The Schoolroom

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It was a hot June afternoon, and Wimbledon was in full swing. Those who wished were allowed to watch the tennis on the school television, set up in the Latin classroom due to its relative darkness.

Rachel had little interest in tennis, apart from a fleeting delicious fantasy she’d once had about being on court, playing with her usual energy and inaccuracy in front of a large crowd, and then discovering that under her brief little shift dress she’d forgotten to wear any knickers… and that the ball boys were big, meaty lads who’d proceeded to utterly lose control at the sight of her tight little buttocks, and had ravished her most thoroughly on the hallowed grass of Centre Court.

Now, however, she sighed as she picked up her Physics books, and headed off to the dusty, deserted Science Wing for a lunchtime tutorial with Mr. Brennan. Only three weeks until her ‘A’ level, and she was still very behind in her studies, he said; Rachel’s parents had protestingly agreed to pay for extra private tuition.

She trudged up the stairs to the classroom, wrinkling her nose at the smell of gas and formaldehyde that came from the Biology Room, feeling hot, sticky and annoyed that she couldn’t be out lounging on the grass with her classmates, chatting idly about boys, and how far they’d gone….. wicked Fiona of course said she’d done it all the way with Bomber Harris, but Rachel had her doubts. She was now eighteen, but thanks to a careful upbringing had never yet had more than a casual snog with a boy. Her full young breasts tightened and tingled at the thought of being caressed by a man, and her nipples stiffened, poking through her sensible cotton bra and uniform shirt. Defiantly hitching her short, straight skirt a little higher up her long, tanned legs, she went into the classroom and sat down in the front row.

Mr. Brennan was as usual untidily dressed, his shirt sleeves rolled up above the elbow, his tie loosened, and his trousers rumpled. Rachel smiled to herself – at least today he’d remembered to do up his flies.

They’d giggled for weeks after the time he strode into the room, his shirt flapping out the opening, but even eagle-eyed Fiona couldn’t say she’d seen anything else…. but Rachel felt a little squirming warmth at the way his face had flushed deep red when he’d realised, and had turned his back to do himself aksaray escort up.

Still, he was a good teacher, and some of the girls even had crushes on him, defensively pointing out that he was ‘dead hunky’ even if he wasn’t tall. His shock of greying blonde hair was usually messy, and on the whole Rachel thought that as a specimen of manhood, he was probably a bit sad.

However, today he was there, anxious and flurried, and launched into teaching her the details of something she’d missed months before, firing questions at her to make sure she understood.

Ten minutes into the tutorial, he flung down his pen.

‘Look, come and draw it on the blackboard. You’ll understand it then’.

She uncrossed her legs, stood up, and took up the chalk he offered her. His fingers briefly touched hers – to her surprise, she felt an electric shock thrill at the contact. She drew out diagrams as he instructed, and he stood close to her, almost touching her, showing her how it worked. She suddenly felt hot, flushed and damp, particularly between the legs… this was ridiculous, and utterly unexpected, but she was getting amazingly aroused by him! They were alone in the building, and from the open windows she heard the faint voices of her friends, and from further off the drone of the television commentator at Wimbledon. But close, so close that he could reach out and touch her, was Mr. Brennan, the untidy, absent-minded but passionate teacher… she could feel his warmth, and smell his faint, spicy scent.

She stood frozen, unable to move or speak, just breathing swift, shallow breaths and staring at the blackboard. He moved closer to her, took the chalk from her fingers and laid it gently down.

‘I think you understand now?’ he murmured, as he took that final terrible step, and put his arms around her, drawing her close, his chest a warm hardness against her back, and lower down… oh god, lower down! She nearly fainted – he was excited, oh god, he was ERECT, pushing against her firm buttocks!

He kissed the back of her neck, and she sagged back in his arms, trembling and breathless, silent.

‘Well, Rachel? Do I make myself clear?’ he murmured as his big, rough hands caressed her breasts and flat belly, stroking her and holding her firmly against himself.

She parted her legs, almost topkapı escort sitting on the massive bulge at his groin – then reached around behind, and stroked it, feeling for the first time the hot, hard gland of a man. ‘yes…’ she whispered, and he turned her around, took her firmly in his arms and kissed her, his tongue darting hard and deep into her mouth, demanding her response. She moaned softly, and pressed close to him, her juices running hot and wet in her cunt, longing just to have him take her. With trembling fingers he unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled her bra up, releasing her full breasts, then bent to kiss and suck her nipples. She cried out in delight, every movement and touch of him opening up a new world of sexual pleasure that she’d only dreamed of before… then his hands were fumbling, lifting her skirt, diving inside her thin, tiny knickers, greedily exploring her mons and parting her cunt lips, feeling how wet and willing she was.

‘You want to do it? All the way?’ he whispered, and she nodded, so aroused and hot-blooded that she ignored any vestiges of common sense.

‘Get ‘em off.’ he said, and she pulled off her knickers, kicking them onto the floor. She pulled up her skirt, and moved her hips, grinding her cunt down onto his hand, moaning with pleasure and desire.

His thick fingers were hard, stiff, exploring her tight little cunt, probing and pushing, thrusting deep inside her… with a rush of liquid joy she parted her legs, encouraging him, using her muscles to pull him further in, to clench tight on him…he groaned and gently withdrew his hand, tickling her stiff pink clitoris as he did so, then fumbled desperately with his flies.

‘I’ll do that’ she whispered, and carefully undid the button and zipper, pulling it down slowly, gasping as his erection was released. She’d never seen a man’s cock before, and now, this huge, deep red, veined shaft took her breath away… softly, slowly, she ran her fingers over it, exploring in turn, gripping harder as he showed her how to give maximum pleasure.

He glanced at the clock – hardly five minutes left, they’d have to hurry. He hated to do it quickly, this first time, but there wasn’t any choice. She was so hot and wet, being virgin didn’t seem to make her at all hesitant.

‘Turn round, and bend over the desk.’

She sarıyer escort obeyed, and he tucked her skirt up around her waist, exposing her round bottom, the cunt lips still scarcely covered with a downy fuzz of pubic hair. She straddled her legs, pushing her buttocks up and apart, and he gasped as the tip of his cock nudged against her cunt, and then with a moan he gripped her hips and thrust deep, deep into her, shoving her roughly down against the desk, hearing her gasp as he slid into her up to the hilt. She was so tight, but wet and willing, and he withdrew to the flaring hood of his cock, then impaled her again, and stroked her bottom as he stood, almost coming at once with the intensity of his arousal. Her muscles gripped his cock like a dozen skilled hands, working him, pulling him in, and he felt the rhythm of his thrusting growing in her, as he plunged in deep, again and again and again, short powerful strokes that made her moan and lift up off the desk. The soft wet sounds of her cunt and her moans were joined by his gasping for breath, as his climax built, his balls tensing so heavy and full of spunk, and then that wonderful shivering release as his cock, driving deep into her young body, began to climax, shooting his thick rich cum out into her, making her jerk and cry out in delight as her cunt blossomed into orgasm. As his spunk bathed her cunt he felt that sudden drenching of sweat that comes with orgasm, and fell shivering across her, jerking spasmodically as he came spiralling down from the heights of pleasure.

He hugged her tight, briefly, then they both jumped as the first warning bell – that gave five minutes until the commencement of afternoon lessons – clanged through the school. He withdrew from her, dripping spunk and her juices, and wiped himself hurriedly on his shirt tails, then did himself up, while she found her knickers and pulled them on, her knees shaking with her happy release as she did so.

He checked the desk; apart from a small damp patch on the front edge, it was clean, and he raked his fingers through his hair as she gathered up her books, then giving him a saucy smile, sauntered out of the room, pulling her skirt down as she went – but not enough to completely cover the shiny wet skin of her inner thighs.

He sat heavily at his desk, exhausted and sated. He’d finally done it, he’d fucked Rachel, the long-legged, lazily seductive queen of the class. And she’d been a virgin… but had reacted like a seasoned whore. He smiled as he replayed the action, feeling his cock, so long unused, stirring sluggishly again at the memories.

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