The Toilet Club Ch. 23

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[Please note: As you might guess from the title, this continuing story involves both golden and brown bodily materials, as well as other fluids and substances naturally produced by human bodies. It is NOT for everyone or even most readers. If you do not enjoy those subjects, please go no further, but look elsewhere for the kinds of stories you DO like. Please do not vote this down just because it is not your cup of tea or you disapprove. This story is pure fantasy and all characters in it are 18 or over. This story is the twelfth installment of “The Toilet Club” and I urge you to read the earlier installments before reading this, in order to follow the storyline and better understand what’s going on. You will not regret it! While this story could fall under the Anal, BDSM, Mature, and other categories, I have chosen Fetish as the most all-encompassing.]

Meg Novak was pleased with how things were proceeding on her first afternoon with Mikey to herself. She had had to modify her original plans considerably in response to the raw scratches she had discovered up and down his back. She was still marveling that Susan Compton, her BFF and occasional submissive playmate, was capable of such treatment of her own nephew. She could only imagine that the incestuous pair had got themselves into such a depraved and passionate coupling that Suze’s usually carefully controlled cravings had got the best of her and she had sliced up Mikey’s back in a fit of erotic frenzy.

Well, good for her! Susan was all too buttoned up, if you asked Meg. Suze had the most extraordinarily perverse set of potty desires that Meg had run into, but such deep shame about them, that she had a terrible habit of choosing inappropriate boyfriends who she then tried to persuade to indulge her cravings. That guy, Al, was the worst of the lot. Sure, he was dominant, but without any clue of how to enable Susan to enjoy her own submissive tendencies.

Clearly, as far as Meg could tell, the arrival of Susan’s nephew, Mikey, had re-juggled everything!

God! He was such a hunk! And here she had him all to herself for all of today and then Saturday morning. She needed to make the most of this opportunity.

* * *

Following their nude ice tea break in the shade of a big tree in her backyard, Aunt Meg had Mikey follow her back into the house and back up to her bedroom, tugging him along with a firm grasp on his rigid prick. She looked forward to feeling it filling her rectum, but first she wanted to warm things up by taking his anal virginity. She felt a flush of wicked satisfaction that she was beating Susan to the punch on this particular ‘lesson’. It was always a crucial step in ‘breaking-in’ an inexperienced young man.

For his part, Mike Ellis was feeling somewhat anxious about surrendering his anus to Aunt Meg. He had asked her to be gentle with him, but she had not exactly agreed. Instead she had given him an ambiguous Mona Lisa smile. He mentally braced himself for what might be a rather rough ‘ride’. One of the things he cherished about Aunt Susan’s Toilet Club was that everything they did together, no matter how shocking or filthy, was imbued with the intimate warmth of love. She really was like a beautiful guardian angel of holy filth.

Aunt Meg, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy humiliating him and he was uncertain how that might manifest itself. He was not sure how he would feel about her following through on her vaguely promised threat to dress him up as a sissy girl. He guessed he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. It did seem oddly titillating, but certainly nothing he had imagined before she brought it up.

* * *

Aunt Meg had her hunky “nephew” drape himself over the edge of her bed, with his handsome muscular buns in the air, while she stepped into her strap-on harness and fastened its belts. Damn, he looked good enough to eat! Perhaps she should treat herself to a little sniff and taste, before she lubed up her latex prong.

“Mikey, darling, would you hold your cheeks open so I can get a better look? I want to see exactly what I’m working with here!”

Mike did as requested. What was it with women and their fascination with men’s asses? He was certain that for most of them, it wasn’t the “toilet thing” like Aunt Susan, nor some dominant drive to peg them, like Aunt Meg. But what was it? He was suddenly pulled out of his reverie by the unexpected sensation of a warm tongue lapping at his anus. Whoa! He hadn’t expected that! He’d been steeling himself for a harsh deflowering, but instead Meg was going to town on his anus like there was no tomorrow. Mike let himself relax and enjoy her lewd ministrations.

* * *

Meg Novak just couldn’t help herself. canlı bahis When she had knelt down to take in his butt and crotch, Mikey’s pheromones leapt out and sucked her right in. God, he smelled divine. There was nothing quite like young male flesh, pumping hormones and musk, sweet to the taste and firm to the touch. Without really thinking about it, she took over spreading his cheeks, reveling in his muscles and gripping his tight buttocks.

She made her tongue into a stiffened wedge and pushed it into his sphincter. Yum! There was just a hint of the smell and taste of the sausage that had been residing there earlier. Meat! She craved his meat. If only she could gobble him right up like a cannibal. She was making his asshole all pink and juicy, like steak tartare. Meg started sucking noisily on his anal slit, as if hoping to turn him inside out. Oh baby! Give me the meat!

* * *

Mike Ellis was unbelievably loose and relaxed. He was enjoying the fantasy that he still had a sausage up his butt and Meg was trying to suck it out. Here, why not help her? He concentrated his anal muscles and pushed. There it goes! God, that felt good. Just like taking a good crap. He heard a muffled groan from behind. Uh-oh! What was going on back there? He half-turned around and froze as he stared at Meg, her eyes wide in sightless horror, as a large turd protruded from her mouth, her red lips now coated a dark brown. Then, as if in slow motion, he watched the fecal mass move deeper inside, as if she were deep-throating it with her gag reflex perfectly relaxed. Holy shit! What should he do? Perform the Heimlich Maneuver? Call 911? Exit stage left? Yikes!

* * *

Meg was deep in an involuntary trance, dreaming that she was feasting on human flesh, masticating it and letting it slither down her throat. Funny, it didn’t taste quite like she had imagined it would. It had a flat rather sour taste that reminded her of . . . shit? Her eyes popped open as she instantly came out of the trance. She brought her hands to her face and felt the sticky goo coating her lips. She looked at the brown goop on her fingers and the reality sunk in. She had just eaten a turd!

She had never done that before and she didn’t want to go down that road now. She jumped up, her strap-on swinging in front of her, and ran to the bathroom. Meg flipped up the toilet lid and seat, knelt, positioned herself over the porcelain commode, and forced herself to barf, which did not take much effort. After several other cleansing procedures that need not be described in detail, she finally felt purified enough to return to the bedroom, where Mikey awaited her, a concerned look on his face.

“I’m really, really sorry, Aunt Meg! Your licking and sucking felt so good that I kind of went into a dream-state where I thought I was pushing out a sausage for you.”

“Mikey, sweetie, it’s not your fault. I was having such a marvelous time eating your ass that I slipped into one of my trances where I thought I was a cannibal feasting on your human flesh. It could have turned out much worse, believe me. Besides, you sort of owed me one for my shitting in your mouth earlier. So, let’s just declare things ‘even’ and call it quits for now. I’ve kind of lost the mood for giving you a pegging at this point. How about if I heat up some finger food for a light dinner and we can go to bed early and cuddle. Does that sound okay, sweetie?”

“It sounds awesome, Aunt Meg. I think cuddling with you would be super.”

* * *

Meg found some frozen Spanakopita and Lumpia in her ‘fridge and baked them in her oven. They went well with a bottle of Argentinian Tempranillo, and before they knew it, with dinner over, they were spooning together, naked in Meg’s big bed. Mike felt himself relax as Aunt Meg hugged him from behind, fondling his butt and gently biting the nape of his neck. She was whispering seductively in his ear.

“Oh, Mikey, I just can’t resist playing with your beautiful butt. Pegging it with my strap-on seems a little harsh right now, but will you let me finger it? It’ll feel so good. What do you say?”

“Aunt Meg, you know best. You have my permission to poke around down there.”

Meg Novak was jazzed. Immediately following Mike’s involuntary defecation in her mouth, she’d felt overwhelmed and disinclined to push ahead with her strap-on scenario. But their nude cuddling in bed had revived her horny urges. She craved some flesh-to-flesh contact, with her digits penetrating Mikey’s sensitive fundament. Perhaps she could take his anal cherry after all, but with her hand this time, instead of the latex strap-on. She reached over and grabbed the tube of lubricant, giving her fingers and Mikey’s anus bahis siteleri a slippery coating of lube. Then she set to work, trying to loosen up the lad’s sphincter one finger at a time.

* * *

Wow! Mike Ellis was sure enjoying being Aunt Meg’s sex-toy. She had started with one wiggling finger up his ass, then added another, slowly working them around and getting his rectum all sensitized and loose. There was a certain degree of dull pain, but nothing that he couldn’t handle, even when he felt her slide out and push in again with three fingers this time. Her digits were so delicate, he wondered if she was aiming to get her whole fist inside him. Mike’s endorphins were beginning to kick in, turning the whole process into an exercise of very deep intimacy.

Once Aunt Meg had four fingers sawing in and out of him, he was flying sky high and impatient for her to add her thumb. He groaned deeply as she withdrew again and formed her hand into a pointed wedge, with her thumb hidden by the other digits. She rotated the fleshy plug back and forth, as she tried to move her hand past its widest point at her knuckles. Whoa! There it went! It felt unbelievable to have her whole fist in his fundament, all the way up to her wrist.

For her part, Meg was blissed out enjoying the sensation of sheer power. This was much better than pegging Mikey with a strap-on dildo would have been. A dildo gave her no feeling of her tight penetration of his bowels, while her fist was keenly aware of the heat and stretching of his rectal sheath. She felt around trying to locate his prostate for a little massage. She wanted him to feel that treat, as positive reinforcement for allowing her to play so intimately within his rectum.

“Well, my dear, how does it feel to be fisted by your Aunt Meg? Hmm?”

“Totally awesome! I feel like I’m building to a super cum at any moment. God, I’m stuffed.”

Meg was strongly tempted to forbid Mikey to ejaculate until his meat-stick was deep within her own bowels, but he was so ecstatic about being fisted that she decided to just let him enjoy the total experience. The more time she spent with him, the more she was charmed by his enthusiasm and sincerity. He was so willing to surrender himself to her, that it felt like overkill for her to rub it in or to order him around like a slave.

Meg hugged her “nephew” closely to her with her left arm, while her right arm burrowed ever deeper into his rectum, now reaching several inches up her forearm. She couldn’t resist nibbling his neck and shoulders with little love bites.

“That’s it sweetheart. Just let yourself go. Cum for Auntie. You know you want to.”

Meg rubbed Mikey’s prostate, feeling him stiffen in anticipation of his onrushing climax. Suddenly, he shuddered and gasped as his jism spurted out of his urethra in ropes of cummy goop. He groaned deeply and pushed himself back against her, driving her forearm even deeper into his colon.

“Ahhhg . . . Aahhhgggh!”

Between his endorphins and adrenaline, Mike Ellis was blasted off into the ozone, oblivious to who he was or what was going on. Meg gently withdrew her right limb from his bowels, letting him relax and acclimate himself to the strange feeling of emptiness.

“Wow!” was all he could utter. “Just wow!”

* * *

While Mikey was slowly coming back down to earth, Meg quietly repaired to the bathroom to wash off the lube and bowel soot coating her hand and forearm. She didn’t mind things getting a bit funky – and they surely had today – but she liked a fresh start for new activities, like, for instance, getting plowed in her back acre by Mikey. She’d been so looking forward to it, that just thinking about it was making her tingle. She glanced into the bathroom mirror, gave her hair a brush, freshened up her makeup, and gave herself a little spritz of her signature perfume. She wanted to look and feel her best for her precocious “nephew”.

By the time that Meg returned to bed, Mikey had his eyes open and a big grin on his face as he watched her generous breasts swing and her enticing bottom shift from side to side.

“Up for another round, Mikey?”

Meg let her gaze drop to Mike’s crotch, which revealed that he was slowly regaining his tumescence, but hardly all the way there. Oh dear.

“Here, let me give you a nice suck. Solid wood would certainly get things off to a good start.”

Aunt Meg swooped down on Mike’s lagging half-boner and engulfed it with her crimson lips. She slurped up the lingering remains of his massive cum and felt him rapidly expand within her loving mouth. Ah! That was more like it. Meg pulled back, allowing her to gaze at Mike’s equipment. His rigid prick’s crown was a bahis şirketleri lovely sight, dark red and slathered with her spittle. She could hardly wait to feel it being slowly pumped into her anus.

* * *

Mike Ellis was reinvigorated by Meg Novak’s oral ministrations. Now was his opportunity to really sock it to her. He’d been a good obedient lad all day, even to the extent of allowing Aunt Meg to render him speechless with her fist up his rectum. Now was his chance to give her a bit of payback. She craved a good buggering, did she? He was only too happy to grant her wish.

Mikey flipped Aunt Meg over on her back and grabbed her ankles, hoisting her calves over his shoulders, as he eased his stiffened cock into her dripping puss. Ahhh, so nice! Her butt was his goal, but Mike figured that it wouldn’t hurt to get her juices flowing and his prick all lubed up in her cunt, as he groped and caressed her amazing knockers. He’d only gotten a taste of this when he’d applied sun-tan lotion to the cleavage of her bikinied titties at the previous weekend barbecue, but he was determined to not pass up this opportunity.

Meg, for her part, was happy to let this young stud have his way with her. Despite her reputation as a control freak, she didn’t mind letting someone else take the lead, now and then, if they knew what they were doing. Remarkably, her precocious “nephew” seemed up to the task. Suze must have really given him some quality time, building his confidence and urging him on. Between Suze and Meg, Mikey was truly learning how to please women.

* * *

“Alright, Auntie! Bottoms Up!”

Mikey reached over and grabbed the nearby tube of lube, slathering it onto his rigid prong and squirting it around her sphincter and into her anus. He moved her thighs and buttocks even higher, giving him easy access to her bum. Here we go, he said to himself. Auntie needs her fudge packed.

Mike leaned forward and slithered his middle finger into Aunt Meg’s posterior, further spreading the slick lube. Then he withdrew and positioned his meaty skewer up against her asshole and gave a firm push. Meg pushed back, helping his prick gain ground and pop its head into her rectum. Wow! Super tight. Tighter even than Aunt Susan’s dirt box, probably because Meg gave hers less of a regular workout than Suze.

Mike reached down and gripped Aunt Meg’s wrists against the bed, effectively trapping her in place. He intertwined his fingers with hers, leveraging his fleshy spear, inch by inch, into her bowels. The raven-haired beauty writhed against him, eager for a good pounding.

“Good God, Mikey, stick your sausage in there and ream me out. Unnghh! Oh fucking shit! It hurts so good.”

Meg was staring at him intensely, beads of sweat forming on her forehead and beginning to drip down. Mike savored the sharp smell of her sweat blending with the pervasive odors of her cunt and shithole. Meg gritted her teeth and gave her “nephew” a grimace of stoic delight, as her adrenaline and endorphins took charge. She began to babble obscenely as her young stud serviced her, like a stallion mounting a Czarina.

“Ream me good, you filthy fucker! Put me in my place. Make me scream and grovel, like the bitch I am. Hurt your Auntie and make me cry. Oh shit! Fuck shit piss! Fuck me hard and drive my demons out.”

Mike Ellis was picking up speed, slamming his greasy pole in and out of the possessed woman’s poop-chute. The sense of power drove him on, as he loosened his grip on her hands and began to spank her fleshy buttocks, eliciting squeals and cries from the impassioned temptress. He rode her hard, showering her with his sweat, glorying in the smacking sounds as his palms punished her stinging buns.

Suddenly, her passion crested, and she let out an eerie howl of terrific ecstasy as her orgasm engulfed her. Her eyes rolled back and her urethra expelled a scalding stream of lady-cum, soaking Mike’s crotch and thighs. Meg’s body twitched uncontrollably, in an erotic seizure, as if her lust had induced an epileptic fit.

“Holy Shit!” Mikey shouted, and then he exploded, shooting great gobs of goo up her wicked rectum. He reveled in the injection of sperm deep within her bowels, its goopy invasion seeming to sooth and calm Meg’s over-excited nerves. Oh, Baby! Now that was a fuck! He slid his wilted cock out of Meg’s anal slit and flopped on his back beside her, exhaling a deep sigh of satisfaction. He glanced over at the satiated vixen, now still in her repose. Her sultry voice broke the silence.

“Thank you so much, darling. I really needed that.”

And on that happy note, Meg cuddled against Mikey, and they both passed out.

[As always, a note of appreciation to my dear friends, Margaret Jenkins and Leslie Jones, for their editorial advice, feedback, and encouragement. If you enjoyed this story, please consider leaving comments or feedback reflecting that. Thank you.]

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