The Retreat

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She wondered how this weekend at the retreat would help her to clear her head and make sense of the mess her life felt like. The only reason she agreed to come was to get her persistent friends off her back. Now, as she approached the front desk, she knew it had to be a mistake.

Her suitcase made an incredible noise as it passed over the cold stone floors. The rattle seemed to slice through the serene silence that hung in the air. She could not wait to reach her room, her privacy.

Her cell consisted of a bed and a basin. On the bed was a carefully folded robe — the one she was expected to wear for the duration of her stay. On the wall was a list of activities and the times they took place. She made a mental note of them and changed into the robe.

At dawn it was meditation time. She made her way to the isolated pond she spotted during her stroll the previous day. Once there, she rolled out her mat and tried to be as comfortable as possible. The robe kept getting in the way, and after a cursory glance around she decided that she was private enough to strip down. She could now settle down and enjoy the feel of the grass against her legs, the stirring of the wind in her pubes.

Towards the end of the session, she noticed a figure on the opposite side of the pond. He glanced at her and she noticed that he was as bare as she was.

As dusk broke, she yet again followed her fellow guests to the garden. She carefully made her way around the pond to the place where she spotted her morning companion. He was already seated in the same spot he was that morning and as bare as the day he was born.

She quietly removed her robe, leaving it hidden in the Maltepe Escort shrubs around the pond. The freedom to be naked in public invigorated her and she felt more confident than she had in year as she noiselessly made her way towards him. She slipped down behind him, sliding her pelvis down his back, but her hands firmly gripped his head to prevent him from looking around. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing her moist labia against his buttocks.

He did not struggle. He had an idea who it was and was intrigued to see what she would do.

She slid her hands around his waist and felt his body momentarily stiffen as she started to caress his balls. Whilst gently stroking them, she started to plant wet kisses all along his shoulder blades and down his spine. She felt his breath speeding up and heard him utter low, encouraging moans.

She continued to explore his body with her hand and lips, until she could not resist the urge any longer — she had to feel him inside her. She shifted her position, now straddling him from the front, plunging his penis deep into her vagina. They both let out a simultaneous moan of pleasure.

Slowly, rhythmically, she began to ride him, positioning him so that his engorged organ could continually, mercilessly, pound at her pleasure spot. When he tried to participate, she plunged his hand between them, encouraging him to apply pressure to her clitoris. Soon she was swooning with pleasure.

He took advantage of her lapse in concentration. He threw her over onto her back and started beating at her pelvis with his. As her moans increased, so did his thrusts and soon they reached their harmonious crescendo.

Soon Ümraniye Escort after, she got up and made her way to collect her robe. She threw his a single backward glance, mouthing the words ‘twenty three’. He nodded.

She kept aloof the next morning, deciding to rather sleep in than watch the sunrise. She felt invigorated by her encounter the previous night and wondered what her friends would say about her unexpected source of guidance.

During the afternoon siesta there came a, not entirely unexpected, knock on the door. She did not bother to get dressed, but rather let him in without a word. He was carrying a covered wicker basket and she wondered what he had in mind for the afternoon.

He guided her towards the plain wooden bed and gestured for her to lie down. Out of the basket he conjured 4 lengths of satin ribbon and commenced tying her to the four posts of the bed. She complied without batting an eyelid.

Next he removed a silk scarf, with which he blindfolded her, enhancing her other senses to compensate for the loss of one.

She could feel his weight leave the bed and heard him running the water in the basin. After what seemed an eternity, be returned and her senses were suddenly overwhelmed by the heat spreading between her legs, sending waves of heat all the way down to her feet. He had placed a hot, moist cloth on her labia!

When he removed the cloth, she was surprised to hear the familiar gurgling of a can of shaving cream. She knew what was coming and could hardly contain her excitement. The rough feel of the razor against her labia always made her incredibly horny. He slowly, delicately, started to İstanbul Escort shave her nether regions and she could barely keep herself from crying out in pleasure.

Time flew by, and before she knew it her hairy bush was reduced to a smooth, silky finish. She wished that she could move to run her fingers over the slippery surface. He, however, had other plans.

Smelling the enticing scent of her vaginal fluid inspired him immediately. His mouth was immediately upon it, his five o’clock shadow gently scraping against the smooth skin. This immediately sent her into convulsions of pleasure. She could feel her clitoris pulsating, filling with blood. She wanted him more than anything.

He sensed her excitement and decided that she was having way too much fun. He got up, moving away from her. This annoyed her. She wanted the pleasure to continue!

She did not sense his return and was immediately startled by the cold, wet sensation on her pubis. Her hot clitoris screamed out in protest, but this only served to fuel her lust. He slowly and methodically rubbed the ice between the folds of her labia, diluting her fluids, but fuelling her desire. He carefully slid the remaining piece of ice into her labia and she could feel the cold spreading to her rectum.

It was then that he decided to join her pleasure. He stuck his hot pulsating penis into her cooled crevices and proceeded to poke at the remaining ice in her vagina. The contrasting sensations of heat and cold drove her body into spasms of ecstasy. His slow lovemaking ensured orgasm after orgasm until she thought she could withstand no more. When he spilled his seed they both collapsed into the exhausted sleep of the satisfied.

The next morning she checked out early. No use overstaying the usefulness of the exercise. She got what she needed out of the retreat and it was time to return to reality where she could relish the memory of her encounters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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