The Trouble with Roommates Ch. 06

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Now that Nicole had settled in, things around the house seemed much smoother. The chastity cage didn’t hurt, either. Something about having her dick restricted and untouchable seemed to heighten the rest of her senses. She even started to kind of look forward to hearing Brian get home from work and calling for her to give him a kiss. When he’d pull her in and wrap his strong arms around her his touch felt electric and when she’d melt into him and kiss back it felt erotic in a way Nick had never felt. Brian seemed to notice the changes, too. His normal habit of stroking her when he passed in the hall turned into extended contact, where he’d let his touch linger on her waist or hips and to her surprise she’d welcome the touch and pause while he gently felt her curves.

It was Thursday now, almost a week had passed since the fateful Saturday. Nicole woke up at her regular mid-morning time and was surprised to hear Brian scrambling about in the kitchen. She went in to see what was up. “Good morning, sir. What’s wrong, why aren’t you at work yet?”

Brian looked up from his bag and stared at her. She wished she’d thought to put on something more than her lingerie before going to the shower. “Oh. My alarm clock’s broken. I need to get a new one. Just my luck, I have an important meeting.”

He rushed out the door. Midway through the morning Nicole was sitting down for a break from her cleaning when her phone beeped with a text from Brian. “Haven’t told you this week’s penalty yet. If you give me money I’ll buy a new alarm clock. If not you’ll be my new alarm clock. Wake me up at 7:10 sharp tomorrow with either a cheque or a blowjob.” Nicole was stunned but couldn’t deny her dick strained against the cage when she read it.

The next morning she woke up at 6:30 and blearily got herself ready. She chose a pair of violet panties and bra that accented her figure nicely. Next was a light makeover of eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, and lipstick. She looked at the clock: 7:04. She breathed deeply and spent a few minutes psyching herself up. “It’s no big deal” she told himself. “His dick’s been in your mouth 3 times before. What’s another?” Part of her felt strangely excited. She hadn’t had any sexual release in almost a week since Brian had locked her in the cage and she was craving anything. Her body shivered remembering how he’d manhandled her, how powerless she had felt in his grip, how she’d pleasured him.

Brian was fast asleep when she crept in, laying on top of the bed stretched out completely naked. She was in awe. His limp dick was still an intimidating size. She moved closer, heart beating out of her chest as she looked his dick fully over. It felt like an eternity before she got up the nerve to kneel down on the bed in front of him. She leaned over him and slowly moved her head down until her lips were almost touching his tip. Slowly she stuck her tongue out and licked. Brian moaned softly in his sleep. That was all the motivation she needed. She ran her tongue around the head before pulling it into her mouth. Holding the tip in her mouth, she gently sucked on it while her tongue ran swirls around. She heard a groan and felt him growing hard inside her mouth. She popped the tip out and licked from his balls up to the tip, where she again popped it into her mouth and sucked. She repeated the cycle as he got harder and harder. jojobet Lick balls, slide tongue to tip, suck gently. She popped his balls into her mouth and pulled softly, letting them plop out and then moving up and taking his shaft fill her mouth. He was awake now, stroking her hair as she sucked. She rubbed his balls with her hand while she kissed and sucked his fully erect member and felt him start to stiffen. She felt his hand push down on her head, clamping her mouth down over his cock. She quickly stroked the tip with her tongue until he came, splattering her mouth with shot after shot. She swallowed them as quickly as they came, licking his cock clean afterward.

She let the softening dick fall out of her mouth and sat back. Brian complimented her. “That was amazing. I’m going to enjoy that every morning, I can already tell. You’re a very special girl, not everyone would do that for their man.”

The rest of the morning Nicole’s mind was a blur. Was he her man? She knew she was his girl, his pet, but it wasn’t by choice. Was he her man? She’d never had a man before, but the thought kind of turned her on, which frustrated her. She wasn’t supposed to be turned on by this. She wasn’t supposed to be turned on by any of this! Giving a blowjob this morning had been the closest she’d come to an orgasm in almost a week, she was ashamed to admit she’d almost creamed herself when he held her down and came in her mouth.

As the week wore on Nicole’s sexual frustration grew outrageously. She was ashamed to admit she was really enjoying the morning blowjob, and on the following Wednesday Brian kissed her he roughly grabbed her ass and pulled her off her feet and onto him. She was so overcome at the feeling of their bodies rubbing and him groping her ass she dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out, greedily sucking it in the hallway. He pulled her off and moved the pair to the bed. This time as she was sucking she felt him reach forward and grope her ass. She felt her skirt being pulled up and her thong being pulled aside, and she felt him slowly circle the rim of her ass with a finger. With a quick push she audibly gasped as she felt his finger pop into her ass. It felt amazing. She tried to grind her ass into his finger as she kept sucking, and he kept working his finger and soon a second finger around inside her. All of a sudden he hit a spot and waves of pure pleasure swept over Nicole. Her body shook with pleasure and he continued to stroke the spot. She couldn’t keep from crying out as she had a full body orgasm with his fingers inside her. She barely noticed his cum splashing on her face and into her open mouth as she shook with the feeling.

A minute later she lay back, exhausted and panting. “What was that?” she said in a shaky voice.

“That’s how you’re supposed to come, darling. Girls like you aren’t supposed to come through their penis, they are supposed to use their ass to please themselves and others.”

That worried her. A lot.


On Friday Nicole was worried. Brian still hadn’t mentioned what this week’s penalty would be. She didn’t mention it, but it had been on her mind all through the morning blowjob, all through her cleaning and mandatory text messages during the day to show she was wearing heels, lingerie, makeup, and a dress. When he got home from work they kissed as jojobet Giriş usual and then he handed her a gift-wrapped box. Puzzled, she opened it. Inside was a dildo, a brand new tube of cherry red lipstick, and a book. She glanced at the cover. “Head of the Class: All about to give the world’s best blowjobs.” She looked at him. “Nicole, I love your enthusiasm. You make me feel like you truly would die without my cock in your mouth.” She turned a deep crimson. “But I must admit your technique is lacking. From now on each week you’ll show me one new thing you’ve learned from that book. The dildo is for practice. When you’re done with that book you’ll be the best cocksucker in the city. That’s not it, though. Nicole, it’s about time I started treating you like a lady. Blowjobs are great but haven’t you felt like our sex life needs a bit more?” She stared at him, mouth agape. “Tonight I’m going to take your virginity. It might hurt a bit at first, but I promise you’ll come to enjoy it.” He smirked. “You seemed to enjoy my fingers, imagine what my cock can do.”


Brian’s instructions for Nicole that evening were simple. She was to shave completely and clean herself with an enema. Following that, she was to dress and do makeup as usual (with Brian’s note that she would remember losing her virginity the rest of her life and to wear something appropriate). She chose a form-fitting shoulderless black dress and wore black lingerie underneath. She decided to try the garter Brian had bought her. She rolled the stockings up her legs, loving the silky feel as they clung to her thighs. Her makeup was deliberately chosen to be as sexy as possible, with a gray smoky eye and a dark red lipstick. In the back of her head Nick was screaming objections but Nicole was having a lot of fun with this and was quite excited. The blonde looking back through the mirror was absolutely ravishing. She turned around, looking at how the dress accentuated her ass. The tops of the stockings peeked out under the hem of the dress, giving tiny glimpses as she moved. The sheer stockings made her legs look sleek and sexy, and the black spike heels gave a hint of danger. The dress exposed her white shoulders, where her blonde hair spilled over. She knew Nick wouldn’t have been able to resist bending this girl over, and for a moment she was even jealous that Brian got to fuck her before she realized that he wasn’t just going to be fucking a pretty blonde bombshell… he was going to be fucking her.

She was used to walking in heels now, and walked into the living room. Brian stood up and walked over. “My dear, you look simply incredible.” He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. She kissed back and gave a little shriek when he hopped her up, pulled her legs behind him and started carrying her to his bedroom.

He lay her on her back on his bed, laying on top of her and kissing down her neck, around her white shoulders and down her chest. She felt his hands explore her body as he kissed her neck, feeling the curve of her ass, her waist and hips before sliding the dress up and rubbing her thighs inside and out. He moved downward now, pulling up the dress and kissing down her stomach, kissing around her bellybutton ring and down to kiss all over her thighs and around her chastity belt. She gasped at the feeling of his lips on her belly and thighs. jojobet Güncel Giriş He unzipped the dress and pulled it off, leaving her wearing just the panties, bra, and stockings. Reaching fingers underneath the bra, he pinched and twisted Nicole’s nipples as he continued to kiss and nuzzle her thighs and hips. Nicole’s mind was swimming at his touch. Every nerve felt electrified. Brian stood up and stripped. Nicole had seen him naked plenty of times but right now, standing with his erect cock standing at attention in front of him, she wanted nothing but to submit to him. He picked her up by the waist and spun her over so she was on her hands and knees on the bed. He knelt behind her, reaching forward around her chest to tweak her nipples while his other hand stuck a finger in her mouth. She gently sucked on it as he tweaked her nipple.

Brian placed a hand on her hip and moved the thong of her panties aside with the other. She heard a squirt and felt his fingers massage a cold liquid onto her hole. She froze as she felt him gently insert a finger and start moving it in and out. As she relaxed he moved to a second finger, followed by a third. “That’s it, baby girl, just relax. It’ll be easier that way.”

Soon she felt his fingers move out and he squirted another bunch of lube onto her asshole. She felt him grab her hips with both hands. The tip of his cock just barely touched her asshole and she quivered with anticipation. “Ok, Nicole. You’ve been a good girl so far, this is what you want. Take a deep breath.”

Pain shot into her mind as she felt Brian’s stiff dick invade her ass. She moaned deeply as she felt him push his rod deeper and deeper into her. His strong hands on her hips held her steady and he pulled back out slightly only to shove farther in. She couldn’t believe it. She was getting fucked in the ass by a man, and she was…

Absolutely loving it. She was overwhelmed with the heat of his cock, the feeling of being penetrated, the way he held her hips firmly, the feeling of the stockings on her smooth legs and the unrelenting captivity of the chastity cage. She heard hearself moan with pleasure as he fucked her slowly, speeding up bit by bit as she got more comfortable. She got into the rhythm herself, thrusting her ass back into his cock, ramming herself as deep as she could take him. He slapped her ass hard and she shrieked at the pain. “Oh god, sir, yes.” He continued to rail her.

“What’s your name?”

“mmmm Nicole, sir! Ohhh”

He smacked her ass again. “And what were you made to do?”

“To take your cock, sir!” she screamed with pleasure.

He grabbed her by the collar and pulled her neck up as he thrusted. Pointing her head to the mirror, he instructed her to look. She saw a girl that was made to fuck hungrily wiggling her ass as she got fucked hard by the man behind her. The girl was playing with her nipples through her bra and a strong arm was holding her up by a pink collar. Her face was twisted with pain and pleasure. He pushed her back down so her face was smooshed into the sheets. With one huge grunt he came and she felt his hot cum splash inside her ass. The feeling of it was enough to drive her over the edge and she came, dribbling out of the chastity cage and onto the sheets.

He pulled out and collapsed onto the bed. She crawled up and lay beside him, panting for air. He put his arm around her and pulled her into a spoon position. She instinctively nuzzled her ass back into his crotch. He kissed the back of her neck. “I was right all along. You were made to take my cock.”

She smiled and fell asleep in his arms.

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