The Perfect Penis Pt. 01

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This story has a pretty long intro. Then it jumps into it pretty quickly. There is gay oral (or bi, if you prefer).


The building was known as “Five Lincoln.” The name had originally referred to the address. However, by now, Five Lincoln was known because it was a fabulous building designed by a famous and talented architect.

The condos at Five Lincoln were spacious and designed creatively. The various layouts seemed to find natural light and spectacular views from every room. Despite the quantity of glass, they were efficient — they were naturally cool in Summer and maintained their heat in Winter. The materials were clearly chosen for their beauty as much as their functionality. The builders had been skilled and paid attention to every detail. The properties were exclusive and expensive. The people who invested in these properties had wealth. Most used their condos at Five Lincoln as their primary home. These people were winners. They tended to be in shape and youthful. They demanded the best and were very used to having their demands satisfied. Whether male of female, they tended to be alphas.

Steve had lived at Five Lincoln since construction had finished — about twelve years. He had bought in during the planning and design stage and had secured one of the nicest locations for an excellent price. Since he’d bought in so early, he had been able to negotiate some serious modifications and amenities that were not possible for later buyers of “standard” floorplans.

He was tall — about six foot – four. He was also thin — but in a very fit and healthy way. When, as per his habit, he dressed in dark slacks and jacket, he maintained an understated but obvious muscularity that seemed natural, as if he didn’t work out — as if he didn’t need to work out. His hair had turned a distinguished salt and pepper along his temples while remaining lush and mostly dark on top. He kept it fashionable short on the sides and just long enough on top to comb it and not have it stick up at odd angles. He had always been handsome and knew that he was one of the lucky few who grew more attractive with each passing year. He knew he was physically gifted — after all it was the key to his success.

In college, Steve truly began to realize that he had the “perfect cock”. Steve’s penis was both a shower and a grower. Steve was uncircumcised. Flaccid, his cock was about two inches wide and about 4 inches long. His cock was bigger soft than many men’s were hard. He had large balls. When erect, his penis doubled in length to a healthy eight inches. The head was wider than the shaft. It was a great cock to look at, hold, suck, and be fucked by. But this did not make it perfect.

He’d seen longer ones. He’d seen fatter ones. He’d seen some that tapered like an arrow and others that had huge mushroom heads. He realized that the average five and a half inch cock meant that there were many five, four, and three inch cocks. Many. His was just the right thickness to fit inside most mouths and pussies. The eight inch length was HUGE for many but always long enough to reach and fill those spots that many (most?) women had never imagined reachable.

But Perfect? The perfect cock? Come on!

Originally, Steve just thought he just had a nice, larger than average cock. The size difference was obvious growing up. As he became more sexually active, he began to realize that there was something else going on.

Steve learned that when someone saw his cock, a desire would grow inside them to get a better look. It was nicely shaped and long. It was sexy. It was perfect. The desire would grow until they had to see it better. Then, seeing wasn’t enough. They had to touch it. The had to feel its weight, its girth. They had to squeeze it and feel the soft warmth. They had to explore it. This compulsion was unstoppable.

After exploring the shaft, they would discover his testicles. They were large and heavy and warm. As the fascination grew inside them like a virus, they would have to taste Steve’s cock. They’d have to feel it in their mouth. The needed to suck it, to rub it against their faces, to swallow it. They needed to make it theirs, to consume it.

The desire continued. This cock compulsion continued. Having this perfect phallus in their mouths and throats was not enough. They needed to feel it inside them. They needed this cock to fuck them. They NEEDED this. Their brains screamed for this satisfaction.

Obviously, he used this knowledge to get an amazing amount of sex; sex of all types and with all types of shapely people. Men and women both felt compelled to suck and fuck his cock and he happily let them. It didn’t take long for him to realize that this wasn’t a phenomenon common to others; he was unique.

But the compulsion (“cumpulsion” he called it at this point) was strong. It pulled people to him and they were relentless. “Just let me suck it,” they’d beg. “Please, Steve! Please! I neeeed gaziantep eskort it.” They’d plead. What was fun became overwhelming. There were over 50 people begging him for any type of sex — any type of contact with his penis, at one point. He realized that he could not simply pretend he had a large cock like some others. His “perfect cock” needed to be regulated.

“Why” consumed him for a small period. “Why did people react like this?”

But Steve gave up trying to understand “why” and began to just accept it. He had to.

He learned to roll with it. He learned to worry less about why and, instead, focused on “who” and “how.” “Who” would benefit him and how to capitalize on their reactions to his perfect penis.

Steve learned that everyone was vulnerable to his compulsion but the compulsion wore off after a short period of hours after having seen his cock. Many were able to control themselves and internalize their desires. He found that there were others who were particularly susceptible to this compulsion — and that he could make it last for days after their viewing of his penis. He had a certain “feeling” about them and learned to cultivate his sensitivity to this feeling. Filtering these people based on their usefulness to him became second nature. Those with the appropriate amount of money or power, he took on as “clients.” They all had a level of disposable income that would allow them to easily pay him to satisfy their craving for his cock. He was like a drug dealer of sorts. Except his drug was his perfect penis and it was exclusive and highly addicting.

Steve founded a “consulting and coaching” company and billed his clients for his services. He made good money right away. Steve had pruned and added clients through the years. He’d had an early client, a lawyer, write him some clever and binding agreements that suited his needs and covered any eventual legal messiness that might otherwise negatively affect his business. Interestingly, that lawyer was still a client and worked under a version of those initial agreements.

He’d invested wisely and had been lucky with his investments. He bought heavily into certain IPOs and sold shares at just the right moments. He’d bought cryptocurrencies when they were pennies each. They were worth tens of thousands each now. Steve was comfortably wealthy.

He still “worked” though. The clients were no longer his primary source of income — his vast investment portfolio took care of that. But he enjoyed his work. He really loved it. All of his small group clients were good looking and fit. And they ALL craved his cock. Who would give up this type of “work?” No one. No one would.

Originally, the economics of the situation meant that, although he strongly preferred women, about seventy percent of his clients were male. Many were older, chubby businessmen. Generally, the men had the money and he did what was necessary to build his business. Also, the men were much easier than the women to manipulate into asking to see his cock — and he knew that having them ask was the key. The more the initial desire came from them, the stronger the compulsion grew. Why? Again, he no longer cared. It was just this way.

He was an alpha. He was a top. Even though he had been fucked before and had had some amazing orgasms as a bottom with some of his initial clients, receiving anal was not his preference, and he’d moved away from that when he realized his wealth was adequate to allow him to do what he wanted.

Now, he took on fewer male clients. The few men he took on were strategic in one way or another. They usually led to other forms of power or to female potential clients he desired.

Everyone liked Steve. Everyone felt good when he smiled at them. His smile met his eyes and was sincere. Everyone smiled back. His casual banter seemed intelligent. His conversations were knowledgeable and nuanced. If he was uninformed on a topic, he’d likely just listen and add valuable, if general, logical rhetorical points. Even without his compulsion, women loved him and men wanted to be him.

About three years ago, a young couple, Tucker and Caitlyn, moved into one of the condos directly under his. Tucker was in his mid-thirties – about ten years younger than Steve. Caitlyn was thirty. Unsurprisingly, both were very fit, outgoing, and successful.

Tucker told people he was six-one but he was really only five-eleven — certainly not short but not tall by today’s standards. He’d started working out when he was young and his upper body and arms were heavily muscled. He’d never focused on his legs much, since the ladies loved upper body strength, but he knew his legs were tone enough. He came from comfort but not wealth. He was ambitious and proud of it. “I didn’t get to where I am by waiting for people to give me stuff! I see what I want and I go after it” was a common boast of his.

Caitlyn had studied ballet as a child and had continued dancing eskort gaziantep through college. She had understood that her large breasts would prohibit her from any professional dancing but, quite frankly, dancers were poor, and she had much greater ambitions. She was five-six, with long auburn hair. She knew her 36C breasts were perfectly shaped and she dressed to tastefully acknowledge this. She learned that if she mentally concentrated on her nipples, they would harden. Pokey nipples under a tasteful silk blouse pulled many conversations and decisions her way. It was one of the things she’d used to attract Tucker when they’d first met when she was in law school.

She’d wanted him because he was clearly going places. He was also handsome and muscular — which didn’t hurt. But most importantly, she knew immediately that she could direct him. While Tucker thought he was clever and intelligent, she’d seen his limits and knew she’d be able to manipulate his ego and have him do what she needed. She worked behind the scenes but she was the alpha in the relationship.

Together, Tucker and Caitlyn made a very attractive “power” couple. Both in great shape – both powering through successful careers — both intelligent and clever. They were perfect additions to Five Lincoln.

Steve had heard that a young couple was moving in but this was peripheral information and of minimal value to him. People moved into condos on occasion. As an COA committee member, he’d reviewed their application when they were considering buying into Five Lincoln. He saw nothing that had interested him personally. He knew they’d meet sooner or later. He’d either like them or not. This was life.

He’d first seen them about a month after their move. Steve had wandered onto his balcony and realized that his new neighbors were relaxing one floor below on their own, considerably smaller balcony. From the middle of his balcony, he could look down and see their whole balcony. Steve knew that if he walked to the outer edge of his balcony and looked back toward the lower apartment, he could actually see into every balcony-facing room of their condo. He could clearly see into their living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and small gym since these all shared the same glass wall to their balcony. He knew this though experience, having lived there twelve years. He knew it since he’d forced the design change that had increased the size of his balcony and allowed it to dominate the condos below.

That day, Steve had sauntered to the glass railing closest to the deck below, sipping a cold drink. Obviously Caitlyn presumed she had privacy on the fancy balcony of her new condo at Five Lincoln. She was wrong. Caitlyn’s auburn hair was braided and appeared dark red in the sun. She was completely nude apart from her sunglasses. Her breasts were spectacular and proud. Her waist was thin, and her hips were shapely. Caitlyn’s legs were amazing — toned and strong and comfortably opened. She had a thin patch of reddish pubic hair above her noticeably prominent labia.

Steve puffed out a breath involuntarily and stared at the young beauty. First the tits, then the hips and legs, then back to those fleshy pussy lips. And back to the surprisingly large tits. What a beauty. She turned him on. She should be a client, he decided. Definitely needed to be a client.

Steve was pleasantly surprised she didn’t jump up or scream as he ogled her pure nudity. She was laying on her back facing him — apparently staring right at him. Yet she didn’t move. He took a sip of his drink, smiled sheepishly and waved.

Nothing. The beauty stared back blankly behind her shades. Her man came out at this point. He was also nude and very muscular, Steve noticed, although his legs and ass seemed disproportionately small.

“Skip leg day?” Steve thought and sniffed.

The man brought the goddess a glass of something and she sat up to drink it. Her jiggling tits were mesmerizing. Steve smiled as his penis stirred.

The man’s body was cleanly shaven, his penis hung limply against his balls. It was about three inches long and about an inch thick. Steve guessed it might make it to five or six when hard. A respectable penis probably. Nothing like Steve’s, of course, but none were. He knew this. His cock was perfect.

The man also didn’t notice Steve (understandable since Steve was a full floor up and off to the side relative to him), moved in front of his wife, and sat with his back to Steve. Steve realized that, with the sun sitting directly behind him, neither could see him. They had no idea he was there. He could listen to their conversation if he really wanted, but he had no interest.

He turned and went back inside through his bedroom’s entrance and made his way to his kitchen where he refreshed his drink.

“She needs to be a client,” he thought. “I need to come up with a strategy to make that happen.” And so he did.

Caityn and Tucker gaziantep bayan eskort had not met their upstairs neighbor and were surprised by the invitation to a dinner party they’d received from him. He was rich, handsome, and somewhat mysterious. They were very curious to learn more about him.

The late June weather was fantastic and Caitlyn decided to wear a tailored skirt that hugged her hips and a blouse that tastefully accented her cleavage, while not showing too much, and heeled sandals. A woman needed to entice men, she knew, not give them a free show. Tucker wore slacks with a tight untucked shirt that called attention to his muscular build.

He looked at his wife and whistled. “How YOU doin…” he said in his best Joey Tribiani. Caitlyn shook her head and smiled.

“How do I look” Caitlyn twirled and her skirt flew up slightly to reveal a lower bit of her round ass cheeks. She had some type of sexy lace thong Tucker noticed.

“Ah.Maze.Zing!” he said proudly. “You’re gonna be the focus of attention, babe. Let’s do this. We’re just slightly late — can’t be too late — we live downstairs…”

They walked the flight of stairs and hit the Ring on the wall.

Steve answered the door and smiled warmly.

“Aaah, my new neighbors! Tucker and Caitlyn, right? Welcome. Welcome to my home. I’m really glad you could make it.” He reached out to shake Tucker’s hand. Looking at Caitlyn and then including Tucker, Steve said “My, don’t you look like a vision.” He then grasped Caitlyn’s hand and in both of his and bent to place a kiss on Caitlyn’s cheek. She was not expecting it and surprised herself by blushing.

Steve extended his arm towards his condo to invite them in. “Can I offer you some hors d’oeuvres? What about a nice drink?”

Steve led them to the bar. He complemented Tucker on his physique and asked him some questions about his business. This play to his ego had Tucker happily rambling. After a bit, Steve pointed at the crowd of people chatting in their various groups. “Let me introduce you to some people.”

As Steve walked them through the comfortably crowded room towards a group of people chatting animatedly, they couldn’t help noticing how great his condo was. Their own condo, just downstairs at Five Lincoln was amazing. It was perfect, they agreed. But Steve’s? Steve’s condo immediately made theirs seem like a mobile home. The living room was massive. The artwork fit perfectly. The whole layout was surprising in its simplicity and functionality.

He interrupted a small group which, to the couple’s pleasant surprise, included the mayor and a famous local athlete! Steve introduced them and, after some pleasantries, pushed the conversation back to the original topic. They jumped into the current conversation slowly at first. Steve purposely involved Caitlyn and complimented her openly of some of her points.

“How refreshing!” Caitlyn thought. “Obviously, this was a man who sincerely appreciated her intelligence and her opinions when most were just interested in her boobs.” She laughed at herself when she realized she was actually somewhat bothered that he wasn’t focusing on her chest, as most others did.

Well-dressed people were drinking and chatting all around. After a bit, Steve started to excuse himself and said, “Remember to set aside some time later to chat, ok? I want to spend some alone time with you so we can get to know each other” he said sincerely.

Soon they migrated around, renewed their drinks, and discovered people dancing in another room. The party was fun and interesting and they mingled and enjoyed themselves. They both agreed to let loose a bit and enjoy the excellent selection of wines, beers, and cocktails — after all, they had a quick walk down one flight of stairs to get home…No need to designate a driver.

Steve flitted in and out of conversations and people tended to follow him. He was so likeable.

It was a great party.

Later that evening, true to his word, Steve found the young couple and pulled them aside. “So neighbors, having a good time?” They replied and he said, “It’s too loud here. Follow me and we can chat a bit.”

He led them through the condo to a closed door. Behind it was a small and comfortable den where they sat comfortably. As Steve refilled their drinks, Caitlyn and Tucker made eye contact. They had been looking forward to spending time with Steve and finding more about him. This was working out great for them. They’d met many cool and important people. Plus, they were having a really good time.

Tucker liked this guy. He was a guy’s guy. Tucker, who was a natural leader, fit, and handsome, normally had men and women vying for his attention. He was used to playing people off each other to his best advantage. This came naturally to him. However, with Steve, it already seemed different. There was a mutual respect, he felt. They were both natural leaders and charismatic and intelligent. And yet, it didn’t seem they needed to compete. This was new and refreshing to him and he enjoyed spending time with his friend. He wanted to spend more time with this guy!

Steve found out enough info to satisfy himself about his new strategy. To the protests of his guests, he stood up and said he had to get back to the party sine it was getting late and people were leaving.

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