The Phone Call

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She laid on the bed, her naked body still echoed and radiated small whispers of steam. The warmth of her shower still clung to her pale skin causing it to turn into a slight cherry red. Like a warm summer rose her petal skin shimmered as she laid upon the silk blanket that covered her large double bed. Her dark hair, still moist at the tip, neatly fanned outwards.

Within her hands she held her mobile phone upwards so that she could still see the screen without having to lift up her head.

Her dark eyes flicked across the lines of messages that he had been sending her, the odd emoji winking and tongue out, “simple harmless flirting,” she thought to herself.

Her other hand had begun to slowly caress her now hardening nipples, they bulged with such excitement as soon as her eyes glanced upon a topless picture that he had sent her the other week.

Here eyes widened, it was as if she was unable to take the entire picture in, in one go. She wanted, no, she needed to see more of him, his slender body and tight boxers. Without even realising, her hand was now violently squeezing her breast, her long nails digging into her skin causing red dimples as her mind became a torrent of emotions, of desires and of lust.

She quickly hurled the phones screen back into its home screen and hurriedly tapped her thumb to get onto the contacts page. She found his name with ease, he was listed under her ‘patients’ group incase her husbands ever prying eye wandered through her phone. Placing the phone up towards her ear, she waited in anticipation to hear his voice on the other end, her heart was racing and her teeth sank into her bottom lip.

His fingers pushed hard against the stainless steel flush that sat within the top of his illuminatingly white toilet. He was a man who always took pride in both his appearance and his home. His bare feet quickly skimmed across the black slate style tiles until they were greeted once again by the soft grey fluffy carpet that lead into his bedroom. The warmth felt good upon his sensitive soles, as to did the warm radiating air from his central heating. Ankara escort It hit his shirtless body and warped itself around him. it was those sensual luxuries that he lived for, the feeling of being warm and surrounded with fabric while at the same time walking about his house in nothing but boxers. His hand brushed back his hair as he wandered into the bedroom. He sat himself down upon the bed, his eyes glanced over to his phone that sat on top of his bedside table. Within an instant it began vibrating and stimulating the glass of water that sat next to it. Flashing up on the screen was… Her. He knew it was wrong, he knew she was trouble, but still, his ability to resist temptation was greatly weekend every time he gazed into her hypnotic brown eyes, he was under her spell. He grabbed the phone and answered.

“Hello” came his soft voice, “Katrina, what’s up?.”

“I need you” she quietly panted, “I need your voice and I need you to just listen.”

Hearing her voice once more placed his mind within a lustful daze of confusion, he just simply replied; “ok.”

Her hand squize her breast once more as she exhaled deeply and placed the phone on loud speaker. She sat it down next to her head, this way she was able to hear his voice and she knew he could hear her pants and murmurs.

Her now freed hand picked up the large vibrater that sat next to her, with a flick of her thumb it was instantly sent into pounding throbs every three or so seconds.

She lowered it onto her stomach and let it roll downwards towards the top of her pussy. She felt the momentary vibrations rush downwards ahead of the toy and echo all over her trembling body. Goosebumps had now replaced her cherry redness, her skin cried out to be touched, caressed, kissed and loved.

Her other hand removed itself from her breast and made its way towards her pale pink lips. She turned her head towards the phone and began sucking hard on three of her fingers. She pushed them deeper and deeper into her mouth as her other hand guided and rolled the toy toward her clit.

With every thrust of her fingers he Ankara escort bayan could hear a slurping and gagging noise over the phone. She pushed so hard into her mouth that her noises became so loud and so teasing that his bulge within his boxers was becoming to hard to ignore.

His hand made its way over his stomach and slipped neatly within his boxers.

“I just want to fuck you right now!” He spoke out over the phone as he began to run his fingers along his hardening shaft. It’s warmth felt good against his cold fingertips. He could feel his veins swelling with passion as with every throbbing bulge his penis became ever bigger, ever firmer and ever more ready to satisfy his desires.

She removed her fingers from her mouth, her saliva dripped from them and landing in small drops across her bed as they went. Her spit shined her dark nail polish and made it glisten like a mornings dew.

“I’m so wet for you baby, I’m going to move you closer to my pussy so you can hear.”

Her saliva soaked fingers grabbed the phone and she placed it between her widening legs and then pushed it slowly up inbetween her thighs.

She then grabbed the toy with both hands and begun to slowly work the pulsating stimulant within her.

Every few seconds, with every juice invoking vibration that it set off, she thrusted it a little more within her. The rubber moulder shaft teasing, tantalising and titillating every angle and every side within her aroused pussy. She paused every time it did, just so she could catch her breath and get ready for the next few seconds of pulsating pleasure entering ever deeper within her.

Once the toy was fully in, it’s rubbery plastic neatly surrounded and snugged within her pussy, she began to motion it back and fourth, in and out of her. She began slow at first but increasing after every full cycle of pleasurable vibration.

After a few moments and when her speed was quite rapid, he could hear the slapping and squelching noise over the phone.

This caused salavia to quickly form within his mouth, his tongue began to squirm with the Escort Ankara thought of licking up her juices, with running itself along her pussy and with sending itself deep within her. The thought of his tongue replacing the toy that was soaking her pussy was enough to send his voice booming over the phone.

“Fuck I want to taste you right now”, he panted as he grabbed his hard shaft, pulled his boxers off and began pumping with the thought of how she had ridden him the night before.

His arse lifted off the bed slightly with every pump, oh how her legs had pined him down upon that very bed last night. Keeping his now squirming body from moving, pinning his hands down so that all he could do was watch and feel her pussy wrapping it’s loving self around his throbbing cock. Now all he could do was feel his cold hand wrapped around it, now all he could do was just listen to her pussy squelching with every buzzing pump that thrusted within her.

She could feel that she was almost to the point of cumming, it’s fires burned within her and spread downwards towards her pounded pussy. She could almost feel the rupture of wet pleasure boiling within.

She knew it wasn’t long, she pulled the toy out, “oh fuck” she yelled as both her hands spread her pussy wide apart and she could feel cold air against the mouth of her pussy.

This cold tingling air was not enough however to cool her down, nothing would have been enough at this point, not even ice cubes in his mouth running up and down along her breasts and nipples would have been enough to cool her down.

One hand then grabbed her phone and flipped it so that its screen was pressed hard against her pussy. Her other hand then massaged, flicked and toyed with her clit.

“Please, can I cum” she panted.

“Yes cum for me baby girl, cum for me now!” He shouted back over the phone.

With his command ringing in her ears her entire body twitched and shook as a releasing feeling took over and she cummed hard, her juices soaked the phones screen and ran down between her legs.

Once she had regained control of her body and her hands had stopped shaking so much, she raised the phone back up towards her face. She quickly switched to her photos and to a photo of him and began licking her juice off of her screen that seemingly showed his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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