The Stranger and I

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It was a stormy Tuesday night with the trash cans tipped over, garbage spread out through the entire yard. Patrick had to either act or risk it going into the neighbor’s yard, who he would assume, get angry and flip out on him. My oh my, what a blunder this Patrick was in, and this was only the start of it.

As he was outside, there was a loud and vibrant boom that even shook the ground underneath him. He almost fell back onto his glutes, but luckily for him, someone was there to catch his fall. It was with her hands, but he was not sure who this woman was. He just looked at him, smiling, and said, “I noticed you were falling, and I figure I will lend you a hand well too, so you won’t crash down on yourself.”

She smiles as she brushes her long wavy brown hair away from her face. And reveal the delicate tan complexion in her skin seeming to sparkle as rain droplets begin to fall down her face. This mysterious woman was quite tall, not his height of 6’1 but more elevated than the average woman at an estimated 5’7.

But what drew Patrick into her was the way she lifted her eyebrow whenever she wanted to talk. He found it quite flattering on her. Now, he had just been staring, which caused this woman to get his attention back.

“Excuse me, are you alright? You have been standing like this for an awful while without even a peep coming out of your mouth.” The woman tilted her head, attempting to read him, but to no avail because no one could read Patrick’s rather chill and stoic demeanor.

“I am sorry, you just caught me off guard. It has been a while since someone has done something this nice for me in a long time.

So, thank you. I am a Patrick, and you are?” Patrick extended his hand, offering a kind gesture.

“The name is Amelia. It is a pleasure to meet you from the front, your butt and I have already been formally introduced.” She laughed it off as she took his hand first with one hand and then cuffed it over with another hand.

“I don’t want to be rude, but I got to pick up all of this trash that has been spreading around the entire yard here.”

Patrick smiled, nodding.

“Oh! Of course! Would you like an extra hand because it looks like it could come down in any minute and four hands and two bodies are better than two hands and one body?” Amelia did not even listen around for an answer and started to pick up the trash putting it back into the trash can.

“Yeah, sure…” Patrick’s voice trailed off as he watched her for a moment, stunned as to how she just asserted herself to be helpful.

Both took about 15 or 20 minutes to collect all of the trash and put it back into the trash can. Whenever Patrick knew Amelia was not looking, she glanced at her and appreciated how her hips curved out, which flattered her legs and butt quite nicely. It does help that she came out in baby blue yoga pants and a white crop top. It seems like she was either in the middle of the end of the workout from the looks of it. Before, when the water was dripping down her face, it was not the rain but sweat.

As soon as they were finished, Patrick wanted to ask her something. This was uncommon for him to do since he is usually shy and timid around women, especially those he finds attractive but was comfortable around her.

“Thank you a lot for all of your help; I appreciate it!” Patrick mentioned smiling. “I was wondering if I could return the kind act towards you in some way. You did catch my fall and help me clean up. It is the least I can do for you.”

Patrick knew he was putting himself out there, but he thought, why not give it a shot and see where this goes. He had nothing else to do than finish his work out and work on the romantic novel he was writing during his downtime as a high school teacher.

“I am glad you asked; I could use an extra hand to move furniture around. I was going to wait for a few friends to come over, but since you insisted, and it will be rude of me to turn you down.” She smiled with a smirk this time and stroked her hair back beyond her ear.

“Come follow me, Patrick.” She waved him on as she walked away, and all he could do was be mesmerized by how confident and comfortable she moved with her hips bumping from side to side.

“Does not look like you are coming to me, Patrick?”

She turns around, looking at him dumbfounded.

“I am on my way!” Patrick hurried up and followed her, and she walked up to her place next door.

“Well, since I am on the third floor, it was easy to see how you were making a mess. Other than taking a shower to cool down and chill out from my yoga session. I decided to come down and help you. What made you so adamant about picking up all the trash off the grass anyway?” Amelia asked as she opened the door to the apartment and allowed him in.

“You see, I am an environmental science high school teacher at the nearby school. So, I find it my civil duty to leave the world better than we found it for future generations. This is just me, Patrick.” He said quite frankly, which bursa eskort bayan Amelia appreciated by nodding her head and following along interested.

“Fascinating. A high school environmental science teacher, huh? How interesting because I have a younger brother who goes to the local high school here. Do you know of Darno Gutierrez? By the way, my last name is Gutierrez too.” Amelia asked as she started to walk up the stairs of her apartment, and they were quite large steps.

“Yes, I do know him. He was in my class last year, brilliant kid.” Patrick knew he was an average performing student, but he was polite and respectful, which he admired.

“Brilliant, you say? How come he got a B’s in your class all of last year, Mr. Patrick Holiday.” She turned around and looked rather promiscuous.

“Wait, so you know me?” Patrick was astonished by this woman Amelia; he did not care to talk anymore about her brother.

“I have to know my neighbors, right! You can never be too careful. I know everyone in your building and mind and the one to the right and across the street. My father owns your building and the one across the street. His name is Miguel Gutierrez. But yeah, that’s all I know about you, and your care for the Earth is rather cute to me.” She giggles after she mentions this, but Patrick’s attention was elsewhere.

He just nodded his head back at her whenever she turned around. It felt like he was going up an infinite number of stairs before reaching the top.

Exhausted, Patrick took a deep breath in and out, which blew on the neck of Amelia. She glanced her hand against her neck and pushed her hair toward the side, rubbing where she felt the air go.

“I just felt a strange feeling of airbrushing against my neck. Do you know where it could have come from because the air is not on?” Amelia turns to Patrick, looking at him out of breath a little.

“Now, I see where it came from now!” She smiled and brushed her hand against his shoulder, which she felt was strong and stable.

“Those steps were more difficult than I intended them to be, that is for sure! I am glad we finally reached the top and to your place now.” Patrick smiled back, hoping he can give his calves a rest.

“Well, what if I was to tell you there are another set of stairs leading to my bedroom on the second floor of my apartment where I needed help moving furniture. Will you still be of assistance?” Amelia winked at him ever so subtly, which caught his attention instantly.

Patrick tried to contain the excitement he was feeling in the crevices of his lower body. He was thankful for wearing jeans and not his usual workout sweatpants. This would have provided her with a full-on view.

“I can make it.” He smiled and nodded confidently back.

“Great, let’s go inside to mi casa!” Amelia took her keys out and opened the door, letting him inside.

The apartment was immaculate, decorated for character and space. Patrick appreciated the artwork, and the plants he was viewing gave it an earthy touch.

He just stared at the artwork ranging from sketches, water coloring, and formal portraits. The collection was astounding, and then he went into what seemed to be her art studio, where she works.

“Seems like you find my secret identity,” Amelia said jokingly.

“You are quite the artist, Amelia; I got caught off guard how beautiful all of this is. It is quite special. I love the park scene with watercolors as if you are viewing it through a rainfall, barely seeing, but for the lights surrounding.” Patrick was in disbelief of the talent she possessed.

“I am glad you enjoy it. In particular, that piece took me an afternoon to do, and I have a buyer for the artwork. I still do not know if the price is expected out of artwork such as this. So, I need a second opinion and since you are here. I will ask you if you don’t mind.” Amelia looked at him as she put her fingertips under her chin, watching him.

“Absolutely; what did the buyer offer?” Patrick wondered curiously.

“The buyer is going to give me $575 for that particular painting. Do you think the offer is reasonable?” Amelia wanted to know how much Patrick valued this artwork.

“That is offered is lowballing the value of the piece because there are intricate lines with shading and blending throughout. This makes the piece easily worth $1,200 or more if your buyer knows and values artwork as we all should.” Patrick smiled as he observed it as if in a trance.

“I thought the same thing, so I declined the offer, and you understood why; I am impressed, Mr. Holiday. About the furniture, let’s go this way.” Amelia grabbed his hand to have him follow her as she guided him to the stairwell, which led to her room.

Patrick gently squeezed her hand, feeling the tenderness of her palms resting on his and the warmth it created to soothe his mind. He could not help when walking up the stairs to divert his attention to her lower back exposed by her hips’ crop top and slender curve. bursa merkez escort His excitement remained contained and kept away.

“Well, this is it. And here is the furniture.” Amelia shows it off as if she is Vanna White herself.

“Alright, what should I do first?” Patrick insisted, looking around at the room.

“Oh yes, the dresser needs to get a move to that open wall over there. I want to move the bed closer to the window. What are your thoughts about that?” She looks at him intently for any suggestions.

“This is your space; you should have it as you wish, Ms. Gutierrez.” Patrick smiles brightly at her with confidence.

“I have not been called that since my senior year English teacher had a fondness for etiquette and called everyone by their last name. Don’t tell me, are you like that as well?” Her voice raised, looking at him curiously as they positioned themselves ready to lift.

He grunted out as he lifted and Amelia quietly to herself, moaning provocatively to get his attention, a subtle gesture. He had no way to respond except go, “Uh-huh.” She raised her eyebrows in the response of no reaction. When it was settled down, she pointed for the bed to have them both lift it, but her phone slipped out of her bra underneath her crop top.

Patrick was puzzled and went down to pick it up the same time she did, and the two of them bumped.

“Ow, I am sorry about that!” Patrick rubs his head as Amelia starts to giggle to herself in response to his reaction.

He could not do anything more than to laugh along with her. The laughing went on for another two minutes. While the two of them started to calm down and wipe away the tears from chuckling so hard. Amelia takes her phone and puts it over on the desk.

“Keeping it over there should cause us not to get into a head-on collision again. I would hope.” She smiled brightly at Patrick, who smiled back and pointed back at her bed she wanted to move.

Amelia nodded. Patrick positioned himself in the back of the bed and grasped onto the headboard to pull it over. Amelia pushed the front of it. In two minutes, they moved the bed to the other wall of the room with the window against the bed’s side.

Relieved, Amelia collapsed on top of it, spreading out.

“Ahhhh, this feels so much better! Thanks for your help, Patrick. I could have done it without you, but it would have been more work.” She laughs to herself.

“Don’t sweat it. No pun intended there.” Patrick laughed and shrugged, knowing how lame it sounded.

“That’s a good one! I can see why you are a teacher; you are quite clever. There is a wit about you; I cannot seem to pinpoint. I will find out one way or another; I am sure of that.” Amelia smiles slyly while propping herself up, looking directly into Patrick’s light brown eyes.

Patrick blushed and turned away for a moment. He did not want to get carried away at this moment. When he turned around, he noticed Amelia stroking her fingers through her long luscious brown delicate hair as it fell to her shoulders. She appeared to look at him differently than before.

He did not know how to take this. Should he contain himself or act on his impulses, and the duality between lust and logic was at a standstill waiting for the other to point the trigger and shoot. Frozen there, he decided not to make a move and watch instead. The view was something he never experienced before. It was sensual, slow, and comfortable, as if she just wanted him to watch and observe her but only act if she requested it.

He is left at the whim of Amelia, who will decide the next move. Both of them are just there looking and observing one another for who they are: lustful and eager individuals. When Patrick succumbs to his feelings, he stretches, so that is what he did.

This physical reaction did not catch Amelia off guard. She just watched his every move and anticipated where he would stretch to next. His top fit the muscular physique hiding beneath the clothing well, and all she happened to see was its silhouette. Her imagination roared and started to take her to a different place where they would both be other than her bedroom.

In response, she perked up as if inviting him to see the roundness of her breasts appearing up from her crop-top. Patrick leaned up from the forward straight to see her by the edge of the bed, closer to him. His eyes trailed up the salmon of the yoga pants and towards the definition of her stomach to finally reach the perkiness of her breasts in full-on view as she stared intensely at him. She swayed her head from side to side, messing up her hair’s position over her shoulder now behind her back, revealing more of what she was offering up for him to see.

While coming up, Patrick took his arms out, stretching in a T. Amelia had a definite reaction by biting her lip, viewing him just there, and moaned a little louder for him to hear it this time.

Amelia sprung up from the bed and came upon her feet, bursa sınırsız escort bayan and walked past him. Tracing her fingers along his chest as she walked on through.

“Stay, Patrick. I will be back in just a sec.” Amelia waved at him as she left the room and exited to the nearby bathroom.

He laughs to himself and looks around. He wondered if he should be positioned a certain way for when she came back in, it would signal for her to make the next move. Nothing too obvious; it has to be something subtle.

He searched around the room for the best location to present himself to her. Leaning against the wall would be too subtle, and laying on the bed would also be direct. While he was considering all of the possibilities, he noticed a bean bag resting on the floor. He leaned himself down and comforted down on the free-flowing furniture.

Then he noticed that it would be difficult to get up, so what else is there to use. Searching and searching then he found a stepping stool with three steps. He decided this would be the craftiest way to present himself and rested his hands behind his head. He was posing like he is about to shoot for a magazine cover.

The footsteps on Amelia were crackling across the floor. Each step leg to further anticipation, which resulted in the development of an erection in his pants. His excitement contained, but the bulge was undoubtedly noticeable to the eye at this point.

Amelia crept in slowly and did not see Patrick right away, but when she saw him. She gasped to herself and said, “Oh hello there, Patrick, were you waiting for me?”

She was biting on her lips and examining him up from his hair, stopping down at the bulge inside of his pants.

“Yes, I was.” He then observed her and noticed her clothing changing to relatively short booty shorts with the crop top removed, viewing only her red lace bra now.

“Looks like to me you dressed comfortably for this occasion. And can I say, I enjoy your taste?” Patrick suggests.

“Indeed, you can, kind sir.” Amelia plays off the pleasantries with a curtsy to the best of her ability.

“The pleasure is mine, Ms. Gutierrez.” Patrick takes a bow.

“Where oh, where should I start first?” Amelia saunters over, looking at him, waiting patiently, trying to contain his excitement.

“I always like to start from the bottom and work my way up. This is how I plan on getting what is required of me done.” Patrick presented himself pressuring his hips forward, causing his bulge to pulse.

Amelia had a difficult time containing her emotions and licked her lips, imagining all of the possibilities. He could not take it in too long and came finally up to Patrick with his bulge directly in front of her face as he propped up on the stepping stool.

She traces her palms on his calves and feels the tension of his body as her hands trail up his leg. Patrick looks down at Amelia, who is fixated on whatever action she performs and how it causes his bulge to pulsate. She brushes her hair off to her shoulder and looks up at Patrick, and reaches for his hands.

He clasps onto her hand, feeling the softness of her skin against his, and smiles. He brings them up to his chest as she steps on the first step of the stool to reach. The pecks from Patrick’s chest are felt as she sketches it out with her hands moving around it.

Patrick presses her hands down from his pecks down to the bottom of his shirt. He allows time to pass to build-up to the removal of his shirt with it coming over his head as he squats down to meet her at eye level, He smiles, and after the shirt is removed and his body revealed to her, she traces her fingers along his shoulders down his arms.

She cuffs her hands into his and takes advantage of having him close to her presses his hand against the firmness of her chest. He looks down, attending to her breasts with his hands groped around them. Feeling the hardness of the nipple arise whenever he ran his knuckle over it. He wanted to be a gentleman and go comfortable with her. She is relatively shorter and smaller than he is but packs a punch with the curves in all of the right areas.

She leans forwards and unexpectedly takes his skin for his abs into her teeth, sucking on it. This sent a chill through his spine down to his glutes as he firmed up and clenched them, getting aroused. A moan from Patrick’s mouth followed as she hoped for, and she began to use her tongue to insert inside his belly button. Looking up at him in the process as she noticed his squirming. She stopped. Smiled. Let go of his hands and walk away slowly so he can see all that she was offering.

All Patrick could do was contain himself, just breathing and staying present. He was directly in the moment and took it upon himself to follow her as she left outside her bedroom went out into the hall. And what he found was entirely unexpected. Her booty shorts seemed to have fallen, and so did her crop top on the floor leading towards another room just cracked open in the slightest bit.

He moved slowly, tracing his step as he walked past her booty shorts and a crop top, just imagining her in a lace bra and if any garment is covering up her lower half.

He pushed open the door and noticed Amelia in the corner of a relatively small room in a chair staring at Patrick as he came in.

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