The Shower

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This story was written for me in around 2007 by a dear friend of mine. It has brought me many hours of joy over the years and I thought that it should be shared with the world for you to enjoy too.

After a hard day of work she instantly went to the shower. Stripping her clothes off and throwing them onto the tiles, she turned the water on and made sure that it was a perfect warmth for relaxation before turning on the shower head.

She got into the bathtub then pushed the shower curtain all the way around. She gave out a soft sigh as she felt the warm water touch her soft pink skin, resting her hands on her heaving chest. She let the water soak her completely before finally moving a little to run her hands through her hair to get it from her face. She loved the way the water teased her skin, she wouldn’t admit it but it turned her on. The way the drops would hit her breasts and make the skin twitch, it made her nipples harden quickly and her hands wander. She ran her hands softly along her stomach, trying hard not to rub her thighs together, trying not to turn herself more one. A soft moan escaped her mouth and she blushed brightly.

The water was hitting the top of her head so she didn’t hear him slip inside of her shower. At first he enjoyed watching her run her hands over her body till she stopped and placed them on her chest. Very slowly he got closer to her, feeling himself get turned on just by looking at her naked wet form. His hands reach forward and he slowly wrapped them around her body and he felt her tense up. His hands were on her stomach and his fingers were spread, ever so slowly rubbing up and down till they slid up. His fingertips were just brushing against the bottom swell of her breasts when he felt her move away from him.

She was about to scream as his hands made their way up her stomach to her big breasts, squirming and moving away from them. But she felt him push himself against her and her eyes went wide at the feeling of his member against her ass cheeks. It wasn’t completely hard but it’s size was enough to make her shiver and whimper silently. He felt her squirming stop and her body relented, feeling her skin warm up even more underneath his hands. He pressed himself closer to Ümraniye Escort her and pulled her into him, making his cock bury itself between her ass cheeks, giving out a soft growl into her ear at the feeling.

Not able to resist his hands travelled higher up and his palms brushed over her already hard nipples. His large hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them, making her shiver once more and her knees buck. Her body was getting warmer by each movement he made. The cock that was hardening between her ass cheeks made her long for it, made her desire it, so her hips started to move subconsciously. Feeling his cock move between her cheeks and harden even more.

She leaned herself against the wall, resting her hands on the tiles and the water streamed down her back. She was bent down a little and her ass was sticking out more, pressing even harder against his crotch. She moaned loudly as he pulled and pinched her nipples, switching on massaging her breasts with his large hands and teasing her nipples with his fingers. They both were panting from the lust growing inside of them. His cock throbbing between her cheeks and her pussy dripping with wetness that leaked down her inner thighs, mixing with the water from the shower.

She couldn’t take this teasing no longer, she needed to feel him stretching her, her voice came out in a whisper and so husky “P-please stop teasing me! I… I need you inside of my right now!! I need you stretching me!” She whimpered loudly and thrust against him, making it clear of what she wanted, her body was eager for pleasure.

He groaned at the thrust and clawed into her soft breasts, making her cry out a little. Not going to say no to this lustful woman, he leaned into her and whispered into her ear with a low voice “You need to take it.. you need to show me where you want it..” He grinned widely and straightened up again, watching her body squirm and jerk with massage and pinch he gave her breasts and how his cock slid along her cheeks.

Whimpering again she rested one hand against the wall and slowly reached down between her legs, moving away from him so his cock wasn’t touching her cheeks anymore. Biting her lip hard as she moved back to him, lifting İstanbul Escort her ass high up as he lowered his hips a little, letting his cock slide between her legs. Before she could wrap her hand around he teasingly started to rub it back and forth against her pussy lips, making her moan as it bumped against her sensitive clit and her hips jerk into him.

“D-Don’t tease l-like that please! I can’t take anymore teasing!! I really need it in me Kev!!” She hissed at him and wiggled her hips, she could hear him chuckle behind her. She blushed brightly at her behavior. He kept his hips still now so she could wrap her fingers around his member, already slick with her wetness. She guided the head of his cock and pushed it against her pussy lips. Feeling them spread around it and the head pushing at her entrance now “P-Please.. p-push it inside of me Kev!” She shouted that out beggingly, not caring anymore. The need to climax much greater.

He smirked widely and ever so slowly started to push inside of her. Trying hard not to groan at the tightness of her puss and not to dig his nails into her breasts. her walls wrapping around his hard member and squeezing it with each pulse. He heard her cry out again as he stretched her so much with his thickness and tease her with how slow he slipped into her.

“Ooooh g-god…” She clawed tightly into the tiles and almost screamed as he pushed into her. Feeling like her tight walls were being stretched beyond their limits. She panted hard as he kept sliding so slowly into her, making her feel each inch and thickness inside of her. Growling loudly and thrusting against him, feeling an inch slide roughly into her, crying out in pleasure at the feeling “SlAM IT IN!!”

He groaned loudly and did as she told. Sliding out of her and leaving just the head inside of her, smirking widely when he felt her body tense. Sliding his hands from her breasts and down to her hips “As you wish Vi..” Growling loudly as he clawed into her hips and pulled her into him and thrust his hips into her. Slamming his entire length inside of her tight walls, her ass smacking against his pelvis.

She screamed in pain and pleasure as she felt him slam into her, the head pressing against Anadolu Yakası Escort her cervix and his thickness making her pussy sore already. Her body trembled so much as she scratched the tiles. Trying to get her pussy to adjust to his size. Moaning as she felt him start to slide in and out of her almost instantly, not giving her any time to adjust.

Her body jerked forward with each thrust inside of her puss, making her breasts bounce along with her body. The water splashing against her back even more. She suddenly felt hands wrap around her biceps and pulling on them, making her let go of the wall and arch her back. Her body bouncing more now as he thrusts into her faster and harder, pulling on her arms to make her push back against him roughly.

He could feel her get closer to cumming as her pussy started to pulse rapidly around his cock, almost milking it. Growling loudly and trying to hold back his orgasm as he kept thrusting into her hard, feeling the head of his cock press harder each time against her cervix. Her juices were starting to squirt out from each thrust inside of her.

“AAAA AAA!!! KEV!!” She screamed from the top of her lungs, not able to hold her climax down anymore, thrashing as she felt each vein in her body start to fill up with jolts of pleasure. Her pussy milking his cock even more and tightening roughly around it. Her juices gushing out past his cock and dripping down her inner thighs and his balls.

She could feel him swell inside of her now as her orgasm went through her, whimpering loudly and clawing into her palms “Oooh god K-Kev.. Please cum in me!! Fill me up!!” Begging him to cum in her, her pussy aching for it. Hearing him growl out behind her and wrap his arms tightly around her stomach and press himself against her then pushing her up against the wall, the water hitting his back now as he kept thrusting rapidly inside of her now.

Growling once more as he thrusts last time into her and almost pierces her cervix, making her body jump up as she feels the hot cum shoot like rockets inside of her. Screaming in pleasure from each shot that fills her womb, loving how the shots hit her walls with such force. Wiggling against him as she feels them calm down and his body relax against hers. Moaning softly as she leans into the wall so exhausted “Oooh.. Kevin..”

He smiled softly and kissed her cheek, wiggling his hips against her before slipping his cock out of her and watching her pussy gape a little after their fuck.

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