The Steven’s Family Picnic

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Big Dick

The family packed up the car with all the things they would need for the picnic. The family was made up of dad, Carl, mom, Eshe, older brother, Fred, older brother, Kevin, me, Amy Mae. Dad’s age was 38, he is 6 foot 7 ½ inches tall, chiseled muscular frame, brown hair, grey eyes, tanned all over. Mom’s age was 36, she is 5 foot 10 ½ inches tall, firm breasts, tight chiseled abdomen, broad hips, long black hair that reaches her ass, black eyes, tanned all over. Fred is twenty; he is 6 foot 5 inches tall, muscular, black hair and eyes, tanned. Kevin was nineteen, 6 foot 2 inches tall, muscular, brown hair, green eyes, tanned everywhere you could see. I was eighteen, 5 foot 3 10/16 inches tall, firm 32 B breasts, slightly chubby abdomen, narrow virgin hips, long brown hair that was down to my waist, grey eyes, slightly more tan than a ghost.

The drive over to the park was about an hour. It was rare for us to all go in the car at the same time as it was designed to sit four and there were five of us. I was sitting on Fred’s lap. He was hard as a rock as usual. He has an erection as long as his eyes are open. The trunk had the beer cooler, picnic basket’s one and two, a cooler of drinks, and the paddle. Dad did not believe in private punishment. If you acted up in public your ass got paddled were you stood. Once he even pulled my pants down first. The police cautioned him against public nudity in unauthorized areas. He has not done it since.

Today would be different though because we were going to Mistletoe Tree Park. It had a nude beach and picnic tables. I suspected this had to do with my eighteenth birthday on Wednesday this past week. It was a family custom to go on a picnic to this park when a child turned eighteen. We had been the last two years for my older brothers. They both had sex for the first time with a girl their age. Both sets of parents can provide encouragement or instruction. According to my brother’s accounts, the younger kids are watched over by an older sibling from one of the families. I sat there masturbating in my jeans the last two years. Now it was highly likely that a boy I have class with is going gaziantep escort telefonları to see me naked and penetrate me.

There was the sign to the park. We turned into the park and took the third drive, just like we did last year. I was very nervous about the picnic today. We stopped at the last picnic table available on the right side. That was something different from last year. We all got out of the car. We unloaded the baskets and coolers. Then we gathered around the table and ate. Dad had three beers instead of two. After the picnic lunch I got sleepy. My brothers had done that last year. I heard my oldest brother offer to take my younger siblings for a nature walk. This was it I was about to be taken.

I woke up sitting in the car. We were on the nude beach side of the park. Mom told me to put on my suit. I looked around at first but then realized she meant to strip myself naked for the beach. The younger kids would be getting back to the table about now. I removed my jeans first as no one outside the car would be able to see. Then I took off my bra, and panties. Reluctantly I removed my shirt and sat naked in the car. We arrived at the low building the boys had described. My father got out first, and then my mother got out. They stripped in their seats and dad collected the keys. Mother walked over to the door knocked once and then pushed the girly bell. In just a couple of minutes a woman came out and spoke to my parents. She looked at me and let them in.

Two men came to the car with a pair of cuffs. I was taken out of the car and my hands were cuffed behind me. We went in through a different door. I was in a small room with two dozen other females. My neighbor came in and told me to smile and follow instructions at all times if I wanted to get a good price for my virginity. Apparently unlike the males a female had her pussy auctioned of to a male. I would have no say in who penetrated me. In a couple of minutes one of the girls was taken out onto a bald stage. The curtain closed and we could not see. Our little waiting area had the escort gaziantep telefonları curtain on the stage side, a door in a stone wall that you came in from the parking lot, and two other walls with doors. I noticed the one door had a brown dirt looking circle and the other a blue sky looking circle. I concentrated on keeping a good smile.

The girl returned from the stage and was still smiling. She was taken into the door with the sky. I was feeling very nervous but smiling as though I was going to be given a great prize. The next girl went out on stage. My neighbor from the other side came in and gave me a hug. She told me to not fake the smile but instead think about the last time my boyfriend had done it right. I took her advice and found I was smiling broadly. Several more girls came back half to the sky door and half to the other door. The room was empty except me. Mother came in and put the leash on me and kissed me. Then we went out on stage, and I was shocked you were standing totally naked in front of a camera that was broadcasting to all the bidders. You would not know who purchased you until he is standing in front of you.

Mother spoke, “This gorgeous young lady is my daughter, she is very intelligent, respectful, and can cook. She is 32B breasts, 21 inches waist, and only 27 inch hips. She can be obedient but it is not her strong point. She likes men, and is a virgin. What is your best breeding price for this extremely unique female virgin specimen?” The bidding price started at one hundred dollars. It continued to climb until reaching twenty thousand. I was sold. I was taken by my mother into the dirt door. She kissed me and said that I was too do as I was told and my parents would see me soon. The entire rooms of girls, perhaps ten of us, were herded onto a small bus. The cuffs were fastened onto a bar above the seat.

We traveled for about three minutes and then we were taken one at a time into a tent. They apparently left out of the other side. It was my turn. I was taken into the tent, my pussy was shaved bare. Then we gaziantep escort bayan telefonları went out the back door and over to a big wooden wall. We were told that we were to play the family guessing game. We were ball gagged and our hands were strapped to the wall. When we were all in place the doors covering our breasts and pussies opened. Inquisitive hands began to fondle my breasts. Then they suckled for a few minutes. I was getting aroused. Then the hands began to play expertly with my clitoris. After several more minutes and ten sets of hands the men on the other side picked a pussy to eat. The man who picked me was really good. I was very wet.

After about forty five more minutes of that I was about to begin begging for penetration. Then we took a short break while we were turned around and strapped down with the lower door open and the upper door closed. My pussy and all the pussies were backed up to the lower opening. We were about to be fucked through the wall. I was totally shocked went a thick rock hard cock pressed into my pussy. It began to rock back and forth going a little deeper with each thrust. I was moaning on the ball gag. Then my hymen was reached and the man gently rubbed the head of his cock all around it. Then he thrust through, and I gasped at the force of it. He continued to fuck me until he had ejaculated inside. When all the men ejaculated into the girl the men were introduced to the females.

I was impregnated by my father, as were three other girls. The four of us remained and the next door neighbor returned with my two older brothers. The price for picking your own child was that all her male relatives had to impregnate her also. We were laid down on a table strapped open, and our neighbors sucked the boys to full. Then they mounted and ejaculated into us. One girl had four uncles and her six cousins in addition to three brothers. That took awhile and all the girls agreed to help with the sucking in order to get done faster.

We went out onto the nude beach and I was covered with sun screen by the brothers and dad. Dad apologized for picking me, but, said it was the prettiest pussy there. I was fucked by my family, and pregnant. I was unsure how I felt. Except that I felt great pride in having the prettiest pussy there. My family drove us back to the picnic table and I got dressed on the way.

We drove home and when the younger kids went to bed mom gave me a morning after pill and told me there would be lots of chances to make babies later. I got ready for bed and went to sleep nearly right away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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