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Bent Over

She was excited to speak to him tonight. They had met on an online chat through a mutual friend, and when he had messaged her privately to ask about a recipe she had sent to the group chat, they began to talk far more than what would be considered normal. She began to feel addicted to him, and wanted to talk to him at all times. She had never felt that way about anyone before, let alone someone she’d never met in real life.

She was nervous when he first asked to have pictures of her. It wasn’t in a perverted fashion, which would’ve already put her off. She could tell that he was merely curious about her, and wanted to put a face to the wonderful messages she sent him. She knew the dangers of sharing photos with a stranger online, but she was a grown woman, and knew her limits. She sent him pictures of her day to day life, and he sent his own in return. It was cute and friendly, pictures of her with her dog, or with her family during gatherings. Things that made them smile.

Then, they took the next step. They began to chat with each other on webcam, and were so desperate to spend any time together that they would put their cameras up even when they were doing housework at home, or busy doing their own projects for work. It was nice just having him be there, accompanying her, like he was actually there with her.

He expressed his interest soon after that, and though she was embarrassed to call a man she’d never met before her ‘boyfriend’, he was just that. She couldn’t deny it any longer. Their friend group teased them about it constantly, but they didn’t care. They were a force to be reckoned with, and he was everything she’d ever wanted.

The problem was, they were both so busy with life that it was difficult for both of them to find the time to travel to each other’s countries. Their schedules never aligned, and it got worse and worse as time went on. She knew they would have to do it soon. She didn’t want to wait to meet him in real life anymore, to feel his warm body pressed up against hers when he embraced her. She knew he desperately wanted it as well, and it only spurred her on more.

Despite being in a relationship, they were both technically under a significant dry spell. They couldn’t touch each other, and they were both getting hornier and hornier day by day. The sweet messages they sent each other every day became naughtier and naughtier. She didn’t mind though, not at all.

Last week, he seemed a little shy on the phone, and she had immediately known something was wrong. She had inquired about it, and he heaved out a heavy sigh before saying, “I want to try something with you.”

“Oh?” She had said, wondering what he had in mind. Instead of saying anything else though, he sent her a link. She pressed on it cautiously, and was flabbergasted to be on the page of a sex toy store, advertising two products that joined together perfectly, a cocksleeve that enabled the user to control a thrusting vibrator, which the partner would use inside of themselves, mimicking the feeling of being fucked by your partner, no matter where they were. It was expensive, very expensive, and was a new idea that she’d never heard of herself. Though she knew she was pretty innocent, compared to all the women at her work, who constantly discussed their sex lifes.

She hadn’t said anything after a few moments, and heard him clear his throat as he tried to explain, “um… yeah. I told one of my friends I was in a long-distance relationship, and he suggested we tried something like this. He gave me a pretty high review about it, and I thought it would be fun.”

“Peter – I…” She started, but he had interrupted her.

“I’m sorry Madeline, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said in response.

“No, I love it!” She said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Wait, really?” She could already hear the happiness in his voice.

“Yes! I can’t wait to try it.” She knew it would be awkward at first, but she had had many firsts with Peter before, and knew they would get past the awkwardness almost instantly.

“Great. I’ll mail it to your house ASAP.” He said eagerly.

“Wait, Esenyurt escort bayan I’ll forward you half the money.”

“No, no. You don’t have to do that.” He said in response.

“It’s so expensive! I have to.”

“Madeline, trust me. I’ll get so much pleasure out of this it’ll pay for itself.” He replied. She blushed furiously in response, and she knew he could see it over the camera. He chuckled, then, and she hurriedly changed the subject, though spent the whole evening imagining the experience they would be having together when it finally arrived.

It was just a typical workday when he messaged her a text that made her heart stop.

P: I got a notification that your toy arrived!

His part of the set had arrived a few days before, so she had known that it would be coming soon. She tried to compose herself, and brought herself to reply.

M: That was so quick!

P: I know!

P: Are you free tonight to try it out?

She didn’t know what to say. He’d never seen her naked before, though she had been sending him lewder and lewder pictures as the days went by, so he was due to see it soon. This was all so weird for her. She’d never been in a relationship like this before, not able to simply be able to touch each other. It made her crave him even more, and she knew that she would have to admit this to him, whether she liked it or not.

M: Yes. 8 o’clock my time?

P: Can’t wait.

She was thinking about it all day at work, and couldn’t focus on her job even for a second. He had messaged her a few times throughout the day, but nothing about the toy or what he had planned for them tonight. She arrived home at her usual time, and was excited to see a package sitting in her mailbox, waiting for her to open.

She grabbed it and rushed into her house, throwing all her belongings on the floor eagerly as she looked for something to open it with. She gasped as soon as she opened the cardboard box. The sleek black velvety box it was in was gorgeous, and she stroked the material once before opening it. Inside, a black vibrator sat, looking exactly like any penis she’d ever seen except for its colour. It was around 7 inches, a perfect size for her, and she studied it a bit more before flipping through the instructions.

It wasn’t a typical vibrator, there were no settings other than turning it on and off. It was completely waterproof, making it easy to clean, and she realized she couldn’t do much with it unless Peter’s end was connected. She couldn’t imagine what kind of machinery and programming were involved to make such a complex device, and hoped that it would deliver what it promised. Could she really feel every thrust Peter initiated in his own device? Would there be some sort of lag, or lack of feedback? She pushed her thoughts away and stuffed the toy back in the box, knowing that she would be more nervous the more she thought about it.

M: I got it!

P: What do you think?

M: It looks so amazing, definitely worth the price.

P: You haven’t even tried it yet!

M: Peter… I’m nervous.

P: I am, too. It’s our first time, after all.

M: I’m excited, too, though. I hope it’s as good as I’ve imagined it to be.

P: Maddy…

P: I can’t wait for you to see you moan for me. The look in your eyes when it’s glazed with lust… it’s what I’ve wanted for months now.

M: I love when you call me Maddy.

M: And I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.

She was blushing furiously at sending him that statement, though composed herself immediately. She was feeling like a complete slut, and it was already making her wet.

P: I bet you’re already wet thinking about it.

M: How did you know?

P: I know how much you try to hide how dirty you are 😉

M: Did you just wink at me???

P: What if I did?

M: Hot. I’m going to shower now, see you soon baby.

P: I love when you call me baby.

P: See you soon. Think about me when you’re showering. Try not to touch yourself too much.

M: You wish!

She was already Escort Etiler completely naked, and holding her phone in her hand giggling like a schoolgirl. She had no idea how she was being like this. He brought out a different side of her, a side she really liked.

It was time for them to meet after the shower, and she brushed her hair one last time, made sure her lip gloss was on right, before beginning her call to him. It rang only once before he answered, and she smiled sweetly at him as soon as he did.

“How are you doing?” He asked. He looked completely unfazed by the situation, and was wearing a black sweater, one that she liked very much. He had a light stubble as well, a colour that matched perfectly with his wavy black hair that ended by his ears. He was everything she’d wanted in a man.

“Good.” She said, feeling immensely self conscious.

“I’ve missed you.” He said.

“We’ve been talking to each other all day!”

“You know it’s not the same, Maddy.”

“I still feel really nervous…” She admitted. She wanted to be completely honest with him.

“We’ll take our time, and stop when you’re feeling uncomfortable.”

“Do you have it with you?” She asked. He nodded, and shifted a bit to bring out an identical box. He opened it to reveal a sleek black case, and when rotated, she could see a soft entrance where he could be inserting his dick. “Did you try it already?” She asked, feeling shy.

He chuckled and shook his head. “No, you need two people for it to work.”

“Wow, I’ve honestly never heard of something like this before.”

“Me neither. It sounds like a lot of fun.” He said, smiling a bit.

“I think… I think it’s easier if you just tell me what to do.” She said. It would be easier for her to let go of herself, let him be in charge.

He nodded, already knowing that she was going to ask this of him. “Take off your shirt.” Her blush deepened as she pulled her top off, revealing one of her favorite bras, a perfect match to the panties she was wearing. She always felt more powerful when her bras and panties matched, but could never explain why. “You’re so beautiful.” He said in a breathless whisper, and she giggled despite herself.

“You’ve said that before.”

“And I mean it everytime.” She moved her laptop back, revealing her entire body, showing him what he wanted to see. She was currently sitting with her legs crossed on the bed, with shorts still on. He immediately told her to take that off, as well.

“I think it’s kind of unfair you’re still wearing so much.” She laughed.

“I thought I was in charge. Do I hear you complaining?” He asked teasingly.

“No…” She said in a singsong voice.

“Uh-huh.” He replied cynically, but began to take his clothes off as well. She breathed out a sigh as she studied his body. She had seen it just a few days ago, but it still took her breath away. He was muscular enough that he wasn’t scrawny, though he didn’t have the definite lines of ab muscles, which is what she desired. “I think you may be staring at me a bit too much.” He teased.

“You’re staring at me, too!” She responded.

“I wish I was there right now… feeling your soft skin against my mouth.” He said abruptly.

She could feel the heat in her core as she asked, “what would you be doing to me?”

“I would push my mouth into yours, show you who was in charge, then I would nibble and bite down your neck, making you moan and squirm underneath me. I know your neck is incredibly sensitive.”

“I shouldn’t have told you that secret…”

“I want you to tell me all of your secrets. Especially the dirty ones.”


“Take off your bra.” He demanded. She loved when he used this tone with her. She nodded, and unclasped her bra, teasingly holding it against her body for a few seconds while she stared at the camera before dropping it down on the bed.

“Like what you see?” She said, and looked down at her hardened nipples, just begging to be touched.

“Pinch it for me. And close your eyes, imagine it was me doing it.” She Eyüp escort nodded, and closed her eyes to play with her nipples, twirling it and pinching it between her fingers.

“What else do you want me to do?” She asked a little breathlessly.

“Suck on your fingers with your mouth, and continue playing with them.”

She didn’t have to be asked a second time. She pushed her index and middle fingers sensually into her mouth, staring directly into his eyes as she did so. His jaw practically dropped to the ground. She knew that he was imagining those lips around his cock right now, and it made her feel incredibly powerful and sexy. “How hard are you for me right now?” She asked, as she moved her fingers down to rotate her nipples. She couldn’t help but moan out loud at the sensation of the fresh saliva.

“So fucking hard.” He replied.

“Show me.” He nodded, and shifted the camera down as he pulled his pyjama pants off. His dick sprung up into the air, and she grinned at the screen. Fuck, he was so hard and ready for her. She wished she could reach across the camera and grab onto him. Hell, she was desperate to do so… and it killed her inside that she wouldn’t be able to. For a long, long while.

“Peter, I can’t wait anymore. I need to touch myself.” She knew she didn’t sound like herself anymore. She sounded more like a desperate slut, needing anything to get herself going – but honestly that was what he did to her, made her feel like a teenager again, needing to be played with.

“Well, why don’t we try out our new toys then?” He said teasingly.

She nodded… she had completely forgotten about that in the middle of her lust. “What do I do?”

“Are you wet enough?” He asked. She laughed out loud at that. “Okay, okay.” She watched him as he lubed himself up, first by squirting a few pumps into his hand, then wrapping it around his dick as he stroked himself. “Turn yours on, and push it into yourself at the same moment as I wrap it around my cock.”

She nodded obediently, and pulled her panties aside to push the vibrator into herself as he pushed his dick into his toy. She moaned out loud and closed her eyes, feeling her cunt stretch out for the first time in a very long time. “I can see you being stretched out by it… it’s so fucking hot.” He said, his voice strained.

“Does it feel good for you?” She asked when the vibrator was completely inside of her.

“Very.” He said. “Are you ready?” He asked gently.

“Wait, is it synced?” She had no idea when the two devices began to speak to each other.

He nodded. “I believe so.”

“Okay, then. I’m ready.” He nodded and pulled the toy away from himself before thrusting into it. She gasped out loud. The vibrator had moved in perfect synchrony, the head moving away and then back into her. The vibrations… the vibrations began in sync to what he was doing, and it felt so fucking good. “Are you okay?” He asked.

She nodded eagerly. “Do it again. Please.”

He complied, and thrusted into the cocksleeve once more. When she cried out loud, feeling the sensation of him inside of her, he continued to fuck it. “Oh my god… Peter that feels so fucking good.”

“Good girl…” He purred. He was groaning as well, and suddenly he said, “fuck… Maddy. I can feel you squeezing down on my cock.”

She had no idea that she would be giving him feedback as well. That made it so much hotter. She flexed her cunt a few times, milking his body as she did. She could feel his noises getting louder and louder through the speakers, and she was getting so, so… close. “Please, faster!” She begged, and began to play with her clit, circling her wet fingers around it over and over again.

He listened to her, and thrusted madly as she came around him, screaming his name loudly as she did. She milked him so hard he had no choice but to cum as well, and she felt immensely satisfied knowing that she was doing this to him.

When they both calmed down, she dropped it on the bed beside her, completely breathless. “This. Was….” She panted a few more times. “The. Best. Idea. You’ve. Ever. Had.”

“Glad you liked it.” He said, adjusting the camera back on his face again. He was completely flushed as well. “I guess we’ll have to try it again.”

“Yes. Soon. In an hour.” She said, then blushed at her transparent begging.

“Anything you want, baby.” Was his quick response.

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