The Snow Angel

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The weather forecast was for snow. It was perfect timing. I was going up to my family’s cabin for the weekend, to do a little skiing. I had just turned 30 and was unattached at the time, hoping to pick up a ski bunny, or two. (A guy can dream, can’t he?) My cousin and his wife were already up there. So at least I wouldn’t be skiing alone, if plan A failed.

Friday night, before I left on the two-hour trip north, I popped into my favorite pub for a beer (just one). I took my first sip when I noticed Cheryl walk in. I noticed, because she was the kind of woman that everyone notices. (She was young, blonde, and buxom, but there was more to it than that.) I was a little surprise that she was alone, because not only was she married, but she also had a lot of girlfriends. I caught a huge break when the only bar stool open was the one next to mine. She flashed me an angelic smile, as she sat with a dancer’s grace.

When she ordered, I (being a gentleman) told the bar wench (ok, maybe not a complete gentleman) to put it on my tab. (I got another smile from Cheryl and another beer for myself. It just didn’t seem like the time to leave.)

We knew each other by sight, but had never really talked. After some small talk, things began to get a little more personal. I learned that her husband was away for a while (they were having a tiff) and that her two boys were staying with her folks. To me it seemed like a good time to mention the cabin and the skiing. She giggled. I figured I was shot down, before I even started, but then she put her hand on my thigh and purred, “I’ve never been skiing before.”

This time I giggled, because I thought she was joking. (Seeing as we both lived in Vermont, and I thought everyone ’round here has hit the hills at least once.) It was also a nervous one, because her hand was rubbing so close to my “package.”

Honestly, it took a few more drinks and some rubbing of knees, before she said she would come with me — Although, by the end of the night, I’m not sure we were even talking about skiing anymore. Since the drinks had flowed pretty good, I agreed to pick her up in the morning. (She had to check in with the folks, anyways. And she said something about an early morning beauty appointment.)

I was admittedly nervous when I pulled up in front of her townhouse, the next morning. I was hoping that a good nights sleep hadn’t changed her mind. I was also wondering if I could really follow through with my naughty little plan for the weekend.

As it turned out it, it didn’t snow. (Fucking weathermen!) But there was plenty on the ground already for my purposes.

A red sports car pulled up next to my truck. Seeing that the driver had blonde hair, I said a little prayer. Then she opened her door and skipped over to my truck’s window. I was floored. Her hair and makeup were perfect. (It was a first. She actually looked better than I’d remembered from the night before.) She was dressed in the colors of a roulette wheel. Her green parka was open, showing a red low-cut sweater (the cleavage spec-fucking-tacular!) She wore a small black skirt, black ankle boots with deliciously high heels, and red tights in between. She certainly looked like my kind of woman. But, I had to know if she was REALLY my kind.

“We ready?” I asked, unsure if I was asking just her.

“Nooo,” She moaned. I gasped, like being punched in the stomach.

“I have güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to change first,” she said, looking down.

“Oh, I see,” I said, with a chuckle. “But why? You look fabulous.”

“Thanks. I just got back from the salon, but I’m just a tad underdressed for….”

“No, it’s pretty toasty in here.” I interrupted. “Plus, you can change at the cabin.”

“Ok, just let me get my stuff,” she said, before she skipped back into the house.

After a silent cheer, I got out of the truck and did some nervous pacing. I had spent a lot of time thinking about this woman from a far, and I was still having trouble believing it was all this close. I knew it wasn’t love, but I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted anyone more. I also figured this was my one shot.

She came back out about ten jittery minutes later. I loaded her gear, and then, with a handful of butt cheek, I helped her into my four by four. When I got in my side, I figured it was time to start the test. I wanted to let her know right away just what was in store for her this weekend. First I helped her slip out of her parka and tossed it in the back. Then leaning over her body, I reclined her seat’s back a couple of notches, while also inhaling her intoxicating fragrance. She wore a puzzled look. I grabbed her right wrist and slid it behind her lower back, as I did with the other. Reaching across her again, and grabbing her seatbelt, while brushing against her impressive chest, I slowly pulled the belt into place. I ran the chest strap down her cleavage and pulled it tight. She chewed her bottom lip. I leaned into her like I was going to kiss her, but instead I whispered into her ear, “This weekend you’re mine, and then afterward, we both go back to our lives.”

Just so she knew exactly what I meant, I fondled the sweater-covered breast that was closest and then slid over to the other one. (They felt even better than I’d imagined.) She squirmed under my rough touch, but kept her hands in place, and she never said a word. She only offered a whimper when I traced the outline of her nipple with a finger. I had to pull myself away, and then adjusted my own seatbelt. I sat, and gave her sometime to think. She finally closed her eyes and nodded. (I wondered if she knew JUST what that nod meant.) I put the truck in drive and made my way to the highway.

Once there, I put the truck into cruise control, and, with one eye on the sparse traffic, I turned the other to the lovely creature sitting right next to me.

My right hand fell upon her knee, and her body quivered, but it wasn’t her knee I was really interested in. I slowly worked my hand up her smooth tights, until her skirt got in the way. With a huff, I pulled the material up and tucked it into the waistband. She gasped. She had on small white panties that looked pink under the red tights. (Normally, I’m not to fond of tights, but these were pretty thin and kind of cute.) I slid my hand down her thigh, and back up, only this time, on her inner thigh. I meet some resistance, but a pinch of flesh sent her legs moving apart. I now had clearance to my target. I slowly moved my hand beneath the tights and over the flimsy material that only weakly guarded her pussy. Lightly at first, my fingers moved in small circles, until I got a tiny moan, and then I really pressed down hard. She inhaled deeply. I stop moving my hand, but left it there, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri right between her legs. I moved my middle finger until I was sure it was splitting her pussy lips in two. Turns out that the tights were actually helpful in holding my hand firmly in place.

I think she expected me to move my hand away, because she kept looking my way, but I kept my eyes forward. After a couple of minutes, she asked how long it was to the cabin. I just laughed. (I don’t think she quite got it yet.)

After a couple more minutes, I cleared my throat. “We do have some time, so let me just say this…. I thought you would have figured it out by my actions thus far that you are not in control here — I am.”

“So I can’t talk?” She said, rather wisely. I didn’t answer. “You were so nice last night and now….”

“Now?” I said, with a piercing look. This time she didn’t answer. I let a few minutes go by before I added, “And now you realize that when you walk in the woods sometimes the wolf’s gunna eat yah.”

I think this scared her a little more than I’d intended, so I chuckled a bit. “And don’t worry, like I said — this weekend you’re mine and then we go back to our lives.”

“So I’m ‘your’…what?” She meekly asked.

“There are many names for it. But let’s just say that I ‘lead’ and you ‘follow.’ I ‘order’ and you ‘obey.’ It’s that simple.”


“Not buts!” I snapped, hoping that I wasn’t pushing to hard. (I was also very nervous, because, unlike my alter ego Deputy Duffy, I had never done anything like this before.)

“You’re not into whips and chains, or own a dog or anything?”

“Nooo,” I moaned. “I’m a little bent, but I’m not going to whip you, or make you have sex with animals, or even pee on you. Nothing weird…just sex where I’m in charge.”

She sighed, ambiguously. (She must surf the Internet, too.)

“But it still might be a little embarrassing for you — like riding with my hand on your pussy and the truck filling up with your womanly scent.”

“But why?” She whined.

“Because I can.”

She smacked her lips at my wise-ass answer. So I had to recover quickly. “Do you want to hear just a little, to ease your mind?”

She nodded her head.

(I watched the road, as I tried to gather my thoughts, but she was focused on me. My heart was pounding. I was about to actually tell her some of my plans. I thought, “What if she laughs at me, or thinks I’m strange…or worse?” But I had my hand on her pussy and had already felt her up, so….)

“Well, for starters, when we get there, in another hour or so, I know you’ll need to freshen up. (I wiggled my middle finger.) But first, I will show you around the cabin. Just two rooms and a bathroom, so not much to see. And my cousin and his wife will be skiing for the day, so the cabin will be ours. (I’d called my Cuz to make sure.) I will take you into the bathroom and start a bath. While the water flows, you will slowly strip for me, piece by piece.” I stopped to quickly look over her outfit, and to give her a little time to let it sink in. I also pictured her clothes piled up on the bathroom floor. Inside, I giggled like a horny teenager before I continued. “I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me under the sexy red sweater…. Like what color are your nipples? Are they pink? Brown? Big areolae, or small?”

She güvenilir bahis şirketleri gulped, looking down at her chest as well. (But she had stopped her whining.)

I swerved to pass a slow car and then I continued. “And the finale piece will be these sexy white panties.” (I flicked my middle finger a few times and she quivered.) “You will slip them into my pant’s pocket. You’ll probably be a little embarrassed at there wetness (I could already feel it) and the fact that you’ll now be buck naked before my eyes. Eyes that will take a good look. My opinion here, but there is nothing better than seeing a woman naked for the first time…. Nothing!

“I will help you into the tub. You will not sit, because it’s a bath for my viewing pleasure. I will instruct you in systematic washing of your body parts, until you are a soapy goddess. You will then rinse and step out of the tub and towel dry. I think there’s some baby lotion on one of the bathroom shelves. Using it, I will get my hands on every inch of that body. But I will be honest here and say that I will focus on your breasts and ass the most. When I’m finished, you will bask in a heavenly glow. I will take my time looking you over before we begin. It will be as simple as you following my commands.”

When I paused, the truck was eerily quiet. I think her breathing was a little heaver now, and certainly her face was flushed. I was wondering just how much to tell her.

“What kind of ‘things’ will you ask me to do?” She asked, her voice just stronger than a whisper.

“Oh, what some people might call ‘naughty things’, but you’ll just have to wait and see.”

She smacked her lips again. So I figured I’d better tell her a little more.


“But I’m not going to be cruel about it. I mean, I’m not going to call you dirty names or slap you around or cause you pain or any of that. (I honestly don’t go for any of that.) Just think of it as a grown up version of ‘Simon Says.'”

“Steven Says,” she said, with a giggle and then a smile.

I just nodded, and it was time for some more silent cheering. “Now, no more talking,” I said, as I turned up the radio.

“Steven, can I ask one more thing?”

“I guess,” I said, figuring that she was going tell me one of her “don’ts.”

“Although this is all a little strange, I’ll play along…but please don’t tell anyone down at the bar…. Promise?”

I nodded (knowing that no one would believe me anyways), happy that the truck had cruise control, because if it didn’t I think I would have just put the gas petal through the floorboards.

I also didn’t tell her all that I had in store for her this weekend. Like the simple fact that my cousin is married to a fiery redhead, who adores sexy blondes, too. I’ll confess that she’s had better luck with the snow bunnies than I have. I think my cousin likes to watch, but sadly, I have never been invited to join in on the fun, because I’d never been able to find a woman that met her high standards. I glanced over at Cheryl with a smile, knowing she was miles above them, and I was planning on doing more than just watching. (I also noticed that the bright sunshine had formed a halo over her head. It was like she was my little snow angel.)

Mile after mile we drove, my hand never moving except for the occasion bump in the road, or a lane change or two. She would try to “cheat” once in a while, to accelerate the process, by squeezing her thighs or her ass cheeks, but my quick frown would then discourage her.

No — My little snow angel would have to beg me to make her cum, and I had all weekend to do it.

The End

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