The Story of a Cyclist

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Coming up around the next bent I saw her a few hundred yards further up the crest walking alongside her mountain bike. As I came closer I noticed how it seemed to be taken a lot of effort for her to even walk up the steep hill and when I passed her and saw the fatigue on her face I stopped immediately to offer my help.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

She had stopped as well and could barely speak to thank me. Observing her dried-up lips and the despair look in her eyes, it was obvious that she wasn’t. Quickly I grabbed the bidon from my bike to offer her some water, which she eagerly placed at her lips to take some generous gulps. After she had almost finished it all, she got her voice back a bit and started to explain to me how this was her first time cycling in this area and that she totally had miscalculate how hot it would get here. Only 1 hr into her journey she had completely emptied her water bottle and realised too late she had to get back to an area with some civilization to get some more water.

“Well you’re lucky,” I said. “Civilization is just over the top there and that is also where my truck is parked. Why don’t you give me your bike and I walk you up there.”

I offered my hand to introduce myself, “I’m Jack by the way.”

A smile spread across her face and for the first time I realized how beautiful her lips were. After some fresh water they had regained some of their natural pink colour and revived to their fullness.

“Hi Jack by the Way, I’m Mandy very lucky,” she joked while shaking my hand. “You have no idea how glad I am that you stopped to help me”

“I don’t think I would have made it on my own,” she continued as she handed me her bike.

Taking the bike from her in my hand, I offered her to lead the way. With one bike in either hand I followed her up the single track. Mandy’s petite figure was a joy to my eyes as I let them gaze down the small of her back towards her firm rounded butt that was outlined in her spandex shorts. She was maybe around 5′ tall with toned legs that widened slightly at the hips to give her a very feminine hourglass figure. Though I shouldn’t have been thinking about it I could not stop my mind from wondering what it would be like to have those legs wrapped around my waist and feeling her soft bum in my hands. It made my cock twitch under my cycle pants just as the front wheel of her bike hit a big rock and I almost tumbled over.

Mandy stopped and turned her head over her shoulder to look back what was going on and asked, “Are you ok back there?”

Her warm smile made my blood start to race through my veins even faster and feeling my face get flushed, afraid that she might have read my mind I quickly answered, “Yes I’m fine, just hit a small bump on the track back there.”

“Oh ok, you need to watch out for bumps,” she replied with a smile. “I’m in no position to lend you a hand if you hurt yourself.”

Not sure if it was the heat affecting my brain or the fact she was not herself due to the dehydration, but it sure looked like she was trying to flirt with me. Even following her up the remaining few 100 yards I was sure she just put a little bit more sway into her hips and I could not veer my eyes away from her sweet looking bumps all the way to the top. From there on the path widened up, leading to a recreational area and a car park. It allowed me to walk-up beside her to tell her that we were almost there and that I had some bottles of water in the cooler of my truck. By the look on her face I could tell she was relieved and the sound of more refreshing water was welcomed with another great smile. As we walked onto the carpark, my truck was the only one there and after resting the bikes against the back I got my car keys out of my pockets and handed them over to her.

“Go have a rest, the water is in the cooler in the back cabin,” I instructed her. “I will load up the bikes and take you where you need to go.”

As I picked up her bike to load it up the bike stand on the bed of my truck I noticed the sticker from Russel’s Bike Shop and the rental label. Immediately it became clear to me that she must not be from around here, which why it was her first time cycling these canyons and her miscalculation of the heat. While I finished loading up the bikes and securing them, I thought to myself that she was probably here on business and where she would be staying. My imagination started to run wild ideas into my head that she might be all alone tonight and I could be getting lucky taking her out later this evening for a bite to eat and maybe something more. When I got into the driver seat I was rewarded with a stunning view. Mandy had removed her helmet and her long wavy blond hair was cascaded down over her shoulders. Her seat was slightly reclined and she had her eyes closed. The zipper of her cycle jersey was pulled down just far enough to allow her to rest a cold water battle at the top of her chest. With just the top of her ample breasts on display I watched some clear drops anadolu yakası eskort of moister trickling down her soft tanned skin, before they disappeared under her jersey. Though they were not huge, her breasts still looked impressive contrasted to her petite frame.

Barely able to think by the distraction I caught gently and said, “So where do you need to go?”

The heat must have done a toll on her as she looked at me with dozy eyes and started to explain that her car was at this bike store called Russel’s. Actually it was her friends’ car, who she was visiting for the week. She had dropped her off in town earlier because she had to do a late shift at work, before driving to Russel’s for getting a ride in.

“I’m not feeling much like driving yet, so perhaps you can drop me off at her place,” she suggested.

“But how will you get back to Russel’s to pick up the car later and get your friend from town?”

She looked a bit confused at the point I was making and obviously had not thought that far ahead yet so I quickly added, “Why don’t you come back to my place, you can take a shower and get some rest. If you feel better later I will drive you to Russel’s or if you are still feeling pooped, I can drive you into town to pick up your friend from work when she is done and drop you both off back there.”

“That is so sweet of you, are you sure I’m not burdening you?” she asked.

“How could it be a burden helping a sexy girl like her,” I thought and replied, “Not at all, it’s my pleasure to be able to help a fellow cyclist”

“I don’t know how to thank you.”

Her sweet smile made me feel warm in side and after I acknowledged her question if she could get me a fresh bottle of water as well, that heat was rushing straight down to my loins. Leaning over the centre console to reach for the cooler in the back, the side of her jersey pulled open baring her right breast to me, only concealed by the lace cup of her bra.

“Here you go,” she said without shame, handing me a fresh bottle of water.

The brief moment had caused my own predicament of a rapidly growing cock that started to become rather obviously outlined under my latex cycling shorts. Hoping she hadn’t noticed, I thanked her for the water and quickly started the car to drive off. It took about 20 minutes to get back to my house, which is located in a cul-de-sac on the other side of town. With Mandy resting next to me it was hard to keep my eyes on the road and every now and again I sneaked a glance down her legs or at her jersey which she had not bothered to close all the way back up. By the time we got there I had to nudge her to wake her up again.

“We are here,” I told her and got out to open up the garage.

When I got back in to park the car into the garage, she had woken up slightly and was looking around to get her bearings. The cul-de-sac I live at is very quiet and secluded with only 6 freestanding houses in a half circle surrounded by woods.

“Wow,” she said in awe. “You live here all by yourself?”

Unfortunately I did. My previous relationship had ended about 2 years ago and determined to keep the house I had been working two jobs to buy her out and pay her share. It was probably the only good thing I gained out of the 7 year marriage.

“Yes, just me, myself and I,” I joked.

Walking into the house it became obvious that I was living on my own. There were beer bottles and a pizza box with two slices of cold pizza in it from the previous evening still sitting on the coffee table.

“I’m sorry about that, I had not expected any company,” I said while grabbing them and walking towards the large open plan kitchen and dropped them on the large centre island full with more dirty plates and empty beer bottles. “Let me show you where the bathroom is so you can take a nice shower and freshen up a bit.”

“That sounds great,” she smiled back at me and followed me down the hall.

We walked past the guest bedroom towards the bathroom next to it. Luckily my dirty laundry and undies I always throw into a corner in my bedroom, so besides the male grooming items lying around on the double sink, the place was tidy. After showing her the fresh towels in the cupboard and how to operate the walk-in rain shower, I left her to herself. There was some cleaning up I had to do back in the kitchen and living room. One load in the dishwasher plus a rubbish bag filled, my place was looking a bit more representable 30 minutes later. There had been no sign of Mandy yet, so I thought to check on her. When I walked passed the spare bed room, I was again stunned by another marvellous view. There she was naked on the bed with just a towel covering her lower half. Without the restrictions of her laced bra, her breasts looked even more magnificent. Two full round globes with puffy pink nipples. My cock instantly jumped to attention again and I fled to the bathroom, afraid she would wake up staring at me.

There I found her garments anadolu yakası escort on the sink. Not just her cycling pants and jersey, but also her bra and panties, which were matching the charcoal lace fabric of her bra. I picked up her bra and looked at the label. It was some French brand, Parfait Bras, size 30D, which was bigger than I expected. It was not actually full lace, just the edge, with soft cotton cups. Running the lace through my hand and tracing the cup imagining them filled out by those young perky breasts made my other hand go straight down to my groin to rub my straining cock under my cycling pants. The fact that I was feeling and looking at the undergarments that was covering the most intimate parts of this young sexy girl was surprisingly arousing and before I knew it my shorts were down my ankles with the lace of her bra wrapped around my hard shaft, which I was stroking in frenzy.

Bringing her undies under my nostrils I could smell her sweet perfume and it was like I lost all senses. Never had I felt so aroused masturbating and I felt pressure in my balls churning. Large globs of pre-cum were oozing over my large purple mushroom head each time I stroked my hand upwards, just stopping at the rim. With my other hand I guided her panties towards the tip to gently rub the sticky clear liquid over the soft cotton insides of her thong. Without warning my cock started to spew thick streams of semen. The first two thick blasts shot straight into her panties, but with the uncontrolled movements the third gust roped threw the air over the sink. Almost in reflex I placed my other hand in front of it and filled the cup of her bra with 3 more jets of cum.

It had been a few days since I had jerked off, but I was shocked by the force of my orgasm and the amount of cum which I had spoiled her under garments with. Even more so when I realised that giving in to my sudden urges I completely had forgotten to close the bath room door and I was now left with cum stained bra and panties of an innocent young girl I had offered to help. Quickly I grabbed a towel to wrap around my waist and together with my own cycling gear and hers I walked to the laundry closet. Checking the label on her bra, I was relieved they could be machine washed. Throwing them quickly in the machine for a full clean and drying cycle in the hope they would be done by the time she would wake up. Afterwards I took a shower to get cleaned up and was just trying to think of an excuse why I would have put her stuff in the wash. I had not heard the door open up while I was lathering myself up with soap and giving my semi flaccid prick another quick rub.

“Oh sorry,” I heard her say, “I didn’t know you were in here.”

“How could she have missed the noise of the shower,” I thought to myself while I tried in vain to cover myself up as she stood there in the door opening completely naked.

She didn’t even shy away as I told her I would be two seconds. I quickly rinsed the soap, turning towards the shower wall, still feeling her eyes on me.

“Do you know what happened to my clothes that I had left here on the sink?” she asked.

As I turned to grab the towel from the divider between the shower and the sink, she was just a few feet away. Our nakedness only separated by a mist of condensation on the glass. “Uh, they were kind a sweaty, so I threw them in the wash,” I replied.

“Ah, and was that to do me a favour, or did you just want to have me walk naked around your house,” she said a devious smile and giving me a wink.

The whole situation had caused for the blood to race straight down to my groin again and trying to wrap the towel around my waist my hard cock was getting in the way. The fact Mandy had walked around the glass to meet me at the entrance of the walk-in shower did not help things either. Right there in front of me stood a gorgeous young blond girl in her birthday suite. My eyes trailing all the way up from her feet. Her toned legs were crossed, hiding her most private parts, but her breasts stood right out with those puffy nipples slightly pointing upwards. Her skin was perfectly tanned, with just a small triangular patch of whiter skin marking those perfect boobs.

“I was wondering how I could thank you for rescuing me,” she said with a naughty smirk on her face while she looked at the rather large tent protruding under my towel.

“Mandy, I’m sorry,” I said, still trying to be a gentleman, while all I wanted was to ravish her right there.

“Wow, I think I have quite a lot here to be thankful of,” she tempted while her hand traced the outline of my cock.

Before I could respond she had dropped to her knees and her hands had removed my towel. My cock jumped up right at her face. She wrapped one hand around my shaft, her fingers barely encircling ¾ of its thickness. Whatever I had imagined earlier while jerking of with her underwear, was nothing compared to feeling her lips engulf my cockhead. As I looked down, escort anadolu yakası I was met by her eyes looking straight up at me while she was trying to take as much of me into her mouth.

“Oh Mandy,” was all that escaped my lips as she slowly started to bob her head up and down.

Despite her skills her petite mouth could barely take half. With her lips stretched around my shaft she stroked the lower half with her hand in the same rhythm. Below her sweet face I could see her breasts gently swaying in the same motion. Her nipples erect and her areolas forming little cones on top the two perfectly rounded orbs, proving her own state of arousal. She withdrew her mouth completely only to replace her efforts with her tongue as she started to lick my cock head like she was licking an ice cone. Tracing her tongue all around the rim, paying extra attention to the crown area at the back where the foreskin was jointed. Together with the slow stroking motion of her hand it made the pre-cum ooze from its tip, which she lapped up eagerly followed by savouring it on her tongue before licking her lushes lips.

Her other hand had gotten busy between her own legs and however much I was enjoying her mouth ministering my cock, I was desperate to find out just how tight that sweet pussy of hers would feel nailed on my cock. Putting my hands on the side of her shoulders I guided her back up to her feet. She knew what I wanted and the way she looked up at me with those begging eyes, she wanted it too. Seeing her completely naked up close just filled me with more desire. One in particular and in an instance my hands were on those perky tits. They felt soft yet full and I let my fingers trace to the little darts that were pressing against the palm of my hand. As I let them ran between my fingers she pushed her pelvis into me and stroked my cock.

“Fuck me Jack,” she moaned in my ears.

I wanted to do nothing less, so I let my hands slide down her side following her small hourglass figure till they rested on her curved hips, moving them around under her bubbly butt before lifting her up from her feet. Her legs wrapped around me with my cock pressed between our bodies and her arms around my neck. With her small posture her face was just at my chest and she was still looking up at me with those hungry eyes. Lifting her up higher I brought her face closer to mine till our lips met. They felt soft and warm and her kiss was passionate with her tongue darting around mine. With a slight movement of her hips, my cock sprang right up under her pussy and was met with the same warm wetness. She started bucking her hips in anticipation while I held her ass just in place to feel her soft pussy lips slide back and forth along my cock making it slick with her juices.

“Please stop teasing me!” she ushered.

With my hands holding her ass I pulled her open for me and with a slight lift of het body my cock found her entrance. My cock head stretching her lips apart as I slowly lowered her booty down.

Mandy moaned deeply, “Ahhhhhh Jack you’re soooo…” right when I sank her all the way down.

Feeling her tight pussy give way to my invading thick rod, gripping me like a vice when I lifted her back up. Almost letting it slip out before plunging her back down.

“Ooohh yesss, fuck me,” she coaxed me on with a husky voice.

That is just what I did and started to rock her up and down on my cock while she hang on to me tightly. But she kept begging for more, willing me on to take her faster and harder with each deep stroke. With her still impaled on my cock, I walked over to the large sink and sat her down. Mandy knew exactly what I wanted and arched her back, resting on her arms behind her. With my hands now free I spread her legs and pushed her knees up towards her. I looked at her clean shaven cunt now fully exposed to me, with her thick swollen pussy lips wrapped around my thick shaft, and started to ravish her with long deep hard strokes. Streaks of her milky cream clenching around my shaft easing her tightness.

Watching my cock stretching her like that and seeing her inner lips sealed around my thick shaft each time I withdrew was an extremely hot sight. If I hadn’t jerked off earlier I was sure I would have been to boiling point by now, but I was still far from it right now and knew I would be able to relish taking her for quite some time. Her exquisite breasts rocked up and down in unison with my thrust and begged to be touched. Leaning over and hooking her legs up in my arms, I cupped them in my hands and rolled her nipples between my thumb and index finger. Mandy moaned with appreciation and by the way she was breathing and moving her head side to side it was clear she was getting close. She acknowledged this looking at me with intense desire and moaning, urging me to make her cum.

“Ohhhhh yesss…” came from her lips with each deep thrust into her followed by, “Ahhhh please… don’t stop…”

I squeezed her nipples and she wailed, “Ahhhhhhh fuck yesssss! You’re going to make me cum like that.”

Again and again I pulled almost all the way out till her puffy lips were trying to hang on to my big purple mushroom head, before driving my cock back deep into her. Its entire length brushing along her swollen clit till my pelvis bone bucked against hers.

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