The Perfect Job

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I rang the doorbell for the fourth time. No answer. I took out my key and opened the door. “Mr. Salvatore?” I called loudly. Once again, no answer. I walked in and threw my purse in the foyer.

I loved my job cleaning Steven Salvatore’s house. He owned a huge house, even for mansion’s standards, he lived a couple blocks from my house, and it was much better than flipping burgers like most of my friends. I walked over to the stereo, and popped in my cleaning CD.

I turned up the volume a little, and went into the kitchen. There was a list waiting for me, as usual. But this time, there was a note attached. It read:


Eric is staying with me for awhile, so if you hear or see anything, just know that it’s probably him. You shouldn’t see him too much though.


I looked over my chores and got to work. I was halfway through vacuuming his gigantic living room when I heard a strange voice.

I turned around and saw a man standing in the balcony that was the hallway for the second story. “Are you Eric?” I asked. He nodded silently. He turned and disappeared in the guest bedroom. I continued vacuuming.

About half an hour later, I was jamming out to my favorite song as I dusted when I felt a presence nearby. I turned around and saw Eric right behind me. “You’re very beautiful, you know.” he said. I blushed. “You aren’t bad yourself.” It was the truth.

Eric was the best looking man I had ever seen. He was a few years older than me, and it was obvious he worked out a lot. His skin was nicely tanned, as he had been spending the last year in Panama City, working with Habitat for Humanity. His chocolate brown hair was short, and it looked good on him, and he had charming blue eyes.

“Thank you.” he was very formal with his speech, and he sounded as if he was from şişli escort another century. He reached his arms around me, and pulled me into a long kiss.

I gasped and looked into his beautiful eyes. “I’m sorry, that was unnecessary.” he said, turning to go. I touched his arm before he walked away. “No it wasn’t. I liked it.”

He turned to me and smiled. “When are you coming back to clean?” “Saturday.”

“Well, I’ll see you Saturday.” he walked out of the kitchen and back into his room. I finished cleaning in a daze, and left, thinking about Eric’s lips on mine.


Uncle had told me that the woman who did his cleaning would be by today, and not to bug her. I assured him it wouldn’t be a problem… And it shouldn’t have been. It wouldn’t have been. Until I saw her face.

I didn’t know what had overcome me when I pulled her gorgeous body into my arms and kissed her. My lips lingered against her’s for longer than necessary, but I liked how it felt. After that I was embarrassed. But she promised she would be back in two day’s time. I would be waiting.

Uncle came home around five, only a few hours after Samantha had left. “Hi, Eric. How was your day?” he asked, absentmindedly hanging his coat up.

“Fine, Uncle. How was work?” “Mmm, fine. Did Samantha come by?”

I nodded. “Yes. You never told me that your maid was so beautiful.”

He laughed. “She isn’t my maid, but she is a looker, huh?” I nodded. “Indeed. I think I’ll retire to my room.”

I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom. I was so looking forward to seeing Samantha on Saturday.


“Eric?” I called, walking into the Salvatore house. In less than a moment’s time, I was greeted by a warm hug and kiss.

“Mmmm, Eric.” I said softly. He picked me up. “Must you clean today?” I nodded. “It is why your uncle hired me.” He walked towards the living room. “Well, what if we play around for awhile, and then I can help you clean?” he negotiated.

I smiled. “Alright.” He walked up the stairs and into his bedroom.

He set me on the bed, and got on all fours, crawling up to me. He looked like a lion about to pounce on it’s prey.

He kissed me passionately, and as I kissed back, I felt his hard cock against my stomach.

I moaned softly and wiggled my hips a little, trying to communicate what I wanted.

He pulled away for a moment to look me in the eye. “Samantha, are you sure you want this?” I nodded. “I love you, Eric. And I want you to be my first.” He smiled. “I love you too, and I would be honored to have you be the one I lose my virginity to.”

I sat still on the bed as he undressed himself. I felt something odd in the pit of my stomach as I thought about what was happening. I was having sex for the very first time, with the man I loved. “Eric, do you feel that?”

He looked up. “Do I feel what?” I blushed. “That funny feeling in your stomach.” He nodded. “I’ve heard that that’s what it feels like when you are in love.”

My mouth dropped as his cock came into view. It was so big, and so beautiful. I leapt at him, and I kissed him, parting his lips with my tongue and exploring his mouth with it.

He clawed at my shirt, trying to get it off. He finally managed to, and then he worked at my skirt. He unzipped the zipper that was in the back, and slid it off. He pushed me onto the bed, and carefully slid my panties off, as if he were defusing a bomb.

His tongue found my pussy, and I gasped. He almost expertly moved his tongue around, playing with my clit. Had he not told me I was his first, I wouldn’t have thought that.

He pushed my legs apart softly, so he could see me better. My hips starting swaying as I came near orgasm.

“Ohhh, Eric.” I moaned. “We would be so dead if your uncle came in.”

His tongue left my pussy, just as I orgasmed. He muffled my loud moaning by forcing his tongue into my mouth.

“He’s asleep in his bedroom. He won’t be up for a few hours. Alright, are you ready?”

I nodded. He slipped the head of his gorgeous cock into my pussy and I moaned. “Ohhhhh, baby you are sooooo tight!”

He slowly pushed himself inside of me, until his whole cock was no longer visible.

It felt so good. “Oh, baby fuck me. Please.” I whimpered.

He pulled out almost all the way, and then stabbed his cock into my pussy. I let out a soft scream. It hurt, but it felt so good.

He did this a couple times, and then he sped up, keeping almost all the way inside me the whole time.

I moaned as he did this. “Sweetheart, are you going to cum soon?” he asked softly. I nodded. “Good, I want you to cum the same time that I do. Oh, shit. I don’t have a condom handy.”

I moaned again as he continued fucking me. “I’m on the Pill. You can’t come this far and leave me unsatisfied.”

He sighed with relief. “Good.” He started massaging my clit to the point where I wanted to scream. He then fucked me, hard and fast and we both came at the same moment.

I moaned loudly at the feeling of his cum deep inside my body. “Shh.” He kissed me softly. “We don’t want to wake Steven.”

I nodded. “Sorry. Oh, I could lay here all day with you.” He smiled. “You can if you want.”

I shook my head. “I did actually come here to work as well as play.” I said, stroking his toned, tight chest. His abs were so gorgeous.

Steven burst in the door with his shot gun.

“What the hell? Samantha, what are you doing?”

Eric looked at me. “Told you so.” I said.


Thanks for reading my story! Any comments or ratings would be greatly appreciated! ~Aly~

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