The Screamer Ch. 02

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“I don’t know. He is usually always home,” Debbie told Rose. “I wanted to give him the new beer I got him so he can put it in the fridge before it gets warm and I have to leave.”

“You seem to know him quite well, what is he like?”, Rose inquired.

“I don’t know him as well as I’d like to. I can tell you this, he is not just a good looking man. He is a kind, gentle guy who looks at you when you speak and listens when you talk.”

“I’ve never talked to him.”

“What? You have lived upstairs from him for what, two years now? Why on earth have you never talked to him?” Debbie asked.

“He intimidates me, I think. I know he is single. He has always been pleasant when I’ve seen him in the hall. He always says hello and all that. I never even returned his greeting until this weekend.”

“Wow girlfriend,” Debbie quipped, “You don’t know what you’re missing. You really should get to know him. I doubt he’d bite.”

“After what I heard this weekend, are you sure of that?”

“Oh you heard them too huh?”

“Damned right I did. Who was that woman? Where did she come from and why oh why wasn’t that me?” Rose stated emphatically.

“Her name is Holly and she is a friend of his. He introduced her to me. She is a very sexy woman.”

“Her body is to die for. From what I heard, she sure loved what he did to her, and did to her, over and over again.” Rose laughed. “And he did her, over and over again.”

“Just how much did you hear?”

Rose laughed loudly and blushed deeply, “All of it. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday too. Let me just say, it was the best sex I never had.”

“I hear that. I heard all of it too. I have to say this, I am glad no one came into the building or they would have caught me in a very bad situation. I stood in the hall with my hand in my panties for hours listening to her screams and climaxes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet in my life.”

Rose laughed and opened her purse. “Hon, you should have come upstairs. I have another one of these.” With that, she pulled a stethoscope from her purse. “At least I was naked and when she came, so did we.”

“The big question now is, was she just loud or is he that good?” Debbie mused.

“I really don’t know but we’d better change the subject. Here he is.”

I pulled up and began unloading the car. Not a lot of food but a shit load of booze. Rum Runners take a lot to make and I never want to run out. I did buy food too and I wanted to get it taken care off as well. I entered the lobby and saw Debbie and the oriental girl standing there.

“Hi ladies, how is your day going?”

“Great, now that you are here.” Debbie said. “I was hoping to see you before I left.”

“Oh, what did I do now?”, I smirked.

“I have a couple of cases of a new beer and I want your opinion.”

I flashed a pleasant smile, “Oh, as long as I am not in trouble. Anything you want dear lady.”

“See Rose, you don’t have to be afraid of him. He’s a sweetheart.”

“Rose? Is your name Rose?”, I asked as I looked into her striking face. “Dammit, I am sure slipping. It has only taken me almost two years to find that out. I hate getting old.”

Debbie did the formal introductions and went to get the beer. She set it by my door and said she had to do a promotion at a local bar.

“You have a good evening Debbie.”

She reached over and quite uncharacteristically planted a soft kiss on my cheek, “Anything I want huh, I’ll have to remember that.”

“Now what the hell brought that on?”, I wondered aloud as I reached down to pick up my bags.”

“Here, let me help you with those,” Rose offered and picked up several heavy bags. “Debbie wasn’t kidding when she said that you’re apartment was spectacular. Who is your decorator?”

I began to laugh and my mind flashed back many years, “A couple of lovely women friends from Ft. Lauderdale. I’ve known them for years and anytime I move, they insist on doing my apartment or house.”

Rose wondered if that was all they insisted on doing but she kept that thought to herself. “Well they certainly have done a wonderful job on this place. I love the gray leather furniture. It is so rich. Where did you find this bar?”

“They had it custom made for here. Their interior decor business has flourished and they have amazing contacts. They will do anything I want.” Then I burst out laughing. “Anything, that is, but let me drive their car.”

Rose looked at me funny and I just smiled and said, “Sorry, private joke.”

“You sure bought a lot of rum here. You planning another party?

“No, but my favorite drink takes a lot of rum to make. Actually, I was just thinking of making one. Will you join me?

“I would love to but I’d like to change first, if that is okay.”

“Great, I’ll get the food and beer in the fridge while you are doing that. Hurry back.” I watched as Rose picked up her purse and noted her delicate features. Fashionably cut, jet black hair framed her lovely oval face. She was impeccably dressed in a very tailored canlı bahis business suit. She was trim and stood just over 5′ 5″. Her business attire hid many of her other features but to say that she as attractive would be quite an understatement.

I took out some veal, mushrooms, onions and peppers for dinner as I filled the fridge with the balance of the groceries. I was just putting the liquor and beer away when there was a tapping on my door. I let Rose in and did a double take at the woman that entered my place. Perhaps it was the caramel colored flesh, her shining black hair or her refreshed makeup with perfectly shaped lips, no matter what it was, it took my breath away. Rose was lovely.

I walked to the bar and grabbed the blender. Rose watched in amazement as I began to make our drinks.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

I laughed and handed her a tall, frosted, delicious Rum Runner. “No Rose, if I was, I would have made it properly.”

“No one told me you were a magician!”, Rose exclaimed as she took a drink. “There is no way you can hand me a drink that I watched you make and not taste any booze in it at all. How did you do that?”

“I’m good…that’s how,” I grinned.

We finally got to know each other and I learned that Rose was a sales representative for a medical supply company. She was single, never married and her only outside activity was she loved to swim. I could understand that as it was apparent that she was meant to be in the water. Rose had changed into short denim shorts and a tee shirt that did not come close to the waist of her shorts. It wasn’t as short as Holly’s but it failed to conceal a very tight abdomen.

“Your girlfriend is certainly a sexy woman,” Rose stated.

“Girlfriend? Oh no. Holly is a friend who I see a few times a year. She owns a restaurant in Boca and we have been good friends for a number of years. We met as a result of an article I had written and our friendship blossomed from there. Since, at that time, we both owned restaurants, we found that we had a lot in common.”

“I have to tell you this, this is the best drink I’ve ever had. I can’t taste the liquor but I can sure feel it.”

“I’m glad you like it. They are my favorite. Are you hungry? I bought some terrific rolls and had planned on a light, but tasty dinner. I have plenty and I’d love the company.”

I created more Rum Runners and that brought a sweet smile from Rose. I moved to the kitchen and began to prepare a simple veal sandwich with mushrooms, peppers and onions. Rose watched as I deftly created the sandwich with a simple arugula salad and presented it to her.

She ate delicately. I had a hard time keeping my concentration from anything other than her lovely lips as we ate.

“So you wrote an article about restaurants and that is how you two met.”

I burst out laughing, “Oh no, I am a writer but I also write hard core porn as well and that is how we met. I had written a story and she apparently enjoyed it. She wrote me and since my lady had moved to Europe and I was living in Key West, she decided to come for a visit. She spent a few days enjoying Key West with me, enjoying my place and the food. We became close friends. Hell, she got me in trouble too but that is besides the point.”

I think the booze had begun to hit her when she quipped, “Got you in trouble?”

It was my turn to blush. I turned to grab the cheesecake from the refrigerator as I said, “Holly can be quite loud.”

“REALLY…I would never have guess that!” I spun around and Rose just sat there laughing. “If I was a betting girl, I bet they would have heard her in Rome.”

“Oh damn, not again!”, I hid my eyes as I cut a slice of cheesecake and garnished it for Rose.

“Mmmmm did you make this? It is amazing. Not only can you cook but you bake as well…amongst other things.”

Her eyes were sparkling and dancing in an impish sort of way. I grabbed our glasses and began another round. Rose came around the back of the bar and walked into my chest. She looked up into my eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me to her red lips. Her perfume was soft and exotic. Her body molded into mine as our lips touched for the very first time. She held me tightly and our lips began a dance or feather kisses, light touches then firmer, more passionate exploration.

Our exchange ended as she came behind me and watched as I refilled our drinks. I felt her body against mine as I prepared the concoction. The feel of this lovely lady on my back made my task hard to complete. Her slender hands stroked my back delightfully as I finished.

“Did you make this batch the right way?”

“No, why?”

“Make them the right way please.”

I placed the straws in the drinks, turned into her lips and kissed her again. I reached over her her head and took the bottle of 151 from the shelf. I broke the kiss, spun and flooded the straw with a generous floater. I handed Rose her glass and she took a large sip. The 151 did the trick and she placed her bahis siteleri drink on the bar. She grabbed me and held my face as she bit my lip so sweetly. We walked from the bar arm in arm. Rose touched my chest and I could not help but notice her protruding nipples against the thin cotton of her top.

I went to sit on the sofa when she whispered, “No, not here. Take me to the bedroom please. I want you so much. I want to make love to you all night long.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Rose made no bones about it, she had an need. She had a lust and she wanted me to fill it. I kissed her deeply as I picked up this tender woman and carried her to the bedroom. She lay on the bed and beckoned me to her. The room was dark and I reached over and pushed a single button on the nightstand.

Soft, sensuous music wafted in the air and seductive lighting bathed the room. Rose lay there in amazement as I returned with our drinks. She took a sip and sat the drink down, luxuriating in the ambiance around her. The music was perfect and the woman was divine. This was not the woman I had seen so often over the years. Rose had a side to her that begged to be satisfied. I lay beside her and ran my hands through her silky long locks. As my fingers touched her face, she purred and held herself tight against my hand. I laid beside her and stroked lovingly.

“I am so upset with myself. Why, oh why, have I waited so long to let you know what I’ve been thinking about?” Rose murmured. “I’ve wanted this for well over a year. Kiss me please. Make love, sweet delicious love to me. I want to feel your strong body next to me, on me and in me.”

I reached over and pushed another button on the nightstand and returned to Rose’s passions. My strong hands stroked her neck. My fingers teased her and toyed with her. She gasped as I drew small circles around her ears. I drew my hand onto her neck and I played with the neckline of her top. I drew my fingers down between her breasts and onto her hard, flat stomach. She inhaled deeply as I began to to stroke her taut flesh. I leaned over and kissed her neck. Rose turned her head and allowed me full access to her. She shivered as my lips caressed her soft flesh. When my tongue circumnavigated her ear, she shrieked with joy. I kissed her eyes and then her lovely nose. She kissed me with total abandoned as my hand moved up her stomach and under delicious breast.

The thin fabric of her top rode against my hand and her silky flesh thrilled every nerve ending in my body. The scent of this woman coupled with her desirous mouth, fueled my passions wildly. Our tongues clashed hungrily as my hand stroked the tender flesh beneath her lovely breasts. Rose threw her arms over her head begging me to remove her top. I pulled the thin fabric over her head and gazed at her sweet, firm, heaving breasts. Their perfect shape was inspiring. Her small areolas were barely an inch across and adorned with delightful rock hard, passion filled nipples that begged to be sucked.

I slid my hands to her waist and undid the clasp to remove her shorts. She raised her hips as I slid them over her truly remarkable legs. I pulled her panties off and inhaled as her most intimate area came into view. Her hips framed a perfect triangle of perfectly coiffed jet black hair which ended just above one of the most delicious, puffy lipped pussies I had ever seen. It glistened and the hood of her clit was so prominent between those delicious folds.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked sweetly.

“You are absolutely wonderful Rose,” I stated as I looked into her luscious almond shaped eyes. “You are spectacular, breathtaking and lovely.”

“Are you sure? My boobs aren’t as big as Holly’s by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Holly bought hers sweetheart. I prefer yours to hers any day.”

Rose smiled and I turned her over onto her stomach. I reached over to the nightstand and extracted a bottle from a concealed drawer. I poured some onto my hand and began to massage the hot oil onto Roses shoulders.

“What? How? Oh that feels so good. Mmmm, oh this is simply wonderful.”

I began to give her a massage that sent her into sweet moans as I caressed every sweet inch of her lovely body. The hot oil thrilled her as I caressed the tender sides of her body and over her hips.

“Oh you delicious man. You delicious, sexy man.”

I massaged her feet and then her legs. The sheen of the oil on her asian flesh in the seductive light was positively intense. She shivered as I kissed the back of her knees and up her thighs. I turned her over and Rose sat up and swiftly removed my clothes. She kissed me and I playfully threw her back onto the bed and regained the oil.

I oiled my hands and began to cup her firm, full breasts. Her diamond hard nipples grazed my palms, barely touching them. The tenderness of the touch sent shock waves through her. I held my hands barely above her hard nipples and I looked deep into her eyes. I arched my hands and pulled the bahis şirketleri muscles tight.

“Whatever you are doing is awesome. I can feel some kind of electricity flowing from your hands. It feels so amazingly sexy. Don’t stop it, mmmmm don’t stop it at all!” Rose yelped. I moved my hands lower onto her belly and she inhaled deeply. Her hard, tight stomach contracted as I gazed into her eyes. “You’re going to make me cum. I don’t know how, but you are. Oh YES, Oh YES, YES, YES!”

I kissed her and stroked her belly as she quit spasming. I retrieved the warm oil and applied it to her hips as I moved between her lovely legs. My hands caressed her pelvic bone and down onto her thighs. Her shapely legs felt wonderful. As my gaze fell onto her naked body, I was amazed that this gorgeous creature was the same one who had lived above me for so long.

As my slippery hands caressed her inner thighs, Rose moaned delightfully. Her small hands caressed her breasts as the heat of her thighs built her desire deeper. My hands moved into her puffy folds and I parted them sweetly. Rose inhaled sharply as I exhaled on her opened lips. She swiveled her hips lovingly when the first sweet sensation my tongue caused stirred her brain. As it gently began its exploration into her wetness, Rose became increasingly inflamed.

“You are doing this so well. Oh yes, please don’t stop. You feel so good and I love this. Lick me, don’t stop licking me. I love this so much,” she cooed.

My lips and mouth toyed and teased her deliciously. When my tongue began to circle her clit Rose lifted her hips completely off the bed and forced her blazing, lovely lips hard onto my face. Her hips began to ride my face delightfully. Her moisture intensified as our union was complete. I closed over her hard nub and I began to stroke the sweet, smooth underside.

“Suck my clit darling. So soft and so gentle. I am going to ride your face. Ride your fabulous face so hard. Oh fuck, I am going to cum, cum on your face. Oh your tongue is delicious. I’m cumming. Oh I am cumming baby. Oh yes.”

Rose rode my face mercilessly. Her thrashing and thrusting were spectacular as she reveled in her bliss. I slid two fingers inside her and pushed upwards. I felt that sweet, spongy area and pressed harder as I continued to tantalize her hard clit.

“Oh my God! Oh fuck yes! Don’t stop! Never stop! Oh dammit, Oh YESSSS! OH I’m going to flood your face so much!”

Rose began to buck like a bronco and she began to squirt massive rivers onto my face. I kept pressing and she kept cumming. I drank her down and she was unstoppable. Her flailing only increased her passion and her lust was beyond description. I slipped my fingers from her and trailed my tongue up her stomach and onto her bosom. I tweaked her nipples then kissed her lovely lips.

My rigid shaft slipped along her velvet slit and her moisture wet me fully. Rose dug her nails into my back as my head teased her tight opening. My cock slid snugly into Rose. She moaned and bit my lower lip as I filled her lovely hot twat. Our hips reveled in the union and I began to stroke deep into her tunnel of sensuality. Our lips mashed, her nails dug in as my hip speed increased wonderfully. I sliced into her hard and fast. Her vice like pussy began grabbing and adhering to my barreling cock. I felt her muscles tighten and her belly flatten and she began to cum. She rode my cock exquisitely as I continued to pound her wet pussy. Rose came again and again and I never broke my cadence.

“Oh you delightful man. You lovely wonderful fucker. My pussy is on fire. I am going to explode again and again. Darling fuck me more, I want more. I need you more and more. Oh fuck, here it cums. I’m cumming. Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh give it to me. Give it all to me. Make me yours now!” Rose screamed.

I slammed deep into her and I felt my cock swell. My legs began to tremble. My breathing was off the chart. I began to cum and it was inspiring. My balls lifted and I shot hard and deep into her tight loving cunt. Rose felt the flood and her hips became a blur as she rode me, milking every loving drop of my hot seed.

I collapsed onto her and we kissed passionately as I softened inside her. We lay together, reveling in the passion we had shared. Our inflamed skin was so sensitive to our every move yet we teased each other deliciously. I stroked her jet black hair and she lovingly ran her hands along my body. We kissed tenderly and enjoyed this terrific afterglow.

“I think we need a refill,” I said as I pulled myself from the bed. I grabbed our glasses and headed for the bar. Rose followed me.

“I was told most of my life that you have to act if you’re going to win and I sure learned that lesson tonight.”

“What do you mean by that?”, I inquired.

“Well, I have lost two years of my life living above a man I always wished I knew. I could never bring myself to even say hello. I must be fifty kinds of stupid,” Rose stated as she came behind me, wrapping her arms around me and resting her face on my back. “I don’t have a wild sex life, in fact, I haven’t had any in a very long time. To think that the gentlest, sexiest man, has lived below me all this time and I did nothing about it, makes me want to cry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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