The Vine

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**Disclosure – – all characters in this story are of legal age (18 or older) and are not based on any real person living or dead, even though not stated in the story itself.**

“Every pair will be assigned a poem to read. I have passed out the poems. There is two of each poem in the class. I decided to do it this way to ensure a little more diversity in the groups. The groups are completely random. Everyone has a Robert Herrick poem, some are short some are long. What I expect of the groups is to figure out what the poems are about and be able to discuss it with the class on Monday as a group, so yes I am expecting you to get together out of class to discus the poems. Now before I turn you loose to find your partner please know that their will be no trading of poems. So enjoy your groups.” Ms. Garret said to her senior English class.

Kara opened her poem and read it. Turning slightly pink she started praying to get a female partner. Kara knew she was shy and reading The Vine by Herrick with a guy in front of the class would be just too hard. But knowing her luck Kara figured that she would end up with some popular boy who would be to immature to handle a poem about sex.

Travis sat across the room staring at the poem reading it slowly a second time because he could not have been right the first time he read it. There was no way Ms. Garret would assign high school students a poem about sex, especially a poem that was about a guy wanting is dick to grow longer so he could fuck a virgin. Travis got up and started trying to find who had The Vine. He could see Kara blushing, please don’t be her. “I dreamed this . . .” Travis started.

“Mortal part of mine was metamorphosed to a vine. So I see we are partners.” Kara said trying not to cringe. This was even worse than a popular boy, this was a jock. “So . . . .”

“I guess we will have to get together to figure this poem out. I have practice tonight. I get done at about 5:30. We could get together after that, either your place or mine.”

“Well I will be at work at that time. I work at the city library so if you wanted to meet with me there. I mean you have no clue how boring it is on a Friday evening.”

“Ok I guess I will see you at the library at about 5:45, I don’t need a library card to get in do I?”

Kara laughed at Travis’s worried expression, “No, you don’t. I will just sneak you in the front door.” Kara picked up her books and left the class room. Thankfully it was the last class of the day; she did not have to pretend to get along with Travis any longer. As she thought back over the conversation Kara had to admit to herself that he actually was not that hard to talk with, maybe this assignment would go ok.

That day at baseball practice Travis stood in the center field watching the other guys run around. He kept an eye on the ball, but today his mind was not really in the game. He kept thinking about the poem that he had read earlier. It was kind of interesting that he got paired with Kara, at least Kara was smart.

It was about 5:30 so Kara walked to find a large volume or renaissance poetry. Looking through it Kara found the poem that they had to go over. Since no one was in the library Kara decided to read the poem out loud. “The Vine by Robert Herrick. I dreamed this mortal part of mine Was metamorphosed to a vine, Which, crawling one and every way, Enthralled my dainty Lucia. Methought, her long small legs and thighs I with my tendrils did surprise: Her belley, buttocks, and her waist By my soft nervelets were embraced About her head I writhing hung And with rich clusters (hid Amoung The leaves) her temples I behung, So that my Lucia seemed to me Young Bacchus ravished by his tree. My curls about her neck did crawl, And arms and hands they did enthrall, So that she could not freely stir ( All parts there made one prisoner). But when I crept with leaves to hide Those parts which maids keep unespied, Such fleeting pleasures there I took That with the fancy I awoke, And found (ah me!) this flesh of mine More like a stock than like a vine.” Kara had gotten wrapped up in reading the poem that she did not hear Travis enter the library.

“So you know the poem pretty well it seems,” Travis said as he perched on the corner of the desk.

“I was . . .um . . . just reading out loud.” Kara said as she went red again.

“So do you wanna move to one of the tables or what?”

“Sure I will just take the cordless phone with me.” Kara picked up the thick volume of poetry and walked to one of the tables with Travis. “Ok so how should we go about this? I mean I know what I think the poem is about and I am sure that you do as well.”

“Yeah, I have an idea but I don’t think that we could discuss what I think it is about in front of the class.”

“So you read it like it is about sex as well?”

“Um . . . yeah.” Travis shifted in his chair a little.

“Well maybe we could discuss certain aspects of the poem in pieces instead of as a whole. Like maybe seeing with type of iambic meter Maltepe Escort it has, or any rhyming sequence.”

“Well, I have only read the poem once and heard you recite the last three lines, so how about I reread it quickly then we can make some decisions.” Travis said looking at Kara. Seeing her nod Travis pulled the volume of poetry over to him and reread the poem. After a few minutes, “He wants to fuck a virgin!”

“I didn’t see that in there so much as him just wanting to have a vine like penis to allow him to unknowingly have sex with his Lucia.”

Travis and Kara talked about the poem for a little while, the entire time Travis kept shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

“Is something wrong Travis?” Kara looked at him with her head tilted to the side slightly, “did you get hurt at practice today? Get hit by a fly ball?”

“I am … um … I’ll be fine.”

“You do not sound so sure of that. Is there anything I can do for you, we have some ice packs in the back freezer.”

Travis was shocked this girl who he would normally never look at twice was being incredibly kind to him and even seemed to care if he was alright. The funny part was that she was the reason that he was uncomfortable. Here in the library she did not seem as odd as she did in school. Her conservative clothing that only slightly caressed her curves seemed right. Travis felt his cock twinge again as his thoughts drifted over Kara. Trying to keep her from noticing that he was aroused Travis slide the volume of poetry back over to Kara. As she bent her head to look for the iambic meter of the poem Travis studied her. Kara’s hair was a mousey sort of brown color, not so much unattractive but plain, at least it was until she tilted her head and Travis noticed soft dark brown highlights mixed in. Travis knew what Kara’s eyes were like from staring in them through out the evening as they discussed a sex poem; they were a soft blue that appeared grey in some lights. She was not a stunningly beautiful girl, but what Kara had was an innocent beauty that could not be matched by many people.

“Um … Travis you are staring at me.” Kara said blushing.

“So I was. It is just that I never noticed how nice you are to look at before, you always seemed so out of place at school, yet here you just look so very right.”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment? If it is, you are lacking in the charm skills. I would have assumed that you would have been more of a charmer.”

“What if I am not trying to charm you just to be honest?”

“Um … I … um … don’t know what to say,” Kara said as she looked down.

Travis reached over and softly lifted Kara’s chin, making her eyes met his, “You should never look down for anyone, least of all me.”

Kara gasped at his words; no one had ever said anything like that to her. She was used to being insulted by the guys in her class. She was just the place freak with the brain. Yet here was a baseball player, who Kara secretly has a crush on, saying sweet movie like lines. Kara blushed at her own thoughts.

Seeing her blush caused Travis to loose his rationally thoughts. He leaned closer to her closing the small gap between them as they sat beside each other. Looking into Kara’s eyes with his fingers still on her chin Travis softly meshed her lips with his.

Kara was shocked at first to find that Travis was kissing her. As she gasped in surprise Travis slide his tongue into her mouth. When the sensation rolled over her Kara forgot all about being surprised and leaned closer to Travis.

After about a minute Travis broke the kiss, “I should not have done that.” He said as he ran his hand through his russet colored hair.

“Why not?” Kara asked sad that Travis did not want to kiss her after all.

“Well, you are Kara, you are much to good for me. I mean look at you, you are smart and innocent and sweet and I am nothing but a jerk who would never have normally looked at you twice if I did not have to read a poem about sex with you. And even then I probably would not have looked at you twice if I had not walked into listen to you recite the poem.”

“But you said you only heard the last three lines.”

“Yeah I lied … see another reason you are too good for me, I lie.”

“What if I said I didn’t care?”

“You shouldn’t as that would make me think that there was an option for this to go farther than it already has. I should go. You can figure out what we are going to do and email me.” Travis quickly scribbled his email address down on a small sheet of paper.

As Travis handed Kara the sheet of paper Kara grabbed his hand and would not let go. “Please stay a little longer, you are not too good for me, you are perfect for me, someone to shake up my boring life. I … um … don’t want you to go.”

“Kara do you know what you are implying?”

“That I want you.” Kara whispered blushing as she looked down towards the table.

Once more Travis gently raised Kara’s chin, “That is nothing Anadolu Yakası Escort to be ashamed of. And what did I tell you about looking down?” Travis was shocked that Kara was admitting out loud that she wanted him; he would have expected it from one of the cheerleaders but not from this adorable quiet sweet young woman.

Kara knew that no one was going to come to the library at this time of the night, the only reason that they still kept it open was that occasionally some high schoolers would come in to get away from others in the high school jet set. Mainly nerds looking up information on science related stuff. Releasing Travis’s hand Kara slowly walked to the main entrance and locked the door.

“Kara are you positive that this is what you want?”

“Yes. I have dreamed of this moment. When I would have you alone in my library and you would want me as much as I want you.”

“Babe that is not a dream that is an all out fantasy, and it has always been one of mine to make someone’s fantasy come true.” Travis sat in the chair and watched Kara come back towards him.

“I have never done this Travis you are going to have to help me along. It is not that I do not know what to expect. It’s just that I have never actually done this with a guy so you will need to help me along.” Kara said.

Travis walked over to the other side if the table where Kara was standing, looking nervous and excited at the same time. While staring into Kara’s eyes Travis slowly lowered his mouth to hers. Their lips met softly. Travis felt Kara eagerly open her mouth to the invasion of his tongue this time. Wrapping his arms around Kara Travis could tell that she had a slender body with all the right curves, the type of body she should be thrilled to show off not the type to hide behind conservative clothing like she does. He could feel Kara’s hand moving tentatively along his back.

Kara was a little shocked by the care that Travis was taking with her. She had expected him to be like all the teenage boys she had heard of that strive to just sink their cocks into a girls pussy, but he seemed to care about making this good for her as well.

Travis lowered his hand down Kara’s back and slowly moved it up the inside of her shirt rubbing her bare back softly. Her skin felt smooth and warm beneath his hand. Travis broke the kiss to remove Kara’s shirt. He was more than a little surprised to see Kara wearing a sexy black demi bra. Travis could hardly contain himself from ripping her pants off to see is her panties matched her bra, but knowing that this was Kara’s first time Travis held himself in check. “Damn, Kara. Why do you hide yourself the way you do?” He asked but didn’t wait for an answer before he started kissing her chest above her bra.

Kara moaned softly at the feeling of Travis’s lips grazing softly over her. She had always known that the feelings would be exquisite but this was beyond even her expectations and Travis had not even touched her breasts yet. Kara could feel Travis spinning her so her back was to the table. Kara started to claw at Travis’s shirt wanting to see his bare chest.

Travis felt Kara’s nails dig into his back. Stepping back from her again he pulled his shirt over his head, smiling at Kara’s gasp. He knew he looked good; keeping in shape for baseball had given him a nice six-pack and sculpted pecs. Many of the baseball bunny’s had commented on his “sexy chest,” Travis was just happy that Kara liked his as much as he liked hers. Kara’s chest did not seem over inflated like the girls with large breast, yet she had obviously already hit puberty, if he had to guess her bra size he would probably say a 34 b/c, he knew he was bad at guessing but her breasts were perfect.

Seeing Travis’s chest Kara decided to go with her cravings and leaned forward and licked his chest. Listening to Travis suck in his breath, and then expelling a soft moan. As she was licking all over his pectoral muscles Travis started to rub and pinch Kara’s nipples. Kara bit down on Travis’s pec. “Wow!”

Travis started to unbutton Kara’s pants and pushed them to the floor. Her panties did match her bra, and if he was guessing that they were thong style. All Travis could do was stare. This was Kara, the conservative shirts buttoned to her neck and skirts that reached the floor, wearing a matching set of black underclothing. Kara’s hips matched her breast not tiny yet not over inflated; they were simply perfect for him. Travis could not remember the last time that he was this hard. Travis reached up and unclasped the front clasp on Kara’s bra, letting himself have the full view. Smiling he moved his head down to lick Kara’s right nipple, then the left.

Kara moved back against the table. She could feel the cold edge of the table against her bare ass cheeks. Kara was moaning in pleasure as Travis kept sucking on her nipples. She felt him reach down and grasp her ass and lifted her on the table so she was sitting on it.

“Are you sure that you want to be doing Ümraniye Escort this, Baby? Right now I could stop but shortly I will not be able to.” Travis asked as he gently ran his hand along her inner thigh.

“Travis if I did not want this I would not be doing it. I want you. I want you badly.”

Travis decided that they had talked enough. It was time for some action. Finding the edge of her panties Travis slid his finger along her satiny moist folds. He was a little surprised at how wet Kara was for a virgin. The sound of Kara gasping in pleasure thrilled Travis as he flicked his finger over her clit. As Kara was moaning in pleasure Travis slid a second finger inside of Kara’s nether lips, slowly slipping them into her vagina.

“Oh yes. That is ohhhhhhhhhh…”Kara could not believe the sensations that Travis was invoking in her.

The feeling of more moisture flooding to Kara’s pussy was making Travis’s cock harden even more than it already was. Travis bit down softly on Kara’s right nipple. Having always heard about a virgin’s pain the first time Travis decided to help Kara orgasm before he entered her. “Kara, baby, I want to do something for you. I want to lick you until your mind feels like it if going to explode.”

Before Kara could even speak Travis started kissing and licking down her stomach. Kara was not exactly sure what Travis was planning, but what she did know was that it felt good. Closing her eyes Kara laid back against the cold wood table top. Kara was marveling at the feeling of Travis’s tongue sliding over her skin, she did not even notice when Travis removed her thong. Kara gasped in shock and pleasure as Travis licked softly over her wet nether lips, “Travis what are you doing?”

“I am going to help you experience and orgasm before I take your virginity. I want you to have pleasure before the pain. Now shhhhhhhhhh and let me do what I do best.” Travis laid a hand on each of Kara’s knees and spread her legs wide apart. Moving his head between her legs Travis inhaled deeply loving the scent of aroused female. Travis started to lick Kara’s clit. As she Kara started to raise her pelvis off of the table Travis put a hand right above her downy curls and held her down. Licking faster Travis could hear Kara gasping and occasionally making a squeaking sound, as the pleasure was ripping through her.

Kara could hardly believe the wonderful sensations she was feeling as Travis’s tongue slid around her pussy. Opening her eyes Kara leaned up on her elbows and looked how to see Travis looking up at her as he lapped at her pussy. “Mmmm Travis that is so mmm.”

Knowing that he could not hold out much longer Travis took the hand he still had on Kara’s leg and slid two fingers in deep while still licking Kara’s clit. Travis stared up into her eyes. From the dilation of her pupils he could tell that she was close. Travis sucked down on Kara’s clit, softly dragging his teeth over the hard nub.

Kara screamed as the sensations racked her body causing her to orgasm.

Travis felt Kara’s climax hit as her pussy muscles squeezed his fingers. Travis kept licking slowly as Kara’s climax started to subside. Travis could hear Kara moaning in pleasure. Removing his head from Kara’s pussy Travis looked up at Kara; she had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. Moving swiftly Travis tore open the condom that he had removed from his wallet, and then he slid his boxers and jeans off at the same time. Just as Kara was opening her eyes Travis moved his body over top of hers. “You ready baby?”

“Oh yes let me feel your vine, find that place that maid keep unespied,” Kara said as she wrapped her hands around Travis’s neck.

Hearing Kara use the poem so casually made Travis smile down at her, “My vine shall indeed find that area that maid seek to keep unespied. I shall take my fleeting pleasure as well.” Travis decided that they had had enough talking to last them for a while and lowered his mouth to Kara’s, sliding his tongue in slowly to mingle with Kara’s. Reaching down Travis pulled one of Kara’s legs up to his waist, just holding her leg there as he kissed her.

Kara wanted to feel Travis’s body as close to her as possible. When he pulled her leg up to his waist she marveled at the new closeness that brought her, so she raised her other leg to his waist as well. She could feel her core pressing hard against Travis. If the moan that he let out was any indication than Kara was definitely doing something right. Kara placed her hands on Travis’s shoulders, then breaking the kiss she whispered one word in his ear, “please.”

Hearing the breathy sound leave Kara’s delectable lips and moisten his ear Travis knew that he could not wait any longer. Still holding Kara’s leg Travis kissed her deeply one more time as he started sliding his cock into Kara’s moist pussy. As he felt the resistance of her virginity he quickly broke threw it and sheathed himself to the hilt. Travis felt Kara tense beneath him; at first he was afraid that he had really hurt her badly. Leaning back on his elbow he looked down on Kara, “Are you ok baby?”

“It hurt at first, but now it just feels strange.” Kara paused as she looked up at him, “I think I am ok maybe you should move or something . . . so that I can see if it still hurts.”

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