The Rower Ch. 02

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The previous night I had rescued two stranded rowers, left behind by their team mates, and given them a meal and sleeping facilities at my home just down the road. ( see The Rower — Erotic couplings). I had also arranged transport for today to get them to their respective destinations.

Early this morning I got a phone call from the family that would take Craig home, to say they would leave earlier than expected and would pick him up on the way past my place. I let him know when he came in for breakfast.

“Oh thanks for that,” he said. “By the way did you hear or see Sandy late last night? She got up to go to the toilet last night but was gone for ages. I must have dropped off to sleep again and when I woke this morning she was in the single bed.”

His tone was almost accusative and his face looked threatening.

“As a matter of fact i did. She came down to my office and had been crying. Did something happen between you two to upset her?” I asked.

“Oh we had a few words.” he replied and then asked, “Did she say anything about it?”

“As a matter of fact, yes she did. And in my opinion you let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers.” was my answer.

“What exactly do you mean by that?” Craig queried.

“Well according to her story you were rough and abusive to her. And also let slip she was nothing more than a team bet. That not only hurt her self esteem but has been a pattern in her life before where boys are concerned. So now we have a very frightened girl who has lost a lot of self esteem and whose whole future life could be in jeopardy.” I told him.

He looked a bit abashed by that and almost to himself, commented “Maybe that’s why I got the cold shoulder this morning.”

His ride turned up not long after and he said his goodbyes and left.

A few minutes later, Sandy came out from the bathroom. She looked stunningly different from yesterday with light make-up and freshly washed cascading sandy blonde hair. She came over to where I was sitting at the dining table with my cup of coffee, leant over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Has he gone?” she asked.

I nodded affirmative and she put her arms around me and gave me a sideways hug.

“So what time do you have to take me back to the Rowing Centre?”

“Not till about 4 o’clock.” I said.

“Oh goody. Do you mind if I spend some of that time sunbathing because it is going to be such a beautiful day?” said Sandy.

“You go ahead love. I’ve got to mow the lawns anyway. Oh and by the way there is a skateboard sitting in my car. Does that belong to you?” I asked.

“I’m glad that didn’t get lost. I thought I had left it in the team bus. Do you mind if I do a bit of practice down the driveway?” she asked.

“You go ahead but watch out for me on the ride-on mower.” I laughed.

After another coffee but no mention of last night’s activity, Sandy asked “Is the mower that green thing in the shed we were in last night?”

“Sure is, I said. And I will be starting with it in about half an hour. Before I do though, can I ask you a favour? Would you mind if I took a few pictures of you at some stage — just to have a reminder of what you shared with me last night?”

She smiled before saying softly “You can and maybe I can do some posing shots for you as well.”

“That would be nice, thank you. Let’s see how the day develops, but I must get the lawns done first.” I said, determined to keep this day as low key as possible.

While she was having breakfast I went and got my old sun hat and headed off to the shed. Today was going to be another scorcher so a T shirt and shorts were my usual attire. My legs and arms were deep brown from months in the sun but the rest of me was quite sallow. I decided to ditch the T shirt for the morning to try and get a bit of a tan on my back and chest.

With 7 separate lawn areas covering about ¾ of an acre it can take up to 2 hours mowing. The mower has a massive catcher but as most of the cuttings go into the small paddock we have for the 2 cows, it takes time to unload multiple catcher loads.

I set off down the long front drive mowing as I went and was well into the routine when Sandy came shooting down on her skate board. I Anadolu Yakası Escort watched with envy as her young agile body balanced on that scary piece of wood on wheels. She waved to me as she went flying past and reached the road. Then she scooted her way back up to where I was at the entrance to the large front lawn.

“It looks so different in the daytime,” she said. “All those tall hedges and trees give the house and gardens so much privacy.” “No one can see into the property at all.”

“Well there aren’t many houses further up either.” I said, “So it is like a forgotten road with hardly any traffic on it at all. Just as well considering what you are almost not wearing.” She laughed.

“I want to read some of these magazines in the house for a while but then I would like to get out into the sun later. Would it be all right for me to sunbathe naked somewhere?”

“Anywhere you like, but don’t lie where I could run over you with the mower.” I laughed.

She scooted off on her board and I spent the next hour or so doing the lawns. I didn’t see her anywhere and put the mower away when I finished, then headed to the house for a coffee and some lunch.

She was in the main bathroom trying to put sun tan lotion on her back. As she heard me approach she called out “Douglas, would you mind helping me with this sun tan lotion?”

I entered, and there she was stark naked. I knew from last night that she had a phenomenal figure but it had been quite dark in the shed. The bathroom had a row of high windows that just let the light stream in and I was stunned.

My determination to keep it low key just shot out of the window.

I said to Sandy “You offered to pose for me and I think this could be the right moment, if that’s ok with you?”

She smiled and said “I was hoping this would be the right place and time.”

So I went to my office, grabbed my digital camera and rushed back to the bathroom. I put the suntan on her back and buttocks and then got her to pose in different ways, including some that became more intimate, as she warmed up to the novelty of exposing her incredible body. It is not every day you have a naked 5 foot 10 inch, 18 year old body of a compliant female rower in your camera sights.

Once again nature took its course and I had an erection. Sandy couldn’t help but notice it because it is my habit around home to not wear underpants. I was also quite burnt from the sun across my shoulders and sweating freely. Not only from the mowing, but also from viewing Sandy’s wonderful and unashamed exposure of her gorgeous body.

In some ways this girl was pretty savvy for her age, despite previous unfavourable episodes with young males.

“Douglas”, she said, “we need to do something about that sunburn and about that growth between your legs. Why don’t we get into the shower and let me take care of both?”

Well there goes my decision to be more celibate with this incredible example of womanhood.

So we both got into the glass walled shower big enough to take 4 people that also had two sprinkler heads that were detachable. She turned the water to a warm setting and removed one sprinkler head to direct it onto my shoulders as I faced away from her.

The water made my shoulders burn but she told me this was the way rowers removed sunburn. After a few minutes the burn had subsided to an acceptable level and I told her it felt better.

So she removed the water jet from my shoulders and took it slowly down my back. She asked me to stand with my legs apart and then directed the spray across my buttocks and then between my legs. I had lost a bit of my erection by this stage but the spray hitting the back of my ball sack and my anus soon changed that.

Then she turned me around and sprayed the top of my erection. The feeling was unbelievable and my cock filled with more blood and became even thicker and longer.

I grabbed the other spray nozzle and directed it at her nipples first, then down to her pussy. She spread her legs wide so I could direct it upwards right into her cunt.

The effect on her was almost instant. She began to rock her pelvis in the first throes of an orgasm so I pulled her to me and pushed myself into Bostancı Escort her. We stood like that quietly for a moment until she gasped “Fuck me like last night….please Douglas.”

So I began to thrust into her. I was being less gentle than the last time, but I felt she had grown from that experience and was ready for a more robust fuck. It didn’t take long for her to come and in the process she raked her nails across my sunburnt back.

That hurt but seemed to fit with my need to be more aggressive, unlike last night when I was the gentle sex teacher.

On an impulse I pulled out of her and she looked at me with astonishment. I gave her a long sexy kiss then turned her around. She knew immediately what I had in mind so she dropped the shower head to the floor and bent over with one had grasping her ankle and the other against the shower wall.

Her pussy was wide open and I thrust into her to full length. I fingered her rosebud anus hole until one finger had entered and the muscle relaxed. I could feel her internal quivering with my finger and as I fucked her lovely pussy her anus opened up even more.

Leaning down to her I said softly “Are you ready for another sex lesson Sandy.”

She whispered “Oh yes but don’t hurt me please,” obviously guessing my intentions.

“It might hurt for just a moment but then I hope you will enjoy it.” I grunted as I pulled out of her pussy and coated her anus with pre-cum.

Slowly and gently I eased the head in and waited for her sphincter muscle to adjust. She gasped as it entered but didn’t pull away. Gradually I pushed more of my thick length into her until it wouldn’t go any further. She winced as it went in but calmed down as I started a lazy in and out movement. With one hand tweaking her nipples and the other on her clit, her desires soon overrode the discomfit.

As I increased my stroke her body started to move with the rhythm and when I asked if she was OK with it in her she nodded her assent. And so began one of the best anal fucks of my long life.

She told me the feeling was different and she felt like she was being raped by an animal, and that made it more exciting. For both of us.

This innocent young girl had gone overnight from a timid and sexually ignorant person, to one who had now enjoyed 5 different sexual positions in 24 hour. She was growing up fast.

As we both neared our climax she leant back and softly fondled my ball sack. To do this she had to lean against the shower wall with her head. Then she said “Don’t come in there please. I want to try something else.”

She pulled away from me and my cock flopped out. Immediately she got a flannel and washed it, then guided it towards her face.

“Last night you told me what a blow job was. Can I try and do that for you properly this time?”

There was no way I could refuse. I was very close to exploding so it wasn’t going to take much. But I said “Sandy I am likely to explode without warning while I am in your mouth. If that happens and it is unpleasant for you, just spit me out, cock and all.”

She winked and took me into her mouth without hesitation and began to make love to my cock with her lips, kisses and tongue. Her hands were busy too, one fondling my balls while the other was around my cock. Just as I was about to come and warned her, she looked me in the eye, took her hand away and allowed my cock to go down her throat.

I blew like a steam engine, right down her gullet. She didn’t gag, or flinch. She just swallowed me with a smile on her face. When my spasms had finished she removed my cock with an even bigger smile on her face.

“I just had to do that for you because you have taught me so much about mutual enjoyment; and I loved it.”

“There are going to be some very happy young men in your future.” was all I could say.

I also realised she had not yet come properly so suggested we get dried and go to a bed where I wanted to take some pictures of her pussy and give her one more climax. We went to my queen sized bed where I proceeded to eat her out and finger her anus to make her come in a huge climax. She then proceeded to masturbate me until I came again too.

Finally we got up. I went to make Erenköy Escort the forgotten lunch and she went out to spend an hour or two on the back lawn sunbathing, completely naked. She chose an area by the back foyer that was in plain view of the kitchen and sun room windows. She lay on a large towel I had given her with her legs angled towards the window.

I glanced out once or twice — who am I kidding — almost every 30 seconds and sometimes she was lying on her back with her legs wide open. I wish I had that view every day. I had to smile, because of the trust she was showing in me, but there were moments when I just wanted to go out and ravish her.

I took out some sandwiches and cold orange juice and joined her on the back lawn. It was impossible not to constantly gaze at and admire this incredible female form. Somehow, despite all the attention it had already had, and considering my advanced age, my penis began to harden again.

I went down to my office to do some routine work on the computer to stop looking at her and to allow my rampant desire to calm down and eventually it went passive again.

I gathered up the lunch remnants and returned to the kitchen to tidy the place up.

When she came in still beautifully naked and natural about ½ an hour later, I said “I want to show you one more thing about sex before you leave. Are you up to that?”

“I am feeling so wonderful inside I feel I could do this with you all day and every day. So whatever it is, I know I will enjoy it” she replied.

“OK, as you can see I am pretty flaccid. Make me hard first, in whatever way comes naturally to you.”

“And then what?” she wanted to know.

“You will see.” I murmured.

She led me to one of the couches in the sun room, then went down on her knees. She bent and kissed the small bundle lying there and then put her hand behind my ball bag and softly stroked that area down to my anus. It began to rise slowly at first but when she ran it across with her lips then her tongue, it became rigid very fast.

Finally she brought her breasts together and held it between them while I began to push up and down. It was heaven. Her breasts were firm but soft on the sides and when I took both nipples in my hands she started to rock her pelvis backwards and forwards.

I congratulated her on such a fine job and pulled free before I shot a load over her tits.

“So what comes next?” she asked.

“More of the same.” I said. “You pre-empted what I had in mind. I love breasts and yours are so perfect and magnificent I just want to fuck them.”

So she took my swollen cock and rubbed it against her nipples, trying to push them into the hole of my cock. Then she lay on the floor and invited me to do what I wanted. She squeezed them together again and allowed me to haunch over her and fuck between them.

She put a finger to my anus and pressed it until she gained entry. Every time I made a stroke up towards her face she lifted up her head and touched the head of my cock with her tongue.

At just such a moment I spurted cum onto her lips and as I pulled away, all over those wonderful tits. She came at the same time.

She licked her lips and then rubbed the come into her breasts.

“I want to take this with me as a reminder of an incredible weekend of experiences. Douglas, I don’t have the words to say how much you have done for me, except to say I will never, in whatever life I have ahead of me, forget this precious gift you have given me.”

We kissed and I had another shower and got dressed into a shirt and trousers. My sex weapon had retreated into the deepest shell it could find — I was literally shagged out.

Later that afternoon I dropped her off at the rowing centre. As we kissed chastely and said our goodbyes she said “I will never forget you and what you have done for me. You have changed my life around and I owe you that debt forever. Here is my phone number. Please ring me anytime you want me — I will come running.”

Then she walked away towards the car to take her home. She waved and gave me a brilliant smile as she got into it, then she was gone.

No I haven’t rung her. I don’t need to, because by writing this story she will always be with me and in my memories. I can masturbate and relieve myself just as easily from memory or by reading this story over and over again, or by gazing at her photos. But I do go down now and then to watch the rowing. One day I just might see her on the water again.

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