The Politician and the Virgin

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This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons and locations is purely coincidental.

It was the night of Belle’s eighteenth birthday; she should have been celebrating. Instead, she was standing outside the entrance to a five-star hotel. Her friends believed she was having a low-key birthday dinner with her family. Her parents believed she was out partying with her friends and staying over one of their houses. For those were the lies she told the people nearest and dearest to her.

Somehow she managed to convince herself that this was the only way. Having read so many stories of women in a similar position, she truly believed she was doing the right thing, because at times she felt excited, confident, and aroused by her decision.

Ever since Belle began wondering about boys and her virginity she suffered with anxiety, because she wanted the perfect boyfriend, the perfect person to experience her first time with. She wanted somebody she loved, and somebody who loved her. Walking nervously through those huge glass doors brought all that anxiety back.

Still, she told herself she wasn’t backing out and made her way through the hotel lobby towards the elevators on the far side of the hotel.

It was 8pm when she arrived outside the hotel room and knocked on the door. A tall, well-built, mature gentleman with short dark, greying hair opened it and smiled warmly at her. Belle thought she was going to pass out, such were the conflicting emotions she was experiencing as they finally met each other in person.

The politician shall remain anonymous for the political power and influence he possesses.

Belle stepped inside the room, a large executive suite, and felt her legs turn to jelly when she heard the door close behind her. Glancing around the luxurious room her eyes came to focus with fear on the super-king-sized bed … the very place where she would soon sell her virginity.

“Welcome Belle,” the man who was going to pay for the privilege greeted her with a soft peck on her right cheek.

“Hello,” she murmured, feeling a little lost.

“Would you like a drink? It is your eighteenth birthday after all,” he smiled, picking up an already full flute of champagne and passing it to her.

“Thank you,” she murmured again, before consuming a small sip. The bitterness made her shiver; it was her first-time tasting champagne.

“Would you like to order anything to eat? Or would you prefer we get straight down to business?”

Her hands and knees began to tremble. “I’d prefer to get it over with … if that’s ok?” She didn’t mean for it to sound so cold.

He looked disappointed but nodded and accepted her decision. “I want you to enjoy this evening Belle. This is a huge moment in your life. Try to relax and we will both enjoy the experience.”

“Sorry, I’m just really nervous,” she appeared sullen for a moment.

“And you wouldn’t be sane if you weren’t. If it helps I am nervous to,” he quickly tried to gain her confidence and trust.

“You are?” She was surprised and a little relieved, her eyes engaged him.

“I haven’t done anything like this before either. I am risking everything by paying such a huge sum of money for your company this evening. If this got out we’d both be ruined.”

“Both of us?”

“Of course, the press would have a field day exposing me. You being the collateral damage would have a detrimental lasting effect on your life to.”

“I understand, but don’t worry, I have no intentions of telling anybody about this,” her voice shook as the seriousness of their situation dawned on her.

“You’re a good girl with a personal dilemma. I’m a good guy prepared to help you resolve that dilemma. But do you want to enjoy it or regret it?”

“Enjoy it obviously,” she replied.

“Very well then. Did you wear the clothes I bought you?” he asked, surveying her thin, five-seven petite body wrapped in a long, black, fully fastened coat. “I can see you have fixed your hair and makeup as I requested, and you’re wearing the shoes,” he added, glancing at her feet and the green, four-inch stilettos.

She had applied her make-up as he had requested, light foundation and mascara to not hide her true self, and cherry red lipstick to complete the classy look. Her wavy, blonde hair cascaded down her back, just past her shoulders.

“Yes, I’m wearing everything you supplied. I hope it’s to your satisfaction,” she tried to sound confident.

“And the lingerie?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, the lingerie to,” she gulped.

“Please try and relax Belle,” he softened his tone.


“And please stop apologising, you have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Sorry,” she giggled nervously.

The politician chuckled, which helped break some of the ice. “I hate to talk about money during a moment like this but I need to be sure.”

“About what?”

“About you Belle. If you want to change your mind then now is the time. If you’re still committed to seeing this through then I will transfer half of the money now.”

“Five-grand, now?” she sounded amazed.

“Yes, then I’ll transfer the other five-grand ankara escort in the morning.”

She inhaled a deep breath and prepared herself to deliver the answer it was always going to be. “I want to stay.”

“The entire evening?”

“Yes,” she sounded and felt like a prostitute. Which in reality she knew she was for that night.

“Excellent Belle! How are you truly feeling? Do you have any questions before we start? he asked with genuineness in his tone.

“I’m ok, I just want to know what I can expect for the rest of the evening?”

“That’s more than fair. Let me ask what you would like to happen?”

“Like I said to you during our conversations, I want to follow your lead. But I’m worried you want things I’m not prepared for. I don’t want to disappoint you or live to regret this.”

“Just trust me. Trust me and I promise I will not hurt you. I’m dominant yes, but I’m not a sadist planning on hurting you physically or emotionally. We have been through all this before, but I fully understand and appreciate that nothing can prepare you for the real thing. If you don’t enjoy this then neither will I. My aim is for us both to enjoy and remember tonight for a very long time.”

“I do trust you,” she sounded unsure of herself.

“I’m going to tell you what to do and I expect you to follow my every instruction. If you relax I promise you will enjoy every moment. Of course you will have doubts, it’s all new to you. But I plan to take and pleasure you in so many ways. But I will do it gently until you say otherwise.”

“Thank you,” she said, her confidence lifted slightly.

“Come,” he waved her closer with his hand, “I want to show you something.”

Leading her towards the huge drawn curtains he picked up a small remote from the table and pointed it at them. Suddenly they began to separate, continuously parting until the curtains fully opened to reveal the evening view and bright lights of the city below.

“It’s so beautiful,” she said, before swallowing a mouthful of champagne.

“Not to sound corny or anything, but it’s not nearly as beautiful as you,” he smiled into her eyes.

Belle returned his smile before stepping closer towards the window to touch the glass with her right hand. She caught a glimpse of her reflection, which appeared small in front of his six-two reflection standing behind her. His lips then touched the back of her neck. Her eyes drifted closed, and her head tilted to the side.

“You smell sensational,” he whispered, as his senses yielded, and his arousal stirred at her soft but intense scent.

A gentle sigh escaped her lips before she smiled and began to melt. It was as if those soft sensual kisses upon her neck took away all her fears. Belle had never been kissed like that before, it was just as she had imagined, and more.

From behind, he slid his arms round to the front of her waist and held her high above the city below. He continued gently kissing her neck as his hands rose up the front of her body and began to unbutton the coat.

It was winter and cold outside. Belle was wearing a knee length wool look coat with a shawl collar. She continued to emit soft sighs when he reached for the first button and slipped it through the eyehole. He then sighed himself, breathing warm breath onto her supple neck until all five buttons were free.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered into her ear, before gently nibbling on her ear lobe.

“Uh, uh,” came her response.

His hands moved to her shoulders, and she felt the weight of the coat disappear. Belle opened her eyes when he told her to turn around. She believed she did trust him now, and she wasn’t going to reject any of his instructions, so, she turned to face him. Immediately, he kissed her. It felt so different to kissing boys her own age that she instantly forgot he was forty-one years her senior.

The thought of kissing a fifty-nine-year-old man should have repulsed her, but the kiss felt just as she had imagined in the movies. Soft, sensual, yet passionate. Her mouth widened as he pulled her tight against his body and massaged her tongue with his own. Belle was becoming increasingly aroused; the nerves being exchanged for excitement.

When he ended the kiss she felt a silly sadness inside her. He cupped her chin softly with his fingers and tilted her head up. For the first time she saw an unfamiliar look. It was almost threatening, but she still felt safe. She wasn’t naïve when men and boys stared sexually at her, but standing so close together in silence, with his big brown eyes looking deeply into hers, she sensed a desire and determination in his gaze which appeared full of lust and hunger. It sent a tingling sensation up the length of her spine.

“That dress was made for you,” he spoke softly and quietly.

Belle smiled. “You have great taste.”

“In women and dresses,” he grinned.

He let go of her face and stepped back. He then nodded, cupped his own chin, and smoothed it as he inspected her, his merchandise for the evening.

Belle was standing in the dress he had chosen, bought, and sent to her home address where she lived with her parents. It çankaya escort was a satin, emerald mini dress. The neck plunged deep, and the design of the dress was doing an excellent job of revealing her firm 32D bust and plentiful cleavage, whilst hiding the lingerie underneath. The fabric hemmed around mid-thigh, with the thigh split revealing more of her upper right leg. It had been difficult to put on by herself, as the dress zipped up at the back. But Belle knew he would not have the same level of difficulty as she had when he came to remove it.

“Do you like the dress?” he inquired with a grin, delighted with his decision to buy it.

“It’s stunning,” she blushed, as he scanned the length of her body over and over again.

“The colour matches your eyes.”

“It does,” she agreed, beginning to shyly sway from side to side.

“I’m only sorry that I can’t take you out to dinner wearing it. It would be one hell of a dramatic entrance for any establishment.”

Belle came over all warm and gooey at his compliment. She knew it was purely about sex, but he was being a gentleman, even if his eyes couldn’t hide his true intentions.

“Too risky and too many questions from the people who would see us,” she chipped in.

“My political status and your age, yes indeed. So, whilst you do appear innocent, excluding your body in the dress of course, you honestly have not experienced anything sexual with another partner before?”

“No, besides kissing and letting one guy put his hand up inside my top, as I explained during our many conversations leading up to tonight.”

“That’s remarkable in this modern age for such a beautiful young woman.”

Belle knew he wasn’t being judgmental, but she felt judged, or at least questioned. They had been through all this before and she even sent him confirmation from her doctor that she was healthy and STI free with her hymen intact.

“I’ve told you the truth,” she near pleaded for him to believe her, but she needn’t have worried.

“Oh I know you have. I had my team look into you and the results of your medical screening.”

“Oh,” she suddenly felt betrayed.

“Apologies, but you must understand the internet has more people trying to scam than it does people being genuine.”

“I understand, it wasn’t exactly easy for me either trying to find a genuine agency to advertise from.”

“Of course not. But now we are here let’s not dwell on the tough and high-risk decisions we both had to make,” he said, pulling out his phone and appearing to text somebody.

“Yes,” she nodded in agreement.

“All done,” he smiled at her. “The first five thousand is transferred. Would you like to check your bank account?”

“I trust you,” she replied meekly. The truth was she was too afraid to question him or check.

“Excellent,” he beamed, and put his phone down on the table. “Are you ready Belle?” he asked as he rejoined her at the window.

She downed the champagne and winced at the bitterness again. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“You have big, round, and firm breasts for an eighteen-year-old.”

“Thank you,” she blushed.

The politician turned her back round to face the cities bright lights and tall apartment buildings once more. Belle wondered if anybody could see them, and if they could, were the watching? That wonderment also brought on feelings of self-consciousness. Those feelings then evaporated when she felt fingers at the back of the dress. She shivered and let out a soft gasp when the zip slowly travelled downwards until it reached the base of her spine.

“Imagine somebody is watching us right now,” he whispered just behind her ear.

“You read my mind,” she giggled nervously, before his hands were on her shoulders and she started feeling self-conscious again.

She was continuously at odds with her emotions. One minute she was excited, the next she was nervous and questioning herself. But no matter what, she was determined to see the night through and try to enjoy the experience. She then closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip in anticipation.

Softly and sensually, the satin shoulder straps were slipped from her shoulders and down her slender arms. Her breathing came in short, sharp gasps, as did his, when the sensitive material reached her elbows and revealed the sexy matching emerald lace bustier underneath.

As much as he wanted to reveal her to anybody who might be watching from another window, she was his to unwrap and enjoy, not theirs.

Belle sighed a token of relief when she felt herself unexpectedly being turned around to face him. She opened her eyes when he let go of her and stepped back. She was standing with the satin dress shoulder straps resting at her elbows, and with her impressive cleavage on full display. The shoulder straps and lace tops of the bustier were now on show, revealing a hint of what was to come.

“Remove the dress,” he instructed, but sensing her nervous energy, he picked the remote up from the table and closed the curtains. “Relax, it’s just me and you.”

Relieved she was not going to have to strip in front of the hotel window, kızılay escort Belle pushed the dress from her elbows. A little slip was all it needed, and it fell straight to the floor, pooling in a heap around her stilettoed feet.

“You truly are the most beautiful creation I have ever seen,” he said in awe of her.

Belle beamed with joy, enjoying the moment with both nerves and excitement. She looked exquisite in the emerald basque, suspenders, matching thong and nude stockings. She lacked the experience and confidence to appear glamourous, but her lack of those qualities, combined with the fact she was a pure virgin, made her naïvely seductive to the much older, dominant, and experienced alpha male standing before her.

She daren’t follow his eyes this time when they roamed her body. Instead, she found herself standing dutifully firm, awaiting his next instruction.

“When I first saw the stunning lingerie I immediately thought of your beautiful green eyes. I knew it would look perfect on your petite, sexy, young body,” he explained.

Belle briefly remembered the day the lingerie arrived at her parents’ house. She was excited to try it on. Standing in her bedroom mirror she too was in awe of herself and the beautiful emerald coloured lace, mesh and smooth satin. The centre satin bow made her feel like a gift wrapped present.

While Belle remembered putting it on for the first time, the politician was busy admiring her unspoiled, virgin body, especially her breasts, embraced and highlighted inside the floral laced, wired bra cups.

“Now please come to me and remove my shirt,” he started calm and polite.

Nervously, Belle walked towards him without any real idea of what to expect that evening. It was terrible preparation on her part. She glanced up and they stared into each other’s eyes while she reached for the buttons on his shirt. One by one she slipped them through the eyeholes until his shirt parted to reveal … well … an old man’s body. He wasn’t fat, but he had slight sagging of the skin around his pectoral muscles and stomach, a sign he was once toned and muscular perhaps. His body was also tanned, and his chest was covered in grey hair. Belle then pulled the expensive shirt from his shoulders and down his arms until she was holding it. The body language between them was worlds apart. The excitement she felt at the window had reverted back to her being shy, nervous, shaky, and anxious. While he remained confident, excited, and in control.

“Now kiss my chest and rub your hands all over my body,” he sounded calm again, but not so polite this time, but not exactly rude either.

After casting his shirt onto the bed Belle moved her trembling hands in front of his chest and paused.

“Relax, do exactly as I say and you will enjoy tonight,” he told her.

She nodded and placed her hands on his chest. It felt unfamiliar and it certainly didn’t arouse her. Rubbing her hands all over a hairy old man whilst planting soft kisses against his chest was not something she even considered him requesting, or ever imagined herself doing.

“Your hands are so soft,” he said, staring down into her splendid cleavage. “It’ll be your turn soon.”

Suddenly dreading the idea of his hands roaming her body, Belle half smiled and continued rubbing and kissing his chest. She then moved her hands across to his shoulders and down his arms, before moving them back up and down his full body. The experience still wasn’t arousing her, but she didn’t really think it was meant for her benefit. She did begin to relax though, as she grew to admire his shape and size for a guy of his age. Most men she noticed in his age bracket had big beer bellies and man boobs, but then she never really checked out guys old enough to be her father, let alone her grandfather.

He slipped off his shoes by placing one foot behind the other to pull them from his heels.

“Now unbuckle my belt and remove my trousers, but don’t remove my underwear,” his tone turned authoritative.

With no experience of undressing a guy, Belle hoped she was doing a decent job of it. She didn’t know how to do it sexually but judging from his breathing, and the look in his eyes, she thought she was doing at least ok.

She took his thick leather belt in her hands and pulled it across. She then pulled it further to release it from the holes.

“That’s it,” he responded.

Belle continued until his belt was apart, before fumbling for the trouser zip and pulling it down. By now the bulge inside was evident. Her eyes widened and a nervous squeak escaped her lips as the zipper inched lower and lower, until finally she had opened his trousers fully.

“Yes,” he gasped, “now pull my trousers down and take them off.”

Anxiously chewing on her bottom lip, Belle placed her hands at the sides of his legs and curled her fingers into the fabric for grip. She then pulled them downwards, yanking in places where the trousers stopped, until she eventually got them around his ankles. She was on her knees and his bulge was big. She believed him when he first told her he had a large cock, but she had declined to see any photos of it, and now she couldn’t remember how big he said it was. Upon seeing the bulge inside his boxer shorts for the first time, her excitement returned. Not confident excitement, just a natural excitement that she had no control over.

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