The Pleasure House: Velurian

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Big Tits

All characters are 18 or over.


Of all the men to walk into my pleasure and breeding house, a Velurian was not one of them.

Prim, proper, stoic to a fault, the Velurians dominated the sector in science, technology and space field mechanics; it was often said that the universe would crumble if a Velurian smiled. This one was older, with a tall, stocky build tempered with the slight sag of age. He had harsh features, deep olive skin and piercing brown eyes. His silver hair fell rimrod straight to his jawline, with bangs that framed his scowling face.

“Welcome,” I said simply, sensing this man wouldn’t want me to give the usual spiel. Perhaps he was on an investigative team and one of the girls would have to be punished. “How may I help you?”

The man narrowed his eyes at me. “Do you have Earth women here?”

Scratch that, perhaps he was here to fuck some pussy. “I do, sir. Any particular skin or hair color you’d like? I have all sorts.”

“Do any of your women have reddish hair?”

“I’ve got a few pretty auburns I think you’ll like. Now, I must ask, do you want a breeder? We do breed here, sir, and while our breeders aren’t quite as pretty as the regulars, they do have fantastic genes. However, they are extra if you want to take them home. Quadruple the price of our best regulars, but as I understand it, Velurians aren’t typically interested in, how shall I put it, casual relations?”

“We are not,” he replied stiffly. “Do you have any Earth breeders with auburn hair?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. If you’ll just follow me, sir…”

I led him down the human wing, letting him feast his eyes on the veritable buffet of tits and ass around him. All down the hall on both sides were glass displays, as in a shop, but each housed a beautiful Earth woman. All of them smiled at my guest, leaning up against the glass, staring longingly at him as they had been trained to do. The breeders were at the end of the hall, and I led him to the third cage on the left, where there lounged a succulent beauty with auburn hair, just as the Velurian had requested.

Britta slowly arose from her lounge couch and sauntered to the glass, kneeling with her legs parted. Her pretty blue eyes almost sparkled as she took in my guest, and she put a hand up to the glass, pressing her tits to it. I spied him swallow thickly, and his eyes scrolled down her body as she ran her hands towards her thighs. She paused at her tits, squeezing them, and the juicy weight of her breasts bounced in her hands.

“Is this one acceptable?” I asked quietly, and my girl got up and turned around, bending slowly so he could see the perfect curve of her ass. Her silver thong left little to the imagination, and I could spy a small patch of wetness around her pussy.

“Yes,” the old man croaked, nodding up at her. “She is acceptable. How much?”

“If you just want her for tonight, it’s 200 credits. A bargain, if I do say so myself. But if you’re looking to take her home with you after, it’s another 2,000.”

“I will give you 200 now, and if I decide to take her home, I will, of course, give you the rest. She is trained for many things, is she not?”

“Good sir, these girls are ready to satisfy your every whim. That is what they are here for.”

“Very well.” He pulled out his monoscreen and transferred 200 credits to me. “If you would lead the way…”

I grinned at him and gestured for him to follow me, and Britta was waiting for him in her room, her silvery bra filled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to bursting with titflesh, her ass making the thong strain. She really was a beauty, and I quietly closed the door behind the Velurian as he strode forward to claim his prize.

Little known to most of the girls (including Britta), each of their rooms sported a two-way mirror, and I slipped into the service hallway between Britta’s room and the girl next door, unzipping my pants as I laid eyes on them, already kissing. Britta caressed the old man, who was now shirtless, and he ripped off her little top with ease. I raised an eyebrow as my cock twitched in interest; I knew Velurians were strong, but he had shredded her clothing like it was paper. Her thong went the same way as her top, and she moaned in his arms, squealing as he took a handful of her ass in his hands and squeezed.

“What is your name?” he gasped, nibbling her rounded ear. She sighed.

“My name is Britta, master. I’m here to fulfill your every desire.”

“Then do not call me master.” He lowered his mouth to her neck. “My name is O’ren.”

“O’ren,” she moaned, and his nails dug into her back. “That’s a handsome name…for a handsome man…”

I thought I heard him growl, and I took hold of my meat and started slowly pumping, watching intently as Britta fell to her knees, unzipping his pants. His cock sprung free, and he gazed down at her with an almost surprised expression as she took his long, thick manhood in her mouth and sucked.

He shivered, and I had to admit, I was impressed. I didn’t know Velurians to be so well-endowed, but the old man’s cock was a hefty size, with big round balls to match. His ass was toned, and Britta let her delicate little hands wander all over his thighs and asscheeks as she slowly bobbed up and down on his juicy dick.

“Mmm,” she moaned, and she seemed genuinely lustful as she gazed up at him with dark eyes. “You taste so good…”

Her pink tongue poked out and she licked him from his balls to the head of his penis, laving her tongue over him. One hand fondled his testicles as the other continued to explore over his ass; with a growl, it seemed something in O’ren broke. He grabbed her hair and started pumping away into her mouth, making her moan with every impact. His balls smacked into her chin as he thrust his meat down her throat, and soon spit swung from her lips as she opened her mouth as wide as she could to receive her throat fucking.

I pumped in time to his powerful thrusts, working my cock in junction with his. He pulled away from her after a few minutes of that and pulled her over to the bed, which was conveniently placed in front of the two-way mirror.

“Lay down on your back,” he insisted, and she obeyed immediately, parting her legs for him, spreading them wide. He surprised her, though, as he knelt himself and began working her wet pussy with his tongue.

She threw her head back, her eyes closed as her hands sought his silvering hair. “Oh, O’ren…”

“They say Earth women are the sweetest tasting in the sector,” he moaned, slurping on her puffy outer lips. “I am inclined to believe the rumors.”

“Oh, fuck.” She sighed into his hold, pumping her hips up to meet his questing tongue. “You’re so good at this…oh, fuck, that feels so good!”

I could have sworn I heard him chuckle. “I am pleased you like it, my dear.” His tongue went even lower, and she squealed, crying out as her hips rolled upward.

“Oh, fuck…I didn’t think güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Velurians would…”

“Oh, but we do,” he whispered to her, and as he pulled her up so her back was bent, I could see his tongue plunge in and out of her puckered asshole. “And you taste delicious…”

His olive tongue dove deeper into her ass, in and out like a well-oiled piston, and he only broke the rhythm to flick his tongue over her little brown star, or to lave his saliva over it, letting his spit seep down into her.

“Do you like having your ass licked?”

She moaned. “Yes, that feels so good…”

He almost-chuckled again, and he stopped playing with her puckered anus to straddle her face, letting his own ass down over her mouth. “You know what to do, then.”

She gripped his firm ass and let her wet, pink tongue go to work on the old man’s asshole; he arched his muscled back, letting his heavy cock rub over her nose and forehead. She even pierced him with her tongue, and that earned her a soft groan and a roll of his hips.

“That’s it,” he sighed. “Just like that…I’m going to fuck your ass in a minute…and then you’re going to clean my cock. Then I’m going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours and fill you with my sperm.”

“Yes.” Her voice was breathless, from lust or the exertion of rimming him, I wasn’t sure. “Yes, fill me up…ride me, fuck me, breed me! I’m yours, O’ren!”

He smirked and pressed his balls and asshole down to her mouth, and she bathed every inch of him with her tongue all the same. I was briefly reminded of when one of my girls got fucked by a Fukulue, who had long, slender tentacles for a tongue and nipples, and a thick monstrosity of a tentacle for a cock. The Fukulue had worked his monster tentacle cock into her ass, and his tongue tentacle down her throat — while the nipple tentacles played with her tits — burrowing his way up her ass and through her organs until the two appendages met in her stomach. I assume he made them connect somehow, because I nearly blew my load as she was completely skewered on his cockflesh, and he then proceeded to work her up and down his tentacle like a bead on a rope. I remember fondly the sound of her gagging, the way her tits bounced furiously up and down, the sight of her limbs flailing in pleasure as he hosed her stomach and throat and bowels and ass with his thick, creamy cum…

I digress.

My balls churned with cum of my own as O’ren’s thick cum coated her hair and forehead, his olive body shivering as she carefully slipped her tongue out of his ass and gave it a fond little kiss. But O’ren did not go soft, but rather immediately turned her over and pulled her ass up. His cock seemed to throb harder then ever, and he let his last spurt of cum coat over her puckered asshole. He worked it into her ass, roughly prepping her with his fingers. She, of course, was already prepared for this, and it didn’t take very long before three and then four of his fingers slipped easily into her and finger fucked her, an excellent primer for this man’s raging cock.

He caressed her round asscheeks and gave each one a gentle smack and a kiss before positioning himself at her asshole, slowly pressing his raging olive manhood into her tight hole. She squealed, arching her back prettily for him and pushing her ass back onto his cock.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she sighed, her tongue nearly lolling out of her mouth. “Yes, O’ren…fill me up and fuck me!”

He pushed all the way into her at güvenilir bahis şirketleri that, and she cried out, forcing herself to meet his thrust, pushing fiercely back onto him, skewering herself on his cock. “Fuck!” she screamed, bouncing her ass off of him again, and he took hold of those sweet asscheeks and started fucking her with abandon.

If his tongue was good, his cock was ten times better.

I had never seen Britta fucked like this. No human or alien or any other creature could fuck like this Velurian man, and I stroked myself furiously as he pounded away at her. He growled things in his language that I couldn’t understand, though I thought I heard a few human curse words among his ramblings. Britta, however, was completely lost to this man, her visage the purest form of lustful bliss. She wiggled her ass and begged him to take her as hard as he could, and soon he was pounding her so hard into the mattress that the entire bed seemed to be in an earthquake.

With a great cry, he released another load, spurting his creamy cum into her willing ass. There was so much of it this time it dribbled down over her pussy and down her legs. He scooped up the excess cum dripping out of her and fed it to her, his cock twitching back to life as she slurped on his fingers. He shoved his cock into her mouth, and she suckled away happily, bobbing back up and down on his throbbing meat.

For a little while, he seemed content to let her suck him off again, but I suppose he wanted her pussy now that he had fucked her other holes. He sat on the edge of the bed and positioned her so that her feet were planted firmly on either side of his thighs, and she squatted down over his cock, slowly impaling herself with it.

“Yes,” he groaned, thrusting up into her. “Fill yourself with my cock. Let me breed you, Britta…let me fill your womb with my cum!”

“O’ren, yes!! Oh, fuck me…”

Faster and faster he pounded her, and my cock felt like it was going to explode at any minute. Britta’s tits bounced freely until O’ren took one into his mouth, suckling at it like a babe at its mother’s teat. The girl pulled his head closer to her, letting him indulge in her titflesh as she impaled herself over and over again on his manhood. His thrusting sped up, until he was drilling her and she screamed his name.

He released her gleaming nipple from his mouth and picked her up, never exiting her as he grabbed hold of her ass and used his superior strength to bounce her up and down on his cock. She squealed at this, holding on tight as he bred her, and soon his thrusts slowed a little; he pounded hard into her, deliberately, with all his strength, until he called out her name and coated her womb with his seed.

My cum exploded onto the wall, coating it with thick, creamy white man-juice, and I made a mental note to make one of my favorite girls come back here to clean up my mess and let me fuck them. I needed more than a good show now, I needed a pussy to sheath my throbbing cock.

“There!” he cried, and she collapsed into his arms, shaking with her own orgasm as he came inside her. “Now you’re mine, Britta! Even as we speak, my sperm will fertilize you and make you round and full with my child!”

“Yes.” Her voice was hoarse from the effort, and he set her tenderly down onto the bed. “Oh, I love the feel of your cum inside me…does this mean you’re going to buy me?”

“Indeed, I will purchase you, and you will come home with me and bear my children.”

“Shall I call for-“

He shushed her, shaking his head with a smirk. “Oh, I’m not done breeding you yet, my dear. We’ll call for him later…now lay down on your back and spread your legs for me.”

She grinned up at him, planting a sweet, tender kiss on his lips, and then obeyed, parting her legs so he could fuck and breed her once more.

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