The Scientific Method

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My first fuck was a disaster. I had several dates with this girl, the first two very platonic. The third we did some deep kissing and rubbing. The fourth, she fondled my cock and I rubbed her pussy. The fifth date we did the deed.

It was my first time and might have been her first, not sure, but in any event she was inexperienced. I certainly was.

I kissed her a few times, rubbed my finger up and down her slit and pushed it in a few times. I handed the condom to her and asked her to put it on me. She said she didn’t know how. I didn’t either but it wasn’t that hard. I pushed my cock into her and went a mile-a-minute thrusting away. I probably didn’t last two minutes and I was out of breath. I decided this was not going well and pulled out. It was just as well as the condom had broken, too much friction I guess.

Needless to say, there were no sweet murmurings, no hugs. I got dressed and left, totally humiliated. No more dates with her, I didn’t even try.

Life moves on and teen embarrassments are (mostly) forgotten. I’m now a freshman at U of M in the pre-engineering program. New faces, new challenges. I lived in the dorm, which was required by all freshman. That was fine and I met more people that way. I’m rather shy and find it difficult to start conversations.

I am the science geek type, inclined to research, analysis, lab work. That type of process works well in chemistry lab and similar physical sciences. I naturally wanted to pursue a possible sexual relationship with some girl but was extremely gun-shy of screwing up again like in high school. Let’s face it, I was a horny eighteen-year-old intimidated by nubile girls.

My physics class had two girls, the rest were guys. Janice and I hit it off and soon we were friends. She introduced me to her friends, and I with the guys I knew. She was very pretty with a nice, slim body. Not much on top but I had never been a big boob guy. Her attractiveness was somewhat hidden by some thick glasses and a terrible hair style. Even nerdy me knew the glasses were awful.

I suppose people gravitate mostly towards those with something in common. Handsome guys and good looking girls. Tall and tall. Outgoing and outgoing. I’m not totally sure that works for two shy people. If neither takes a step forward, nothing happens. But I was smart enough to know that shy, or not, I had to take some initiative if I wanted to get to know her. Fortunately, I found Janice easy to talk to. She planned to be a math and science major and we seemed to talk the same language.

We went on several dates, all very platonic with just a little kiss back at her dorm. I began to fantasize about us doing things. When my dorm roommate was elsewhere I would jack off to lurid thoughts of me fucking her. Needless to say, the reality was rather different. Until one day.

“Janice, we have gone out several times. Does that make me your boyfriend?”

“I suppose it does, John. If that’s what you want.”

“Oh, yeah. I like you very much.”

“Good, that suits me too. Does that mean you will want to take liberties with me?” she said with a grin.

I was caught off-guard and didn’t know how to respond. Of course I wanted to but could I admit the truth?

She laughed. “I know guys all have the same thing on their mind. Pussy. Right?”

“Uh, I suppose. But I, that is, we wouldn’t …”

“I suspect if it were up to you, we would still be doing a chaste kiss at the door a year from now. I figure if you are going to be my boyfriend, sooner or later we are going to have sex. Let’s be honest. That’s what would happen if things go like I want them to.”

“Ah, well, that would be good.”

“I suspect you and I are equally inexperienced at all this, am I right?”

“Yeah, that’s certainly a true statement.”

“So if I eventually want to us to be competent lovers, we have to learn what to do. Right?”

“Yeah.” I was unsure where all this was going. She was in control of the conversation.

“Let’s admit it, John. You and I are both geeks. Introverted, technical types. That’s probably why we get along together so well. Well, I think we have to take advantage of our skills.”

“And they are?” I was now totally confused.

“The scientific method. You know, study, analysis, lab work. We know how to do that. How about applying science to the art of sex?”

I was starting to understand. “You mean, we research and then try things?”

“You got it. There’s lots of porn on line. We learn about different things to do. Then we try to emulate. Maybe we’re not too good the first time or two but we keep doing ‘lab’ work. I think we could have lots of fun. What do you think?”

“Damn, Janice, you are so methodical, I’m impressed. Do you really think that we eventually would have sex?”

“Probably but maybe not. Maybe along the way we decide to call the whole thing off. Maybe at the end I chicken out. Somehow I don’t think you would, but maybe I decide not to go all the way. Lots of maybes. You know, not all lab experiments work out. We would have to have an understanding ankara escort that there are no commitments.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean. We take it a step at a time. Our relationship and our intimacy.”

We decided to give it a try. As our first assignment Janice and I were independently to learn about male and female bodies. The “lab” work would consist of caressing and fondling. It seemed like a really good place to start.

We met for lunch two days later. “How you doing with your research, John?”

“Good. I’ve looked at probably twenty porn video where they do some foreplay. So I’m getting some sense as to what works. But most video jump too quickly into oral sex or intercourse. I also have done some Google searches on erotic zones.”

“What have you found out?”

“Well, earlobes are sensitive. So is behind the ear, on your side just above your hip bone. Of course your breasts and nipples. Inside of your thighs and naturally your pussy and lips. Between your pussy and anus. And most sensitive, apparently, is your clitoris. That’s what I found.”

“Pretty good. You guys don’t seem to have as many sensitive places. Nipples, of course. Also between your cock and anus. Your cock and balls, and your prostate.”


“Yeah, that’s inside, kind of behind your bladder. Gay guys know all about it. A finger in your butt supposedly really turns a guy on, I read. Also a cock in there.”

“Well, we can skip that. What’s next?”

“Well, I want to watch some more porn to see how to jack off your cock. I hope you are learning how to use your fingers on my pussy. I’m counting on you.”

“Yeah, most of the time the guy uses one or two fingers, rubbing it up and down between the girl’s pussy lips and then pushes it inside. Then he goes in and out, using his fingers like a cock. Then either he or the girl massages her clitoris.

“I noticed that all the girls in the porn videos have bare pussies. They have shaved their pubic hair. I think it looks really sexy. Would you consider doing it?”

“Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Assuming we move on to the next step, I will want you to eat my pussy. From what I read, bare pussy eliminates the problem of stray hairs. I wonder how I can do it?”

“If you could arrange for your roommate to be away for an hour or so, I could help. Maybe you sit on the toilet seat and I shave you. Would probably be safer than you doing it yourself.”

“OK, that sound reasonable. But let me talk with Alice. She’s pretty active sexually and might have already gone bare. If so, she can give us some pointers.”

The next day Janice updated me. “Alice says she’s been bare for two years and loves it. She trims up every other day or so if she plans sex. And she’s ok with us doing it in our dorm room. She also said we can use her scissors to first cut the hair. She also said something interesting.”


“Yeah, she says you should trim up your bush too and at least partially shave. Do you have lots of hair down there?”

“About normal, I suppose.”

“How about your balls, are they hairy?”

“I don’t know, never really paid attention.”

“She says I should shave your balls if they need it and some or all of your pubic hair. She said more and more guys are doing it, that it makes their cocks stand out more. You willing to give it a try?”

“I guess.”


“Oh, wow, Janice! You have a great body. So sexy. Gosh, you are perfect.” I stared at her perky B-cup breasts, then down her slender body to her crotch. “Wow, I can’t get over how good you look.”

Janice blushed and beamed, slowly turned to give me a good look at her back side. Tight bubble-butt!

“I’m so glad you like me. I didn’t have anything up top until a year ago and they’re still not as big as most girls.”

“They are perfect. I like how your nipples tilt upwards. Can I touch?”

“Of course.”

I gently fondled her breasts and tweaked her stiff nipples between my fingers.

“Better stop, John,” she admonished with a giggle, “or we’ll never get done. Now take off your clothes, I want to see your cock.”

I was a little on the skinny side but my pride and joy was my cock. I hoped she liked it.

“God, what a cock! My, my, my! What a big boy you are,” she exclaimed, taking my cock in hand. “You must be at least as big as the guys in the porn videos. Oh, it’s perfect. And so hard. And look, there’s some drops of stuff coming out of the little hole in the end. Is that semen?”

“No, that stuff just comes out if I start to get excited. It’s some sort of lubricant. When I climax there’s much more.”

She used a finger to spread it around my cock head.

“Yeah, it is slippery stuff and your head is so smooth. Interesting. I can feel your testicles?”

“Sure, but be very careful. Don’t squeeze, ok?”

“Oh, now I understand why some people call them ‘nuts.’ Like small walnuts. So that’s where all the baby making juice comes from, huh? Your cock is so big but your balls seem kind of small. Is that normal?”

“As far as I know. ankara escort bayan I don’t go around checking out guys.”

“No, I suppose not. Well, we better get started, don’t you think? Will your cock stay hard?”

“I don’t know, never done anything like this before. Maybe.”

I trimmed and shaved Janice’s pussy. It was fun doing it. She looked so different, like a little girl. When finished she placed a towel on her bed and laid down, legs spread. I applied hand lotion to the newly shaved area.

“That really feels nice, John. Squirt some lotion between my lips. Now run your finger up and down, like we talked about. Yes, oh baby, that feels good. Keep doing it. Now push a finger into my pussy. Easy.”

She drew in a breath. I started moving my finger in and out of her hole.

“Oh, honey, it’s just like you are fucking me. Use two fingers now. Yes. Oh, yes.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her pussy, pushing my fingers deep into her hot tunnel.

“Oh, Oh….. Oh. Oh,” she whimpered as she repeatedly thrust her hips up. My girl was having her first orgasm.

A few seconds later she slumped down like she was in a daze. After a minute she pulled me to her. “John, oh John! You did it just right. I had no idea it could feel so good. Thank you. Thank you.”

I was hugely happy that I was able to give her this pleasure.

She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at me. “We are going to have so much fun, honey. Now your turn.

But first, how about we trimming you up like Alice suggested?”

“I guess, but be careful. A guy’s balls are really sensitive.”

I sat on the toilet stool, my stiff cock sticking up at a 45-degree angle. Janice first cut my pubic hair really short and then lathered me up and started shaving. When she was through all the hair was gone.

“Well, you sure look different. I like it.”

I looked down. My cock did look longer, no longer nestled in the hair. Well, no one else is going to see me except Janice. We moved back to her bed. Adding lots of hand lotion, she stroked my cock.

“What a great cock you have, John. Look, I can get both hands on it, and the head is still sticking out. And so fat. I had no idea you were so well endowed. Do you like what I’m doing? Is this how you jack off?”

“Yes, feels really good. Much more exciting than when I do it. I think I’m getting close; my cock head is starting to become really sensitive.” She stroked faster.

“Oh, here it comes!” I shot a big burst of cum a foot into the air, landing on my chest. Two more pulses followed.

“Wow, that was a lot. I didn’t know there would be so much. That was neat! I guess I did ok?”


In the shower we fondled each other. I soaped up her pussy and pushed two slippery fingers inside. She lathered up my limp cock which started to get half-hard.

“Damn, John, don’t tell me you are almost ready again? Too bad, we don’t have time, Alice will be back soon.”

And so went our shaving exercise and sexual fondling. We continued to play with each other whenever either her roommate or mine gave us privacy. After that first time we watched porn videos together, picking up small details we previously missed.


“What are you doing, girl,” Alice asked Janice as she entered their dorm room.

“Oh, nothing. Just fiddling.”

Alice leaned over her shoulder and looked at the laptop. “Damn, you are watching porn. Let me see. Oh, I like that, nice big cock. She’s doing a good job, don’t you think?”

“Looks like it. How deep is it going into her mouth, maybe three inches?”

“Probably. That’s about the max before it hits the back of your throat.”

“What’s deep throat? I’ve heard that term.”

“God, girl, don’t you know anything? Deep throat was the name of a famous porn movie years ago. The girl takes a cock all the way.”

“How is that possible? Looks way too big.”

“Yeah, with the cocks these guys have it’s not easy. But most guys don’t have these monster cocks. Most are shorter and not as fat. Easier to suck and even deep throat.”

“Sounds like you speak from experience.”

“Oh, I do. As soon as I started dating I found out that guys wanted sex. I wasn’t about to lose my virginity to some pimply-faced, over-sexed guy. So I learned how to give blow jobs. Most guys were plenty satisfied, especially since I became so good at it. A few still wanted to fuck. I did let a couple eat me out and that was fun. They thought I would then let them do the deed but I still said no.

“So how come you are doing research? Most of us just do it and the guys tell us if they like it. That’s how I learned. Learning by doing.”

“I suppose what John and I are doing would seem rather strange to others.”

“And that is?”

“We plan to become lovers, really good lovers. We like each other. I think he is super sexy and he thinks I’m pretty. But both being so geeky, we want to do it step by step, the ‘scientific way.’ So I’m doing research on blowjobs, our next step.”

“What is he doing?”

“He’s escort ankara researching eating pussy. I assume he’s looking at porn, maybe doing some reading. Anyway we plan to try it soon.”

“You guys are a real hoot! Researching blowjobs and pussy eating. Well, if you ever get around to doing it, let me know. I might want to borrow him. None of the guys I’m seeing will go down on me. You said that was the next step. What have you done so far?”

“Well, first the usual kissing. Then he rubbed and massaged my breasts and I fondled his cock. Then he played with my pussy.”

“Sounds good. How did your pussy shaving go?”

“Very well. He shaved me and then I shaved him. Really makes us look different. We both like my pussy bare. I think his cock looks even bigger without all his hair. Then he did a great job of finger-fucking me. We used some lotion and he put one, and then two, fingers in. It felt really good. Then he used his other hand to massage my clit. We read about that. That set me off and I had my first ever orgasm.”

“And what did you do for him?”

“I rubbed lotion onto his cock and stroked it. I also played with his balls. Once I got up a good rhythm he really liked it. When he squirted, his stuff landed on his chest. We were both so surprised it shot so much and so far. That’s all we have done.”

“What is his cock like?”

“Really big, almost scary if I think about it going into my pussy one day. I can put both hands on it and the head still sticks past. And it’s really fat. I want to try sucking it but I think it might be bigger than the ones in the porn videos.”

“I doubt it. Those guys are picked because they have much bigger cocks. And then what, you going to fuck him soon?”

“No, a step at a time and I might chicken out when the time gets close. But I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of days to get birth control. Alice, you said you only suck cock, does that mean you are still a virgin?”

“Yeah. And I intend to keep it that way until I find that special guy. You too?”

Janice started crying.

“What’s wrong honey, what did I say?”

“Oh, Alice, I was so stupid. So very stupid.”

“Come on, tell me. We are friends.”

“It was last year, a month before graduation. I had gone out with this guy several times. We went to this party, there was booze. I almost never drank and it really affected me. On the way home he pulled into a backroad and we moved to the back seat.

“We had done plenty of kissing on prior dates but that’s all. Next I knew he had unzipped my jeans, pushed my panties aside, and pushed a finger into my pussy. It felt good and I kissed him harder.

“Next I knew he had his cock out and was pressing it up to me. A moment later he shoved it in. It hurt like hell and I yelled out and tried to push him off of me. He thrust into me a few times and then I felt something warm fill me. He came inside me.

“A moment later he pulled out and told me to quit crying and pull myself together. He turned on the dome light and I could see my panties were all bloody. I cried even harder. He had taken my virginity and maybe made me pregnant.

“Shut up, shut the fuck up,” he yelled at me. He tossed me some tissues which I used to wipe between my legs. I put some extra ones between my legs and pulled up my jeans.

“Take me home,” I pleaded.

“Sure, anything you say. Stupid cunt, why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin. I sure hope you didn’t get blood all over the back seat. Stupid cunt.”

My insides hurt but I tried to walk normally into my house. Fortunately, mom and dad had already gone to bed. I cleaned up and went to bed.

“The next afternoon the bastard called. ‘How about going out tonight? You ready for more of my cock?'”

“Fuck off. I never want to see you again. And you better hope I’m not pregnant, you bastard.”

“Hey, baby. Don’t get mad. You wanted it, I know. I put my finger in and you went wild. What else was I to think? Anyway don’t blow me off. I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“Go to hell.”

“Well, yes, maybe. But look, it’s like this. You don’t want to go out with me, fine. I’ll spread the word among the guys that you are a terrible fuck. No good in bed. You want that kind of reputation, a slut who’s a dud in bed?”

“Go right ahead,” I told him, “and I’ll tell my friends about your little weanie and how you came in half a minute. Next time in the gym showers all the guys will check out your little nub. And the girls will laugh about being so quick on the trigger. So you go right ahead.

“That was the last time we talked. School ended a month later.”

“Oh, honey, that’s awful. What a bastard.”

“Yeah, and you know what, I’m sure John thinks I’m a virgin. He didn’t ask and I didn’t say otherwise. I’m worried it might wreck everything.”

“Maybe you can fake it. Some girls lose their hymens without having sex. And others don’t bleed much. You could get by.”

“No, I couldn’t do that to John.”

“Well, you don’t need to make a decision just yet.”

She pointed to the laptop where the girl was now sucking a black guy’s cock.

“Damn, that’s a big cock. I’ve never sucked a black guy, might be fun to try sometime. Hey, girl, I can give you all kinds of advice on doing it. Better yet, I could show you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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