The Postman Cums Twice Ch. 4

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(Synopsis of the preceding chapters: It’s getting to big to summarize. If the following doesn’t stand on its own, then look for Chapters 1-3. You might like them.)

* * * * *

When we got to the lake, poor Fred looked like a ghost. He had been yanked around by his emotions so much during the drive out here that he just stumbled around in a daze.

He was still unaware that I had already enjoyed a hell of a blowjob from his beautiful wife before he asked me to become her lover. He had also watched me fuck his daughter, but had no idea the load she pulled out of my balls was the fourth or fifth of the afternoon.

It had seemed like such a good thing to do when his secretary opened her legs for him. The possibility of being caught was a lot less of a consideration to him at the moment that the thought of sinking to the hilt in that luscious body lying spread open under him.

When his wife caught him, she took revenge in her own way.

I took pity on poor Fred and managed the boat loading and fueling. I had made Julie put my shirt on while we were in the marina, simply because I didn’t want to have to fight my way through the crowd if she came out of the truck topless, as she had arrived.

She was such a knockout that she would attract attention in a muumuu, but in a man’s shirt, unbuttoned, it was almost worse than if she were nude. As far as the amount of attention she got, it was probably more than if she were nude. At least the shirt kept her body from screaming, “I’m available. Come fuck me!”

I sat Fred in a corner of the boat and left him to recover at his own pace. The guy who filled our gas tanks kept looking at Fred.

“Is he ok?”

“Yeah. He just got some bad family news and he’s trying to deal with it. Just give him time.”

“Ok. Is that your daughter?”

“No, she’s his daughter. She’s the one who gave him the bad news.”


I left him to imagine whatever he might and we sped across the lake.

“Sit here, Fred. Hold this pole. Just relax. I know you are accustomed to always being in control and things are completely out of your control at the moment. They may always be that way the rest of your life. It’s not the end of the world. Just sit here and have a beer while we watch how things play out. Ok?”

He just sat impassively. In a way, I felt sorry for him. On the other hand, I was just starting to get a little bit of what he had all along. The only thing he was losing was control, and there were worse things in life. I knew.

“Looks like I fried Dad’s brain, Unka Howie”.

“He’ll be ok, Julie. Maybe never gaziantep bayan eskort quite the same as he was last week, but he will adapt. He’s a strong, intelligent man and something like this is a blow, but he can come to terms with it, given time.”

“Well, do you mind if I sunbathe nude?”

“Does this silly grin tell you anything?”

“Ok! Rub me down with oil?”

“Notice the grin is getting wider?”

“Stick your dick in my pussy while you rub it in?”

“I don’t know. See how your dad is looking at your body?”

“Oh! Yeah. Maybe I pushed him too far.” She spread a towel in the well of the boat where it couldn’t be seen by anyone unless they were right on us and walked, naked, to where Fred was sitting.

“Come on, Daddy. It’s time. Lie down here.” She laid down beside her stunned father and took his head on her breast. She hummed a little tune as she stroked his hair, as she would a baby or a pet. She began to rock him gently.

I got the suntan oil and handed it to her. She began to massage it into her father, working all over his body. She bent him forward to cover his back and rolled him over to get to his ass, after pulling his shorts off. When she rolled him back over, his dick was sticking up in her face like a flagpole.

“Poor Daddy. All he wanted was a little pussy and I’ve got a little pussy. All you had to do was ask, Daddy. I would have given you anything you wanted. See, doesn’t it feel good when I rub the lotion on your dick? I love touching your dick. When I was younger, I used to see you in your boxers sometimes, with the head of your dick sticking out and wanted to feel it inside me so bad, but I was so young and didn’t know what to do.”

“I’m not a child any more and I know what to do now. You just lie back and I will do all the things to you and with you that I have wanted to do for so long.”

I watched as this beautiful young girl began to make slow, sensual love to her father. In spite of all the times it had been called on that day, my prick began to rise to the occasion. This time, there was no sense of urgency, so I simply let nature take it’s course, stroking slowly and gently while watching my friends.

Julie rolled and stroked Fred’s rigid prick with her oily hands, petting it and treating it like a new kitten. She rained tiny kisses from one end to the other, while tickling his ball sack. Taking the oil back from me for a moment, she applied it liberally to one finger, then slowly slid it up to Fred’s prostate.

She lowered her mouth to the head and licked gaziantep eskort bayan all around it before taking just enough to reach the back of her tongue. Keeping up a light suction, she pressed the pebbly surface of the length of her tongue hard against the glans and raked it all the way across him, time, after time.

Fred was still out of it, although his body was acutely aware of a degree of pleasure he had never known.

Where had this young woman learned such skills? Do they teach cocksucking in grade school now? I have heard tales that junior high school girls consider a blowjob less than a kiss. Is this true?

He was groaning now. “Julie, Baby. Oh, my sweet Julie.” Tears were forming in his eyes and running unashamedly down his cheeks as he lay limply and allowed his daughter to make love to him.

With a tenderness born of true love, young Julie straddled her father and lowered herself on his erectness, inch by slow inch, until it was completely enveloped within her body.

Neither one moved or spoke. In a way, it was incredibly sensual and sexual. In another way, it was poetic and reverent. Aside from the strictures of a repressive society, it was as pure an expression of love as sex can be. I was still extremely aroused by the scene, but they were two people making love, not father and daughter fucking.

After a long period of gentle rocking, Julie began to raise and lower herself on her father, making little circular sweeps of her bottom at the end of each cycle, to make the end of him caress all the walls of her insides.

It was beautiful.

Julie’s head was thrown back into the strong rays of the bright sun. Her body was arched forward, raising her breast also to the sun as if she were making an offering of her body and her love, which I suppose is what she was doing.

It was impossible for me to move or to even be aware of the outside world at that moment. We were very lucky that nobody else decided that the fishing might be good where we were.

I felt extremely fortunate to be able to witness such a rare exhibition of love. Yes, I understood it to be incest, but it was something more than that, too.

“I love you, Daddy”, she said quietly.

“I love you, too, Kitten. Am I hurting you?”

“No, Daddy. You’re not hurting me.”

“I’m sorry I screwed up and caused all of you so much pain.”

“Hush now, Daddy. It will be all right. Does this feel good to you?”

“You know it does. You don’t know how hard it has been to prevent myself from messing up your eskort gaziantep bayan life.”

“You don’t think you’re messing it up, now, do you?”, she said with a smile.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Will you cum in me soon?”

“When you are ready, just tell me. It feels like there is a spring inside me just waiting to be released. Say the word to me and I will cum in you.”

“Ok, Daddy. Get ready. One, two, three…CUM! Shoot me full of your sweet cum. Flood me with your juices. Feel mine flowing out!”

True to his word, Fred began to spurt great streams of spunk into his daughter’s pussy, which was clenching him in waves like a milkmaid’s fingers on a cow’s teat.

I, too, joined in with my offering. My first shot splashed across Julie’s body and ran down her chest onto her father’s stomach. She turned her head and took me down her throat to catch the rest of my ejaculations.

We seemed to go on forever in some sort of misty slow motion. There was nothing frantic about our coupling. Everything happened as if it were a stylized play, miming sex, with exaggerated gestures and real spunk.

The cast consisted of one beautiful young girl, one middle-aged man and one horny old fart with a big grin on his face. In fact, I realized that we all had grins on our faces.

Fred’s cell phone rang.

“It’s for me”, Julie said, picking it up.

“How do you know?”, Fred asked.

She gave him that look that says, “Why do you question me?”, and answered. “Hi, Mom. Yeah, I’m sitting on it now. Your timing was perfect. Did you get my vibes? Daddy came in my pussy and Unka Howie came again for me at the same time. It was fantastic! Just like you said it would be.

We’re over behind Loon Point. Come on over and join us. You can fuck Unka Howie if you can get the stupid look off his face. I’m going to fuck Daddy until he can’t walk, then we can go for a swim and do it all again.”

Fred looked at his daughter quizzically. “You guys planned this whole thing, didn’t you?”

“Sure. Like it?”

“Well, yeah, but I feel sort of foolish, being outguessed like that and all. Your mom wasn’t fucking around at all, was she?”

“Not like you thought. She gave Unka Howie a pretty nice blowjob while you were packing the camper, didn’t she, Unka Howie?’

I blushed at getting caught.

“Why you shit!”, Fred laughed. “I’m raining praise on you for being such a trustworthy friend and you’re blowing cum down my wife’s throat.”

“Sorry, Buddy. You know how much conscience a stiff dick has, don’t you?”

“Do I ever! Turn around here, Baby. Let me lickety split while you bring me up to snuff and we’ll repeat the process. I hear a boat coming and it’s either the cops coming to take me to jail, the guys from the looney bin returning me to isolation, or your mother coming to screw the balls off my old, dear, reliable, trustworthy friend.”

I gave him a wan smile and unlimbered Long John for one more round of the day.

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