The Road Trip Pt. 03

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Thank you all for the wonderful feedback as always. You all are so supportive and wonderful and without all of you my writing would be like masturbating, lonely and mostly unfulfilling. Please feel free to comment and I will do my best to get back to you. I would like to give a special thank you to Tessie L’Amour for helping me look over the work to make sure it was suitable for consumption.

I apologize for taking a little more time on this installment than I intended to but sometimes reality demands our attention.


The yellow rays of morning sun came streaming in from a single pair of heavy curtains that had been left open just enough to let the light in. Gina laid back in a large warm meadow filled with daisies and tall grasses, her body almost seemed to float. The warmth of the sun played over her face and the meadow began to fade, the young woman opened her eyes and felt the shaft of light from the window warm her from the inside out, or so it seemed. The big comfortable bed was empty except for her and she yawned and stretched her body. The little voice in her head was just a little too slow as her bruised ribs reminded her of the events of the prior evening, strangely the soreness made her giggle.

The redhead gingerly propped herself up on her elbows and looked around. The room was mostly dark with a single ray of light pushing through the curtains that had been left parted making the room seem like something out of a romance novel. Gina watched the little dust particles flitter in and out of the beam for some time and then became aware of her nakedness beneath the sheets so she looked around for something to cover herself with. Finding a silk robe laid over a nearby chair the young woman thought that Sandy must have left it for her before she made her way downstairs. It was beautiful but everything that her best friend had chosen for her on this trip was, the garment was one of those thin clingy things with lavenders adorning it’s length.

Gina eased her legs over the edge of the bed and found that the place where she had been pushed against the table had turned a to a garish shade of mustard yellow with a little bit of cobalt blue thrown in for good measure. They weren’t large bruises but Gina quietly cursed the man had done this to her, people could be such idiots. The young trans woman stood up and slipped the robe over her shoulders stepping into a pair of delicate slippers with a kitten heels resting on the floor.

Looking around Gina found water and pain relievers on the nightstand next to the bed and after taking them figured she better make an appearance. Moving toward the door of the big room Gina passed a mirror on the wall, the woman looking back at her was sexy, her hair a mess from the night before and her nipples hinted through the thin fabric of the robe hugging her body. Gina still had trouble recognizing the woman as herself but it was getting easier with each passing day. Smiling to the woman in the mirror she turned and opened the door to be greeted with the most amazing aromas of breakfast causing her stomach to growl in response.

Gina made her way toward the smells that were filling the big Greek Revival realizing that she was actually hungry. Slipping down the back stairwell she heard what sounded like moans from around the corner and instead of just barging in she stopped where she was. Gina had always known that she had a very large voyeuristic nature, something about watching the act of sex was almost as fulfilling to the actual act and suddenly the kink had taken a hold of her. Gina’s mind was full of the memory of Sandra with a very good looking man at their high school graduation party with the sight of her ruby lips wrapped around his shaft. She shuttered…

Gina slipped off her pretty shoes and eased herself down to the landing taking the door frame in her hands almost pulling her head around the edge. The kitchen came into view and there was Jerry leaning against a cupboard his robe open and Sandra was squatting in front of him swirling the head of his sizable cock around her hungry tongue. Gina’s body was tingling all over and the prior thoughts of her soreness and hunger vanished as endorphin were released into her bloodstream. The redhead leaned against the door frame and absently began to work her well manicured hand down her belly. To Gina’s surprise she was already erect and throbbing as her fingers slipped over her small penis and between her legs. Sandy had introduced her to the sensitive spot under her scrotum and her finger tips began to search it out and tease it while she rubbed her palm and wrist into her hard member.

Gina gazed at the scene unfolding in front of her. Sandra, her best friend, looked up into Jerry’s eyes who they had met just the previous night and took the head of his engorged manhood past her lips and began to suck. The redhead could see Sandy’s cheeks hallow around the thick cock and Jerry’s head fell back into the cupboard door with a clunk as he moaned. Gina’s brain was high on lust and she thought xslot she might orgasm right then but then Sandy began to swallow the big man’s cock into her mouth, Jerry groaned out “Oh fuck! Yes! Oh yes kitten, suck on Papa Bear’s big lollipop.” Gina suppressed a giggle but found the whole scene almost overwhelming at the same time.

Jerry was cradling Sandra’s head not really pulling at her but more keeping contact with the thing that was causing him so much pleasure. Sandra, for her part, was beginning to bob up and down on Jerry’s throbbing cock, his head rising and falling, knocking against the cabinet and then looking down at the beautiful blonde at his feet. It was obvious from where Gina was standing that her friend was having the desired effect on the big man as her soft hands traced his belly, his hard member disappearing then reappearing like some sexy magic trick.

Suddenly Jerry bent and lifted Sandy by her armpits sliding her across the floor, her feet barely touching the tiles. The big man turned her around and bent her over the large dining room table causing her ass to stick out lewdly. Sandra’s face was turned toward Gina’s now and the blonde caught sight of the redhead and smiled broadly but only until Jerry’s large member found it’s way to the opening of her soaking wet sex. Sandra’s eyes closed suddenly as she sucked in a large breath between her teeth , her back arched as he plunged into her. A loud whimper filled the room and Sandy grabbed at the table to hold on for dear life.

Gina’s eyes went wide and the tingling in her body seemed to increase knowing that she had been caught but she was mesmerized now and couldn’t look away if she wanted to. Jerry began to fuck her friend in earnest driving his big thick cock in and out of her forcefully as if he were being driven by lust. Sandra began to plead and moan “Oh Yes Papa Bear, fuck your little kitten! Fuck me baby, I need your cock so bad!” Her words seemed to coax Jerry to another gear as he grabbed a hold of Sandra’s hips with his large hands. Gina could hear the table creak as it slid on the tile floor every time Jerry bottomed out into her friend and then he would pull back using Sandra as a handle. In between thrusts the blonde would look over, her mouth agape and panting, her eyes glazed over in heat, smiling as the ecstasy in her built.

Soon Gina found herself moaning uncontrollably, her robe had fallen open and one hand was working furiously at her sensitive nipples while the other was stroking her little cock in earnest as fast as she could. The curvaceous woman’s hips were rocking back and forth and she had to lean against the doorway to keep from falling over.

It wasn’t long before Jerry started grunting and Sandy was thrusting back meeting him each time he pushed forward. Gina was sure the table was about to give way when suddenly Sandra blurted out “Ah Fuck! Yes! Holy crap I’m cumming!” As her words left her lips her whole body tensed including her already tight pussy. Jerry couldn’t take anymore and pulled his thick meaty shaft out of the petite blonde and shot his hot seamen all over her back and hair. The scene was all too much for Gina and she began to erupt in her own hand, her thick creamy load oozing out into it as she covered the head to catch it all.

It was only after Jerry started to relax that he noticed the redhead, totally visible now in the doorway, panting, her hand against the jam to steady herself. Gina looked down as she opened her palm, she seemed like she was still in a daze as she raised it to her lips and licked it clean only then noticing Jerry for the first time. Gina cleared her throat and her cheeks turned a bright a crimson that ran down her neck and over her still heaving chest. “Umm, that was fucking amazing!” she blurted not knowing what else to say.

Sandy started to giggle as Jerry let her up and winking at her friend she quipped “You liked that little show did you sweetie? When I saw you there it made me so hot, remember that time at…”

Gina finished her sentence “…the high school graduation party? How could I forget?” The two of them laughed as Jerry stood there with his mouth open.

“How long have you been there you little turd?” The big man feigned annoyance

“Long enough to know that we’re having lollipops for breakfast Papa Bear.” Both the girls laughed and it was Jerry’s turn to get flustered. Gina rushed into the room and threw her arms around the both of them “That was one of the hottest things I have ever seen and you two were amazing! That is one of the best wake up calls ever!” Gina kissed them both and stepped back a half step.

Jerry smiled realizing that there was no reason to be embarrassed and swatted the two little nymphs playfully on their bottoms “You two get up stairs and clean up, I’ll finish up breakfast and load it on a tray.”

Picking up her robe off the floor Sandy turned taking Gina’s hand in hers and trotted them up the stairs. The master bath was opulent, it was all marble and heated floors done in very masculine xslot Giriş tones. Gina opened the thick glass shower door and peered inside, she had whole bathrooms smaller than this while going to school. She looked at the controls and cocked her head for a moment. There were multiple heads and steam features and even a small TV and sound system. She shook her head, “Jerry must really like his shower time.” Sandy came over and they managed get the thing started then looking at the steam mode they shrugged and flipped it on. Before long the girls had the whole room clouded in a fog that made their bodies glisten.

As the redhead let the water fall over her back she felt Sandy’s hands begin to soap up her body. To Gina it was beginning to feel like everything about this trip was erotic, her body was suddenly reacting in ways she wasn’t used to, like something had awoken in her after being asleep for too long. She turned facing Sandy and kissed her deeply their bodies sliding together in the wet heat. Gina was six inches taller than Sandy but the blonde easily leaned her back against the glass and began to run her soapy hands over her glistening breasts. Sandy took Gina’s sensitive nipples and rolled them between her thumb and forefingers eliciting a loud moan from her friend and causing her back to arch. The blonde was nibbling at Gina’s lower lip when she let one of her hands drop and begin to lather up her friend’s little cock and balls, Gina’s arms suddenly came up and wrapped around Sandy’s head and she began to moan loudly filling the shower with sounds of her lust and passion.

Sandy suddenly turned her friend around and pushed her into the glass causing her large breasts to press against it. The blond swatted Gina’s wet butt causing a slight sting but instead of complaining all she could do was moan. Gina felt something probing into her bottom and her legs parted as her ass turned up, it was as if her body was on auto-pilot. Sandy had brought a toy into the shower and without warning had pushed it into her friend’s bottom, it was made for just this purpose, the head of it was crooked forward, slick with soap and water and made perfect contact with Gina’s prostrate but that wasn’t the last of it, Sandra flipped the switch on the waterproof vibe and the redhead let out a wail that she was sure that the whole house could hear. Sandy proceeded to move the long thin toy in little circles, Gina thrust her ass back at the blonde greedily and began to rock her hips in time with her friend’s motions. Gina’s eyes opened and she saw Jerry sitting at the sink mindlessly stroking his semi hard cock but it was all she could do to stand and she just looked him in the eyes with lust as she felt an orgasm approaching.

Sandy was was leaning against Gina’s body rubbing her breasts into her back as her free hand ran light circles over her tummy and occasionally pinched her nipples, it seemed to her that Gina was about to loose control again so she did her best to steady her. The redheads legs were spread open and her hips were rocking to meet the toy when suddenly Sandy had an idea, she lifted herself up on her tip toes and began to whisper in the redheads ear “Cum you little slutty girl, cum for me you dirty little whore. You know you need it baby, you need to cum for me, don’t you slut?”

To Sandy’s surprise Gina nodded and pleaded “Oh yes, yes, I need to cum like a little whore baby, please let me cum, oh please, please, don’t stop.”

Sandy had no intention of stopping but it had never occurred to her before that her friend might have a submissive streak buried inside her someplace. Sandy thought to herself that this trip was proving to be full of never ending surprises. Gina started to shutter and suddenly the water seemed get even warmer. Gina’s little cock was oozing it’s thick nectar again as Jerry enjoyed the show from his seat just outside the shower. The buxom redhead came and her body began to jerk against the glass as it tensed uncontrollably. Her orgasm was warm and fluid without a lot of intensity, washing over her body like a wave of sunshine. Sandy shut the toy off and put it on a small self then turned to kiss her friend. Their lips met and they held each other softly for what seemed like an eternity. Gina’s spasms finally subsided and the girls finished cleaning up.

When the two of them were done in the shower they wrapped towels around their heads and then dried each other off. After putting their robes and slippers back on they went back into Jerry’s little “cave”. The space was at one time a small ballroom that had been converted into his living quarters. This was the family estate and generally Jerry was here all by himself so he was enjoying Sandra’s and Gina’s company immensely. The girls could smell amazing aromas coming from the coffee table and as they entered Jerry smiled at them and shook his head.

“You girls are insatiable!” He declared although he was trying to hide the tent in the front of his robe as his manhood still stood semi erect from the show he had just xslot Güncel Giriş witnessed. The girls just giggled, their robes clinging to their bodies where they didn’t quiet get each other dry. Jerry was seated in the middle of the big sofa in the corner and the two woman flopped in on either of him and attacked the food, famished from so much “exercise”.

When they were all done eating Jerry took the dishes downstairs while the girls got ready for the day. Gina tried her hand at doing her own make up the way Sandy had taught her drawing in cat-eyes with the little brush then filling them in. Looking in the mirror the redhead smiled at the outcome, “This really isn’t that hard.” She said to no one in particular but caught her friend smiling at her in the mirror. Sandy combed out Gina’s hair and Gina did the same for her leaving them both in simple ponytails for a day of being tourists.

Sandy took a pair of high waist denim shorts with sailors buttons from the overnight bag she packed the night before along with a button front red checkered sleeveless top as well as matching Raspberry colored bra and panties and handed them to Gina while she folded the girls dresses and lingerie from the night before. Gina looked at Sandy but Sandy just went on packing up the clothes from the previous evening. Gina thought the shorts might be a little too revealing little but her girlfriend had not steered her wrong yet so she decided to try the outfit on.

There was a hint of the cleft of Gina’s bottom when she walked and they went clear up to her belly button. Sandy had instructed her friend to tie off the bottom and leave just a tease of flesh around her midriff. The image was perfect casual rockabilly sexy and when she put the three inch wedges on her feet that Sandy handed her it was perfect. The petite blond had chosen black caprices that showed off her curves and a lime green demi-cup bra over which she placed a simple white short sleeved button down top that she too tied at the waist leaving a bit of the lace showing around the edges of the open blouse. Sandy positioned them in front of the full length mirror and whistled. “Look at those hot mamma’s princess!” she exclaimed and they both laughed. Gina turned and hugged her friend then kissed her with a little peck before they went on to see what trouble they could find.

Sandra was your typical Rockabilly chick and had a smattering of tattoos all over her body but the one that Gina admired most was the sleeve of roses that ran from her shoulder to just above her elbow on her right arm. Gina was looking at it when she spoke up “Sandy? Do we have to be anywhere in particular today?”

The blonde turned to her and noticed her gaze replying. “Not for a few hours honey, did you have something you wanted to do?” She smiled as she spoke

“Do you think your friend Emily might know a good tattoo artist in the city?” Sandra tried not to convey her shock. Gina had never shown any interest in having her body marked on and this was completely out of left field for her.

After standing in silence for a moment trying to take in what her best friend had just asked her she found her voice. “Are you sure that’s something you want to do sweetie? That’s a pretty permanent thing you are talking about” Sandy wasn’t going to talk her out of it, she had been getting ink since her 18th birthday but she just wanted to make sure Gina knew what she was doing.

“I just would really like to get something to remind me of this trip baby, nothing huge, just something unique” Gina paused then added “Like me.” The redhead smiled at Sandy and then the blonde picked up her phone and made a call to her friend who had lived in New Orleans most of her life.

Sandra tried to get Jerry to call them a cab but he wasn’t having any of it. It seemed as though he had designated himself the girl’s personal tour guide as best he could be over their stay so they all piled into his 1957 baby blue Chevy pick up at headed across town. Emily had suggested Electric Ladyland to Sandra as it had some of the best artists in the area.

On the way Jerry had a proposition for the girls. “Look, I know this may seem a bit strange but…” Jerry started “… I really would love it if you ladies would come stay with me while you’re here in Norlins” “I can give your own room, or heck, if you like, rooms” He chuckled at his declaration of the obvious. “I know you guys have lots you want to do and we don’t have to spend every night like last night, that’s not what I’m thinking but…” His voice trailed off a bit then he spoke up again “I really like the two of you and I would love your company at my little place while your here.” Gina and Sandra turned to the big man and both of them tried to think of reasons why they shouldn’t but in the end they only had one concern.

“Papa Bear” Gina spoke up “We don’t want to be in your way or anything, we know you have to work and all that but as long as you are sure that we wouldn’t be a burden…” The redhead paused for a moment. “Then we would love to be your guests. Heck… I don’t think there is any hotel in this city that is as beautiful as your family home.” Gina kissed his cheek and they both thanked him profusely. The big man smiled and assured them that they were no burden at all.

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