The Subway Ch. 02

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Please note:

The story is fiction. However, things I say about myself like a general description, how I perform sexually, good or bad, is true. I am not a good writer, I admit, but, I do enjoy writing erotica. Generally, my stories are all true. This story is a fantasy. Thank you.

* * * * *

I spread my legs wide while still on my back and your eyes were riveted on my cock!

“DAMN!….You are STILL hard!” You put your hand on it, saying, “Look how hard you are, Hoot,….and,….after shooting that monstrous load, too! DAMN!!!!”

I had propped a pillow under my head and you moved, placing your knees very close to my balls! I reached to the side and removed an art- icle of clothing from the nightstand, as well as some body oil and I handed them to you.

You took the body oil, opened it, and, poured some on your hands! Then, you began to rub it all over your luscious tits and I laid there, my hand on my cock, lightly rubbing it!

As you spread the oil all over them, you said, “You want to fuck these sooooooo bad,….don’t you Hoot?” you asked with a smile. You noticed my eyes were glued to them. “Yes,…Hoot wants to slide that huge prick right up between these twin beauties!” and, you knew your words were get- ting to me!

“Yup,…” I answered,….”and, you want me to because you know these big balls are filling with the cream you love so much! And, know, if we can get them all around me,….I will treat you with a load you never knew a man could give in one explosion,….don’t you!” I teased back.

“Think we can?….You know,….get them all around you?” you asked.

“Possibly,….with some effort,” I answered.

“What kind of effort, Hoot?”

“Well,….let’s see, in the regular way, just how far they will wrap around me,….and,….if they don’t?….I will make a suggestion.”

“Isn’t the regular way,…me, underneath you?” you asked.

“Ordinarily,…but,…I found, by doing it with a lady who had 55HH tits, that,….this is best done when the woman is above. Perhaps not as comfortable for her,….but,….she does have lots of freedom of move- ment! Let’s try it,….you’ll see,” I added.

You moved in closer, shoving a pillow under my ass. Then, on your knees, you straightened up, looking down at me while your hands continued to rub in the body oil,…and,….you saw me taking deep breaths as I so loved seeing those twin mounds moving in all directions as your hands glided over them! Then,…you picked up the clothing article I had gotten from the nightstand and put it on. It was a silk strip….with a spaghetti strap at the top that you tied behind your neck, and, one on the bottom which you tied around your waist! I breathed harder seeing the strip sit in your cleavage,…just waiting for the bottom length of my thick cock!

Your lovely eyes were directed at the big, open tip,..and,…they flared as you saw the large hole begin to fill with my precum! Then, you put your hands on your tits and….spread them far apart,….and, you looked down seeing my shaft slide up the silk strip, and, you looked esc at my face seeing the ecstasy spreading over it!

Higher,…higher,….I pumped,…and,…soon,…my big balls moved on to the bottom of the silk strip! You tilted your head down and I felt and saw you flick your tongue down into the very large hole and drag out the precum there! You swallowed it down, saying, “That has just got to be the best tasting cum I have ever had!”

“It is all yours sweetheart! WhereEVER you want it!”

“Just make sure when you are ready to blow, my lips are wrapped around the tip…..just the tip,….so I can leave room in my mouth to take it!”

You began to press your lovely tits closer together, looking down, seeing how close the insides of your breasts were getting to the sides of my thick shaft! I was breathing harder and harder as you continued to move them closer,…and,….you were getting close as you, also, were diddling and tweaking your small nipples!

With the flat of your hands on the outsides of your breasts and as you brought them closer and closer together, you began to suspect your tits would not be large enough to fit….entirely….around me! But, I was not worried about that! I was too excited as closer,…closer,…closer ….they came,….now, less then an inch from touching me!

Busily, your fingers rubbed and squeezed your nipples, and, from the way you were reacting, it seemed as though it was going to make you cum! Faster, faster,….your hands rolled and pressed your tits, while your fingers flew across your nipples! Then,……………..

“OH! OH! OH! OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!” I groaned aloud as I began to feel your hot tit flesh make contact with the sides of my thrusting shaft! Your tongue continued to dip, again and again, down in the large hole, removing any trace of precum that appeared!

I pumped and pumped and you pressed and pressed those lovely tits, and, I was really starting to squirm now!


Faster, faster, my hips rose and fell, gliding my shaft up that silky strip, and, more and more, you made sure your tits were in contact with my thrusting prick! You pressed and pressed your tits and,….came up short! There was better then an inch separating your breasts as I pumped my shaft! Then,….I hollered to you, “Amber!!! Amber!!!…. Hunch your shoulders forward! Hunch them!!!” and, quickly, moving the flat of your hands more to the rear of your tits so you could gather up more tit flesh, you hunched your shoulders forward, and, they now were almost touching,…nipple-to-nipple!

“Hunch them more, Amber! More!!!” I hollered out, and, you tried and were successful, as your nipples came together! I pumped madly, and, at the same time, as my hips rose from the bed,…you brought your tits down,….and,..when my hips returned to the mattress,…you brought your lovely tits upward!!! Over and over again!!!! You maintained your nip- ples being in contact with each other, and, the momentum and speed escorts with which I was thrusting, was telling you I was real close!!!!

Then,….you came! Your body shuddered,…and, shook,….and, you felt your juices running out of your sweet pussy, in abundance! You came again and again,….and,…you clamped your lips all around the outside of the tip as I screamed,….”I’M,…..I’M,….I’M,….CU….CU,…CU,… ….CUUUUMMMMMIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” I continued to thrust until I felt the first column leave my big balls and race up my length! You kept your lips firmly around the tip,…waiting,….and,…very soon,.. ….you felt that first column….hotly and wetly,…gush,….into your mouth!!!!!! You came again and again,…juices squirting out of your hot pussy as never before!!!!

It was exquisite,…feeling your hot, meaty tits surrounding my cock ….completely,… you quickly swallowed the first column!!! Then, 2 seconds later,…another column,…and,…you tried to swallow that one, but, instead,…your cheeks began to blossom out!!!

You continued to swallow and 2 seconds later, a third one leaped from the tip and gushed and shot toward the back of your throat! You almost gagged, but, you recovered, and, your cheeks blossomed out even more, similar to what takes place when a trumpet player is blowing his horn!

Two seconds later,….and,…a fourth shot from me,….and, although you continued to swallow,…it was too much, as,…..gobs of my sweet, white cum leaked from the corners of your lips and began running down your chin!

You continued to cum,…experiencing multiple orgasms as your juices poured from you, streaming on the inside of your thighs and pooling on the silky sheet underneath you! Now,…you had released your tits and you filled your hand with the silky slip, bringing it to my big balls and my cockmeat close to my balls and you began to fondle and rub them, as you wanted more and more and more of my gism to leap from me!!!!

You withdrew the tip from your mouth and I directed it upward, just in time for another column to spurt from the big tip and spray into your hair!!!

I aimed downward and the next column shot from me as I…waved…my shaft from one side of your face to the other directing the column to paint your forehead,…all the way across! The next column was about to spurt so I aimed my cock further down,…letting it spray from one cheek to the other, right across the bridge of your nose!

By this time, the column on your forehead was running,…coating it and sliding down onto your eyebrows and eyes! Then, the column under- neath that began to run, slowly,..and it spread across the lower parts of your cheeks and underneath your nose,…..

This time, as my cock leaped and bucked, I directed the gism right across your face and your mouth and chin,….In between spurts, you quickly looked in the mirror on the wall and you were shocked as your entire face was coated! None of the flesh of your face could be seen!

Your silk filled hand fondled me faster,…and, rubbed my cock quick- eskort er and harder! You wanted more! Lots more!!!

And, I gave it to you,…directing the tip to shoot all across your neck,….then,…onto your breasts,…as I waved my shaft from side to side,…the big, long, very white columns ejecting from the large hole in the tip and you so loved the hot, hot, wet feelings of it as they, too, began to run,….sliding over your nipples and the meat of your breasts!!!!

No, Amber,…you were NOT going to look like a glazed donut because my cum is VERY white!!!…VERY creamy!!!…But, I assured you I would completely cover your flesh with my huge load!!!!!

Thirty seconds into my climax and, I had shot some 15 long, very thick, very white columns of gism and I wasn’t done yet! I moved back just a little so I could spurt just under your tits, and, it shot from me,….spreading across your belly,….covering completely,…your belly button!!!!

Then,…you moved,…placing your face very close to the tip as you wanted me to shoot more on your face! Already coated,…I added more… lots more,….and,…every once in a while you would open your mouth and let a column or two blast into your sexy, erotic mouth where you closed your eyes as you swallowed, loving my cum like no other!!!

You could still feel your hot pussy spurting out your juices as you had never cum so much in your 10 years of fucking! Still fondling my balls with your silk-filled hand, you grabbed my cock with the other and,….YOU,…directed the remaining sprays,….letting some columns blast onto your face and the remaining columns recoat your lovely tits!

43 seconds later, my cock had yielded all it was going to for this time,…and,…as I settled back,…you were busy dragging my cum with your fingers, into your mouth and sucking and swallowing the cum from them! Then,…your sexy mouth went to work again on my cock….as your tongue swirled all over the tip,…then,….in….the tip,…then,… you passed the flat of your tongue along my entire length,…taking in any residue of cum that was there!

You looked up and into the mirror again,…and,…you were so shocked! It looked like 60, 70 guys had cum on you, and, you sooooooo loved your body, from your hair all the way down to your belly, being so coated, not being able to see ANY flesh!!!!!

We took a slight breather! You and I settled back, and, your eyes moved to my shaft!


“I told you honey,….rarely….do I go soft!!!”

“You mean,…you still want me???”

“Of course!!!! We are not through here….I want to fill your sweet pussy with a big load! And,..fill your lovely ass with another, my pet! And,….I want you to deep-throat me again! And,…fuck my cock with your tits again!!!! I also want to eat that sweet pussy of yours!”

“No, no,…Hoot! That’s a no-no! That is reserved only for a woman! Only a woman can please me with her mouth there!!!”

“Okay,….I understand,…but,…we can still do the other things!”

“Whew!…You mean,…you are ready for…more action,…right now?”

“Yes, Amber!…..Right now!!!!!”

(To be cont’d)


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