The Root and the Wilson Babes Pt. 02

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Brief Backstory: The setting is a Middle America town in the late 1970’s and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who’s finishing high school, playing bass in a rock band, and spreading his own brand of goodwill among the local ladies. In this episode, Lute joins a foursome with his girlfriend Leslie Wilson, her hot mother, Gwen, and Greg, their studly lothario.


Lute was standing at his locker stashing a textbook when he heard a familiar voice behind him whisper, “Hey, lover.” Turning, he saw Leslie Wilson, a blue eyed, strawberry blonde vision of teenage loveliness in a tight turtleneck sweater that accentuated her beautiful melon-sized tits.

The two old friends briefly caught up before Leslie asked what he had planned for that weekend. Lute told her he had a commitment on Saturday that would last until the afternoon, but was free after that.

“Perfect!” Leslie said with a sly smile. “Greg, you know, my mom’s friend that I’ve told you about, well, he’s coming to stay with us on Saturday, and we’d like you to come over too.”

“Oh, really?” Lute replied.

“Right,” she continued with a soft giggle, “We were with him a couple of weeks ago and told him about you and the fun we’ve had together. And he said he’d like to meet his competition.”

“Hmm…okay,” Lute said, somewhat hesitantly. He was definitely game for another threesome opportunity with Leslie and Gwen, her mom. But he wasn’t sure what to think about having another guy around.

Seeing his reluctance, Leslie stroked his arm, “Greg is really cool, and I’m sure you’ll like him. But if having another guy get down with us makes you uncomfortable, then we can just go into my room and leave mom and Greg alone. Okay?”

Considering that option as he looked into Leslie’s lovely blue eyes, he couldn’t say no.

“Okay, sure. I’ll see you on Saturday!” Lute said, and after Leslie gave him a peck on the cheek and hurried off to class, he picked up his backpack and decided to put aside any reservations about their upcoming date, resolving to just trust her and go with the flow.

Lute played string bass in a jazz quartet with some of his schoolmates, and they were playing in a competition at a neighboring high school that Saturday. The group ended up getting first place with their inspired rendition of Dave Brubeck’s classic “Take Five,” so when Lute pulled his van into Leslie’s driveway later that afternoon, he was still humming the bouncy tune as he drove around back and parked next to a sleek late model BMW.

Leslie met Lute at the back door and gave him a long kiss as soon as he stepped inside. She was only wearing a short silky robe over a teddy, and from the bottles and mixers on the kitchen counter, and the taste of liquor on Leslie’s tongue, Lute could tell their party was already well underway.

After a couple more sexy kisses, Leslie led him into the living room where Gwen was attired in a similar fashion to her daughter. And sitting next to her on the couch was a fit and handsome dark-haired man about ten years her junior.

“Hello, Luther!” Gwen called to him with a slightly hazy but seductive smile as he entered the room. “I’m really glad you could join us!”

Greg, who was also wearing a short silky robe, which was apparently the uniform of the day, stood up gave him a big friendly smile and a bro handshake, “Hey Lute, I’m Greg Robertson. It’s great to finally meet you!”

Lute and Leslie settled in on a couch facing the one occupied by the older couple, and Lute briefly filled them in on his day at the music competition. To toast his quartet’s success, Gwen brought them all fresh drinks and cued up a Dave Brubeck album on the stereo while they continued talking.

It was a late January afternoon and daylight was quickly fading, so a couple of soft lamps had been turned on in the large room to provide just the right mood lighting. There was a gas fireplace that gave off a warm and alluring glow, flanked by the two couches that sat about ten feet apart. And to complete the scene, on the floor in front of the fire, a few thick sheepskin rugs had been laid out, apparently to welcome any lovers who might want such a cozy spot. As Lute looked around and took in his companions, he guessed that at least one round of lovemaking had taken place before he arrived.

While they sipped their drinks and talked, Lute observed with interest the easy and uninhibited sexual dynamic between Greg, Gwen and Leslie as they lounged on the comfortable furniture in their silky attire. And if Lute was inclined to feel like an intruder to their ensemble, Leslie’s hand on his crotch assured him of his welcome. And further illustrating their comfort with his presence, Greg had wrapped his arm around Gwen and was fondling one of her big soft tits while she slid a hand inside his robe and stroked his cock.

When Greg and Gwen began to mix their fondling with some prolonged kisses, Leslie stood up from the couch and led Lute down the hall to her bedroom, canlı bahis where she handed him a dark green silk robe similar to Greg’s burgundy version.

“Mom bought these for you guys,” she giggled as she began to unbutton his shirt, “So don’t plan on wearing anything else while you’re here.”

Per Leslie’s instructions, Lute had told his parents he wouldn’t be home until sometime on Sunday. And once he was wrapped in the silky robe, he felt like he was now an official member of this randy band of lovers.

Returning to the living room, they were greeted by approving looks from both Gwen and Greg. “Thanks, Gwen,” Lute said as he modeled his new loungewear.

“My pleasure!” she replied while Greg continued massaging her sumptuous breast, now exposed through Gwen’s open robe as it hung over the low top of her negligee.

Motioning with his head towards an ashtray on the fireplace mantel, Greg said, “And if you want to get as mellow as we are, help yourself to some weed.”

Knowing Greg wouldn’t have brought anything less than primo ganja, Lute fired up the joint and took a couple of long tokes before joining Leslie on the couch. And as they snuggled and caressed and listened to the music, Lute soon realized his assessment of Greg’s pot had been absolutely correct. Now in the same highly sensual state that he had observed in his companions, Lute felt the silk of the robe rub erotically against him as he and Leslie caressed and traded languid kisses, losing themselves in each other’s scent and skin.

When Lute finally opened his eyes, he saw that Gwen was now lying back on the couch with her robe spread open, her negligee lifted up, and Greg’s head was planted between her legs as he slowly kissed and licked her well-tended pussy. As Lute watched, Gwen looked over and caught his gaze and smiled as she cupped one of her big tits and squeezed its nipple. She closed her eyes again and leaned back her head, arched up her torso and gave a long deep moan.

“Cool, huh?” Lute heard Leslie whisper, realizing that she too was watching her mother’s sensual pleasure. The music prevented their voices from being overheard, so she continued softly, “She’s cum at least three times already today, and it looks like number four is on the way.”

“Wow…nice. And you?” he asked, wondering what pleasures his girlfriend had experienced so far that day.

“Oh, I’ve been saving myself for you,” she said with a smile and chuckle that suggested otherwise. But knowing it was none of his business, Lute dropped that line of questioning as he undid the belt of her robe so he could get better access to her luscious tits. And as he reached inside her negligee and fondled her ripe melons, she squirmed and rubbed against him in a way that confirmed her next orgasm was going to be with him.

Slipping back into their weed-induced sensual state, Lute and Leslie resumed kissing and caressing and she soon had his robe undone and was stroking his cock as it slowly expanded to its full ten inches. And while Lute drifted back into the soft couch, Leslie leaned over and placed her head in his crotch and began running her tongue up and down his growing member.

“Mmm…yeah,” Lute moaned when her warm mouth stretched around the bulbous head of his thick organ. And he moaned even more as she worked her way farther down onto his cock, taking in several inches of his veiny shaft.

“Oh, god, Leslie,” he groaned, his member even more sensitive than usual as he thrilled to the feel of her mouth, her tongue triggering every nerve ending in his thick phallus, “Oh, yeah…”

Leslie continued her slow and expert work on Lute’s member, much to his pleasure. The young lovers had been together many times before, and after some initial uncertainty about how to fellate a guy with such a huge cock, she had, over time, developed a method that pleased them both. And as she worked him ever deeper into her mouth and throat, she deployed her well-honed technique with such success that Lute feared he was going to blow his load. Which, on a different occasion, would have been okay. But on this night he definitely needed to hold back.

So when Leslie finally came up for air, Lute lifted her head from his cock at about the same time they heard her mother’s growing moans

“Oh, Greg, yeah…I’m gonna’ cum, baby, I’m gonna’…oh, yeah!” Gwen gasped as she raised her hips and shoved her cunt into Greg’s face, “Oh, yeah!”

With Lute and Leslie as audience, Gwen shivered and moaned and then dropped back onto the couch with a deep and contented sigh as Greg’s tongue made its final laps around her gushing cunt.

Raising his head from her crotch, Greg sat up on the couch and gazed down at the big heaving breasts of his freshly satisfied lover, and then looked over at Leslie and Lute with a smile. And when he did, he caught his first glimpse of Lute’s huge member. And thanks to Leslie’s recent efforts, it was standing up like a NASA rocket prepared for launch.

“Wow, dude, they told bahis siteleri me you were seriously hung, but that thing’s porn star material!” Greg said with such unabashed candor that it made both Lute and Leslie laugh.

Lute had gotten plenty of locker room comments from his buddies over the years about the size of his cock, solidifying his “The Root” nickname. But this was the first time another guy had seen him with an erection, or looked at his tool with such forthright admiration.

“Now I see why these ladies dig fucking you so much,” Greg continued with what Lute understood was his typical brazen honesty. “And man, I gotta’ say, I’m looking forward to watching you stretch out some Wilson pussy with that horse!”

Under other circumstances, Lute probably would have been blushing by this point. But there was something genuine and likeable about Greg and his open manner that put Lute at ease. And as Leslie wrapped her hand around the girth of his member, giving Greg an additional visual for just how packed he was, Lute realized he felt very relaxed in the situation and appreciated Greg’s uninhibited and confident demeanor – a personal style he aspired to himself.

Maintaining Greg’s gaze, Leslie then got up from the couch and slowly took off her robe and teddy and walked over to give him a long kiss, which he welcomed and reached up to fondle her hanging tits while their tongues tussled together. Then moving back to Lute, she positioned herself over his crotch, grabbed his ready shaft, and began to slowly ease herself down onto his thick wood in a reverse cowgirl, all the while facing Greg and giving him a prime view of her blond thatched pussy as its labia spread open and her cunt strained to accommodate the breadth of Lute’s huge tool.

Gwen had roused herself and was now sitting up next to Greg on the couch as they watched while her daughter began to put on a show for them, slowly impaling herself onto Lute’s monster cock.

“Oh, wow!” Greg muttered as Lute’s bulbous cock head disappeared into Leslie’s stretched cunt. “That’s so fucking hot, baby!” he said to her as she continued to hold his gaze while her pussy melded with Lute’s massive tool, “So fucking hot!”

“Now touch yourself, baby…show us more of your sweet pussy,” he quietly instructed. And doing as he asked – which had become part of their unspoken bargain – she put a hand onto her cunt, spread its lips apart and began rubbing her clit as she eased even farther down onto Lute’s organ.

Seeing they had an audience, Lute reached around and began groping Leslie’s tits as he raised his hips just enough to move himself a couple more inches into her stretched twat, causing Leslie to gasp, “Mmm…yeah, just like that Luther. Fill me up, lover, give me some more.”

Anxious to please, Lute inched himself deeper into Leslie’s cunt, stretching her snug cave wider with each thrust of his rock hard drill. “Yeah, lover, that’s right…that’s right,” she moaned huskily as she continued inching down into his crotch while he rose up in her, until most of his meat was entrenched inside her pussy and they began to slowly fuck.

None of this carnal action was lost on Greg and Gwen, who were still raptly watching the young lovers engage in such a lusty genital embrace that it held them in a hypnotic state that lasted until Leslie wailed as Lute thrust himself deeper inside her, “Oh god, yes, that’s right…fill me up!”

Shaken from their trance, both Greg and Gwen blinked and laughed as they realized how deeply they’d been drawn into watching Lute and Leslie. Now looking away from their young companions’ sexy show, they began kissing again and were soon back into the throes of their own lovemaking. And it wasn’t long before they had shed their remaining garments and migrated down onto the soft floor coverings.

Lute and Leslie continued fucking on the couch, but seeing the invitingly soft floor space, they too moved down and assumed a position on one of the sheepskin rugs. Once repositioned, Lute mounted his insatiable blonde lover doggy-style from behind and continued driving his thick organ into her stretched snatch.

Though not of equal size to Lute’s heavy machinery, Greg packed a solid eight inches of cock. And prior to hooking up with Gwen and Leslie, he had been confident his was the biggest tool any of his untold previous lovers had ever encountered. But where a less self-assured guy might have felt threatened being in a group fuck session with a dude hung like Lute, Greg felt none of that. Instead, watching a stud like Luther plow his meat into Leslie’s tight twat only added to the carnal allure of their foursome. And he definitely looked forward to seeing how this young guy brandished his big rod with the voluptuous and cock-hungry Gwen, because was in prime form that night.

When Greg had arrived earlier in the day, he was hardly in the door before Gwen had started kissing him and grinding against his crotch. And then she pulled him into the kitchen so he could fuck her from bahis şirketleri behind while she draped her body over a counter, moaning the whole time like a bitch in heat.

And Gwen’s sexual fervor had hardly slowed over the ensuing hours. So she was definitely hot and primed for their evening’s adventures. And from the way she was scouting Lute, he knew she was anxious to get his monster shoved inside her well-lubricated pussy. And as she had confided to Greg earlier, she was also hoping that he and Lute would fulfill her fantasy of being double-teamed by two hung guys. But in the meantime, Greg’s own big fella’ provided her with ample distraction, and she soon had her lips wrapped around his tool, ravishing his shaft and scrotum with lusty abandon.

And though they were fully engaged in their own lovemaking, having Gwen and Greg going at it only a few feet away further invigorated Lute and Leslie’s fuck-fest.

And for Leslie, watching her mom attack Greg’s big cock reminded her of how the two of them had finished him off earlier in the kitchen. And how he had blown a big load all over their faces, and how they had then kissed and cleaned up the cum from his cock and each other while he told them what nasty girls they were. And then, to further prove his point, he had Gwen get back up on the countertop, spread-eagle this time, and he hand-fucked Leslie’s pussy while she ate out her mom’s puffy red cunt until Gwen screamed and squirted her juices all over them. Which was then followed by Leslie’s first orgasm of the day, instigated by Greg’s gyrating hand inside her stretched cunt.

But that was then, and now Leslie was aching for the monster orgasm that was bearing down on her like a runaway train, thanks to the massive cock that was fully inside her. So she shoved her hand back into her pussy and began vigorously working over her clit while Lute took the cue and increased the speed of his fuck thrusts into her soon-to-be-flooding cunt.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Luther! Oh, yeah!” Leslie groaned as the first electric waves of her orgasm coursed through her body, “Yeah, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah! Give it to me! Give it to me!”

And after more increasingly frantic moans and cries, Leslie threw back her head and wailed as she came, and then collapsed onto the soft rug, panting for air and laughing at the dramatic scene she had just made.

Still hard as a rock, Lute slid his slick member out of his lover’s wet pussy and knelt behind her. Reaching down, he caressed Leslie’s soft ass cheeks and looked over at Gwen and Greg, who had momentarily paused their lovemaking to witness Leslie’s impossible-to-ignore climax.

“Nice work there, stud!” Greg laughed. While Gwen, whose head was still in Greg’s lap, just smiled as she looked down at her sated daughter, and then over to Lute. Fixing her eyes on his huge slick cock that had just emerged from her daughter’s gushing pussy, she saw how it was now glistening like a big flexed muscle in the light of the fire. And she sighed in anticipation of having it inside her again.

Seeing that Lute was momentarily unoccupied, Greg decided it was time to show him more of these ladies’ true slutty selves, some of which he was pretty sure would be new to the young man. He knew that Gwen and Leslie had dabbled in some mildly nasty behavior with Lute, but Greg was ready to move beyond that tame stuff and get into what these ladies had really come to expect and enjoy with him. So, signaling his intentions to Gwen, he positioned himself behind her and asked, “Is your slut ass ready for my cock, baby?”

“My ass is always ready for you,” Gwen cooed back with a sexy smile. And then she shifted herself onto her side and positioned her torso to give him optimal access to her hindquarters that, in preparation for this moment, had already been liberally anointed with lube.

Spitting on his fingers, Greg worked them into Gwen’s puckered anus and opened her up in preparation for his cock. And while Gwen maintained steady eye contact with Lute, Greg began pushing his meat into her asshole, causing her to grimace and moan as he did.

“Uh…uh…yes, lover, yes!” she grunted as he continued feeding her channel more of his hard rod, “That’s right, baby, do it! Fuck my ass!” And it wasn’t long before all of Greg’s prick was planted in her rear chute and he was slowly pounding her ass while her big tits flopped about as she huffed and moaned with each thrust of his member.

“Yes, lover, yes, fuck my ass! You know I love it nasty!” she moaned wickedly.

Leslie, who had been resting on the floor in her post-orgasmic bliss, now stirred as she heard the action heating up. Moving onto her side, she leaned against Lute and watched as her mom displayed the slutty behavior that Greg so provoked in them.

Then lifting up Gwen’s top leg, Greg slipped his hand into her crotch and inserted several fingers as he began to finger-fuck her pussy, gradually driving his hand deeper into her twat.

“Oh, my god, yes!” Gwen moaned as more of Greg’s hand disappeared into her gaping cunt. And looking over at Lute, she saw him resting on his haunches as Leslie slowly stroked his prodigious shaft as they watched Greg and Gwen’s decadent display.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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