The Photoshoot

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Stacey and I had been “seeing” each other for about a year now. After reconnecting as friends when I came back home from college for the summer, we had continued to talk on the phone through the school year. None of my dates had turned into a real relationship, and Stacey didn’t meet anyone over the school year either. So we got back into the swing of hanging out, making out, enjoying each other’s company. I hadn’t yet seen her in anything less than her bra, but I was hoping to cross that line soon.

Today, she invited me to her house because she wanted to get some pictures for Facebook. She wanted to update with some new clothes that she had bought with her mom while I was in school. My heart started to pump hard when I realized she was the only one home, and she pulls me upstairs to her room for the pictures.

She starts with a few simple outfits, jeans and blouses, some simple skirts as well, changing her outfit in her walk-in closet with the door closed. I have her pose with her back against the wall of her room. She struts around a bit, but her movements are stiff, uncomfortable. She doesn’t really seem to be wholeheartedly displaying her cute figure. Weird because she loves to check herself out in the mirror. She’s proud of her cute, young looks, her petite body, her pale-ish, soft skin…so why is she so…uneasy?

When she comes out in a very sexy black dress that drapes perfectly on her frame to about halfway down her thighs, my breath catches a bit. Her legs are fantastic. She’s on the shorter side, but the flawless skin of her thighs and calves curves just perfectly. And she must plan to highlight them with a pair of strappy heels she carries in her hand as she exits the closet.

“Hey, are you okay?” I ask.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you seem a little unlike yourself. Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, it’s just…I’ve never done anything like this before. I guess I’m just feeling weird about it.”

Well, now, we can’t have that. I climb up onto the bed behind her while she works with one of her heels. Her dress isn’t all the way zipped in the back…Man. God that skin is a temptation I can’t resist. I wrap my hands around her body, lightly kissing her neck and pulling her back into me a bit. She leans into me and sighs a bit while I tenderly tease the sensitive spots I discovered during previous make-out sessions. I pull her head back a bit more so I can reach her lips. I kiss her gently, holding her lips against mine for 10 or 15 seconds, but it feels both like an eternity and like a nanosecond all at once. She reaches with her lips to find mine again not long after I pull away. She moves to wrap an arm around my head and drink of me. I reach forward to caress her tummy and slide my hand up to tease her breasts just a bit. And we stay like that for about five minutes. Her tongue prods into my mouth, her hands holding my head and hand in the places that she wants.

When I pull away finally, leaning back on the bed, I ask, “Did that help you relax a bit?”

“Yes and no! Huff. bahis firmaları I hate that you can do that to me!”

“Well, use it. Tease me with how you move, and I’ll catch it on camera. We’ll make all the guys out there who can’t touch you like that super jealous.”

She smiles and slips her heels on. Now she’s ready. She’s coy and sexy. Her hair moves to cover her eyes a bit more. Her hands provocatively lift the hem of her short dress. She bends over slightly to accent her prefect ass. Her back arches as she leans into the wall, lifting a leg like she’s wrapping it around some imaginary suitor. And my erection is getting harder and harder to hide while I snap picture after picture. I even show her the difference after a few pictures, feeling her warmth sliding next to me to get a better view of the digital camera’s view frame.

“Oooo, those look so good. You bring out the worst in me,” she purrs. “I have one more outfit, but these won’t go online, deal?”

“Deal,” I agree. I have no idea what I’ve just agreed to.

She goes back into the closet. When she comes out, my mouth gapes. All she seems to be wearing is a flower-print pink robe that is even shorter than the dress she just had on. She has it tied closed, but my imagination immediately begins to peel it off of her to guess as to the flesh that lay underneath.

She giggled. “You like it?”

“Um, yeah…you want me to take pictures of you in that?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” she purred. “But I think you’ll like what’s under it too.” And before I can suggest she waits to reveal herself, she pulls the tie to let the robe fall open. Her bathing suit catches me off-guard, but only because it’s way more revealing than I thought she’d ever wear. It, too, is flower print, but left VERY little to the imagination. It’s pink, thin fabric very clearly revealed her already hardened nipples, and the thin strings holding the bikini on were tied. God what I would do just to tug at one of those strings. I could even see that she was cleanly shaven between her legs; hair would have ruined the smooth lines of the bottoms.

“Holy shit,” I mutter unconsciously.

She giggled again. “Thank you. Now where’s that camera?”

God damn she put on a display. She teased. She danced. She would coyly wrap the robe around her to hide bits of skin provocatively. She laid on the bed and just showed her thighs peeking out of the pink satin fabric. She dangled her hands between her thighs, then touched the skin there while staring at me like a stripper in heat. At this point, I didn’t even try to hide my hard-on. But I wasn’t going to try to touch her again, not unless I knew it was what she wanted, because I don’t know if I could hold back. After about 10 minutes of taking pictures, she asked me to see what I had taken.

I sat at the end of her bed to show her. She slid right next to me, brushing her exposed leg against mine, making every bit of me tingle and my core flood with butterflies. “Wow, those are sexy. My tummy looks so good in this one. Wow, I didn’t know kaçak iddaa how good my hair looked over my face like that.” I hear her, but only barely over the heartbeat pounding in my ears. But one thing she says gets through: “thanks for the inspiration to be so sexy…did I get you hot?”

When my brain processes what she says, she is already learning forward with a hand on my thigh, her eyes darkened in a sultry look that makes every word that tries to manifest in my brain evaporate like mist.

“Hmmm,” she says. “Let’s see…” the hand on my thigh moves up and in until it rests on my manhood, tenting up through my loose shorts. “Oooo, I did get your attention, didn’t I? Well, I can’t leave you like this, that would just be rude.”

She reaches into my pants and grips my cock firmly, massaging its length with her hand. While she works the shaft, she leans in to suck my earlobe. My mind is reeling. Is this really happening? And the up/down movement she adds to her stroking tells me that it is.

She only rubs me for a few minutes before she tugs at my shorts. I lift up enough for her to pull them off of me. I sit back down, legs hanging off the side of her bed. She saunters back up close, then slides onto my lap, straddling me. Only her thin bikini bottom separated me from her wet pussy. She was already moist and felt like a small heater as she began grinding her body against mine. She wrapped her arms around me and began French kissing me desperately. The feel of her robe was adding to all of the sensations that she was laying on me. My hands felt around inside the robe to touch the bare skin of her back, kneading it and drawing her further into our embrace.

Our breathing started to get heavier, and I decided to make my move. Quickly, I reached to the knots behind her neck and back and pulled. Her bikini top just fell away, finally giving me a view of her small breasts. Each was just a handful, but they were perky as hell, and experience told me that they were also amazingly sensitive. And here was my chance to exploit it. Dropping my kisses from her mouth down to her jawline, down her neck, and down her collarbone, I drew closer to my targets. She leaned back so I could work, simultaneously pushing her pussy into my exposed cock. While I took one of her hard nipples into my mouth to suck on, one of my hands came up to pinch and fondle the other. My other hand reached down to grab her ass and control her movements. Her head rolled back with pleasure as I teased her body with all I could.

But this wasn’t enough. So I gripped her ass with both hands, lifting her up while standing up, to push her back against the nearby wall. Now she hung suspended, held up by my hands and my cock and her back against the wall. Her legs wrapped all around me and she locked her ankles to help keep herself from dropping. My face pressed harder into her body to suck even harder on her tits, alternating from side to side so neither felt neglected.

“Move lower.” It took me a minute to realise she meant my dick. It wasn’t kaçak bahis pushing up into her clit or slit, and that’s what she wanted. Well, why wait? I wondered. So the knots on her bikini bottoms came undone “by accident”, and as they fell away, I pressed the head of my hard member against her clit. With her body weight pressing down on me, her clit is absolutely crushed by my probing cock. And with a thrust of my hips, I draw a moan out of her. She was at my mercy, sopping wet and waiting for me. But this position wouldn’t be good for me to get the depth that I was going to want. So I reached down to lift her legs open using my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck, suspended in the air. And with a quick thrust, I slid deep into her. Fuck, she was as hott as a steam room, and tight like a Chinese finger trap. But we had danced around this for too long, and it was going to happen. So I began to slide her body up and down on my shaft. Slowly at first, but strong, almost pulling out before pushing back up inside her moist pussy. The friction on my manhood and the pressure of her clit slamming into me was driving me wild. And it must have been doing the same to her. She wasn’t even looking at me anymore, her head lolling back to moan loudly with every thrust.

As I continued, my movements began getting faster and harder, until I was positively throwing her body down, impaling her pussy with my cock until not a millimeter of it was outside of her. It was very good that we were alone in the house, because her cries were echoing in her room. I fucked her deep and hard. Over and over I pounded her, until I felt her legs clench around the arms holding her up and she squeezed my head into her breasts as she came hard. I dropped her down until my dick disappeared into her pulsing pussy.

I let her come down before I turned back to the bed, laying down so she could work me from the top. And she knew that it was her turn, and she wasn’t going to waste it. She put one leg on either side of me and sat up to slide my dick deep inside her. Her moan was sweet and dark, like molasses. But as much as my hardness was giving her pleasure, she wanted to return the favor. Slowly, steadily, she began to rock back and forth, grinding her clit against my pelvic bone and working my cock against her pussy’s wet walls. I leaned back, but kept my eyes on her as she stared at me hungrily. Her amazing body looked like a goddess as she worked me all around her insides. Now she began to work in circles, so my cock was getting a full tour of her pussy. Faster and faster she worked, finally breaking eye contact as she drove both of us to our final moment. Luckily, she came first, shuddering as the knot in her belly tensed and released.

“So, since there wasn’t time for a condom,…” I began.

“Well, I thought I’d let you take one more picture…”

She pulled off of me and lay down on her bed, cupping a boob in one hand, and fingering herself with the other. “Come on my tits, baby, then snap a picture of me.”

“Okay, but you have to help me finish.”

Her wet hand came up from working her pussy to grab me and feverishly rub my shaft until I exploded all over her bare boobs.

That picture is worth all the thousand words it took to relay this tale.

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