The Story of Tatiana Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story is dedicated to the very teasing, and incredibly sexual Smokahontass. Thank you for being the inspiration for this story. I hope you enjoy it!


Tatiana sat at the desk in her office, her eyes staring at the large flat screen monitor as her fingers laid motionless, hovering over her keyboard. She noticed out of her peripheral vision that there was a random flow of people passing in front of the partially frosted glass that made up the front wall of her office.

It was one of those Fridays. Reports had to be finished, strategy sessions planned and employee reviews had to be done, but still, it was Friday and she could think of a million other places she wanted to be. She worked extremely hard at her job as she was determined to continue her climb up the corporate ladder. It was financially and professionally rewarding, but it was taxing on her social life and even harder on her sexual life.

It wasn’t as if she was in a dry spell or anything. In fact, she had a steady fuck-buddy that she met up with on a semi-regular basis. Great as that was, it had been almost a week since they could get together and this morning she had woken up with a sexual fever that even her morning “private playtime” couldn’t satisfy.

Now she just sat there unable to focus, her thoughts continually drifting back to the image of Mike’s cock. It was so big and yummy, around 8″ cut with a good girth, large mushroom head and upward curve. The cock had bulging veins across the shaft that she loved to explore with her lips and tongue and two heavy balls in a shaved sac that she craved in her mouth.

What she wouldn’t give to have his cock here right now. She swore that if he magically appeared, she’d hike her dress up, bend over the desk and let him have her way with her.

“Oh God,” she thought to herself, “those are the thoughts that are making it impossible to work today.”

She reached down between her legs and up her tight black dress and traced her finger up across her soaking pussy. The slight contact sent chill bumps up and down her smooth, dark caramel skin. It felt so good. God, what she wouldn’t give to have the chance to rub her clit over and over, making herself cum again and again.

She picked up her phone and texted Mike. Normally she would start with pleasantries, ask him about his week, how he was doing, etc., but today she was guided by the undying sexual tension between her legs.

—– Tatiana: Hey, can you meet up during lunch?

They had previously had some lunch time quickies and always in different places whether it was at a nearby hotel, the empty top level of a parking garage with her bent over the hood of her car and him plowing into her tight, shaved pussy from behind, or even in the front seat of his Mercedes SUV where she satisfied her taste for cum by sucking his gorgeous cock.

—– Mike: Sorry, no can do. I’ve got a group of investors in town and I’m taking them to lunch and entertaining them all day.

—– Tatiana: Damn. What about after work?

—– Mike: I’ll still be entertaining but we’ll just be watching the game at the Anatole in the bar. You can come by and we’ll get a room for the night.

She sat and thought about it. She really needed his cock now, but if this was the best he could offer, what else could she do? He was the only guy she was fucking at the moment and even though she’d have to wait a lot longer than she’d hoped, it would be nice to get a room in a very nice hotel and fuck all night.

—– Tatiana: ok, I will come by. What time? And you better be ready because I’m going to fuck your brains out.

—– Mike: haha, sounds great to me. How about 7? Well be eating then and you can join us for dinner.

—– Tatiana: ok

She put her phone down, looked back at the screen, looked at the door and then finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She dipped her hand down again beneath her dress and ran her fingers along her panty covered pussy. She wondered if she could get away with it here at work. Could she rub her clit and make herself cum with no one noticing it or interrupting her? More importantly, could she keep her voice down and stifle her normal orgasmic screams? Her finger slowly massaging her clit convinced her that she could do almost anything as long as she continued to rub.

Her body tingled as she began to rub harder. Bursts of energy shot thru her body and she massaged herself. She started to lose herself in the feeling, the beginning of possible sexual relief. It hadn’t satisfied her enough this morning, but maybe a second time would do the trick.

She closed her eyes and let the feeling take her over. She imagined Mike’s cock plowing into her tight pussy, herself down on her hands and knees, his hands as they pulled her hair and slapped her tiny firm ass. She could feel herself getting close, the impending release. She stifled her moans, bit her lip, unable to fully contain small whimpers as they escaped her gorgeous mouth. Release was almost upon her….

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“Fuck,” she whispered softly with a bit of anger to herself and quickly straightened herself up. “Ye-Yeah, come in,” she said.

The door to her office opened and her boss stepped in. He was an overweight, middle aged man named Jack, but a nice guy to work for. “Hey, I just wanted to, hey are you ok?”

“Yeah, why, what’s up,” she replied.

“Nothing, you just look all flushed. Are you feeling ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m just frustrated. Lots to get done today,” she replied.

“Ok, just making sure. I wanted to check on the status of those quarterly reports,” he said. “Will you have them done by 1?”

“Have I ever let you down before,” she said with a smile.

“Nope, I just wanted to make sure,” he said and smiled back. He left the office and she sat there wondering if she could finish what she started but realized she had too much work to do. Her body was tingling, needing and desiring a release, but she would have to push off that need for now and focus on work.

She worked furiously thru the rest of the day, straight thru lunch, thru the afternoon and past her normal quitting time. At 6:30, she finally wrapped everything up, locked up her office and headed to her car. She had just enough time to make it to the Anatole to meet Mike.

She arrived at the upscale hotel and valet parked her car. She headed into the lobby and straight to the restroom to freshen up. She walked in and went straight to the sinks and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew she was a beautiful woman. At 28, she still rivaled the beauty of any college girl. She looked herself over. She was small and petite, 5’3″ tall at only 120lbs, she had firm, perky B-Cup breasts with fantastic nipples, a slim frame and a small, perky firm ass that men drooled over. She was half Filipino, so her smooth skin was dark, exotic and flawless. Her big eyes sparkled and her full lips tempted everyone. She brushed her long, dark chocolate colored hair, reapplied some lipstick and adjusted her dress. She was wearing a tight, black dress that she had worn with a designer jacket at the office, but now, the sleeveless dress was all that hugged her little body. She was wearing a pair of black heels that gave her an added 3″ in height. She looked good.

She headed back out into the lobby and towards the bar of the hotel. When she walked in, she looked around and finally found Mike. He was sitting with a group of business men, seven plus Mike she counted.

She walked over and could feel the eyes of several of the hotel guests upon her. She knew they desired her and this only increased her sexual tension that had been building in her all day. She got to the table and walked up to Mike. He looked at her, gave her an approving once over, and then gave her a hug.

“Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to a friend and business associate of mine, this is Tatiana,” he said. The men turned to her and immediately she became the center of attention. The men looked her over, introduced themselves, shook her hand, all the normal things that happen, and Tatiana was pleasant, smiling back and making small talk with them.

She honestly couldn’t tell you all of their names, even after meeting them. There were so many of them and her sexual frustration only let her absorb a few things. She was at a table in a hotel bar with eight attractive, fit, successful men who had turned all their attention to her. Her tiny panties were soaking wet.

“Let’s do shots,” said one of the men, a tall, gorgeous black man with piercing eyes and a devilish smile.

The men all agreed and nine shots of premium tequila were brought to the table. The group toasted to their new business venture and everyone slammed down the shots. The waitress brought more drinks including a Martini for Tatiana.

They continued talking and asking Tatiana about her, her job, how she knew Mike, etc. The table was full of laughter and smiles as these men fawned over her. Mike suggested another round of shots and the table agreed. He called over the waitress and gave her the order.

She returned again with 10 shots, nine tequilas and one that was dark with whip cream on top.

“Tequila for all, but I got Tatiana here a second shot as well that she can take before we do the Tequila… a blow job shot,” said Mike with a big, knee weakening grin. The table exploded in laughter and cheers and Tatiana blushed.

All eyes were on her, even more than before, and the alcohol mixed with barely eating mixed with the wetness in her panties caused her to throw all caution to the wind. She giggled, smiled, put her hands behind her back and leaned forward towards the butterscotch flavored shot.

She wrapped her succulent lips around the glass and felt the sweet cream coat her lips. She clamped down on the glass and raised it off of the table and tilted her head back, letting the cream and liquor flow into her mouth and down her throat. She bent back ankara escort bayan over and put the glass back on the table then stood upright to a round of cheers and applause from the men. She smiled and blushed and then realized she still had cream on her lips, so fueled by sexual courage, she stuck out her tongue and slowly ran her tongue around her lips in an extremely sensual manner. The guys sat mesmerized.

“She’s very talented, isn’t she gentlemen? To Tatiana,” he said and raised his glass. Everyone grabbed their glass, including Tatiana, and toasted to her. Everyone downed their drinks and then Tatiana excused herself to go to the restroom. As she was leaving she leaned over and whispered in Mike’s ear, “I need your cock in me so bad.”

She went to the restroom, peed, washed her hands and composed herself. She was so horny right now and knew she was going to let Mike do whatever he wanted. She didn’t care, she just needed his cock.

She returned to the table, she stumbled a little as she was incredibly tipsy from the alcohol. Everyone welcomed her back and maybe it was her imagination, but the air had changed. The men were very flirtatious with her and Mike grabbed her arm and had her stand between his legs as he sat on the stool. She pushed back against his body as everyone was talking and carrying on. She could feel his hard cock against her ass.

She readjusted and slipped her hands behind her back and placed them on his crotch. It was somewhat covert but anyone really paying attention could tell what she was doing. She massaged his cock thru his slacks, feeling its size and heat, wanting it so badly. The conversations continued and Mike leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “you want that, don’t you naughty girl?”

She said nothing but nodded slightly and squeezed his hard cock.

“I can’t leave them, we are in the middle of a big negotiation, but I’d love to stick my cock in your pussy,” he whispered.

She turned her head and leaned back and whispered, “I don’t care what it takes, what you have to do, but I want this (she squeezed his cock) inside of me in five minutes.”

He chuckled and whispered, “you got it,”.

“Gentlemen, why don’t we continue watching the game and having drinks upstairs in my suite,” he said. Everyone agreed and they left, knowing their drinks would be charged to their room.

They headed to the elevator and got in, heading to the 12th floor. Once the door was closed, Mike, who was standing behind Tatiana, pulled her close to him with her back to him and began to run his hands over her tight body, slowly, sensually. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed it. His hands came up and cupped her braless, perky breasts and he began to openly grope them. His ministrations caused a slight moan to escape from her lips.

She ground her body back against his. He reached up and pulled the straps of her dress down and exposed her breasts. She knew she was in full view of these men, but she didn’t care, she needed his hands on her. In fact, the public display only fueled her passion. His hands caressed her breasts and tweaked her perfect nipples sending shockwaves directly to her pussy and she was now moaning loudly, abandoning all cares and concerns.

She was snapped back to reality when the elevator dinged as they reached their floor and her eyes shot open. Every eye in the elevator was on her. She blushed and readjusted her dress, covering herself.

Everyone exited the elevator and silently walked to the suite. Once inside, they moved to the living room and again, Mike walked up behind her and began running his hands over her body and leaned down and began kissing her neck.

Her right hand went to the back of his head and her left went to his crotch. She didn’t care if they wanted to watch, she had to have his cock.

He reached down and grabbed the bottom of her tight dress and pulled it up and over her head and then threw it on the floor. She was now naked except for her black thong and high heels. He moved his left hand to her breast and his right to her pussy where he slipped a finger under her panties and penetrated her dripping pussy.

“Do you want my cock,” he said as he thrust his finger in and out of her. She was writhing at his touch.

“Yes, please, give it to me,” she moaned, “please.”

“If you want me to fuck you, you have to let them fuck you too, you have to let us gangbang you, fill you with cock and cover you with cum, are you willing to do that? Are you willing to be OUR slut tonight?” he asked.

She was moaning loudly, rocking her pussy against his finger while his associates looked on. “Yes, I don’t care, just fuck me.”

“Tell them,” he commanded.

“Please, I want you all to fuck me, use me, give me your cocks and fuck me all night, I need it so bad,” she said, gasping for breath.

“That’s a good little girl, now get on your knees,” he said. She turned around and sank to her knees. He grabbed her head and pushed her face into his crotch. He shoved her escort ankara face against his hard cock and spoke to the men.

“I’ve been fucking this naughty little girl for months now and she is insatiable. She loves being man handled and the dirtier you are with her, the more excited she gets, so don’t feel the need to hold back, she can take it,” said Mike.

“Take my cock out and show these men just how talented you are,” he commanded. Tatiana reached up and undid his pants and pulled them down. She pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang free. She attacked his meat, grasping the base and sinking her mouth down over the hard shaft. She bobbed up and down on his delicious meat, taking three quarters of it into her mouth with each bob.

The other men gathered around and watched her slobber on his cock. Publicly displaying her cock sucking talents turned her on more than she could have possibly guessed. She took his cock out of her mouth and went to town on his large balls. Mike grabbed his cock and rubbed it around her face as she licked his sac.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and began slapping his large cock on her face. She moaned each time the heavy meat smacked her beautiful face. She stuck her tongue out to give him another target and he slapped the head of his cock a few times on her displayed tongue.

With her hair still in his hand and his cock in the other, he slid his cock back into her willing mouth and pushed in. She kept her mouth open and her tongue stuck out as he pushed his cock into her throat. He began to fuck her throat knowing that she didn’t have a gag reflex and absolutely loved being face fucked.

He pumped in and out of her throat, “gngh, gngh, gngh, gngh,” as his cock moved in and out, filling her throat. She closed her mouth around his cock and continued to let him fuck her face. The hard flesh sawed in and out of her mouth and he finally pushed all the way in, smashing her face against his pelvis. He held it for a bit and then removed his saliva covered cock from her mouth and beat the wet meat against her face.

He pushed her to the next guy, a tan man she had found out was of Italian decent. She greedily reached up and undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard, about seven inches long and uncut. She gobbled up his cock and fucked her mouth with it. She was becoming crazed with lust. She felt hands on her ass, squeezing and pulling apart the firm globes.

She sucked his cock and moved to the next. By now, the men were undressing and she went for the first cock she saw. A beautiful seven inches belonging to a cute, older gentleman. She put his cock in her mouth and he grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth with quick, frantic thrusts. She opened her throat and let him have his way while she reached up and played with his balls.

A few moments later she was pulled to another cock, another beautiful eight incher, cut, that plowed into her mouth. His hands were on her head as she took his cock. Her ass was still being played with and her tits were being groped and squeezed. Her hands were raised and they wrapped around two more cocks.

She was pulled to her fifth cock, a large black one, easily nine inches and wide. He slid his cock into her mouth with slow control and pushed back into her throat. His movements were slow and deliberate and he pushed his cock in as far as it would go, bringing her nose to his body. He was intent on making her choke on his cock. Her hands stroked two more as hands groped and molested her body. She felt two more cocks slapping the top of her head from behind as she choked on the black man’s enormous cock.

He slowly pumped away into her mouth and then stepped back allowing the sixth cock slide into her mouth. This was a smaller one compared to the others, maybe 6.5″ and cut. The owner of the cock roughly fucked her face which she easily accepted. Her thong was pulled aside and she felt fingers pushing into her pussy. She moaned around the cock that was violently fucking her hot mouth.

He pulled out of her mouth and the two guys whose cocks she had been stroking stepped up and shoved both of their cocks in her mouth. Both cocks were cut and between 7-7.5 inches. She kept both cocks in her hand and slobbered over the two spongy cock heads as they touched and pushed into her mouth. She was moaning and going crazy over them. She heard them talking about her, but couldn’t tell you who was saying what. All that mattered were the cocks.

“This slut is amazing.”

“She’s such a hot little cock sucker.”

“That fuckin body is driving me crazy.”

“Look at her shoving those cocks in her mouth, what a good bitch.”

“I’m going to tear this little pussy up.”

“Don’t forget that sweet ass.”

“Use her however you want, but hold off on cumming. She gets off on having cum blasted on her face, so let’s do it all together and drench the dirty little girl.”

The guys surrounded her and pulled her from cock to cock. They either forcefully fucked her mouth and shoved their cocks down her throat or they tried to shove two and sometimes three cocks in her mouth. Her chest was slick from saliva that kept pouring from her mouth when they fucked her throat. Her hands continued to stroke cocks that weren’t in her mouth.

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