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Chapter 4

Well, I”m not a leaky baby boy, but boy am I ever a super soggy baby boy. When I stood up and checked my bed, and then checked my diaper, I can tell that there”s very little chance that I could possibly peepee it any more, yet I still leave it anyway. I hope that all three baby boys come out as they are as well and show it off, even if they did leak, because that”s exactly what I plan to do. When I make it to the kitchen to make tea, I find Shelby already there, and he”s just pouring the first jug of tea, so, I stop and stare at the glorious vision that greeted me. I must”ve groaned, because Shelby turned, saw me, and groaned himself.

“Fuck, you”re even hotter like that.” Shelby groaned.

“Wow, ditto. Did you leak?”

“No, but how is anyone”s guess, but I”m gonna leak soon. I decided to come get tea ready, and then as soon as we all check each other out, I was thinking of taking my tea and trying out that amazing Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom, and maybe even grab a book to read while I do so.”

“Mmmm, that sounds like a great idea, I think I”ll do the same.”

“I almost wanna ask to share, but this is one of those times when I think I needta be by myself. I”d liketa soon, but I think that I”d also liketa have those kindsa baths by myself occasionally too. I used to love going and having a nice hot bath while reading, but doing so in that amazing tub, while enjoying a couple really good mugs of tea should be way better.”

“I agree.” I said happily.

Just then, Toby entered, and he too is seriously soggy, and when I asked, he grinned and said he had just a tiny little wet spot on his sheet, but not even enough to warrant changing, funny, he claimed to be a very good baby boy. Also funny, but both Shelby and I agreed with him. He happily took the offered tea, and claimed that having a hot bath while enjoying a good book and his even better tea sounds amazing to him as well, so he too is going to do so. It was only two minutes later when Brady entered, and he claimed the same as Shelby and I, that he had not leaked, though how is anyone”s guess. He too loves the idea of going for a bath. We decided to have some breakfast first, since we”re all pretty hungry, so, we ate while standing, knowing that sitting right now is not a good idea, and then we all head to our bathrooms to have nice hot baths.

When I arrived to my bathroom, I started the bath as hot as I wanted, got the towel and cloth ready, and because I have a towel warmer, there is one in every bathroom, I put the towel on it. I have no idea where my scissors are, we”re gonna haveta buy more so that the boys each have a couple pairs each themselves, so, I just shimmied my super thick and soggy baby diaper off, and when I tested it, I”m willing to bet that it was every bit of three kilograms heavy. Fucking awesome. I buried my face in it, sniffed and sucked for a few moments, before rolling it up and throwing it in the trash can, with a gloriously resounding crash.

Once ready, I slipped into my bath, activated the jets, and then laid back, read, sipped, and enjoyed. I”d spared no expenses when I chose the tubs for my house, they”re the best I could find, they have heated air bubbles, something like fifty jets, and the largest pump on the market for a bath tub. They”re also moulded to cradle a body perfectly, and it is so comfortable and relaxing, it”s amazing. I”d put a jetted tub in at my other place, because I”d always wanted one, but there I truly did cheap out, and while I”d always loved it, this tub makes that one seem rather pitiful in comparison. Of course this bath tub cost more than five times what I paid for the other one, and all the others in the house are the same, I spent way too fucking much money on them all, but they”re so very worth it. Once the jets shut off, I washed off in the tub, and then hopped into the shower and had a cooler shower and washed again.

When I got to my bedroom, I gathered everything that I need to double diaper and dress myself, because we really do need to go grocery shopping this morning, and I know that it”s gonna be a big one, since we pretty much have to restock absolutely everything. Normally we”ll take the car to go shopping, but I fully intend to take the truck, as well the trailer, because for some strange reason, I really want to stop at the hardwood dealer in town, since they have a really good one here, apparently the largest in the entire area, and stock up on supplies. They also have a really good tool store for being such a small city, that I plan to check out, but, as I understand it, the local area has a very large population of craftsman, and women too of course. As such, they have the stores to match. Once I”m properly double diapered and dressed, with a nice babyish diaper shirt on and all, I head out to wait for the little baby boys. Brady and Shelby are already there and waiting, though they both said they only made it a few seconds ago, and then Toby follows me in before I can even really say too much.

“Oh, good, we”re all ready to go. I trust you”re all well and properly baby diapered?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.” They all said.

“Doubled I hope?”

“Definitely.” They all said again.

“Baby diaper shirts too?”


“Excellent. Let”s go Babies.”

I know that Toby and Brady are just sharing the diaper shirts we”d already managed to find for Brady, since they”re close enough in size that they work just fine anyway. These diaper shirts aren”t anywhere near babyish, though, but I do plan to order both of them a good selection of proper cute and babyish baby diaper shirts as soon as I can, probably today some time. Even though I know I shouldn”t, I also plan to order way too many of the thickest and thirstiest baby diapers that I can find. Also, at some point in time, I need to contact Geoff and Art, and make the offer to them both.

We needed to hitch up the trailer, so, as soon as it”s on and the connections confirmed, we head out. Since we really should get groceries last, because we”re going to have fresh stuff, we hit the other places first. I stopped at the hardwood dealer first, and wow, holy shit, I”m about to spend way too much money, is exactly what I said to the boys when we walked in, and I saw the selection. He”s not a store, per say, it”s actually a pair of massive barns that he houses all his woods in, and then the third is where he does all his milling, and he”s got a huge kiln as well. When we arrived, we rang the bell, as per the signs instructions, and then went in and started looking around, and the owner of all this came and greeted us only a few minutes later.

“So, what are you gentlemen looking for?” He asked.

“I damn near wanna say everything.” I laughed.

“You”re not the only one.” He laughed as well.

“Wow, you have an amazing selection in here.”

“Thanks. The other barn is just as full. I have everything in alphabetical order, and the prices on the cards on them are per board foot. Before we get too carried away, do you know what board footage pricing is, because most don”t, so, I liketa explain it before it causes too much confusion?”

“Yes, basically by the square foot, per inch of thickness. It”s a volumetric measurement. I”m an architect and a woodworker, and I might be able to give you the full detailed explanation that”d bore even you.” I grinned.

“Ah, excellent, and probably not, because I more than likely know the exact thing you”d say too if we decided to take the time, but I”m a true wood nerd, so it doesn”t bore me at all.” He laughed.

“Excellent, same. Now, I have a huge ass trailer with me.”

“Yes, I saw it on my way in.”

“Good, then you know how much I plan to take today. Depending on the deals you give me, I”m hoping to pretty much fill it. I have my own mill and kiln, but they”re brand new, and I haven”t gotten started on them yet, but I need lots to start as well. Also, keep in mind, all proceeds from our sales go directly to charity, normally the children”s hospital.”

“Okay. I”m sure we can come to some form of a deal. Why do you wanna buy stuff if you have your own mill and kiln though?”

“Like I said, to get started. While I”ve read everything about how to use the vacuum kiln and the bandsaw mill I bought, I”m just as certain that there”s gonna be a hell of a learning curve, and that I”m gonna make some mistakes along the way, so, I need product to get me going. Then, I also don”t have a lot of hardwoods to get started with yet either, and of the ones I do have, none of it”s really very nice, though I”m hoping that the maples are nice.”

“Ouch, a vacuum kiln, that musta set you back a pretty penny. Nice units, but a little small for my size of an operation here. They are, however, wicked fast and efficient, which was why I damn near went with one anyway, but at five times the price, I just couldn”t justify it.”

“Yeah, it hurt, but that”s okay. So, I think that we”re gonna look around for a bit, get an idea as to what you have, and then what we want, and go from there. I trust you have a forklift for loading our trailer?”

“Yeah, we have all the equipment here. When you”re ready, just ring the bell, and I”ll come and help you out. Me and my guys are in cutting a few logs today, so I should go get to work.”

“Excellent, thanks.”

As soon as he was gone, we started looking, and as he said, he has it stacked alphabetically, so the first is apple, which I”ve never even seen before, and so, we looked, and it actually looks really nice, he has this stacked in one and two inch, all just slabbed into two live edge slabs. Next in line was birch, but he has several stacks of it, from regular to spalted, to figured, he has one, two, and three inch, in milled and slabs. Next is cherry, and again, a few stacks, regular milled, live edge, and figured, in one, two, and four inch this time. That nearly took us to the end of the barn on the one side, because there was so much. Most of the lengths are twelve to sixteen feet, so that”s great.

We toured down the next aisle, and saw a lot of really awesome pieces as well, and then went to the other barn, and looked through there as well. He even had both peach and ornamental pear, not even sure what that is, but it was wild, so I definitely put it on my list. The walnut he has, though, was twelve different stacks all to itself, both English and Black walnut, and wow, I think that I”ll be getting a lot of that. He also had several stacks of maple, a few of them beautifully figured, and very expensive, at least in comparison to most. By the time we were complete our tour, we”d been there for a little better than two hours already. Shelby went and rang the bell, and the owner came and greeted us a few minutes later.

“Okay, I think we”ve decided. It”s gonna take a while, though, because I”d liketa mark each piece as to what it is before we load it.”

“No worries. I”m used to spending a fair bit of time like that. My guys are doing their work, I just over see them, and help customers. However, with that being said, I do often find it”s much easier to bring the cart in, and you load what you want on it, and just mark what you”re taking, then I tally it all and band it, then load it up. The cart goes on the rails in the centre as I”m sure you noticed, and it wheels so nicely that even your youngest son can push it, though if you get it too full, it might take two of them.”

“Oh, okay. Aren”t you worried about people trying to cheat you?”

“It happens, they try, but I”ve been doing this for too long, from the ends and the edges, as well the colours that I put on the ends, I know exactly everything that”s in these barns, and I know all the prices.”

“I wondered if that”s why every lumber had a different colour.”

“Yeah. Honestly, though, normally people only come and buy a few sticks here and there, so it”s rarely an issue, and I ship out to all over the country, which means it”s usually us picking it, so, again, not usually an issue, but occasionally I”ll get a guy like you who comes in to buy a bunch, but when you guys come in to do that, you get a way better deal, and if you do the majority of the work, such as picking and loading it, then you get a better deal anyway, because the less we haveta do for you, the less you pay. However, for the two guys that did try and cheat me, they found that their welcome was worn out, and I never again allowed them to pick their own and try and get one past me, I checked every load after meticulously.” He grinned brightly.

“I bet, and I”d do the same. So, go ahead and bring in the cart, and if you have a second, and wanna get it ready in the other barn, I guarantee you, we”ll make good use of it too. In fact, in that barn, we might actually need two.”

“Then I”ll bring two to each barn for you, so that you have lotsa room.”

“Awesome, thanks.”

And true to his word, a moment later, he dropped the first cart on the track, and we started picking through the apple wood. Because we have the capability to mill everything on our own, I”m taking all the rough cut slabs, and as we load, we”re writing on each board what it is. Honestly, I”m not really even being too picky, just mostly taking off the top of the pile, but I am trying to get the widest pieces possible, since that really is better in most cases. To save moving the cart too much, we do cross the aisle and grab from that side directly across from us next, and got even more. We were only half way down, when we had to get the next cart, and we stuffed it full as well. There had been a clip board on the cart with a pencil on it, so, we”d written down everything we grabbed as we went. As soon as we finished in that barn, we rang the bell again, and when he made it, I told him we”re finished in this barn, so, if he can do the tally on it, and then band and load it onto the trailer, that”d be great, so, he did so.

We then toured the next barn again, and did the same thing, only we had to ask for a third cart, which he happily brought, and then started doing the tally on the two that we”d already filled. We took so much walnut, though, that we actually filled one entire cart with just that, but I truly am a sucker for walnut, I love it.

We now have five rather large carts full of lumber, and when I looked to see what the trailer looks like, I laughed. Four of the lifts are already loaded, and a few minutes later, the last one was added, and as we strapped up, the owner was doing the full calculation for us.

“Okay, full retail on what you”re taking is twenty three thousand. For not dicking me around, doing the majority of the work, a charitable donation, and bulk purchase, your grand total is eleven thousand dollars even please.”

“Would you prefer cheque or E-Transfer?”

“Either would be fine, but I prefer the E-Transfer, so much faster and easier for everyone involved.”

“Agreed.” I said, as I”m pulling out my phone.

I asked him for his details, and set up the transfer right away. As soon as his phone pinged him, he verified that it”d gone through, and was received for the proper amount.

“Thanks so much for the great deals and the amazing woods. Even though I won”t need as much from now on, I”ll still come probably once a year or so to get what I can”t get and mill myself.” I said, shaking his hand.

“And thank you as well. I hope you guys enjoy.”

“We will.” We all say as one.

And then we”re gone.

“Holy shit, we bought a lot.” Shelby laughed.

“Yeah, we did. I”d heard about him before, even in Vancouver, he”s apparently where escort kocaeli almost all the stores there buy their hardwood lumber from, so, I probably got what they pay, maybe even better because we really did do most of the actual work. All he really spent was an hour in time with us, instead of the full five we were there for.”


“Now to the tool store, then grocery shopping.”

“Okay.” All three baby boys say as one.

We toured through the tool store a few times, we each have a cart, and I made each boy get all the safety gear that they want, because it”s for them, I made certain that they were getting good stuff that”s comfortable for them to use, such as hearing protection, lung protection, and eye protection. Since I”d let a lot of my supplies dwindle down to as low as I could, since I knew I was moving soon, we really do haveta restock pretty near everything as well. So, we loaded up on sandpapers, glues, finishes (since this place has them as well), router bits and saw blades, I also grabbed a full master case of good quality tape measures in both metric and imperial, since I like to have lots around, so that”s twenty four of each.

While in the measuring and marking section, I also grabbed several different types and sizes of squares and a few different marking gauges, as well a few other things that they had in that section that we need, a few of which I didn”t already have, so that”s great too.

I next grabbed a couple more each digital calipers, digital angle finders, digital depth gauges, and even a digital level. Yes, I know how to properly read all the analog ones, but the boys won”t necessarily be able to right away, and honestly, with the accuracy of all the new digital tools being so damn good now, I even prefer them, they”re just so much faster and easier. I also grabbed a good old fashioned machinists feeler gauge for making a particular jig that I want to make, and you need one for setting it up precisely. I also grabbed a few other machinists tools like that, since they”re very easily adapted for use in a wood shop as well.

I”d bought twenty lower tool box units that are designed to have an upper unit placed on them, to make full standing tool boxes, but they were already pretty near the perfect height for counter tops, but they”re super heavy duty. Each one is roughly ninety centimetres wide, and they”re sixty centimetres deep. They”d come with casters originally, but I”d had Bill remove them and put them onto risers and install them more like permanent built in cabinets. I”d gotten three different configurations, and in varying colours, and I asked for them to mix and match the colours to make it fun, and then I got solid hardwood butcher block tops for them all, which gives me roughly eighteen metres of amazing heavy duty cabinets to fill up, and also now three boys who want to work in the shop with me, so we need to have spares of pretty near everything, so that we don”t always have to wait. Plus, I do have the money, and the boys are a damn good reason to spend some of it, so I”m happily doing so.

Then we hit the cordless tool section, since this store carries the same brand as I already use, and I loaded up here as well. I grabbed another eight batteries and chargers, two more each of random orbit sanders and trim routers, one each of the drill and driver, one more belt sander, one more brad nailer, and since I didn”t already have them, and this store carries them, I grabbed one of the cordless track saw kits, and two of the cordless pin nailers as well.

Then we loaded up on more clamps. I”d splurged and ordered an amazing clamp rack and storage system, but the clamps that I already have barely filled up a third of it, so clearly we need more. I did order a clamp station as well for doing multiple panel glue ups, and it”s already installed, but a woodworker truly cannot have too many clamps you know.

I then saw their table saw and router safety section, and saw that they have really good quality push sticks, blocks, hold downs, and all that, so, grabbed way more than we need, so that we always have them at hand, because if they”re easy to find and grab, they”ll get used. For the same reason, I”d also grabbed two full master cases of really good quality safety glasses while we were getting safety gear, one of each in the two sizes we need, and each box has fifty in it, so, that should keep us very well protected.

I grabbed another full set of three different types of drill bits, but these are way higher quality than I”d already had too, so that”s good. From the same section, we grabbed lots of other drilling accessories that come in super handy, a couple I”m adding more so that again we can all work at the same time and not have to wait, but a few that I didn”t already have either.

By the time we finished at least four full tours of the store, all four of us are pushing rather full buggies, poor Brady could barely push his buggy, even though we”d put all the lightest things in both his and Toby”s buggies. When we got to the tills, I gave the lady my name, because I”d set up an account with them years ago, since they”re who I buy all my tools from, and I”ve been a customer at their Vancouver store for years. Then we started loading the counter. At about the thirty minute mark, she actually paused, looked over the counter, and saw that there are still one and a half buggies left, chuckled, and continued on. When she asked me if I wanted to put it on the account or pay for it, I said I”d just pay for it now to save getting the bill later, but that I think I still owe some, so, tell me that and I”ll pay it all at the same time, so, she did, and I paid off everything, which was just shy of twenty thousand dollars.

Well, loading it into the truck was tricky, but we got it. And we still have room for groceries, hopefully, which we do desperately need as well. Once loaded up, we headed out.

“Fuck, are you sure it”s safe to leave all this here unguarded?” Shelby asked when we made it to Costco.

“Probably not, but I”m not too worried. It”s the middle of the day, it”s a busy parking lot, and the reason I parked here, is because that security camera has a good clear view of the truck. Also, with the canopy being solid like it is, and with excellent locks, plus the alarm on the truck, I doubt we”d haveta worry any. As for all the wood, it”d be rather difficult to get off as well, so, we should be just fine.”

“Okay, we just have a huge amount of money sitting here, begging to be stolen.”

“Yes, but I don”t wanna go all the way back home, unload, and then come back, so we”re gonna haveta risk it.”

“I could just stay in the truck.”

“Yes, you could, but no, you won”t. If there”s someone here desperate enough to steal it in broad daylight in a busy parking lot, they”d be desperate enough to kill you for it, you”d be no concern at all to someone like that, so, I absolutely forbid that from happening.”

“Oh. Yeah, I suppose you have a point.”

“The likelihood of that sorta thing happening, especially in such a small city, really isn”t very high, but I simply would never take that sorta risk. I”d rather lose millions of dollars than to have one of my baby boys harmed at all.”

“Thanks.” Shelby said warmly, followed up by the other two as well.

“Now, let”s go shopping. Each of us grab a buggy again, I have a feeling we”re gonna need it.”

And we did. We spent damn near as much time in there as we did the tool store. However, by half way through, I realized how hungry I”m getting, and when I looked at my phone, I laughed, and said no wonder why, so, I gave Shelby my wallet, told him what I wanted, and told the other two to tell him the same, so they did, and Shelby went to the restaurant in the store to get us all some much needed food that we could eat as we shopped. He was back a few minutes later, and we all continued while eating. By the time we were done, both Toby and Brady were having a hard time pushing their buggies again. They”d already been tired from the rest of the day so far, but now they”re nearing their limits, so, thankfully we”re almost done.

We damn near spent as much at the grocery store as we had the tool store, and almost the same amount of time too. We have one massively full truck and trailer though to show for it all, so that”s good. I ended up telling Toby and Brady to go sit down, that Shelby and I could get it all loaded. Not only could they not really fit anyway, but they were both fading fast. What”s funny, by the time Shelby and I hopped in, both boys were sound asleep, thankfully they”d already buckled up. We drove home, and when we finally arrived, I backed right into the garage, thankfully both truck and trailer do fit while connected, but I”d designed it just for that reason, and we still have space. I”ll even be able to offload all the lumber from the trailer inside the garage, and sort and store it, without having to go outside, so that”s awesome.

Shelby and I each grabbed a cart that are stored by the door, I don”t know why I”d bought so many, figuring that I”d never need more than one, but, they really weren”t that terribly expensive, so thought why not, and bought six, I suppose I was hoping that eventually I”d need more. As it turns out, though, it”s a good thing I did. Since the groceries really do have to get done first, not only were they in last, and as such need to come out first, but if we were to do the other stuff first, all our perishables would go bad, and so we get them offloaded and taken inside. Brady and Toby still haven”t waken up from their nap, and we”re just letting them sleep. I did, however, wake them up at roughly an hour after they passed out, so that they don”t sleep too long. Shelby and I”d just gotten all the groceries into the house and put away.

“How do you Baby Boys feel now after your nice little baby nap?” I asked once they”re fully with it and out of the truck.

“Much better, thanks. I didn”t even know we”d left.” Brady giggled.

“Same.” Toby laughed as well.

“Good. If you two wanna hop into the back of the truck now and start passing all the tools out, Shelby and I”ll put them on the carts and take them downstairs. By the time we”re done that, we should probably start thinking about dinner and relaxing for the night.”


It took another hour to get all the tools down to the shop, but that”s perfectly okay. By now, Shelby and I are both starting to get very tired too, though, so, dinner and rest is very much needed for us as well. One other thing that”s pretty near needed right away, though, are super soggy baby bum changes, because I wasn”t the only one with twin wet marks on the back of my pants when we realized it, because all four of us had started to leak, so, we”re good baby boys for peepeeing our double mega thick baby diapers good and proper. I told the boys that I plan to diaper up the same again, and come out in only my diaper, and they all agreed, and so, easily half an hour later, for what should have been only a five minute soggy baby bum change, we all meet back in the kitchen, all of us looking far more calm and collected, and of course gloriously diapered. There”s nothing like a very good super soggy baby bum change to lift ones spirits, for some reason the baby boys all agree.

We all helped to make dinner, then sat down and enjoyed it. By the time it was done cooking, though, it”s actually a fair bit later dinner than I”m normally used to, but then, we”d also had a fairly late lunch too.

“So, who here wantsta go test out the home theatre system and see if we can”t knock the far wall of the house down with continuous sonic booms?” I grinned.

“Well, you designed it, and Bill built it, so, we probably shouldn”t do more than whisper, because it might anyway right.” Shelby giggled to me.

“Yeah, we”re both just a couple hack jobs. Come on Babies, let”s go watch a movie or two.” I laughed.

“Okay.” They all say happily.

And so, we did. We watched two movies back to back, enjoying both a great deal, all of us enjoying lots to drink, and even a couple snacks as we did so, before we”re all very much ready for bed. When I checked my diaper, I knew for fact that it wasn”t going to make it through the night, yet it”s not full enough yet to warrant changing, and when I asked the Baby Boys, they all said the same, so, I told them to all add in another doubler, and to tape them on well, because they”ll need to now, and they all agreed instantly and heartily.

As soon as I make it to my bedroom, I do get another doubler added to my already gloriously soggy baby diaper, tape it on even better with clear packing tape, and then grab my computer. Not only do I have two emails to send, inviting our newest family members to come and live with us, but there”s also a few things that I desperately wanna order.

I wrote the emails to both Geoff and Art first. I told them that I want for both of them to come and live with us. They both know of the boys, we”d been emailing lots, and we”ve called and talked too, and I know that Geoff and Art have called and emailed back and forth as well, so, hopefully their relationship is coming along, and because of that, they”ll both jump at the chance to jump on each other. I told them pretty much everything that they hadn”t already known, how I built a huge beautiful house that we”ve just moved into, how remote it is, what all we have to offer, even Art”s brand new artists studio that I”d made just for him, and of course with his offer from the local art gallery, I hope that he”ll do it. I told them both that I”ll happily foot the bill for their moving expenses, though Art”s were going to be taken care of by the art gallery anyway, so he shouldn”t have to worry about that too much. Geoff also owns his house in Florida, so hopefully he can sell it and move quickly, or just rent it out and move quickly, either way, I want him here in a week or less.

Once I sent both emails, I went to the diaper lovers website that I want, and placed an order that topped the two thousand dollar mark. I bought us all lots of gloriously thick and babyish diapers, lots more diaper doublers, lots of cute babyish diaper shirts, and even cute baby bottles and baby soothers for us all. I even bought a few cute tee shirts that are super babyish, and cute babyish pants that are more like the leggings you see those fat women wearing, who really shouldn”t be wearing them, since we really should be clothed in the shop, we do deserve cute baby clothes when we haveta be dressed. Then, because I know Geoff prefers cloth diapers, I also got all of us some very thick cloth baby diapers, these are an all in one that are also made extra cute and babyish, so, I hope he likes them, because I know he generally uses a prefold and rubber baby pants.

Then, just because, I decided to hit up another diaper lovers website to see what they have. I”d looked at their site a few years ago, but I”d never bought anything, since the shipping rates to Canada had been so high, so I never bothered to go back. Wow, they have even more than they used to, and while the shipping rates are still high, they”re not as bad as they were, so, that”s good, still more than what it”d cost from the other company, but they now have a Canadian branch, so I suppose that helps. They do have many different designs as well, so, to make it worth the shipping, I just bought another couple thousand worth of baby supplies, including lots more diapers, doublers, and clothes.

Holy shit, I just spent over four thousand on diapers for six people, but, that really should last all of us a few months at least, and really, I”m beyond caring, I”m a full on gay baby boy diaper lover, and from now on, I deserve to be izmit yabancı escort baby diapered as thickly as I can be, as often as I can be, and I feel the others all deserve that every bit as much.

Finally, I hit a sex toy website, I know all three gay baby boys would love a few toys of their own, and I”d liketa finally get a couple for myself as well. I bought a dildo many years ago now, but it was really too small, it was very plain, and it didn”t vibrate. I used it so much that I actually wore it out from cleaning it so often, but when I finally threw it away, I never replaced it, I just couldn”t, it”d already been hard enough going and buying that one, even though I could”ve ordered what I wanted and needed, I never did, again, because I”d had snoopy room mates. Now I do need it, and even if anyone decides to snoop, which I doubt they would anyway, much of this is just as much for them as well as for me too. I”m getting us all the premium gay baby boy selection, though, so I hope they”ll all enjoy it all every bit as fully as I know I will, and from what I”m buying myself, I will absolutely enjoy them very fully, if you catch my meaning.

I only spent a few hundred at that site, damn near eight, but I can”t wait “til it all arrives, though I can”t wait for the diapers and baby accessories even more.

With all that nicely taken care of now, I go to bed, and fall asleep almost instantly.

The next morning, when we all arrive to the kitchen, we”re all super soggy, super saggy baby boys, and it looks so nice. None of us leaked, but once again, none of us are sure how or why, but that”s great. We eat breakfast while standing, then go to our bathrooms to have nice long hot baths once again, but I told the baby boys I”m quadruple baby diapering again, and then putting on only my cutest, most babyish baby diaper shirt, socks, and shoes, since we have lotsa work to do today. They all agreed to the terms and conditions for the day, hell, I doubt they even thought of it before saying yes instantly when I asked them if they”re gonna do the same. After having a gloriously long, hot, relaxing bath, while reading and sipping some nice tea, I went and got diapered, only this time I use two of the thickest diapers I have, one medium, one large, each with a diaper doubler secured well inside. I then get my favourite baby diaper shirt and put it on, then grab a pair of socks and put them on as well, I look in the mirror, and smile brightly from what I see. Then I grinned even brighter when I arrived to the kitchen where we generally all meet, to find the the other three had just made it themselves, that they too all look every bit as good, and are all brightly smiling from not only getting this themselves, but from seeing the rest of us like this as well. It truly is a beautiful sight, at least to us gay baby boy diaper lovers anyway.

Shelby is already in the process of making us another large batch of tea, perfect, that”s what I was gonna do as well, so, I grabbed four glasses from the cupboard and filled them all, then passed them out. As we each finished, I refilled them and passed them out again, and did this once more after, so that we all had three glasses full. That should help ensure we peepee our baby diapers good and full and proper, like good gay baby boy diaper lovers should. Only a few moments later, our two mugs of tea each are ready, so, we each grab them, and start sipping our first.

“So, what”s on the agenda first?” Shelby asked.

“Let”s get all the tools opened up, and/or unpacked, then sorted and put away first, since that”s likely to take the longest, and be the most amount of work, not to mention I just really wanna. Then, if we have enough time after that, then we can get all the lumber sorted and stacked.”

“Okay.” All three baby boys say as one.

Because we hadn”t gotten everything that I”d already had in my old shop unpacked, and most of what was unpacked is still just sitting on virtually every flat surface I have, there”s really lots to do, so, we just get started, and start unpacking everything and putting it away. The first thing we did, though, was to grab the label maker and label all the drawers, so that we know where things are, and where they”re supposed to go at all times. We hashed that out a little, trying to keep it neat and logical, but knowing that we may have to adjust things later as we go.

It ended up taking us all day just to complete the job in the shop, mostly because we”d had to change things around a few times to make things fit and be as neat and organized as I like them to be. Granted, there is a lot of stuff to go through and organize, and we ended up with two decent sized boxes of things that we no longer need that we”re going to take into town the next time we go, hopefully when all our packages arrive, and drop it all off at a thrift store. I already took them up and put the boxes in the truck, so that they”re there, ready and waiting for us, otherwise I”ll likely forget. We”d had lunch at a reasonable time, getting lots more to drink, and now at just about dinner time, we”re all getting seriously close to leaking, so, that”s absolutely perfect. I asked the baby boys if they want to go swimming after dinner, and they were all for it, except of course none of them actually knows how to swim, but I”d thought of that already, hence buying them all life jackets while we”d been at Costco. I”ll start teaching them tonight, and I”m sure that they”ll all get it sooner rather than later.

We made and ate dinner, and as we were eating, I know I peed, but clearly I wasn”t the only one, because every last one of us had started to leak, but then, we”re also sitting down on gloriously soggy diapers too, so that probably didn”t help matters any, but, we”re good baby boys, and we know that a leaky baby diaper is a well used baby diaper, and because we”re good baby boys, we must of course peepee our baby diapers good and proper, and if they leak, so be it. As soon as we”re finished eating and cleaning up, since there”s little point in getting out of our saturated diapers until such time as is needed, we head out to the pool house. There”s a full washroom facility in there, so, that”s clearly where we head first. As soon as we make it, I have to ask.

“Are all of you okay with going naked in the pool? If not, say so now, and we”ll all go get shorts.”

“Absolutely.” Was the resounding response from all three.

“That”s good, though I”m not entirely convinced that this is actually a good idea either.” I said, but am already reaching for my diaper to try and shimmy it down my hips, because it”s taped on very well, and we don”t have any scissors out here yet, though I realized that that”s a mistake that we”re gonna haveta remedy pretty soon.

All three boys also did the same, and because for some reason we all stood in a circle, so as such can easily see each and every person, we”re all watching with rapt attention as we all bare ourselves. I knew I was hard, in fact I”m not sure I”ve ever been harder, and while I assumed that the boys would be equally as hard, once all three of them exposed themselves, I damn near came. I think all three baby boys nearly did as well.

“Wow, you three are all so fucking sexy.” I groaned.

“Same.” All three of them said.

“Though, not gonna lie, as much as I”ve wanted to see a boy naked my entire life, seeing you all diapered has, and always will be my largest fantasy, but seeing you naked and hard is certainly my second. And Shelby, you”ve got nothing at all to be ashamed of. Well, none of you do I guess, but, wow, Shelby, you”re actually kinda big for your age I think.”

“Thanks, but you”re still huge, even compared to me. I started growing about a year ago now, my dick was first, and then my balls followed finally only a couple months ago, and I couldn”t actually cum “til just a little while ago.”

“Thanks.” I said.

“Just think how we feel.” Toby giggled as he cupped his little package.

“Oh, I think you”d feel just fine, don”t you worry about that. Time will take care of the fact that you”re still a little baby boy just fine, and from how well you”re already stocked, I truly doubt you baby boys have anything at all to be worried about.” I said warmly.

“I don”t either, “cause just over a year ago, I was pretty near the exact same size, like I said, I”ve just grown lots in the last year or so, but you”re both super sexy just as you are anyway.” Shelby said.

“Oh, okay.” They both said.

“Well Babies, let”s get showered, make sure to clean yourselves really well so to keep the pool at least somewhat clean.” I said.

Well, I clearly heard two little baby boys cum as they were washing their groins, and both Toby and Brady giggled at accidentally doing so. Clearly that didn”t help either Shelby or myself to go any softer, it was both cute and hot to hear first Toby slip into his little baby boygasm, and then Brady only half a second later from not only seeing it, but hearing it, because they”re showering next to each other, watching each other intently.

“Fuck, I damn near came too.” Shelby groaned.

“Same. Just think how much better baby diaper time”s gonna be because of it though.” I laughed.

“Yeah, speaking of which, it”s time.” Is all Shelby said, but I know exactly what he”s asking for.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yes.”

“Only a diaper change.”

“Yes, well, with really good lotioning.”

I groaned from deep within, I couldn”t speak, so, I only nodded, even though I know full well I should be saying no, it”s absolutely not what either of us want. The two little baby boys missed nothing of this exchange, and from the look and nod that they gave each other, I have a feeling only two bedrooms are to be used tonight, and more than likely from here on out as well. Oh well, we all knew that that”s what we all wanted and needed anyway, and though I still feel as if it”s truly too soon, I”m powerless to stop it, and truth be told, I actually don”t want to. I”m kinda sick of being a virgin after all, tonight”s the very first time I”ve ever even seen another person naked in my entire life, so clearly, other than with myself, I”ve experienced absolutely nothing sexual.

We managed to finish showering with no more spontaneous orgasms, though how I managed to hold off while washing my groin, or Shelby for that matter, I”m not entirely sure of. I helped all three baby boys into their life jackets, teaching them how to do so. We”d bought really good ones that don”t have the crotch strap, I felt that because I knew we”d be swimming naked, that having that strap there would likely be more than a little uncomfortable to the boys. Then again, I always found them uncomfortable even while wearing shorts, because I”d had to teach myself how to swim, so, I wore one for almost a year when I bought my first pool, so to learn, even though I was able to fully stand up in my pool with the water only coming up to my belly button.

As soon as we got in the pool, and in the shallow end, I started teaching the babies how to swim, but the first thing was to get used to putting their faces in the water, with eyes open, and blowing air out their noses, so that they don”t take in water, since, like I told them, it”s really rather uncomfortable to inhale water up the nose. Funny enough, they agreed.

Then one after the other, I started teaching them the basics, even getting them into the deep end so that they can get used to the feel of not having something to just stand up on. We spent pretty close to two hours in the pool with me teaching the boys, before I told them that they”re doing good, and that I want to go sit in the hot tub now. I told them to remove their life jackets, since hot water really isn”t good for them, and really, they don”t need them in the hot tub anyway. While they were all removing their life jackets, I went to the sauna and turned it on, it”s a six seat far infrared sauna, so doesn”t take as much power or time to heat up, then to the steam room and turned it on as well.

“Mmmm, this is nice, isn”t it.” Shelby sighed once we”d all slipped into the gloriously hot soothing water, but all of us winced a little, because even though the pool is kept nice and warm, it still feels downright chilly compared to how hot I have the hot tub.

“Mmmhmm.” All three of us sighed deeply at the same time.

“I think a good gay baby boy could easily get used to living like this.” He said again, and all three of us sighed our agreement once more.

We only stayed in the hot tub for about twenty minutes, before I told the boys to jump into the shallow end of the pool to cool down well, and to fully dunk themselves. They did, but all three of them shrieked as they did so, I laughed when I came up, because I”d went to the deep end and just dove in.

“Wee bit cold now Babies?”

“Yeah.” They all said.

“It”s good for you, and we”re gonna do it lots from now on. Next we”re gonna sit in the sauna and really sweat out, then we”ll go sit in the steam room, which is amazing for your skin and pores, and finally we”ll go have nice cool showers, again to cool off, but to also close up our pores.”

“Why though?” Brady asked.

“Once you get used to doing it, it”s very refreshing, but, like I said, it”s really good for your skin. It purges huge amounts of toxins from your skin. As all three of you start getting acne, although Shelby, I”ve noticed a little on you already, you”ll find that doing this at least a few times a week will help to relieve it naturally without hardly having to do anything, but also keeping good and clean will certainly help lots as well.”

“Oh, okay.” They all said, but from the sounds of it, none of them actually believe me at all. Oh well, they”ll survive.

We went and sat in the sauna next, and the boys could only stay in for about ten minutes, so I got out with them, turning it off as we left, and then went to the steam room, where we only managed another ten minutes. Again, I turned it off as we exited. Finally we went to the showers, and I again reiterated the importance of setting their showers to a cool setting, to not only cool themselves down, because they”re going to need to, but to close up their pores properly. Begrudgingly they did as I told them, though none of them went quite as cool as I did, but that”s okay, it”ll be enough.

Since I don”t use chlorine, we at least don”t have to use soap again to wash off, though I did suggest the baby boys to wash their hair once more, and this time use the conditioner, which I”d told them not to use earlier, since that stays in their hair more, and can come out in the pool water. I don”t want the pool to become any dirtier than necessary, and since it”s inside, and there”s only gonna be four, then six people using it, if we keep good and clean, I should hardly ever have to clean it, just maintain it.

As soon as we”re all good and clean, we shut down the showers and grab towels from the towel warmer, and dry off.

“At least a nice warm towel after a freezing cold shower feels wonderful.” Shelby grinned.

“Hey, if and when you can actually manage to go full cold shower after that, even better, but, just think, you still went nearly twice as hot as I did. I can”t do full cold, and I see no reason to do so either. Yes, it”s better for you, the cooler you can take it, but I just can”t do full cold after the hot tub.”

“No thanks.” All three baby boys say as one.

“I know. Let”s go get diapered Babies.”

Shelby and I led the way, and went right to my bedroom, and I know for a fact that I saw Brady and Toby izmit eve gelen escort go together to Toby”s bedroom. Foreseeing this, I already have a good selection of Shelby”s diapers in my bedroom, and of course we use the same doublers anyway.

“Are you sure about this Baby?” I asked softly.

“Oh yes. Please lay down, let me diaper you first this time please.”

“Okay Baby.”

“I do plan to lick up any mess you might happen to make, by the way, I”ve wanted to taste you since pretty near the second we actually met.”

“Then I”ll happily lick up any mess you just so happen to make as well.” I groaned.

I laid down first, and allowed Shelby to go to the diaper supplies and gather what it is that he wants. He grabbed one of my large diapers, one of my regular sized medium diapers, and two doublers, but in all four, he went with the ultra thick, not just the regular thickness I normally use when I quadruple diaper. Not sure how well that”s gonna hold up once it gets full and I sit down, but, with that being said, I”m absolutely not against trying it either. He set my stack down, and then went back and gathered his stack next, and is getting exactly the same for himself, though his large is my regular. Shelby then spent a few minutes getting all the diapers prepared for the both of us, poking holes into our inner diapers, and inserting all the doublers into all the diapers, since these doublers have tapes on them to hold them in place.

Next Shelby grabbed the baby lotion, the diaper rash cream, and the baby powder, and set it all within easy reach as well. Then he grabbed the roll of clear packing tape and the scissors so that they”re ready to go as well. By half way to our bedroom, I was already stone hard, seeing Shelby also stone hard, as he gathers all the supplies to diaper me like I truly do deserve, has made me even harder, and now I”m no longer even pulsing, I”m just too hard, and so is Shelby.

Finally Shelby gathers up my inner diaper, and as he moves to slip it into place, I raise my baby bum for him to do so, and he tests to make certain that it”s in the correct position, and only has to adjust twice before he”s satisfied that it”s properly positioned, he would just whisper up Baby, and I”d happily lift up to allow him to adjust until he”s perfectly satisfied. He grabs the baby lotion next, squirts at least twice as much as I normally use into his hand, and I normally use quite a bit, then warms it up between his two hands, and finally moves in.

Fuck me. I exploded damn near instantly.

First diaper change by someone else. First time ever having another touch me. At least since I was two when a proper person is potty trained, and no longer needs a caretaker. I”m sure it was a brutal experience that I should probably be thankful I was far too young to remember. This is certainly the first time anyone”s ever touched my erection, because from the reactions of my mother if she caught me with an erection, I”m sure it was flicked every bit as hard as she did later in my life, she always told me that I should be ashamed of having such a useless thing at the best of times, but that if I ever get hard, that she”d cut it off.

Shots one through three soared high into the air, and splashed down on my chest, then four through six pooled in my belly button, and I oozed out another two pulses over Shelby”s lotioning fingers.

“Fuck me.” One of us said, but I”m not sure who, it could”ve been both, I don”t actually know.

Then Shelby bent down and licked the cum that”d pooled in my belly button first, and as I saw him come back up after getting it all, the look of pure bliss on his beautiful face is something I”ll never forget. There”s a difference between wanting something, and finally getting something, and I think that this was something that he wasn”t expecting to be anywhere near what it actually is. I can”t wait to feel that as well. Then Shelby went to the cum splattered all over my chest, and licked it up as well, and savoured that even more. In fact, I don”t think he”s swallowed any of it down, and I can still see him enjoying it, as he continues to properly lotion me up.

By the time that Shelby is applying a very generous helping of the baby powder that I like, I”d cum three more times, and each time he happily licked it up and savoured it “til he couldn”t any more. Wow, four times in a row, wasn”t even sure that was possible, and is certainly far more than I”ve ever managed to myself before.

It was just as Shelby is taping me up into my final diaper that I finally came down from the exceptional experience, and sighed far deeper than I”ve ever managed to before. Wow, now that”s a satisfied sigh, but then, I feel truly spectacular as well

“Wow, you”re amazing at baby diapering.”

“Thanks, and you taste so fucking good, I hope I getta enjoy every drop that you make from now on.”

“And I can”t wait to taste you as well.”

“And you”re gonna getta, real soon. I”ve never had more than two wet cums, though, so you won”t get as much.”

“Well, considering your age, you”re lucky you can at all.”

“True. Stand up so that I can tape you up good and proper now.”

So, I did so, and he did so too. Once properly taped up, I had Shelby lay down, positioned his baby diaper properly, having to adjust a couple times as well, which I would just whisper up Baby as well, and he did. I got the lotion in my hands ready, warmed up nicely so as not to shock my baby, and started applying it. Quarter second, at best, was all Shelby lasted for, and he too painted his chest with his first couple shots, and then one more tiny squirt made it to his belly button, before two more pulses oozed over my fingers. Though the squirting stopped, he still pulsed madly for almost a full minute after. I was watching Shelby”s eyes, though, and I very clearly saw him leave his body as he exploded. It was comical, he just totally went out of it. I bent down and got my first ever taste of someone else, and bliss doesn”t even come close to describing how it makes me feel to taste Shelby”s cum. He”s still shockingly sweet, not very thick, but is mostly milky, and absolutely the very best thing I”ve ever tasted in my entire life.

Then I went after the small amount of cum on Shelby”s chest, and licked it all off, savouring it far more than anyone would savour almost anything else, no matter what it is. Shelby was right, though, one more wet cum was all he was good for, though it was smaller, and less milky and thick this time, it was far sweeter, and I savoured it even more. For two more hot gay baby boygasms, I pleasured my gorgeous gay baby boyfriend, before I started to cream and then powder him as well. Finally I pull up and tape onto him his well deserved mega thick baby diaper, and then have him stand up so that I can tape it onto him properly as well.

“Wow, best fucking baby bum change ever.” Shelby sighed deeply as soon as he finally came down.

“Yeah, and you tasted fucking divine as well.”

“Know how you feel. I truly hope we getta change each other from now on, and I really wanna start sleeping with you as well.”

“Same.” Is all I said, and then Shelby moved forth the scant few centimetres that he has to, and presses his lips to mine, and we both experience our very first kiss.

We didn”t even introduce our tongues, but it was soft, loving, tender, and more than I ever dreamed it could be.

“Mmmm, Baby, I love you.” I said as soon as we broke the kiss, but, he said pretty near exactly the same thing, at pretty near the exact same time, which caused us both to smile brightly.

“Well, now I definitely need a very good drink of water to help not only replenish all the water that I sweated out in the hot tub, sauna, and steam room, but to also help to fill up my gloriously thick and thirsty baby diaper.” I said happily.

“Mmmm, me too. Would you be against making a nice large batch of tea as well?”

“No, but it”s way too late to have our Earl Gray, there”s caffeine in it, and I do actually wanna sleep tonight, but I do have an apple cinnamon chamomile tea in the tea cupboard. Not only does it taste amazing, but it”s a very calming tea, and chamomile has sleep enhancing properties, so, let”s do the full batch for all four of us to enjoy.”

“Ooh, that sounds like a great idea. Why haven”t we had that one before?”

“Honestly, I just forgot.”

“Oh, okay, but I”m totally not letting you forget from now on.”

“I”m okay with that.”

“I”ve never really looked, but what other teas do you have, and how about coffee?”

“No coffee, at all, can”t stand the stuff. I know we”re gonna needta get all that, because unless I”m mistaken Geoff also likes coffee, though he makes himself piss tea a fair bit, and Art probably drinks coffee as well.”

“Piss tea?”

“Yeah, he pees in his kettle, tops it up with as much water as he needs, boils it, and then makes his tea from that. I”ve tried it a few times, and depending on when you do it, it can be either fine or pretty nasty. I once woke up especially hard for some reason, which of course meant I hadta pee, which isn”t normally an issue I have in the morning, so, I made a pot of tea with that piss, and no go, I hadta pour it out and make a fresh batch, but I tried with a mid day piss, and that was much better. I”m not actually a fan of it, even though I do actually enjoy sucking my diapers, a fair bit, and I have peed in my mouth in the bath too, of course, the one time I gotta do so, I definitely enjoyed your diaper far more.”

“Wow, that”s nasty. Now I kinda wanna try making a piss tea, with both our pee.” He grinned brightly.

“I”d try it at least once with you. As for what other tea do we have, I think I have two different mints that I liketa combine, and green tea. Because I only use loose leaf tea, I sometimes add a little of the peppermint into the green tea as well, and that can be quite nice. Even though the chamomile is great for helping you sleep, I actually prefer the mint tea in the evening, I find it soothing and relaxing as well.”

“We”re certainly gonna haveta try “em all. Maybe next time we”re in town we can find a good tea shop, since I”m certain you”re gonna haveta find a new one, since you don”t find good loose leaf teas just anywhere, and find a really good selection for us all to try. You made that awesome tea bar in the kitchen, so, we absolutely needta get lots to keep our diapers very well filled. We should even get a selection of coffees, a coffee grinder, and a few more french presses just for them, so that the flavours don”t mingle, I”m sure that wouldn”t be good, I”ve never tried it, and I don”t know about Brady or Toby, but I”m not against trying it either. Then Geoff and Art may just enjoy it all as well. We”ll haveta find more of the canisters for everything as well.”

“Okay. I have no problem with that. I rarely haveta be talked into buying tea, and even though I”m kinda a supreme tight ass when it comes to spending money, I never cheap out on tea. Did that when I was young and didn”t know any better, but there”s really no comparison at all.” I grinned.

“Funny considering just how much money you just spent on everything for here so far.”

“Yes, well, that”s special circumstances. I”ve never really had a problem spending money in my shop either, mind you, or for diapers either for that matter.”

“Well, that”s appreciated by me a great deal.”

“I know.”

We headed to the kitchen, and when we got there, we each slammed back two very large glasses of water, and then started making our tea. The tea was damn near finished, when a very satisfied, and very well diapered pair of baby boys finally joined us.

“I see you two enjoyed a joint baby bum change as well, you look positively serene, and so very content. I hope that you didn”t go too far, or do too much.” I said lovingly to the two sexy little gay baby boyfriends.

“Mmmhmm.” They both said, and then Toby added, “No, we just changed each other really nicely, making sure to lotion and cream each other really well. We only stroked, but it was so much better than I thought it was gonna be, and then we kissed too, and that, wow, didn”t know it was gonna be like that. You guys did the same too, though, didn”t you?”

“Oh yeah, and like you baby boys, it was so much more than we ever dreamed of, and we hardly did anything. Now, because we”ve all sweated out a lot, we needta have some water. Shelby and I”ve already had two nice large glasses of water, and now we”re making a full large batch of nice soothing apple cinnamon chamomile tea for us all to enjoy. You two should probably have some water now too.”

“Good idea.” They both said.

Just as they were finishing the last of their water, we passed over their two mugs of tea each, and then Shelby and I grabbed ours too, and we headed to the rec room to sit back and watch something for the night. I did grab my computer, because I should probably be checking my emails and whatnot.

As soon as I”m booted up and logged on, I open my email program, and see that I have the two emails that I was waiting for, but I also have several others, so, I read them first. Two were just spam, so I sent them where spam belongs, and seven were work related, so, I answered them. That took nearly an hour before I finally got to the two emails that I really want.

Geoff thanked me profusely for the offer, but politely refused, saying that he couldn”t possibly. So, of course I told him that I refuse to accept his refusal, telling him to get his soggy diapered ass here, yesterday. Of course I gave him the tongue sticking out emoji, but then reiterated all the reasons that he really needs to move here, because we”re all the same, and we all need each other. I gave him a full three page reply, giving him all the reasons, trying my hardest to counter any argument he might be able to come up with before he can even give them. My main point, though, is that since he has a Canadian parent, it”ll be easy to get all the paperwork done, and have him become a citizen, and then second, is just how much money he”ll save, but that he”ll live in a truly spectacular house with so many amazing features, and finally third, I know what he feels for Art, who”s also been offered to come live with us, and so, he could finally have the hot gay baby diaper loving boyfriend he”s been needing for more than a little while. Once finally satisfied that I”d done all I could, I hit send, and then went to the email from Art next.

Art was all for moving in with us, saying that he”d finally agreed to the art gallery proposition to move him and all his stuff here, but that he”d been against living there until he found something, so, with my offer, he finally decided to accept. I asked him when he”s scheduled to arrive, saying that I”m trying to arrange for Geoff to come live with us as well, and that I”d put them both up in a hotel “til they”re both here, and then come get them at the same time.

Now that all that”s taken care of, I decided to just play on my computer, since the boys were watching some kids show that didn”t really interest me too much, but that”s perfectly okay. I do so love to hear them giggling so cutely as they watch though. That”s the sort of sound I”d never heard before, and it”s possibly the one sound I”ve needed to hear most of all my entire life, nothing lifts the spirits more than a giggling boy.

Only a little more than an hour later, we all decided that it”s bed time, and so, we shut everything down, and then headed to bed. I clearly saw the two baby boys head to what is now their bedroom, but I”m not worried about them, only that Shelby joined me in going right to my bedroom. We crawled into bed, met in the centre, and kissed softly and tenderly for several minutes, before whispering, goodnight, I love you, to each other, and then we passed out.

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