding the stick. He enjoyed a few moments caught up in the subtle sway of her hips and the soft bounce of her breasts before she stopped in front of him. Her brows lifted as she looked him over. “Want some?” she asked. “I bet these go great with beer.”

Justin smiled at the humour in her voice and deposited his half-empty bottle on the ground. He slipped the first marshmallow off the end of the stick. “I bet they go better with you,” he said.

“Oh, you think so?” She gave him a challenging look, her eyes twinkling in invitation.

“Uh huh.” He broke the marshmallow in half to get to the gooey middle. Her mouth opened slightly in readiness. Rather than push the piece inside he rubbed it across her full lower lip, leaving a sticky pink trail that glistened in moonlight. Her eyes never left him as he took the twig from her hand. Justin dropped it beside him with the remainder of the marshmallow. He pulled her against him, and while he still had her attention, he slowly, softly, flicked the tip of his tongue over her lip.

She sighed and flattened her palms against his stomach. “Again,” she said in a breathy voice.

He smiled and cupped her face in his hands, brushing his thumbs over her cheeks. He waited while her eyes closed, then drew her lip between his and sucked on her tender flesh, savouring the sugary sweetness. God, she tasted good. She pressed closer and the soft weight of her breasts settled against his chest. She must have used some kind of vanilla body wash earlier because he could smell the warmth of it combined with the smoky heat of the campfire.

He released her lip and watched as her eyes opened.

She leaned back and took a steadying breath, her tongue poking out to touch the spot he’d just sucked. “I’m not trying to frighten you away or anything,” she said, “but the first time I saw you today it was like I just felt this…click…and now…now you’ve kissed me—”

Justin gave her a half-smile. “More clicking?” He knew what she meant. He’d felt enough of it himself; it made him happy knowing it hadn’t all been one-sided.

Her responding laugh sounded like one of relief. “Yes!”

“So…now sex hikayeleri what?” he asked.

“Now…” Her mouth twitched. She met his eyes and her almost-smile turned into a grin. “Now I just want you to click the hell out of me.”

He’d never felt the urges to laugh and groan at the same time before now. Justin stared at her for one long, drawn-out moment, then growled and grabbed her upper arms to drag her against him. He pressed his mouth to hers, cradling her head in one hand while the other slid down her spine to settle on the curve of her hip.

Hannah let out a soft sound of pleasure and kissed him back, her tongue sweeping over his. Her hands slipped beneath his tank top seeking out skin, her palms warm as they smoothed over the muscles of his back. He shivered and thrust his tongue against hers. The feel of her, the smell of her…now he finally had his hands on her he could barely control himself.

Her arms tightened around him, her hips pressing closer. She rubbed herself against his erection and moaned.

Justin clasped the back of her neck, keeping her close with the clutch of his fingers. He heard the whimper that came from her and groaned inwardly at the sound. He hadn’t felt this neediness in so long; the newness, the quick fall into clothes-tearing urgency. He wanted her under him, naked, with the still of the night surrounding them.

His hands moved to her face, cupping the sides of her head. He stroked his palms over her hair then pulled at the clip holding her bun together, watching as the blonde strands loosened and tumbled to her shoulders. He threw the clip aside and sank his fingers into her hair, holding her close as he continued working on her mouth.

Long moments later, he slipped one of her tank top straps down her arm while he kissed her, the feel of her skin beneath his fingertips like silk. Hannah arched against him and flicked her tongue over his. He pushed the other strap over her shoulder and tucked his fingers in the neckline, using both hands to push her tank top and bra beneath her breasts.

Justin pulled his mouth from hers, dragging in a breath while he took in the view. A deep ache lay beneath the lust as his gaze roamed over her. Her nipples were puckered in the cool night air, her flesh full and firm. The way she looked up at him had him letting the breath out in a rush. “Hannah, if you had any idea how much…” He tried to laugh but it came out more like a tortured sound.

“I do,” she said softly. “Touch me.”

Justin cupped one of her breasts, watching as her eyes drifted closed. He rubbed her nipple with his thumb, her answering sigh encouraging an intense craving inside him. His free hand slipped over her ribs to close around her other breast. He lifted and massaged her flesh, moulding it beneath his palms. He thumbed her nipples, watching as her teeth bit into her lower lip to stifle a moan.

Justin groaned and bent his head to sweep the tip of his tongue over her lip. Hannah let out a muffled cry and pressed her mouth fully to his. She grabbed the hem of his tank top, breaking the kiss just long enough to tug it over his head and toss it aside. Her mouth claimed his again and her arms wrapped around his neck. She pushed against him, showing him with her body what she couldn’t currently tell him in words.

He moved his hands to her waist to steady himself. Her bare breasts plastered against his chest, the sensual feel of her sending his pulse tripping. His fingers dug into her hips and he poured everything he had into the kiss. Their tongues intertwined and she made soft little sounds of urgency that pushed his self-control to breaking point. He wanted—needed—to be inside her; the way her hips ground against his told him she longed for the same thing.

His mouth remained connected with hers while he walked her backwards to his folding camp chair. Hannah slipped her hands between their bodies, dipping them inside the elastic waistband of his shorts. His hunger for her only grew more intense. He knew the exact moment she discovered he wore no underwear because she let out a laughing moan against his lips, then her fingers wrapped around him and it was his turn to groan.

She used her other hand to push his shorts down and expose his cock. He felt her warm hand against his skin, caressing the hard length of him with tender, exploratory touches. Justin swore silently at the pleasure the simple caresses gave him. He pressed his tongue to hers and clasped her breast, working her nipple between forefinger and thumb.

They spent the next few moments teasing and arousing each other, until Hannah finally dragged her mouth from his and said in a breathless voice, “I want you inside me so much.” She pressed her lips to his again for another long kiss then pulled away. “But first there’s just something else I have to do.”

Before he could wonder what she had in mind, Hannah shoved his shorts so they dropped to his ankles. She gave him a gentle push, a smile lifting the corner of her mouth as he fell into the chair. Justin clasped the canvas arms and watched as she sank to her knees before him on the dusty ground. He drank in the erotic vision of her, breasts bared, lips swollen from their kisses, eyes shining in the dim light. He’d never known need like this before.

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