The Warrior and the Maiden

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A mix of blood and sweat drips from my brow and stings my eye. Wiping it away with the back of my hand, I survey the destruction. Men, broken and bleeding litter the ground throughout the village. The fortunate ones have already expired. The others, if grace be with them, will be stumbled upon by my men, who give them the sweet release of death. We have torched more homes than is preferable, so I think this village will not be salvageable for us. I order the men to load up the valuable and useful. They can take what they want, or who they want. The spoils of war, as they say, goes to the victors, and many spoils I have had.

With my men ransacking the remaining structures, I turn my attentions elsewhere. The fight, the struggle, the conquest, they all get my blood pumping. With the battle done, I begin hungering for a different type of conquering. Perhaps there is a decent maiden left in this village for me to bed. That thought chases the fatigue from my body and, rejuvenated, I begin to hunt.

Striding through the village, I feel the heat of the flaming huts upon my skin. The smoke fills my nostrils, mixing with the scents of sweat and blood. My intense brown eyes scan the open space before me, when a sight stops me still. In the middle distance, kneeling on the ground, a creature of breathtaking beauty appears in my vision. Her bright blue eyes searching the chaos frantically for some semblance of peace or safety. The maiden’s simple dress has been torn at the right side, exposing the milky white skin of her shoulder and a hint of the perfectly rounded breast contained within. Her long blonde hair, braided on both sides, falls along her neck. Aside from the blood on her dress and smudges of dirt on her cheek, she seems physically unscathed.

The desire within me ignites and I must have her. I see one of my men heading in her direction, so I clear my throat to get his attention. When he turns to me, I simply growl, “Mine.” The younger soldier backs away, knowing better than to challenge me on this. I approach the woman, seeing she cannot be more than 20. Given the remoteness of the village, she most likely is still untainted. I smile at the things I can teach this young lady. For, she will be mine. There is nothing she can do to stop that. But how she will be taken, that she can still hope to influence.

As I draw near, my shadow falls upon her, my form eclipsing the conflagration behind me. I stand, shirtless, silhouetted by firelight. The masculine scent of battle comes off me in waves. Peering down at her, I wait for her to acknowledge I am not going to simply pass her by. As she trembles, her head tilts up and those radiant sapphire pools look timidly up at me, filled with fear at what I may have in mind for her. Gazing down at her, the soft delicate structure of her face proclaims the innocence of the life she has led. I like my lips lustfully at the sight of such purity. “And what is your name, my dear?” I ask. “For it would be a shame to claim such a prize without knowing what to call it”

I can see the war raging in her mind. In fact, I can practically her mind saying, “You and your men came at the crack of dawn. My village had no chance against your brute force and violence, let alone your army’s skill and numbers. You have been taking land and sacking villages all around the country, so we knew it was only a matter of time before you came. In less than two hours you have killed all that resisted you here in my village.” In her eyes though, there is something else, admiration. Part of her is quite impressed with what I have commanded this night.

As if on command, I see her cringe, likely rebuking her thoughts of me. She tries to look away, but instead I feel her gaze traverse my body. Seeing me covered in blood, dirt, and, sweat. My toned body glistening in the combination of the moonlight and light of the flames surrounding us. She swallows hard and looks up at me, “Its…Its…Lilith sir” She says quietly. I simply smile at her and reach a strong arm down and tuck it under hers, hand firmly planted on her back. Pulling back towards myself, the motion makes the nubile woman rise to her feet. She stands half a head shorter than me, taller than I was expecting. With the same tone I command my men, I flatly tell her, “You are mine. You will be my consort and servant and perhaps…” I gaze down into the striking oceans before me and decide she is the right one. I resume, “Yes, Lilith, you will be my wife.” Her already wide eyes expand further in shock, but she does not speak.

I escort her through the smoldering remnants of her home and a small part of me feels sympathy for the poor thing. This morning, she woke up like it was any other day. Tonight, her entire world has been torn asunder and her future is in upheaval. Clearing past the outskirts of the village, I decide to spare her some of the horror. I step beside her and with my body I angle her off to the side. Placing my hand at the small of her back, I guide Lilith away from the main battlefield. Her village did not put up much of a fight, but that is where they futilely tried, and died.

We circumvent the kocaeli escort field full of corpses and I navigate us to where my mare has been tied. With ease, I hoist her up onto my horse and mount behind her. It is a half day’s ride back to our camp and I suddenly have a reason to get there quickly. I call to one of my lieutenants, “Stephen, make sure nothing of value is left behind. You lot can stay the night here, no doubt there is entertainment to be had. Once the wagons are fully loaded, and the men have concluded their fun, gather the troops and return to camp.” Glancing at the beauty with me on the horse, he regards me with a knowing smile, “And you sire, you will be riding ahead to get things in hand.” Aye Stephen, I will have plenty in hand when the morning comes, I muse. I nod to him, tug the reigns of my horse to turn her north, and gently squeeze my thighs.

Feeling the pressure on its flanks, my horse breaks into a trot. Holding tightly to the sweet thing before me, I can feel the firmness of her breasts bouncing upon my hand with each stride of my horse. Letting the strength of my muscular arm curled around her waist hold the woman steady, I release the grip of my hand long enough to slide it upwards. Repositioned to where I desire, I resume my grasp. letting my large hand cup around a delectably supple breast, I feeling her nipple harden against my fingers.

She may be trembling, but I do believe a part of her is enjoying this, I think to myself. Testing my theory, I pull her body back towards mine, so that her tight little ass is right against my pelvis. Pulled back, Lilith’s body stiffens, but does not struggle. After a little while, the woman leans back into me and her slender back presses into my powerful chest. A little nudge of my foot and the trot increases to a quicker pace. With each rocking gallop of my steed, I feel the firm cheeks rubbing against me and I make no effort to hide the hardening growth between my legs. Letting it rise to its full length, I can feel it pressing against her soft flesh. I lean forward so my breath is hot upon her neck, waiting to see what reaction I get. When her body shudders, she does not lurch forward to create space between us, pleasing me greatly.

She stays quiet for the most of ride, save the occasional gasp each time I shift my grip and latch onto another part of her spectacular body. Her voice may be silent, but her body speaks to me throughout the ride. Periodically, I rub against her knowing she could feel my cock pressing on her ass and back. As the miles press on, she slowly progresses from not pulling away, to even pushing herself into my throbbing hardness. I can’t help but hope she is growing to not only bury her fear, but now wants to be with me. If she has shifted to not merely resigning to her fate and instead embracing this new future, it will make everything more enjoyable.

Dawn begins to break in the east and the golden rays start illuminating the road ahead of us. The sky to our right becomes a less violent rendition of the fiery colors we left behind us last night. Her bright blond hair, inches from my face takes on a new life in the natural light. The yellow strands cascading down into twists beside her are more yellow than the sun itself, and far sweeter. By the time we near camp, she is leaning against me, her head resting back on my shoulder and dozing. Lilith’s initially tensed muscles have now relaxed, and she feels soft and vulnerable in my arms. Part of me wants to just stop along the side of the road, dismount my horse and mount her instead. Camp grows closer with each passing moment and I want more than the instant gratification. Steeling my resolve, I hold firm to her and let the powerful beast between our legs carry us onward.

With the fortifications coming into sight, she stirs. I wonder what is running through her mind. So much for to absorb in a short time. The shock has certainly worn off and she has begun processing her new reality, as my wife. Lilith doesn’t seem nearly as fearful as when I first scooped her off the ground. Perhaps she has even convinced herself that maybe her situation isn’t so terrible. My guards, witnessing my approach, open the gate for me. I nod appreciatively for them. My body is weary from the road, but at the growing anticipation of having her, my energy renews.

I draw up the reigns and pull my companion to a stop. I release Lilith from my grasp, place my hands down on the rear of my horse and, swinging my leg wide, alight. Dropping to the ground, a cloud of dust kicks up at my landing. Reaching for Lilith, I place my hands at her waist and lift her as if she was weightless. As I lower her before me, I can see the flash of amazement in her eyes, marveling at my strength. Feet firmly on the loose dirt, I send her ahead. “My tent is over there,” I say pointing to the largest one in the camp. Ordering her forward, “You will go to it and clean yourself up. There is a bucket of water off to the left and cloths on the stand at the side of the tent. You need not undress yet, just wash and lay down while you wait for me.” She nods in understanding and heads off as directed. darıca escort As she steps away from me, I watch her willow frame heading off and call out, “Do not talk to any of my men.” She glances over her shoulder nods again to acknowledge and I swear I catch the hint of faint smile before she resumes her walk.

Leading my horse to the stable, I imagine what Lilith is doing. As the commander, my tent is not simply the largest. It is the most luxurious. Or, at least as much as it can be for a temporary residence. I picture her stepping through the empty flaps and taking in her surroundings. In the back corner is my makeshift bed of furs and blankets. It is thick enough to ward away the chill of the earth beneath it and sufficiently soft to cushion against the ground’s hardness. In the other far corner stands a full height mirror. I have no doubt she first is surprised by its presence, then disturbed at the disheveled appearance it reflects.

Guiding my horse to its stall, I give her a gentle pat on the side and then rub her neck. “Good Girl,” I praise her, knowing it was a long ride, especially carrying two. Before turning to leave, I dump several handfuls of oats into a pail and place it the edge of her stall. “Rest well Gerty,” are my parting words as I exit the stable. Walking out, a picture forms in my mind of Lilith caressing her pale skin with the damp cloth. Running over all the places I long to touch and kiss. Standing before the mirror, she sees herself return to the pure beauty she truly is. Lilith no doubt realizes by now that this morning will amount to her wedding night. In my mind, I see her fixing her hair where her bangs have fallen free and stray strands have escaped her braids. I lick my lips, close my eyes, and take a deep breath at the alluring mental image. Stopping by the well, I stop to fill two buckets with water, assuming she has used all the clean water I had in my tent.

Stepping into the tent carrying the water, I see she has made her way to the furs in the corner. The weight in my hands tenses my muscles. While bending to set the buckets down, I make a show of flexing my arms, making certain you realize just how powerful I am. I glance over at her and glimpse the hint of desire her eyes, before she looks away. Illuminated by the streaking sunlight that slips through the seams in my tent, Lilith’s beauty is a paradox. On one hand, I see a picture of innocence. A virginal girl, in a simple white country dress, whose-blood stained fabric is the only hint of impurity. But as I look closer, I observe that her gossamer thin gown clings tightly to Lilith’s lithe frame, still damp from her cleaning. In the soft warm light, I can see her every curve. It is the full and blossomed figure of sensual woman. Hungrily, I trace every inch of Lilith’s magnificent body with my eyes.

Turning from her and making no attempt at modesty, I strip off my remaining clothes and toss them in a pile in the corner. Standing in the ambient glow of sunlight through the fabric of my tent, I pause for a moment, so she can admire my form. Broad shoulders, capped with firm muscles, sit above a powerful back. Running down the left side, winding a path across the solid framework, an old battles-car puckers the flesh from my shoulder blade to the top of my ass. I make sure to clench said cheeks, nice and taught, as I bend to retrieve a cloth and dunk it in the first bucket of water.

Twisting to reach my back as I straighten, I catch bright blue eyes focused on my posterior and see her biting her lower lip. I smile inwardly, noticing moonlight-pale cheeks bloom into fiery roses. Everything about her expression shows that somewhere mixed with the fear and hesitation, a lustful desire is beginning to permeate her being. Swiping the cloth across my back and shoulders, I let the cool liquid run down the channel of my spine and over my firm buttocks.

After dipping the cloth again, I rotate so that she has a full view of the fine lines of my stomach and chiseled chest. Most importantly, the firmness of my manhood swinging between my legs. I arch my back as I run the saturated cloth against my neck and chest, clearing the dirt, mud and stench accumulated from the night before. At the movement, my dangling cock stretches from me like it is reaching out to you. Once more, I dunk the cloth back in the first bucket, then proceed to wash my stomach. While I cleanse myself, I feign disinterest in what Lilith is doing. To the contrary though, I am acutely aware of the shift in her posture. She has transitioned from her supine position to sitting up, attentive to my little show. Given the development, I decide the time has come for me to begin imposing my will.

I test her willingness to acquiesce with a simple command, “Lilith, as my wife you are going to be charged with serving me. You will hoist yourself up from the bed now and come over here.” As my words ring through the still air, I ring out the cloth and drop it into the clean second bucket. At your approach, seemingly less timid than you previously had been, I continue, “You will wash my legs for me. I am sore from the ride gölcük escort and would like to save some energy for other activities. Understood?” She nods and closes the remaining distance in a quiet manner.

There is a graceful elegance to her movements. Like a fawn prancing through the forest, Lilith moves with seemingly no effort. It is as if her body just glides on the air. Her long legs extend, bare and lovely, clearly move as she walks. However, it seems they are as much swinging in the breeze as actually propelling her forward. As she kneels before me, much to my surprise, she looks up at me and says, “I was just about to ask if you wish me to assist.” I subtle smile curls her lips as she starts washing my well-developed thighs, slowly cleaning them of the residue of battle.

Refreshing the water of the rag she speaks to the air “A brave and mighty warrior like you shouldn’t have to strain himself after such a battle.” As she gracefully slips around me, I find myself intrigued by the new demeanor. Is this a ploy to appease me in the hopes of better treatment, I wonder? Or, perhaps, the presence of my masculinity has awoken the woman in her. Maybe the revelation of her base desires has given her a newfound confidence. The thoughts twirl through my mind causing me to shake my head and mentally chastise myself for letting her cloud my mind. As the cool damp cloth traverses up an over my hindquarters, I feel the most delicate touch running along my back as traces up the length of my most prominent scar. The touch threatens to make me shudder. Focusing, I grit my teeth to not show that she has begun to have an effect on me.

“You have many scars,” she says as she returns to standing before me. “You must have survived many great battles,” the words spill sensually off her lips as her she lowers the cloth to my groin. I quickly reach out and grab her at both arms and look her dead in the eyes. As if the glare I was boring into her was insufficient, I warn, “Do not put on pretenses with me.” Holding her there, I study her expression to read her reaction, divining the truth of the matter. Lilith’s confidence wavers, glimmers of apprehension appear in her countenance. Despite that, she does not shrink away or display the faintest hint of guilt. IT certainly isn’t the reaction of someone caught in a deception. Determining that it was merely a slightly false bravado, and not a manipulation tactic, I release her from my grasp and grab the cloth from her. I quickly scrub around my sac and penis and drop it into the bucket.

Standing before me, she lets her gaze drift down along the muscular features of my core and descend to the impressive manhood hanging below. Once more biting her lip she sheepishly asks, “May I lay back down sir?” I simply give me a nod and proceed to dry myself. Halfway to the bed, she pauses and glances over her shoulder. Her striking blue eyes a swirling mix of anticipation and trepidation, she inquires “Do you have many wives? I’ve heard warriors like you often have many.”

“I have known numerous lovers. However, I have not yet taken one for a mate. Until now.” I say, impressed by the boldness she shows in asking. I feel the lust building within me in a different way than with those I had taken before. Maybe it was the quite confidence coming from my new bride despite having her attempt at overcompensating being snuffed out. Or, perhaps the unintentionally provocative way she repeatedly bit her lip as she looked at me. Either way, I confirmed my decision to take her for my wife was sound. Since I now intend for her to be mine in mind and spirit, not just in body, I decide to let my concealed, gentler nature rise to the surface.

Now laying on the bed again she regards me with an apprehensive anticipation. With a voice low and firm, but tinged with soft compassion, I explain, “By the look of you, I assume you have not yet known a man. That will not dissuade me. I will have you and you no doubt realize the certainty of this fact. I suspect, some part of you even welcomes it. You have been quite the dutiful maiden thus far. Also, I feel there was nothing devious in your earlier actions. Therefore, I am going to give you a choice. You can resist what is coming. You can fight, scratch, claw and bite. It won’t matter. I will overpower you, taking you by force. Or, you can give yourself to me willingly. You can offer your virtue to my desire. Then, I will take you as a lover, pleasuring us both. The manner in which I make you mine is up to you.”

She smiles at me sweetly, relief softening the last fears in her expression. She eases back and rolls to her side, clearing space for me. Assessing me with hopeful passion, Lilith confesses, “You are correct, sir. I’ve never been with man. I have never known a touch other than my own. I’m still as pure as when I was born.” I approach the pile of furs topped by the exquisite creature I have chosen. She watches with great interest to see what I will do. Gazing up at me as I now come to stand over her, she seems unsure if her physical invitation a clear enough signal of consent. “I am yours and I’ll give myself to you freely” she softly speaks. Her pale cheeks flush and Lilith bites her lip once more at the thought of being mine. She continues “you’ve proven yourself to be not just an impressive warrior, but also an admirable man. My innocence is yours to claim.”

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