The Things We Leave Behind

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Note from the author: I hesistated writing this story, but sometimes the characters take you where they want to go and you have no control.


Lauren sat on her bed, silent tears falling. She was miserable again. She didn’t intend to be such a bitch to Raija. What had started off as teenage jealousy had morphed into bitchiness, made even more so by her husband’s death. And now with Raija bringing someone home for the first time, she was once again consumed by jealousy.

She stood, moving to the wall adjoining Raija’s room. Pressing her ear to the door, she could hear sounds of pleasure emanating from the room. Little cries and gasps that had her becoming slick and wet despite her sadness.

Lauren was a beautiful woman. She knew it and had been told as much by any number of men. Men who wanted a beautiful woman on their arm as they paraded her in front of their friends and business associates and strangers. Her blonde hair hung below her shoulders in waves and her fair skin was set off by her blue eyes.

She wanted nothing more than what Raija had seemingly found. To be loved completely.

At 3:30 Lauren still couldn’t sleep and kicking the covers off her legs, she lay in silence. Squeaking noises were coming from Raija’s bedroom and Lauren glared at the wall. The two of them were like rabbits, almost as bad as her parents.

She got up and cracked the window in her bedroom, just barely open, enough to send in a cold wind before climbing back into bed. Her hands naturally gravitated down her torso and began lightly stroking over her naked mound. She needed something to help take the edge off and for a moment, she was tempted to pull out her rabbit vibrator, but knew the gentle buzzing would carry in the stillness of the house.

She was about to drift off to sleep, with her fingers drowsily stroking her clit when her door cracked open. She hoped it was Raija. Despite her bitchiness she missed her. During their last year of high school, in between bouts of competing for boys, they’d often stayed up late at night, talking about clothes and makeup.

When she saw Larry’s head pop through the door, she hurriedly scooted under the blankets on her bed.

Her whisper was harsh. “What do you want Larry?”

He grinned at her. “I heard you moving around and wanted to make sure everything was okay.” His room was on the other side of hers.

“Yeah. They’re just keeping me up.”

Lawrence looked at his twin, her golden hair splayed on her pillow. “Hold on. I have something for you. Call it an early Christmas present.”

Lawrence ran off to his room and was back in a moment with a bag. “Sorry it’s not gift wrapped.” He sat at the foot of the bed, facing her.

Lauren let her eyes drift over his featuers. His eyes mirrored her own except there was perpetual happiness in them. She’d never seen them clouded over with pain.

She opened the bag and lifted out a large box. “Larry, what the hell is this?”

“Shh. Do you want to wake everyone up?”

He took the box from her and opened it. “It’s a new vibrator. I figured your other one would be too noisy.” He grinned at her.

“Larry. It’s not an appropriate gift to give your sister.” Over the years he’d given gag gifts to everyone in the family. Realistic dog crap, fake vomit, dirty movies, you name it, they’d all gotten it.

He looked at her for a moment before removing the pack of batteries he’d purchased and inserting them. He flicked the on switch and the beads inside the vibrator began rolling. It was incredibly quiet.

“That got your attention huh?”

Lauren blushed and looked away from her brother.

“Laur, when was the last time you had sex?”

“None of your business.”

“I think this bitchiness might be a result of not getting any. Just trying to do my part to keep the peace in the family.”

They both turned as a keening wail broke the silence of the house. They looked at each other and Lauren shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think that was Raija.”

Lawrence just grinned. “At least your room isn’t closest to theirs. I’ve heard things over the years that should have turned me into a monk.”

“Everyone thinks you’re gay.” The words slipped out without thought. But it was true. He didn’t bring women home, he never talked about any women. He wasn’t yet married.

“You’re my twin. We’re supposed to be closer than other siblings. Wouldn’t you know if I were gay?”

Lauren cast her eyes downward. They’d grown apart as kids. With another girl in the house the same age, she’d naturally gravitated to Raija, leaving Lawrence out in the cold.

She hesitated before asking. “Are you?”

Lawrence stood and walked toward the bedroom door. He was halfway out of the room before he turned towards her. “Ask Raija.”

He pulled the door shut behind him and Lauren lie there on the bed in shock. Raija and Larry had been with each other?

The next day, the family saw Raija and Galen off as they headed back to Texas. Lauren paid close attention to the rapport between Raija gaziantep escort kız and Larry. The way his eyes held hers, her invitation for him to come visit Texas. Of course she invited Lauren as well, but Lauren was sure it was an afterthought.

Their parents went out to run errands and Lawrence grabbed his ice skates and headed to the local rink for a pick-up game of hockey. Lauren was once again left all alone.

All during the hockey game, Lawrence pictured Lauren, lying in bed, using the new toy he’d picked up for her. He knew that she wouldn’t, she was far too uptight to take herself with his toy and he knew she probably spent too much time focusing on what it would mean to use it. His wandering thoughts got him cross-checked when he wasn’t paying attention. He’d be sore and bruised later on, but it felt good to have a physical outlet.

Letting himself into his parent’s home, all was silent. Even though Lauren’s car was in the driveway he didn’t see or hear her and assumed that she’d left the house. Lawrence popped into the shower, washing away the sweat worked up by playing full contact hockey.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into his boyhood bedroom. He had the same twin bed he’d spent his childhood trying to comfortably sleep in. He lay down on the bed, the towel falling to either side of his legs as he began stroking himself. He had any number of fantasies and memories that he could call up at a moment’s notice to help ease the way for his orgasm.

Lawrence’s head pushed back into the pillow as he began furiously pumping. A slight creak on the worn floorboards outside his bedroom door caused Lawrence’s eyes to snap towards to the door. His hands stilled, only as long as it took to see that it wasn’t his parents standing there, but instead Lauren.

When she felt his eyes on her, she looked up from where his hands were busily taking care of things.

“Larry, you should close your door!” Of course her eyes were still on him as he continued stroking.

“Laur, if you don’t want to see it, don’t watch.”

Lauren, bluntly reminded that she was standing in his doorway, watching him, turned and walked downstairs. But not before Lawrence noticed that her nipples were pushing against her baby blue t-shirt.

Lawrence turned over onto his stomach and ground his pelvis into the mattress. His eyes squeezed shut as he felt his ejaculate pouring out onto his sheet.


Lauren flinched as she heard the creak of the stairs. Lawrence stood staring at his sister’s stiff back before going to the refrigerator and looking for something to eat. He turned around, leaning against the fridge doors and stared at Lauren until her eyes rose to meet his.

“Listen Laur, I’m sorry you saw that.” He wasn’t really, but apologized anyway.

“How could you have forced yourself on Raija?” Lauren’s eyes were wide.

“Lauren, I’d never force myself on anyone. You know that.”

“Then how? She’s your sister for God’s sake.”

“She’s my sister because we were raised by the same parents, but we’re not related by blood Lauren. Why do I even have to tell you that?”

“But still, she’s your sister.”

“Yes, and she’s gorgeous and sexy and I didn’t force myself on her.”

Deep inside Lauren knew that Larry would never have forced Raija. “How?”

“Do you really want to know about this?”

She did, but she didn’t want to look too closely at the reasons why.

“Make me something to eat and I’ll tell you.”

Lawrence sat on a barstool at the butcher block island and watched as Lauren made him a turkey dinner sandwich. Turkey, stuffing, fresh cranberry relish and cheese stuffed in a roll.

Lawrence took his sandwich into the family room and turned on the television to a science fiction channel and turned down the volume.

Lauren followed him in and sat on a chair opposite him.

“Are you sure you want to hear about this?”

Lauren nodded her head, avoiding his gaze.

Lawrence swallowed the food in his mouth. “Raija came home one frustrated one night because Tim Chagnon refused to go down on her. Apparently he liked having Raija go down on him but not the other way around. We got to talking about it and I volunteered to help her out whenever she was frustrated and vice versa. It lasted all during our senior year in high school and most of college.”

Laura quickly peeped at him. “But what did you do?”

Lawrence sat his plate down on the end table. “What do you think we did Laur?”

She blushed before whispering. “Did you do it?”

“Yes and more.” Lawrence felt himself go hard at the thought of the things they’d done together and experienced with each other. He looked over at Lauren and again noticed that her nipples pointed insistently against her top.

“Were you doing it with other people too?”

He grinned. “Nope. It started out as an end to frustration, but I think pretty soon it was all about the two of us, without the need for frustration. Plus, escort kız gaziantep I’m more of a one-woman man.”

Lawrence stood and stretched and Lauren’s eyes were drawn to his abdomen. He hadn’t put on a shirt and stood there with his jeans riding low on his hips. His stomach was flat and had a narrow band of hair that trailed off into his pants.

“I’m grabbing a Moxie from the kitchen, you need anything?” His offer trailed after him as he walked out of the room.

Normally she would have teased him about his love of Moxie; the official soft drink of Northeastern New England, specifically Maine and the eastern parts of New Hampshire. But not today. She was headed up the stairs and called down to him. “No thanks, I’m going to do a load of laundry before I start packing for home.”

Lauren went into the bedroom and shut the door, leaning back against it. Even though Larry hadn’t been explicit, she could imagine he and Raija coupled. The thought didn’t repulse her as much as she thought it would and she knew it was because they didn’t share a bloodline.

She gathered her dirty laundry and headed for the washer and dryer in the basement. Larry was still sitting in the family room watching TV when she walked by. “Hey wait a second. Can you throw something in with your stuff?”

Before she could answer, he’d run upstairs and came back with the sheets from his bed.

“I’m not washing your bedding jerk.”

He shrugged at her and went back to the television. Lauren trudged downstairs, vowing to repay him for having to do his dirty laundry and a thought struck. She was washing two loads of clothes, one had some bright colors in it and that’s the load that his sheets would go in.

Lauren headed back upstairs and sat on her bed. She flicked the TV on and channel surfed. She’d dozed off briefly when she heard Larry roar her name and heard his footsteps bound up the stairs. He stood in the doorway glaring at her.


“You turned my sheets pink!”

“I did?”

“Don’t play dumb with me Lauren Rose. You intentionally turned my sheets pink in the wash.”

“You shouldn’t have pawned your dirty sheets off on me then.”

Lauren stuck her tongue out at him as he stood in her doorway. He glared at her for another long moment and then struck.

“So did you try out the new toy.”

She threw a pillow at him and he ducked. “Larry, you can be so inappropriate.”

“Inappropriate? Is that the best you can come up with?”

Lauren stayed silent.

“Well did you?”

“Of course not.”

“Where is it?”


“Where is the new toy?”

“Larry.” She screeched as he came further into the room. He opened the doors on her bureau and rummaged through her underwear drawer and then flipped open her suitcase. Nothing there. The last spot was under her pillows and he lifted one and there it was. He picked it up and looked at it closely. There was a definite sheen on it.

“Liar. You did use it.”

Lauren turned red from head to toe. “How did you know to look under there?”

“That’s where you’ve always hidden it. So tell me Laur, did you come up here and slide it inside thinking about me and Raija in bed? Or was it last night when you listened to them doing it?”

“You’re a pervert Larry. A disgusting filthy pervert.”

Lauren shot off the bed headed for the bathroom. She tried to squeeze by him but he continued blocking the path from the bed to the door. She pressed her hands against his chest and pushed, but he was rock steady. He took her hands and guided them down to his stomach and left them there. Even though he was no longer holding her captive she didn’t move her hands.

“And you’re an uptight, repressed little ice queen.” He knew the ice queen bit would hurt.

She looked down and bit her lip again. He wanted to reach out and caress it with his tongue but noticed that she was looking down the head of his cock pointing through the top of his jeans.

“Are you thinking about Raija?”

He looked into her eyes. “No. Do you want to know what I’m thinking about Lauren?”



“Let me go Larry. I’m not a coward, I just don’t want to play your filthy little game.”

“Then ask me.” The look in his eyes dared her.

“What are you thinking about Larry?” She nervously bit her bottom lip before looking into his eyes.

“I’m thinking about you. Lying here in your bed, slowly sliding the shaft of that toy between your pink little lips before sliding it deep inside you and then stroking your clit.”

Her eyes went wide at his accurate description and then even wider as he moved his hands to her waist and pulled her closer. “So Laur,” he whispered, his breath burning hot against her ear, “can I watch you with your toy?”

“How do you know. Did you watch me last night?”

“Not last night.” He left a lot unsaid with those three words.

“Then when?” Her heart beat faster.

“Raija and I watched you one night. It was escort gaziantep kızlar that first Christmas that you’d brought Mark home with you. He’d stayed up late, drinking alone in the kitchen while you came up to the bedroom. We were in my room and heard your soft little cries. Raija wanted to see so we cracked the door and watched you. So dainty and ladylike, never losing yourself in the pleasure. Why is that Lauren, why can’t you just let go? Let yourself go for me.”

Even though the thought turned her on incredibly, she was poised to say no. This was her brother. Just as she formed the word no, he slid one hand around her waist, and with the other glided up over her belly and pulled her taut nipple sharply. The desire in her eyes was driven out by the sudden and intense pain, which quietly settled into an even deeper desire.

“Don’t say no Laur. Not when you really want to say yes. It’s a one time arrangement, I’ll help ease your pain and you well, you’ll make one of my fantasies come true.”

His finger was still working magic on her breast, tugging and teasing, driving her need higher. Just then the front door opened and they heard their parents call out to them.

“We’re upstairs.” Lawrence was the one to answer them, his voice steady and sure.

Lauren tried to move away as she heard them coming up the stairs but Lawrence still had one hand on her hip and the other tugging on her. “Larry let go, they’ll see you.”

“Nope, they’ll see us.” He corrected her gently. “I’ll let go when you answer me Lauren. Can I watch you?”

An even sharper tug had her falling against him and whimpering. She was so close to the edge and one more pull would push her right over.


Lawrence let her go just as their parents reached the top landing. He quickly adjusted himself in his pants and she moved to the bed and began rearranging the clothing in her suitcase.

“You kids have a good day?”

Lawrence turned around to face his parents.

“Larry, what happened to your chest?”

“Just a little cross-checking in the hockey game mom.”

Their mother coddled Larry, which saved Lauren from having to turn around and face her parents.

As his parents clucked over him, he called back over his shoulder. “See you later Laur.”


“Changed your mind yet?”

Lauren didn’t look up from her book. She had waffled back and forth for hours. Her body was humming like a live wire. Larry had stoked a fire in her that now needed to be tended but she still felt embarrassed by what they were planning.

“Lauren, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

Lauren wasn’t sure that was the answer. His handling of her earlier had brought out urges she didn’t know she had.

“What are you kids doing tonight?” Their parents were dressed for their weekly bowling league in matching bowling shirts.

“I’m thinking of catching a movie.”

“Take your sister with you, she could use the company and a good time.”

“I’m trying Dad.”

“Lauren keep your brother company.”

Lauren knew her parents worried about her even though they didn’t talk about it.

“I’ll think about it Mom.”

Their parents left the house and Larry headed upstairs to get dressed. “Where are you going?” She hadn’t intended it come out with such need.

“Changing for the movie. You should get dressed too.”

“But I thought.”



Lauren came out of the bedroom dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. “You should put on something a bit dressier than that.”

“Why, it’s the movies.”

“Yeah, but it’s the new movie theater combined with a restaurant.”

She grunted her displeasure but turned around and went back to change. She came out this time dressed in a tan linen skirt and a beige keyhole sweater.

He whistled as she joined him downstairs. He was wearing a pair of well worn jeans with a striped shirt that he left untucked. The blue, brown and white in the shirt brought out the sharp color of his eyes.

As they drove away from the house she concentrated on giving him directions. When he turned away from the direction of the movie theater and headed down highway 93 she turned to him perplexed. “I thought we were going to the new place?”

“Changed my mind.”

“Where are we going then?”

“Still going to the movies.”

As they headed into Massachusetts, Lauren’s eyes drifted shut. They pulled to a stop and she opened them, to find that they were parked in the rear of an adult movie theater.

“Larry, I’m not going in there.” She imagined there were probably sticky floors and used tissues all around the place.

“Just try it for me Lauren. It’s not what you’re expecting. I promise.”

Against her better judgment, Lauren followed him inside the lobby. It was dimly lit and she mechanically walked behind him as he paid their admission price and guided her to a door marked Taboo.

Stepping inside the room she first noticed the deeply recessed chairs and sofas that littered the room, turned at odd angles so that they faced the large movie screen in the front of the room, but also so the occupants could catch glimpses of everything else going on in the room.

“Larry, what is this?”

“It’s an adult movie theater. Just a more upscale one.”

“What if someone sees us here?”

“If they see us here, then we also see them here Lauren.”

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