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Jake was standing on the sideline watching his nephew Bryan’s team, the Rattlers, play soccer. He would go to the games whenever he could make it, which meant when he didn’t have to work. His work consisted of two different occupations: running charter boats out of his brother’s marina and playing music in the bars up and down the beach. He made a pretty good living between the two, and one of the fringe benefits of his work was that he met plenty of good-looking women.

His older brother Fred was the coach of the team and one of the partners in the business that included a marina, the charter business, a bait-and-tackle shop, a small campground and about an acre of boat and RV storage. Jake lived in his boat at the marina. So Fred was not just his brother, but his employer and his landlord as well. Jake came to the games to support his brother and his nephew, and the team, but he really didn’t pay much attention to the games. He spent most of his time checking out the hot moms.

The boys were eleven and twelve year olds, so most of the moms were in their mid-thirties, give or take. Jake was 25, but that didn’t stop him – he liked older women and had had relationships with a few.

Most of the moms would bring their lawn chairs and watch the game, and some would drop off and pick up. It seemed to Jake that the fat and frumpy boys tended to belong to the fat and frumpy moms. But a few of the moms were pure, foxy MILF gold, with the gold usually reflecting off of their left ring finger. But that didn’t really deter Jake that much, he’d had a few married women along the way. He had found that some could be in the market for a little something on the side, you just never knew.

One of his nephew’s closer friends on the team, and one of the better players, was a boy named Jimmy. And it was Jimmy’s mom that Jake had his eye on. He came to the games hoping to see her. She was somewhat familiar looking, he recognized her from somewhere but he couldn’t place her.

She was here today, alone and looking good, as usual: brunette hair cut in a bob that framed her pretty, narrow cheeks, almond eyes, halter top housing her perky tits, and shorts that hugged her fine ass and showed off her lean legs. Dad never showed, at least Jake had never seen him. He must be too busy, or a jerk, or just didn’t care. But he must be around somewhere because Jimmy’s mom had a ring on her finger. Her name was Gina, he’d learned that much from hanging around.

Gina noticed Jake too. They’d never spoken or been introduced, but she could tell he was checking her out. Jake always looked the same: longish, wavy, sun-bleached blond hair, cut-offs, flip flops, and sometimes he even wore a shirt. Yes, she’d checked him out too. He was hard to miss and not too hard to look at: beach boy handsome, blue eyes, a thin, toned and tanned bod, all lean muscle and sinew.

Gina was about ten yards away, and when the game ended and the kids came off the field, Jake moved closer.

“Hi, Uncle Jake!” Bryan called as he reached the sideline.

“Hey, Bryan. Good game!” Jake said. They had won 10-8. There’s a lot of scoring in little league soccer!

Jake stole a glance at Gina and noticed that she also took a peek in his direction. Then she gathered up her son and headed for her car, a late model BMW.

‘Oh, well,’ Jake thought. Maybe later.
Jake kept going to the games, but found it too awkward to try to approach Gina with all the parents and kids around, especially her own son. He thought about following her, and maybe trying to bump into her somewhere else and strike up a conversation, but he also didn’t want to spook her.

A week or so before the end of the season Fred announced to everyone that after the final game he would be throwing a big pool party at his house, with swimming, and he would be barbecuing hot dogs and burgers and there’d be a big cake and ice cream and we would celebrate our great season! All the kids, parents, and brothers and sisters are welcome! When Jake heard this, he figured this could be his chance.

“Are uncles invited too?” Jake asked, which gave everyone a chuckle.

“Yes, even crazy uncles are invited!” Fred boomed. “As long as they behave themselves.” This got another suppressed laugh from everyone, and he noticed Gina glance at him with a brief smile.
The day of the last game and team party arrived and it was beautiful. A high sky, about 82 degrees with a slight breeze. Jake was dressed pretty close to the usual, light blue swim trunks with palm trees printed on them and flops. He even classed it up a little with a Guy Harvey t-shirt.

It was understandably the best turnout of the season, and everyone was looking forward to the game and a good time afterward. Jake’s eyes roamed the crowd for Gina. His eyes found her talking to a frumpy mom, and feasted. She was simply stunning. She wore a red, sleeveless V-neck top, tight white jeans and sandals. She looked sexy as hell, and Jake felt a tickle in his trunks. He wondered to himself if the urban legend about girls in white pants was really true and she liked it in the ass.

The game didn’t go too well, unfortunately, in fact the boys got their butts kicked. They all must have had their minds on the party instead of the game. Jake left early to go to the house and help Fred’s wife get ready for the big bash. There were tables and chairs to set up, drinks to get on ice, a grill to fire up, plates, knives, forks, music, and more. Jake had a couple of beers while he worked.

Then the partiers began to arrive. The boys on the team, and various siblings, all ran inside to change into their swimsuits, and soon all emerged and jumped into the pool. The parents were clumped into groups of two or three yakking for the first fifteen minutes or so, but eventually they started moving around a bit. Finally Jake saw his opportunity when Gina was momentarily alone and started digging through the ice chest of drinks. He sidled up and started the conversation.

“The adult beverages are in this other cooler behind this table,” Jake said, as he opened the cooler and fished out a can of beer. “There is beer, white wine and cheap champagne.”

“Wine would be fine,” Gina said, smiling, emphasizing the rhyme.

Jake popped a cork and poured her a healthy dose into a plastic tumbler.

“Cheers!” he said, handing her the drink, and they each took a sip.

“I know you’re Jake, but we haven’t actually been introduced. I’m Gina.”

“Sure, Jimmy’s mom, nice to meet you. He’s a good little athlete.”

“Thank you. He sure does love to play!”

“You know, you look familiar to me,” Jake said.

“Well, sure, we’ve seen each other at almost every game!”

“No, no, I mean besides that. It seems like I’d seen you before that, but I haven’t been able to place it.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Do you like to read?”

“Do I like to read?”

“Yes. Do you like to read books?”

“Well yes, as a matter of fact I do.”

“Maybe you saw me at the library.”

“The library? You like to hang out at the library?”

“Yes, I work there; at the Island branch.”

“Ah,” Jake said, “That must be it. It’s been a while since I’ve been over there, but that makes sense. I can kind of remember seeing you bouncing around the stacks with your name tag on.”

“Bouncing?” she asked, laughing.

“Yeah, you look like you’d have a pep in your step.”

Gina shook her head, laughed again and said, “That’s very observant of you, Jake,” and took another sip of wine. “So, what does Jake do when he’s not reading books?”

“For fun, I surf. For work, I run boat charters, mostly fishing and dive trips, touristy things like that. And I play music at bars and restaurants up and down the beach and in town. He handed one of his cards to her.

She looked at the card, which read: ‘CAPTAIN JAKE – A Nice Guy Who Plays Good Music!’ It had a caricature of Jake leaning on a guitar and holding a mug of beer.

“Nice,” Gina said. “That sounds like the ideal lifestyle. You’re a boat captain and a musician at the beach!”

“It’s working out well so far.”

“What kind of music do you play?”

“Easy stuff, mostly older tunes that everybody knows. Songs that I don’t have to think too much about. Neil Young, Buffett, Van Morrison, Dylan, some standards, some blues, you know, the crowd pleasers, stuff that can’t miss. You should come check me out sometime. I really don’t stink that bad.”

“Maybe I will,” she said with curled lips. “Maybe I’ll heckle you from the audience.”

“You can heckle me anytime!” Jake said.

Jake saw her upper teeth briefly rest on her lower lip before her face broke into a subtle smile and she sipped her drink. He leaned in and put his mouth close to her ear.

“Don’t bring your husband!” he said softly.

She smiled that sexy smile again. “Are you flirting with me?”

“Of course. I’d be crazy not to.”
Soon the food was ready and Gina was busy helping Jimmy get his lunch. Kids were shuffling in all directions with plastic plates piled with burgers, dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, pickles and who knows what else. Jake wolfed down a dog and grabbed another beer and watched the chaos.

When things calmed down a bit, Fred went to the far end of the large patio where Jake had set up an amplifier, a small PA system and a microphone stand. He flipped on the mic, and of course feedback screeched loud and annoyingly, and Jake rushed over to adjust the level.

“Hi again everybody!” Fred said, now crystal clear through the PA. “Thanks to all for coming today, and congratulations on a great season! Give yourselves a big round of applause.” Everyone clapped.

“What’s our favorite soccer team?”

“The Rattlers!” the kids said in sloppy unison.

“I can’t hear you!” Fred called.

“The Rattlers!” the kids shouted together.

“Say what?…”

“The Rattlers!” they yelled, louder still.

“One more time, louder!”


“All right, well now we have a little surprise for you. You ready?” Fred said, turning to Jake.

Jake nodded and picked up a bass guitar. He flipped a switch and a drum machine kicked in and pumped out of the speakers and filled the air. Jake plucked the bass in syncopation with the drums producing a funky groove which immediately got everyone tapping their feet and moving their hips.

“Okay!” Jake barked into the mic. “Are we having fun yet?” The kids screamed ‘Yes’!

“That’s good. Now Coach Fred already established that The Rattlers are the best soccer team, right? And now I’m gonna play you a song. But I need your help. Everybody clap your hands!”

Jake clapped his hands to the beat and all the kids followed. Some of the adults did too.

“Okay, that’s good. But that’s not enough. You gotta shake your butts!” The kids laughed and Jake was adding bass runs to funk it up even more.

Without hesitation the kids were dancing and butt-shaking.

“All right, now you’re talking! You know what this song is all about? It’s about The Rattlers!” The kids cheered. “It’s called ‘The Rattler Rap!”

Then Jake started rapping. He launched into the two full pages of lyrics on the music stand in front of him, words that he and Fred had written about the team, about the various games and scores and goals and the big wins and every boy on the team was mentioned by name. It only lasted four minutes but it kicked the party into higher gear. Jake plugged in an iPod and for the next hour or so music streamed from the speakers and the kids jumped around like pinballs, having a blast.

Toward the end of the party Jake was getting another beer and caught Gina’s eye. She was about 20 feet away talking to Fred and a couple of parents. He also poured some wine into a cup and walked over.

“Good job, Jake!” Fred said loudly, and slapped him on the back. “Looks like we have a hit record!” His brother was getting a little toasted.

“Yes, that was very good, Jake!” Gina said. “You’re very talented.”

Jake handed her the wine and she thanked him.

“I’m not really into rap music,” he said. “We just thought the kids would have fun with it.”

“They certainly did. They still are!”

They watched the mass of confusion and laughter and general hysteria of eleven and twelve year-olds. They made small talk for a couple more minutes. Soon Jimmy came nearby and Gina told him to get his things together because they had to get ready to leave. They had to pick up his fourteen year old sister at some friend’s house. Jimmy ran off to get his stuff.

‘Aw, Rats!’ Jake thought to himself.

Gina turned to him and said, “We do have to run, but it’s been nice talking to you Jake.”

She had placed her hand on his when she said it, and her simple touch gave him gooseflesh. He watched Gina and Jimmy walk to their car and he admired her sexy rear in her tight, white britches.
Jake didn’t know what to do next. He didn’t know what she was thinking, but he felt a vibe, there was chemistry between them, he could feel that. He’d caught her eyes at the games, and their fluid conversation at the party, and the way she touched his hand! He wanted to see her again. There were no more soccer games, so that was out. He knew he couldn’t call her, she had a husband and two kids. But he could tell she was interested, or at least intrigued. So, Jake decided he needed to go to the library.

Almost every day, Jake had some Happy Hour gig at some bar/restaurant, so the late afternoons and early evenings were tied up. The boat charters varied, but were most often on Thursdays through Sundays, with a few exceptions here and there.

He went to the library on Monday, but it was closed. He went on Tuesday afternoon, but he didn’t see her, same on Wednesday. He didn’t want to ask for her in case somebody would notice and want to talk about it. He went back on Thursday morning, and again, no Gina.

He went to the library on Friday morning and spotted her. She was actually working the desk! He pulled a book off a shelf and strode to the desk.

She gave him the coquettish smile he had enjoyed before.

“Hi, Jake, nice to see you again!” Gina said. She looked at the book. “Oh, so you are into renaissance paintings!”

“No, I just pulled it off the shelf so I could talk to you!”

“Okay, talk to me.”

“Not here, this isn’t right…”

“Okay, I’ll take a break in about a half hour. Meet me out back, by the picnic tables.”
Thirty-five minutes later Gina came out of the back door of the library and approached the table where Jake was seated. She had two cold bottles of water and handed one to him.

“Let’s walk,” she said, and they started strolling down the paved path that looped around a small lake.

“I’ve been to the library four times looking for you!” Jake babbled.

“You must not have looked too hard, I’m the branch director…”

“I was in there yesterday, and…”

“It must have been in the morning. On Thursdays the library is open late and I don’t go in until noon.”

“Yes. It was.” He mentally cleared his Thursday mornings for the foreseeable future.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, Jake. I shouldn’t be doing this.” Gina said.

“Doing what?” he asked, taking a sip of his water.

“Meeting you here, talking to you,” she said.

“Why? I’m getting into library science!”

She chuckled and said, “Because I know you’re not here to join a reading group. And if we see each other, even with harmless walks around the lake, there is only one direction it could lead and I don’t think I could handle that. I have a lot on my plate right now. I have my job and I have two kids who need constant attention, and rides to and from countless activities and I have to cook their dinners and wash their clothes, and I still have a husband too, let’s not forget about him!”

Impulsively he stole a quick peek at her left hand. They walked in silence for a short time. They were about halfway around the lake.

“I think about you,” Jake said.

“I’ve thought about you, too,” Gina said. “You’re an attractive man. And sometimes I’ve thought, should I just say what the hell, and just go ahead and do something crazy? But I can’t; I have too many responsibilities.”

“Your husband doesn’t care.” She winced when he said that.

“There’s a lot that’s been going on. It’s complicated…”

“If he cared he would have come to some of Jimmy’s games. I never saw him once! But you were always there.” He struck a nerve, he could tell.

“I know,” was all she said.

When they were back at the picnic tables they said their goodbyes.

“Jake, I can’t stop you from coming to the library, but I really can’t have any rumors getting started, and the library is like a general store when it comes to gossip. I hope you will respect that.”

“Oh, so you mean if I am going to stalk you I need to be discreet!” he said with a shit-eating grin.

Gina laughed and shook her head. “Yeah, something like that. Bye, Jake.” He watched her graceful stride until she disappeared into the employee entrance.

Jake walked briskly back to his old Volvo wagon brimming with confidence.
Jake didn’t know what all was going on in Gina’s life, but there was something drawing him to her in a big way. He liked her style. And although she wasn’t necessarily encouraging him, she wasn’t blowing him off either. So he followed his instincts. He became a smitten, passively discreet stalker.

He knew her car and where she worked so it wasn’t hard to keep tabs on her. He never contacted her, but he worked bayan escort gaziantep it out so that she would see him from time to time. He’d make sure he was driving down the street to the library when she was coming to or leaving from work and he’d give her a wave and a big smile. He’d pull up to a red light right beside her car and blow his horn and she’d smile and shake her head. He was hoping if he was persistent but harmless he might wear her down a little. This went on for a couple of weeks.

He’d learned that since the library was closed Mondays, Gina would do her grocery shopping on Monday mornings. So, Jake decided he had a little shopping to do too. He entered the store, found several items to put in his basket, and set out to find Gina. She was in the Frozen Foods. She was taking a couple boxes of Eggos out of the case when Jake walked up beside her.

“Uh, Ma’am, are you following me?” Jake said in a low voice.

Gina turned quickly and said, “Excuse me…”, and then she saw who it was.

She tossed the waffles in her cart and put her hands on her hips. “Jake, what are you doing here?”

“I’m shopping!” he said, offering his basket as proof.

“Hmm,” Gina said. “A six-pack of beer and two bottles of white wine. It’s a little early in the day for that, isn’t it?”

“It’s for later. I have to be prepared. The beer’s for me, but the wine is in case a certain lady friend happens to visit!” He raised his eyebrows.

“Jake, you are impossible!”

“No, no, I’m very possible!”

She sighed and did that cute little thing she’d done before with her upper teeth on her lower lip. She smiled and shook her head.

“Jake come on, you’re like what, twenty-five, twenty-six years old?” she said softly.


“Well, I’m thirty-six, don’t you think I’m a little old for you?”

“Nah, you could easily pass for twenty-eight and a half!”

Gina laughed. “You don’t give up easily, do you?”

“Not if it’s worth it!”

“Well, I appreciate your interest, I really do. But do you think you could back off a little on the surveillance? I don’t want my kids to be in the car the next time you honk the horn and give them any ideas! Know what I mean?”

Jake said that he understood.

“Thank you,” she said. “And please let me finish my shopping alone. Don’t make me call the store manager.” She said it with a smile.
The following Friday, Gina’s kids both had activities that did not require her taxi service, so she and her friend Bridget, a co-worker at the library, decided to go out for a drink after work. They both got off work at five o’clock, and they headed to the Sandcrab, a beach bar a half block from the dunes that had an ocean view from upstairs. Upstairs was an open air restaurant and bar, and a deck where they featured live music. Gina had checked the local music schedule in the weekly beach rag, and had noticed that the featured music on this day from three to seven p.m. was none other than Captain Jake.

Gina and Bridget walked onto the deck and took seats at a deuce on one side where they both were facing the makeshift stage, which was nothing more than a four by eight foot riser by the railing near the bar. A waitress was upon them in no time, and they ordered vodka tonics.

They listened to the music and didn’t say much while they waited for the drinks. When the drinks arrived, Bridget said thanks, and ordered two more.

“Hey this guy is pretty good!” Bridget said, slugging her drink and talking about the entertainment.

“Sounds just like Kris Kristofferson!”

Jake was playing ‘Help me make it through the night’ when he saw her; he became distracted and fucked up some of the lyrics. Gina is here! And no husband, no kids. She was with another gal, one he’d seen at the library. She looked a few years older than Gina, but she looked good, a tall and thin, hippy-looking chick. She wore a short sleeve peasant top and black jeans. Her hair was brown and straight and long, down to her ass. As soon as the song was over he flagged down the bartender and asked him to send Gina and her friend another round and to put their bill on his tab.

Gina’s friend kind of reminded Jake of how Rita Coolidge looked back in the day, so he played ‘Delta Lady’.

“Damn, I like this guy!” Bridget said, tapping the table. “Now he sounds just like Leon Russell!”

The server came and delivered two more drinks. “Courtesy of Captain Jake,” she said. “He is also picking up your tab tonight.”

“All right!” Bridgett roared, laughing. “We’re here till closing!” The waitress gave her a curious look and backed away.

Bridget looked at Gina with a stern look. “Okay, talk to me. What’s going on here? Boy Toy?”

“No,” Gina said, and she took a swig of her drink. “Not yet anyway.” She told Bridget the story.

“Well, what the fuck are you waiting for, girl? The dude is sending you drinks. You must have brought me here for a reason. You’ve been separated from your husband now, what, four months?”


“And you are still wearing that damn ring! Why? You ain’t getting back with that deadbeat, and you know it.”

“My kids…”

“If it’s gonna happen…”

“I know, I know…”

“Do you picture him naked?” Bridget asked.

“What, who?” Gina said.

“Your soon-to-be Boy Toy, of course. Tell the truth!”

“Maybe sometimes.”

“Can’t blame you there. He looks like he’d be a fun romp in the hay. Let me know if you need any help sucking his cock!”


“Sorry, just saying. The vodka’s talking, honey.”

The song ended and Jake said he would be taking a short break. He went over to the bar to get a beer and then came over to their table. He said hello and thanked them for coming. Gina introduced him to Bridget. Bridget thanked him for the drinks. They made small talk for a couple of minutes and then Bridget excused herself to go use the restroom. Jake looked at Gina and she stared back at him, her eyes like ripe almonds.

“Thank you for coming. My heart skipped a beat when I saw you,” he said.

“I’m glad we came. You sound good.”

“Is that why you came, to hear some music? Because there’s music all over town right about now, it’s happy hour.” Jake leaned forward. “Or did you come here to stalk me?”

Gina smiled. “To stalk you, I guess. But discreetly!” They both laughed.

“You can stalk me anytime. And you don’t have to be discreet!”

Jake was like a nervous schoolboy, he wasn’t sure how to behave. He knew that her just being at the gig was a big step for her and he didn’t want to rush things or he might scare her away. They talked for a few more minutes until he had to get back on the stage. When he got up he thanked her again for coming and squeezed her hand.

As soon as he rose from his chair Bridget materialized from thin air and retook her seat.

“He’s cute!” she said. “So, how did it go?”

“How did what go?”

Bridget sighed and rolled her eyes. “Duh, Gina, how did it go with you and Romeo? When are you going to see him again?”

“It wasn’t discussed.”

Up on stage Jake kicked off the set with ‘Lay Lady Lay’.

“Well, you are going to see him, aren’t you?”

“I probably will. He’s very determined.”

“Gina, what planet are you on? You got a handsome young man who wants to get in your knickers and you ain’t had a man in eons, so what are you waiting for? Listen to this song…”

They paused and listened to Jake sing.

“You hear that? He’s singing this to you! He’s up there singing about laying you across his big brass bed! You don’t wanna take him up on that, just let me know!”

Bridget reached over and took Gina’s hand. Her thumb and forefinger straddled the wedding ring.

“Let’s take this thing off,” she said. “It’s time.” She removed the ring and placed it in Gina’s purse.

Gina took a pen from her purse and wrote her cell number on a cocktail napkin.

“Thank you,” she said. “Let’s get out of here.”

Gina walked up to the bandstand where Jake was singing about how you can have your cake and eat it too. She put a twenty dollar bill in his tip jar and then showed him the napkin with her number on it, and dropped it in the jar. Then she held up the back of her left hand in front of him. Jake grinned and fucked up some more lyrics, but he winked and gave her a quick thumbs-up. Gina smiled and turned around and walked out.
Jake had a half-day fishing trip the next morning so he called Gina as soon as he got back in but he got her voicemail. She called back about an hour later.

“Hi Gina,” Jake said when he answered.

“Hi Jake.”

“You made my night last night.”

“Good. You deserved a good tip.”

“Well, the tip was appreciated, but I kissed that napkin.”

“You are so romantic!”

“Your number is now in my phone. I plan on using it a lot.”

“Yours is in mine, too.”

“When can I see you?” he asked.

“Soon. But please be patient with me. My kids have many commitments which means I have many commitments.”

“What about your husband?”

“We’re separated; we have been for a while. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s all over but the shouting.”

“How about tonight?”

“Sorry, Jake. I promised the kids pizza and a movie.”

“How about tomorrow night.”

“Sunday? I may be able to work that out, let me see. What did you have in mind?”

“A moonlight cruise. Fresh fish for dinner, some wine, lively conversation, just you and me. We can even talk about books if you like!”

That made her laugh. “That sounds nice. Let me see what I can do. I’ll let you know.”

She called back that evening and said we were on. She would come to the marina at about six o’clock.
Jake went to the lake and caught a big tilapia on Sunday afternoon, then he cleaned it, fileted it, wrapped it and put it in the fridge. He made a spinach salad and put beer and wine on ice. He went to the outdoor shower behind the tackle shop and scrubbed his body until he was shiny clean and shampooed his hair and then he went back to his boat and put on a pair of clean shorts.

Jake’s boat was an old twenty-five foot cabin cruiser, barely big enough for one person to call home or for two people to overnight. But it had an equipped cabin, a small galley, a tiny bathroom/shower and a comfortable bunk. He put on some soft music, sat in a chair on the deck and waited for six o’clock.

Right at six Gina drove her car through the marina gate and slowed down to look down the row of boats in their slips. Then she spotted Jake standing on the bow, his arms waving, and his lean, strong body shirtless and barefoot, wearing only shorts.

He climbed down to the dock as she drove over and parked her car. Jake stood at the left front of her car and watched her get out and lock her door. Once again she looked amazing to Jake. She was dressed in a floral halter dress that just brushed the knees, a thin gold chain around her neck, tiny gold hoop earrings and sandals.

She stood by the car door and he stood by the left headlight for a moment. Then they both stepped forward at the same time and embraced. The air seemed to hiss out of their lungs as they held each other for the first time. Jake felt the sweet pressure of her breasts against his bare chest, and her hair smelled like flowers to complement her dress.

Jake led her onto the boat. He gave her a brief tour, which took about 45 seconds.

“It’s not much, but its home,” Jake said.

“I think it’s nice,” Gina said.

“Nice night for a little cruise, wouldn’t you say?”

“It’s beautiful. But you know what, cruise or no cruise, I’m just glad I’m here.”

“So am I. May I kiss you?”

Gina gave him the coy look and said, “Not wasting any time, are we?”

“I’ve wasted enough time already.” He took her left hand in his right and glued his eyes to hers.

“Well,” Gina said haltingly, “At least we won’t have to stalk each other anymore.”

“Right. So is it okay to kiss you now?”

“Of course it is. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

He moved his lips to hers and they were soft, and there was no hesitation. Their arms cradled their backs and necks. Their tongues explored their mouths and flitted playfully, and their hands and bodies savored their initial touch. Their first kiss was one that they both had keenly and nervously anticipated, but when they finally felt its silky meshing and the perfection of its feel, it was a kiss like none either of them had had for a long time, and it went on and on.

When they at last parted lips there was a weak smattering of applause from a boat a few slips down. Jake chuckled and Gina blushed.

“That’s our cue!” Jake said. “Let’s go. I know a nice quiet, private spot, and we’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Then he threw off the dock lines, fired up the motor and eased out of the slip.
Sure enough, in about fifteen minutes they were in a secluded cove, surrounded on three sides. The shoreline was heavily vegetated, thick with mangroves. Jake dropped anchor.

“We should have this place to ourselves. That’s all a nature preserve there,” he said, pointing at the trees. “And I think we might get a pretty sunset if we look southwest.” He went below to get drinks.

“I caught us a fish today!” Jake said, handing her a glass of wine. “Let me know when you get hungry, it won’t take long to cook up. I made a big salad too.”

“Wow, you’re even more talented than I thought!” she said. She looked around the cove. “This place is perfect. And so quiet!”

They sat on chairs sipping drinks and watched as the sun slowly dipped behind the treetops down the river.

“It’s beautiful!” Gina said. “Magical.”

“I know. I love it here.”

The evening was clear, and a soft, northeasterly breeze felt glorious on their skin.

“The stars will be out soon. It’s a beautiful night!”

Jake turned slightly and put his hand on Gina’s knee. “May I kiss you again?” he said.

Gina smiled and said, “Of course, I’ve been waiting.”

Jake looped his other arm around her upper back and pulled her to him. Instantly their mouths merged and they were engaged in another long power kiss.

When they parted Gina said, “You know when I got to the boat tonight I thought it was sweet that you asked if you could kiss me.”

“I was nervous. I wanted to get the first one out of the way early so we could relax.”

“Well, it worked. You don’t have to ask me anymore.”

With that, their lips locked in another intoxicating embrace, their mouths sucking, their tongues dueling, and their hands exploring. Gina’s hands traversed the landscape of Jake’s bare chest and back, and one hand soon found his thigh. Jake’s hands roamed her neck, her back, her rump, and she moaned when he grasped her breast. Jake felt her hand mosey its way up his thigh to his hardening penis and it stayed there, moving and caressing and massaging, learning its way around his willing groin.

“It’s clear as a bell tonight. Want to lie down and look at the stars?” Jake asked.


Jake gathered up a comforter, and all the blankets, sheets and towels aboard and layered them on the deck.

“Let’s get naked!” Jake said with a grin.

Gina smiled and her hands went to his waist. She unsnapped and unzipped his shorts, and she wiggled out of her dress. She wore nothing underneath it.

In the fading light, Gina could see that Jake’s smooth, toned body didn’t have a hair on it, other than on his head. No tan lines at all and his cock looked like a tree trunk jutting from his slim, bare bod.

Lying together, they didn’t waste much time looking at stars. Their bodies were almost immediately glued together, their mouths latched and Jake’s hard cock pressed against her neatly-trimmed pubes. He wrapped his legs around hers and clutched her tight, and squeezed her ass in one hand and held her head in the other. Jake began kissing Gina’s body inch my inch: eyes, nose, chin, cheek, neck, shoulders, working his way southward. He sucked her hard nipples into his mouth and spent a long time kneading and teething and sucking them, and her body squirmed with pleasure. She moaned in constant cadence with his gestures.

Her navel was an innie, and soon he was licking it and chewing on the small gold piece within. She let out a wet hiss when he traced his tongue along the outline of her short, neatly-trimmed mound.

But all of that was merely a pleasant prelude for what would come next.

When his tongue touched her wet, eager lips and dipped into her, she bucked like a bronc and groaned deeply, like a cello, and threw her torso deep into his face, forcing his tongue into the depths of her hungry snatch, and she clinched his long blond hair in her hands. He clutched her buttocks with both hands, squeezing, his fingertips joined in the crack of her lovely ass.

Gina was a synchronized moaner, uttering her passion over and over with every movement. With every plunge of his tongue she accompanied him with her melodic moans, and she arched her back to try to force his tongue deeper inside. Over and over, with every thrust and every moan, she felt the strong grips on her ass as he tongue-fucked her, like he was trying to extract her orgasm out of her, which she knew he would succeed in doing.

“Oh, Jesus Christ…”

Her loudest moan yet, a long frenzied grunt, came when she did. Months of her pent-up passion exploded out of her, and she shook all over, and quaked with aftershocks, and she dumped a love bucket of her cum into Jake’s mouth and onto his face. His cim cif gaziantep escort tongue never stopped until her body lay still.

He raised his head to hers and they shared a long, wet cummy kiss. Then he went back down where he’d come from and wrapped his mouth around her swollen clit. Another thunderous groan emitted from Gina.


Jake continued to winch Gina’s ass cheeks with both hands and dug his fingers into the crack of her ass as his limber lips chomped away on her hard, swelled sweet spot. She ground into him, and he surrounded it and sucked it, exhorting her second coming.

Minute after fiery minute Jake stayed on it, and Gina was more amazed and obsessed with each groan. She thought to herself, ‘God, how long can I take this, he’s an animal, he’s incredible, he’s…’, and then she erupted again, her body quivered, her torso shook, and she dug her nails into the back of Jake’s scalp as her pussy unloaded. Jake loved it when another rush of her cum washed over his face.

She was still quivering when he slid up beside her and took her in his arms and kissed her. Another long one: lips locked, tongues twirling, fingers fondling, and their bodies swaddled into one.

When they finally pulled their faces apart and they were on their sides with their faces close, they both broke into big grins.

“You are amazing,” she said.

“No, you are the one that’s amazing. And beautiful,” Jake replied.

She ran her hand over his forehead, and brushed his hair with her fingers.

“I feel guilty,” she said.

“Uh oh, not your…..”

“No, no, no, Jake, it’s okay, that’s not it. It’s because I’ve come twice already, and I came like I can’t remember when, and you haven’t. You haven’t even fucked me yet!”

Jake smiled. “That was next on my agenda!” He kissed her, and he felt her firm hand around his cock, pulling it toward her wet, open twat. In one singular movement she inserted it into her and rolled on top of him.

Gina closed her eyes and compressed her pussy tightly around his steely staff, and raised and lowered herself, up and down, over and over, getting the feel of him, receiving the length of him, and reveling in the glow of their union.

Jake started slow but was soon heaving his meat into her, then faster, then harder. He pulled her head down to his and again their mouths met and their tongues started fucking. His hands again reached for her ass, and he grabbed it with both his hands and squeezed it in sync with their bodies. With each lunge he pulled her cheeks apart, widening the crack of her ass, the tips of his fingers meeting at her trench. They were soon going at a fever pitch and Jake rolled them over so he was on top and was now pounding her ass against the cushioned deck. Gina grunted with each poke, even with Jake’s tongue tickling her throat.

“Ughhhh…” Jake groaned loudly, his semen on the rise.

“Eep Oing, eep ih uh…” Gina tried to say with two tongues in her mouth.

Jake shot his load and rope after rope of his bottled-up cum poured into her. But they didn’t stop. They both pounded away; with their hands he was still working her ass, and Gina was now working her clit. She wanted another one.

“God, I’m so fucking close!” Gina screeched when she came up for air.

Jake took that as a cue to fuck her even harder, if that was possible. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and with her ass in the palms of his hands, he hammered her as hard as he thought he could without breaking something and was hoping he wouldn’t put a dent in the deck.

“Oh, fuck….” Gina shrieked, and started shaking all over.

She succeeded, and amid her breathy whimpers, blanketed the blankets with another dose of her cum.
“Wow!” Gina said.

“Wow is right!”

They were lying together basking, after a long period of silence. He had his arm around her back and her head was resting on his shoulder.

“Well, so much for the image of the shy, meek, demure, nerdy librarian!” Jake said. “You’ve shot that image all to hell! I’ll never look at librarians the same way again!”

“I hope I haven’t disappointed you. I wouldn’t want you to become disillusioned!”

“Nah; It will just make me want to go the library more often.”

After another couple minutes of relaxed silence Jake kissed her on the forehead and she clutched her hand onto his.

“Are you hungry yet?” Jake asked.

“Hungry for you!”

“Are you ready to eat? Do you want me to cook up the fish?”

“I could eat if you’re hungry. I‘d rather just keep doing what we’re doing.”

“Good idea, so would I. Great minds think alike!”

He kissed her and her lips instantly parted to invite his tongue in for another dance. Within seconds her hand was between his legs and with her nimble touch, his resting member started rising to the occasion.

She broke their kiss and put her lips to his ear and licked it. “I want to suck your cock,” she said softly. “It’s larger than what I’ve been accustomed to, and I’m out of practice, but I’ll do the best I can. I want to taste your cum in my mouth.” She repositioned herself and went down. She wanted to please him, as he had pleased her.

She kissed his turgid balls and ran her tongue up and down his stiff shaft, and with her fingertip she felt the pucker of his ass. She took her time, and savored his rocky hardness. She wanted to drive him to the edge.

She’d been without a man for many months, sexless for all that time. And now here she was, blowing this kid who had just eaten her and licked her and sucked her and fucked her and given her explosive climaxes. She wanted to make sure that he knew she was going to be the best piece of ass he’d ever had; or would have.

She put her lips around Jake’s cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could and took it in. She felt its girth against her tongue and cheeks.

It was Jake’s turn to groan. In rhythm she sucked him, harder and harder, his gymnastic groin helping the process, and with their unity of motion she took him in even deeper. She screwed him with her mouth, eagerly awaiting the feeling of when the squirts of his cum would collide with the back of her throat.

When he came she nearly gagged. Jake’s hands held her head tightly as he swung his quivering midsection into her face, and his cock was balls-deep, pushing at the top of her throat, and he released a greasy stream of his cum into her. She kept her lips wrapped around his shaft as his aftershocks lessened in intensity. When he removed his cock from her mouth, Gina felt a sticky string of his sperm drag across her tongue and then when she saw it dangling from its swollen head, she licked it off.

She collapsed into his arms, her jaws pleasantly aching, and rested her head on his shoulder. Lying together in silence, they said nothing for a while. No words were necessary.

After a few minutes Jake announced he needed to take a whiz. He got up and walked to the bow.

“Pee to lee!” Gina called.

“Always!” he said.

Lying on her side, Gina watched him. In the dim light she eyed his cute, tight ass as he peed. So primitive, she thought, no hang-ups. It had always amazed her how hard men could piss. And now she watched her new, young lover, standing a few feet away with his dick in his hand, pissing a river, the same dick that had just been inside her pussy and then her mouth. No false modesty here, she thought. Her husband had always been such a proper sort, nothing anywhere close to this could have ever happened. But here she was, her first time with this guy, a first date if you will, and we are both naked, we’ve already fucked, I’ve swallowed his cum, he’s pissing off the boat right in front of me, and it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

When Jake was finished he came back to her and he lay beside her and spooned her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, their flesh meshing from head to toe. He nestled his nose into her neck and breathed in her delicious scent. She smelled like roses after a rain.

He kissed her neck inch by inch and she giggled and squirmed when he licked her ear and tugged on her earring with his teeth. He did the same to her shoulders, taking his sweet time, and then her upper back. Gina shivered in a balmy wave of goosebumps when she felt his tongue trace its way slowly down her back, and she squeezed his hand when it reached the top of her ass. She moaned and shivered again when he dragged his tongue leisurely along her crack.

“Ooh, Jake, what are you doing?”

“I’m admiring your beautiful ass!” he said.

Gina moaned again when she felt his hands spread her butt cheeks apart. Then his tongue dove into her crevasse and licked her up and down several times. She quivered when his face settled in the center and she could feel his tongue dancing around the rim of her asshole.

“Oh, my God!” she said.

This was all new to Gina. She was no prude, but her husband had never been very adventurous sexually, he was the ‘man on top, get it over with quick’ kind of lover, and he never was an ass man. But this guy, ‘Holy Shit!’ she thought, he’s got his face in my ass! And he’s driving me around the bend! I’ve never had my ass licked before, never really thought about it, but God it feels good!

And that’s when she felt his tongue plunge into her asshole.

“Oh, fuck!” Gina groaned. She’d never had a tongue in her ass before.

In reflex she squeezed her asshole together, tightening around his cushioned appendage and damn if that didn’t feel better still. So she did it again, and then again. As his tongue jabbed into her depths, she fucked it with the walls of her ass.

“God, that feels good!” Gina hissed.

He reached for her pussy, which was sopping. Jake’s fingers delved into her slosh and Gina immediately clutched his hand and buried it inside her. She fucked his fingers, pushing them deep inside her with each of her thrusts and Jake soon fell into perfect sync from behind, slamming his face into her ass, his tongue stretched to the max, reaching, trying to lick his fingertips, which were so close yet so far.

Soon his cheeks and tongue and jaws were aching with fatigue so he pulled his face away from her rear. He pulled his hand out of her and mounted her from behind, and guided his cock into her open gash. He slipped into her and started fucking her again and Gina groaned with every poke. Her pussy was so wet he could hardly feel anything and that made him fuck her harder and harder. He grabbed onto her tits for purchase as he swung into her with even more force, then faster, her nipples like rocks, frictionless fucking that made his imminent release elusive. But he kept banging away. It seemed to Jake that his cum was right on the precipice of diving out of him, and with each unproductive thrust he became more determined.

Then it came. It came in a big way, he felt it rise through his cock like a fire hose and he bellowed as shot after shot lifted off, and found its way deep into Gina’s comely cunt. Jake collapsed behind her and squeezed her tight, his depleted cock still warm inside her.
They never did cook the fish. They rested in each other’s arms for thirty or forty minutes and then Gina looked at her watch. She said it was getting late and she needed to get home to her kids. So Jake slipped on his shorts, and Gina her dress, and they motored back to the marina, munching on salad during the ride. When they said good night they shared a final long kiss and knew they would meet again soon.

On her drive home Gina was aglow, smiling. She felt like a slut, going so far with this young guy right out of the gate, but it just felt right, and Damn!, she felt good! She’d never ever been fucked like this! Her pussy was sore, but it was a good sore, and she was still savoring the taste of his cum and the ecstasy of his tongue up her ass. She even wondered what it might feel like to have his cock up there! As it worked out she wouldn’t have to wait too long to find out.

They fell into a routine of seeing each other several times a week. Gina was separated and headed for a divorce, so they kept their affair private and discreet. Often she would visit Jake on his boat for Thursday morning and Monday afternoon delights. On Mondays she would do her grocery shopping in the morning, take it all back to the house and put it all away and then head over to the marina for several hours of robust fucking. On Thursdays Gina would get her kids off to school and then go see him and they would fuck the rest of the morning. Usually Jake would take her around the world and she’d have time for a mediocre shower on his boat before she left to go to work. But more than once time got away from them and she went to the library and would feel Jake’s cum seeping out of her, front and back, and running down her leg. She would clean up as best she could in the restroom.

But Gina’s favorite times were when Jake would come to her house at night. These were the times she was able to go to bed with him, sleep with him, and wake up with him; and fuck a whole lot in between. Usually at a little after ten p.m., after the kids were safely in their beds upstairs, Gina would send Jake a simple text message: Ok. Jake would hop on his bike and pedal to her house. Fifteen minutes later he would lean his bike against the side of the house, open the gate to her backyard, and enter her bedroom through the unlocked French doors.

She would light several scented candles and place them around the room, and she always dressed in something skimpy and sexy, even though she knew he’d have her naked in about ten seconds flat. They would invent new ways to fuck. Jake gave her a Kama Sutra book with 200+ sexual positions and they were trying them out, one by one. In the mornings Jake would wake up at dawn, and without fail, would have a raging hard-on. Gina never failed to suck him goodbye.

At the library, Gina’s co-workers noticed a difference in her. She just seemed to have a different aura about her, a more positive one. Bridget was the only one who knew about her relationship with Jake, but Gina, being cautious, hadn’t told her that much. But after six or seven weeks of the affair, Gina and Bridget decided to have a drink together after work. Bridget said she wanted a stiff drink and she wanted details.

They went to happy hour at a place not far from the library and took a small booth in the back. They got their vodka tonics and had a few minutes of shop talk before Bridget zeroed in.

“Okay,” Bridget said. “So how are you and Romeo getting along?”

Gina twisted her lips into her toothy, sly grin and shook her head. “Bridget, please…”

“Are you getting plenty, honey?”

“Bridget! You’re bad.”

“Of course I am,” she said. “That’s why you love me so, right?”

Bridget ordered two more. She leaned over closer to Gina.

“Is he good in the sack?” she asked.

Gina smiled and took a sip of her drink. “Incredible,” she said.

“How’s his package?”

“He’s hung like a dumb jury.”

“Ha! I knew it!” Bridget squawked, laughing, slapping the table. “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

Some folks at nearby tables looked their way in reaction to Bridget’s table bang.

“We’re okay!” Bridget said. “No problems here!” They laughed again and sipped their drinks for a moment while their neighbors went back into their own worlds.

“Okay,” Bridget said. “He’s good in bed and has a big cock. Sounds like a plan to me!”

“Oh God, Bridget. You have no idea.”

“Well, how about you give me some idea, girl?”

“You have to promise to keep this to yourself, Bridget.”

“Don’t you worry, Honey, my lips are zipped. This is for my own personal entertainment only.”

“I don’t know where to start,” Gina said. “Our first time together, we were naked within 45 minutes and we haven’t stopped fucking since! In fact, since then the only times I’ve seen him dressed is when he’s taking his shorts off or putting them back on.”

“Damn, girl!”

“I mean it Bridget; I never knew it could be like this! There’s not one inch of my body, inside or out, where he hasn’t been, that he hasn’t fucked. He’s like a freaking python and I’m next on the food chain, the way he wraps himself around me, and his slippery fingers, and his tongue, Oh God his tongue!”

“What about his tongue?”

“His tongue…is…what’s the word? Unbelievable, I guess.”

“Unbelievable? What does that mean?”

“I don’t know. I never would have believed it, I guess. I’m getting chills just talking about it, but there is not a single spot on my body…or inside my body…where his tongue hasn’t been!”

“Now you’re making me wet!” Bridget sighed, sitting back.

“And God, the orgasms…” Gina added.

“Gina, you’re killing me here.”

“I never knew I could have so many! And that they could be so intense! And in positions I never knew were possible!”

“I’m going to need another drink here, and some oxygen!” Bridget said, fanning herself.

“Know where we did it a couple of nights ago?”

“I’m afraid to ask.”

“On the headboard of my bed.”

“Your headboard? He comes to your house?”

“Yeah, I sneak him in after the kids are in bed. Anyway, he lifts me up so I’m sitting on the headboard and my back’s against the wall, right? And he gets on his knees in front of me and buries his face in my crotch…”

“Oh my Lord, Gina…”

“For twenty-five minutes he stayed down there. And his lips, and his tongue, God, it was fucking incredible! I came twice in his face before he moved his head away!”

“Unh, cinsel bilgiler unh, unh…”

“Then he stood up and fucked me up against the wall. I was praying the kids didn’t hear us.”

All Bridget could do was shake her head. There was a pause while they sipped their drinks.

“He loves my ass,” Gina said.

“He loves your ass?”

“Yes.” Gina leaned over so her mouth was close to Bridget’s ear. “With his tongue!” she said softly.

Bridget’s eyes grew into saucers. “Oh, goodness!” she said, as a hundred visions flashed through her mind.

Gina nodded her head up and down. “No one ever did that to me before. But now I think I’m hooked.”

“Well, girl, it sounds like you hit the horizontal lottery!” Bridget said. “And tomorrow I believe I’m going to go shopping!”

“Shopping? For what?”

“I gotta get me a headboard!”
The following weekend Gina’s kids were going to be away visiting their grandparents, so she and Jake planned to actually spend a whole night together and he wouldn’t have to bug out at sunup. Jake had a gig on Saturday afternoon, so the plan became that she would meet him after he played, and they would have dinner, then go to the marina and take the boat out to their favorite cove to spend the night. And in the morning they would head out into the ocean to a location a couple miles from the inlet to go whale watching.

“Whale watching?” Gina asked.

“Yep,” Jake said. “I know a great spot and it’s amazing to see. Big whales, forty-fifty feet long, putting on a show! You’ll love it.”

“Oh, wow,” she said.

“And since you’re the librarian, you’re in charge of bringing the reading material!”

“Do you think we’ll have much time to read?” she asked, rubbing the front of his shorts.

“Only one book,” he said, pinching her ass.

“Oh really, which book is that?”

“The Kama Sutra!”
On Saturday evening Gina and Jake had dinner at a funky seafood restaurant and then headed to the marina, boarded his boat and they took off for their favorite cove. Once settled in, Jake whipped up a big batch of rum punch. He put on some music, Buffett singing ‘Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw’.

The drinks went down way too easy, and before long they were both pretty lit. Soon they stumbled below and giggled as they undressed. They fell into his bunk, which was kind of tight for the two of them and limited any efforts at creative new positions. But they succeeded in enjoying a hearty session of sloppy, conventional fucking, rocking the boat, and Gina spent a good while sitting on Jake’s face until she came. They slept like rocks and when they awoke early the next morning Jake had his habitual a.m. tent pole, so Gina went down to give him his customary good morning blowjob. She had grown to like the feel of his cock in her mouth and the tickle of its head deep in her throat, and she cherished when his body would tense, and his groan would slightly precede the expulsion of his semen into her mouth.

They fried some eggs for breakfast, cleaned up and then pulled up anchor and set off. It took them about an hour to get to the spot where they would look for whales. They had to travel several miles on the river to reach the inlet, and then it was a couple more miles out to sea. When they got there they were the only boat around.

“Naked time!” Jake said, dropping his shorts, which was all that he had on.

“What?” Gina asked.

“Time to get naked! Captain’s orders!” He started to remove her shirt.


“Don’t Jake me,” he said. “We need to be naked for what I have in mind!”

He kissed her and shoved his tongue into her mouth and soon they were wrapped in a full body embrace. Gina laughed when he pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it down below. He grabbed towels and sun tan lotion and he helped her to the area above the cabin near the bow. It was flat and would be comfortable for lying together plus whatever carnal activities they might get themselves into.

They laid out the blankets and Jake started squeezing oil all over Gina, starting at the top. He rubbed it into her face, her neck and shoulders, and took his time with her luscious tits, sucking her nipples while he was at it. Then the rest of her, front and back. Then she did him the same way, rubbing oil onto him, body part by body part, his chest, his stomach, legs, back, ass, cock. Especially his cock.

Gina did an excellent job oiling Jake’s cock, and soon it had reached its full, hard length. So she sat on it.

She guided his magnificent member into her and moved her body up and down, over and over. Jake moved with her, impaling her with each fluctuation, and then the boat was rocking up and down with them, bow up, bow down, swinging him into her with a little extra force. Gina moaned with every bob, louder than usual, coaxing her cum. When she screamed Jake felt her tremble and the dig of her nails in his chest, and felt her gush wash over him. When she rolled off of him, as if on cue, they spotted a whale.

It was about a quarter mile away. It was a right whale and Jake guessed it was 40-45 feet long. Its whole body sailed completely out of the water and splashed back down and disappeared.

“Ooh, wow!” Gina said, and then they spotted another about 200 feet behind the first. They noticed a couple other boats nearby. “Should we put our clothes on?”

“They’re not that close, about a half mile. And they’ll be looking at whales, not us.”

They kept watching but didn’t see any whales for a minute or two. But then there they were, closer than before, two jumping skyward and plunging back into the drink. And right behind them another followed.

“They’re beautiful!” Gina said.

They watched the show, whales coming up for air in dramatic fashion, and crashing back down into the sea. The show went on for a few more minutes. There were four or five whales, they guessed by their movements, but weren’t exactly sure because there were never more than two or three above water at the same time.

Then as soon as they had appeared, they were gone. Jake and Gina watched for a while, scanning the seascape, but didn’t see any. Soon they started fooling around.

They started kissing and fondling each other, their hands roaming their naked bodies. Jakes hand found its way into Gina’s wet slot and she started stroking his cock. After a few minutes of that Jake’s head was between Gina’s legs and he was eating pussy. He ate her until she came then mounted her and slipped his dick inside her warm, wet grotto and started banging her pretty good. But what they hadn’t noticed while Gina was moaning and Jake was chomping down, is that as the boat had drifted, the whales were playing again and not far off the stern.

After a few minutes of ramming Gina’s pussy into the deck, Jake was ready for some ass action. He withdrew his tumid tool from her and rolled her over on her belly. He poured some oil into his hand and slathered it all over his cock, then he rammed two oily fingers into her asshole.

Gina groaned and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m lubing you up! I’m going to put my train in your tunnel.” Jake replied.

She laughed. “Is that stuff safe?”

“Yeah, its coconut oil, it works great. Tastes good too!” Then she moaned with pleasure when he rammed his tongue up her ass.

“Unh….unh….unh…” Gina groaned with each tongue-fuck, and she tightened her sphincter around it with each thrust, ten, twenty, thirty times. But by this time Jake’s cock was painfully hard and his balls were fluid-filled walnuts, and that fluid would soon need to get out. And he planned on shooting his fluid deep into Gina’s beautiful butt.

He put the head of his dick up to her rear entrance and pushed. In the preceding weeks Gina’s asshole had gained a lot of experience, so she took a deep breath and accepted it willingly, and with each subtle swing, inch by inch Jake’s meat slid in. Gina moved with him as he fucked her and groaned each time his full length reached inside her.

Jake’s cock was fully embedded in her ass when the whale struck the boat.

The whale was over forty feet long and probably weighed fifty tons. It came from below, shooting upwards at a forty-five degree angle. Jake and Gina felt the concussion beneath them, and a thunderous, sickening screech as the hull of their boat was severed in half, and in the blink of an eye they were airborne.

They were catapulted high in the air, flying as a single projectile, fastened together with an eight inch rivet sticking into Gina from behind. They flew in a rainbow arc, screaming, and splashed down about fifty feet away, still in one piece, scared shitless, but miraculously unhurt.

It didn’t take Jake long to lose his erection after an unplanned flight and jouncing in the cold sea. Jake was a strong swimmer, had lifeguarded and taken lifesaving courses in high school, so after their initial plunge, and some coughing up of salt water, he kept their heads above water. Gina had started to panic but Jake tried to keep her calm, and she did settle down some when they heard a boat motor fire up nearby.

Jake’s boat was floating on its side, a cracked and broken mess, about forty yards away and sinking fast. The whales seemed to have moved off again.

They could hear the sound of the boat was getting nearer and they could see it carefully approaching and heard shouting voices muffled by the purr of the motor. It was about a hundred yards away and as they bounced up and down in the waves they caught glimpses of people scanning the water, one man with binoculars.

“They’re looking for us!” Jake said excitedly.

Jake started screaming and waving one arm, the other arm tightly around Gina. ‘Help! Help! Over here!’ Jake hollered over and over, timing it with their upward swells.

In a few minutes, which felt like hours to Jake and Gina as they treaded water, they were at last spotted, and they could see the excitement on the peoples’ faces as the boat headed toward them. Jake recognized it as one of the boats they had spotted earlier.

“Oh God, Jake,” Gina said. “We’re naked! This is going to be embarrassing!”

“I know. Beats the alternative, though,” Jake answered.

“Hello!” came a booming voice over the boat’s speaker. “Hang in there! We saw what happened. We see you!”

The boat bore down on them slowly, forty, thirty, twenty yards, and when it was finally close enough they threw them a line. It landed six feet to their left so they side-paddled over and Jake grabbed it. They pulled themselves in to the port side and the boaters were soon pulling Gina’s naked body aboard, and he could see the guys checking her out. There were three couples, probably in their forties, Jake guessed.

Jake watched Gina’s ass vanish over the side and saw one of the men wrap a beach towel around her. He heard them ask her is if she was alright and she nodded and thanked everyone profusely. He started to pull himself up and got a hand.

“Thank God you folks were nearby,” Jake said, as he wrapped a towel around his waist. “You saved our lives!”

“We saw the whole thing!” one gal said. “The whale was between your boat and ours’, so we were looking your way. It went underwater, and when it came back up, Oh My God!, we couldn’t believe it! Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Are you okay?” Jake asked Gina; she nodded. “Just kind of shaken up is all,” he said to the lady.

“Coast Guard’s on the way!” the captain-looking man said.

“Coast Guard?” asked Gina. “Oh, no.” She looked at Jake and shook her head. They knew the situation was about to become much more embarrassing.
The Coast Guard response boat arrived within fifteen minutes. Once the Coasties determined that there were no injuries they provided Gina and Jake with dry clothing and started asking questions. As they were being helped aboard the Coast Guard vessel they could overhear some of the questions being asked of their rescuers, and parts of their answers. Gina heard words that sounded like ‘naked’ and ‘sex’ and ‘fucking’ along with ‘whale’ and ‘boat’ and knew they were in for a grilling.

The questions were easy at first, names, addresses, what kind of boat, registration information, things like that. Then they got into more detail about their relationship, their boat ride today, their intentions, the whales, the whale hitting the boat, how long were they in the water, etc. They told them yes, they had taken their clothes off to sunbathe since no other boats were nearby. Yes, they had had sex too. The questions went on for a couple of hours after they returned to the Coast Guard Station and reports were filled out.

Finally, after a lecture about safety and the importance of wearing clothes and life jackets, they were free to go and they called a cab to take them back to the marina. As they walked out to the taxi they saw a TV news van driving onto the property. They sat in stunned silence during the fifteen minute ride. Most of Jake’s belongings were by now under a thousand feet of water, but fortunately Gina had left her purse in the car. She paid the cabbie, said goodbye and drove off. Jake started trying to find his brother. He needed to find a place to stay.
It made the news of course. Television, radio, newspapers, internet, you couldn’t miss it. There were no photos, but their names were mentioned time and again, and it seemed to be ‘Breaking News’ for days.

Jake spent the next few days getting a replacement drivers license and debit and credit cards, getting a new phone and computer, and filing an insurance claim. He played his gigs too; he’d stored his music gear in the back of his car. In fact, he had gained some new notoriety because of the incident. People had started calling him Captain Ahab instead of Captain Jake.

Gina took it a little harder and didn’t deal with the notoriety very well. Her husband was up in arms, called her a whore and an unfit mother and she figured he’d use it any way he could against her in the divorce. At the library she tried to stay back in the offices and out of the public eye as much as possible because she could feel their stares.

Gina didn’t try to call Jake, but he tried to call and text her. She didn’t answer or return his calls at first, but finally did return one of his texts and typed only. ‘I need time’.

After about two weeks Gina called him.

“How are you doing, Jake?” she asked him.

“Okay, I guess. Trying to get my life back together.”

“I know all about that. Where are you living?”

“In one of the RVs stored at the marina. It will be a couple more weeks before I get the insurance money for the boat. It won’t be that much but hopefully I can replace it with something livable. Are you okay?”

“Uh, not really. It’s been very hard. My husband is making things very difficult on me, and my kids are taking a lot of shit at school, and at work and socially…it’s all been very embarrassing to say the least.”

“I know what you mean…” Jake said.

“Do you, Jake? Do you really?”

He didn’t know what to say.

“I’d bet it’s been a little bit different for you.”

“How so?”

“Jake, we had some fun, let’s face it. But do you know how it looks to people? People look at you as the young, cool, hip musician surfer dude who was doing the soccer mom and helped save her; but they look at me as the still-married, mother-of-two, naked slut you were screwing.

“But my life is all screwed up right now, and you can’t be in it. That whale has changed a few things. We could have died out there.”

“I know.”

“Bye, Jake.”
A few weeks later on a Friday after getting off work at the library, Bridget went to the Sandcrab for a drink and a little live music. The live music was Captain Jake. She took a seat at the end of the bar, ordered a vodka tonic for herself and asked the bartender to send Jake a drink on her.

Jake was playing ‘Into The Mystic’ when the drink arrived. The server told him it was from the gal at the end of the bar. As he played he looked over at Bridget and their eyes met and she smiled at him. He remembered her, Gina’s friend, the hippy Rita Coolidge-looking-chick from the library. She looked pretty good too, a few years older than Gina perhaps, but good: long and lean and hair down to her ass.

The song was over before he remembered her name: Bridget. He played ‘Delta Lady’ and dedicated it to her.

He went over to her and they talked during his break. They made catching-up small talk for most of the twenty minute break, dancing around any mention of whales or their mutual friend at the library.

“So, how is Gina?” Jake finally asked.

Bridget sighed and said, “It’s been tough, but she’s going to make it. She’s been laying low.” She paused and added, “She knows I’m here.”

It was time to go back to work. Jake said, “I have one more set to do. Can you stay? Maybe we can get a drink together afterwards?”

“I’ll stay. But no boat rides,” she said with a smile.

“I promise. No boat rides!”

After the set it only took Jake about five minutes to break down his gear. He walked over to Bridget as she was putting the finishing touches on her drink and asked her where she’d like to go. She asked him if he had any ideas.

“Well,” he said, “If we go to any of the places where I play music, people will know me and come up and want to talk and we wouldn’t have much privacy…”

“We could go to my place,” she said, surprising herself. “I have a condo on the river. It’s only a couple miles from here.”

“Okay,” Jake said, “That sounds good.”

Bridget helped him lug his equipment to his car, and then she got into her car and pulled away. He followed her down the beach boulevard.

Ten minutes later Jake was inside Bridget’s condo. Twenty minutes after that he was inside Bridget.

They knew Gina wouldn’t mind.

The end

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