Timmy’s Torment Pt. 09

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“So who’s making me cum?” Jade says, smiling wickedly.

“PLEASE GAWD ME!” Screams Mindy as she throws herself to her knees directly in front of Jade’s monster cock.

“You’ll do.” Purrs Jade.

“Yes yes yes yes yes!” Mumbles Mindy as she grabs Jade’s cock and begins to kiss it.

“I don’t need no head!” Jade tells her reaching down and lifting Mindy back to her feet.

“Oh, okay.” Mindy replies as Jade spins her around and hunches her over.

Jade positioned behind Mindy tears her panties off and lines her cock up and begins to insert her cock. Mindy’s face tightens and her legs start to buckle. The sensation of Jade’s beast is obviously overwhelming. Happy with her position Jade grabs Mindy’s waist and slowly starts to thrust.

“Oh lawd…my gawd…oh my…” Mindy babbled.

By the fifth or sixth thrust, Mindy’s legs gave out. It must happen all the time for Jade because as Mindy’s legs went, Jade’s powerful arms held her in place and instead of thrusting Mindy she started to bounce her up and down on her cock.

If I didn’t have cuck tendencies and an inferiority complex before I sure as hell would have them now. No man could watch Jade fuck and think they could ever compete with that.

“Arghhhh uhhh.” Mindy moaned as she fainted on Jade’s cock.

“So eager, yet so disappointing.” Jade remarks as she pulls Mindy off her cock and drops her onto the sofa. “I’m not even close yet.”

Fear begins to take over my whole body. Is Jade going to fuck me next? I can’t handle that. Or what if she fucks Beth? I ask myself, trembling at the thought. I look up at Jade and can immediately feel my lip quivering as our eyes meet. Jade grins at me and begins to stroke herself.

“J…J…J…” I begin to stutter.

Jade stroking a little faster now, while holding full eye contact, licks her lips and winks at me.

“BAXTER!” Jade calls out.

Baxter scurries over, lowers his head to the floor and puts his ass in the air.

Leaning down Jade grabs the tail and yanks the butt plug from his ass. Lifts Baxter into position and begins to fuck his ass mercilessly.

Sighing with relief that I wasn’t next, I watch in awe as Jade goes to town on

Baxter. That must have taken years of experience, to be able to take her cock easily. Baxter’s moans of delight from each thrust was beginning to make my cage leak again. Although I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Jade’s cock. It was certainly hot to watch her work.

“FUCK!” I shout as I feel a hand touch my shoulder. “Oh shit. Sorry, Beth. You startled me.”

“Yeah I guessed you’d be a little shaky.”

“Huh?” I replied.

“Honestly, I thought Jade was going to fuck you. I didn’t know what to do!”

“Yeah, not going to lie. She had me worried for a minute too. It’s strangely hot watching her fuck Baxter though.”

“Yeah I can see your cage leaking.” Beth giggled. “What made you go completely bald all over?”

With everything that was occurring I somehow had managed to forget I was naked from the waist down and as smooth as a Barbie doll.

“Honestly it was an accident, I used Mind…”

“ELLA’S!” Snapped Beth.

“Geez, sorry. Ella’s body wash and it turns out to be an industrial hair removal cream.”

“You used it on your face too?” Beth quizzed, stroking my cheek.

“Yeah, I’m lucky I still have eyebrows!”

“Hmmmm…” Beth hums looking at me intensively.


“You look very…effeminate.” Beth says.

“It was an accident.” I say as my cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment.

“How long do you reckon Ella will be out for?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“No idea, but we do actually have to discuss her.” Beth interrupts.

“Okay what do you want to discuss?”

“I’m going to start using her.” Beth replies

“In what sense?”


“Wait, what? Why? How?” I splutter frantically.

“I will have her orally service me. I’ll probably fuck her with a strap-on too. I’m definitely going to face fuck with the strap.”

“But, but what about me? Why would you want her to go down on you instead of me?”

“Well, Tim it’s simple really. You going down on me is a reward for you, her going down on me is a punishment for Ella.”

My blood ran cold and a pit formed in my stomach. Fear engulfed me. But I couldn’t stay silent.

“Erm, Beth. I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t think it’s a good idea?” I mumble almost in tears.

“Huh?” Beth replies.

“It’s just, that feels like, Min…Erm Ella is replacing Anadolu Yakası Escort me.”

“You’re not being replaced, Tim. Far from it. Ella is just being thrown into the mix as well.” Beth says, giving me a reassuring shoulder squeeze. “I’m even going to let you fuck her too!”

“Wait. What?”

“Well if I’m fucking her, I see no reason you can’t too.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yup. I have no issue you fucking her, but with a strap-on. You’re staying pussy free.” Beth says matter of factly.

“Oh.” I replied somewhat confused and slightly disappointed.

“You know what, I wanna fuck you like that one day.” Beth says, gesturing to Jade as she piledrives Baxter like a human flashlight.

Still confused by Beth’s previous statement. I just laughed.

“Excuse me?” Beth asks, seemingly annoyed at my reaction.

“Well I don’t think you’ll ever have the upper body strength.”

“No! Maybe not. But I have power.”


Beth gestures down to her waist and the strapon still hanging on her hips.

“Oh I forgot you were wearing that.” I giggled.

“Jade may not like head. But I do.” Beth smirks.

“But…but that was just in my ass.”

“Oh I know. Now on your knees and get to work.” Beth orders.

“You’re serious?”

“Yup. You shouldn’t laugh at your Queen. Now do it!

I slowly lower myself to my knees face to face with the dirty strap-on. The smell of my ass on it. The closer my mouth and nose got to the tip of the dildo, the more the urge to heave and my head flinched backwards.

“Do it, Timmy!” Beth growls.

Closing my eyes I open my mouth and lean forward once again. As the smell hits me once again, Beth is ready. Her hands interlocked behind my head and she rams the dildo right down my throat and holds my head in place as I start to gag.

“That’s it, gag for me, Timmy.” She coos.

I raise my hands up to Beth’s waist and start to push back a little. Beth’s hold on my head loosens and the rescinds from my throat. It’s almost all the way out and then Beth rams it straight back down.

Beth repeats the action several more times before finally letting go and allowing me to collapse onto my hands and knees coughing and spluttering while trying to catch my breath. As Beth walks and squats down behind me.

“And when I wanted to do that to you I was an evil bitch, right?” Ella scoffs, waking from her climax coma.

I feel Beth spit on my asshole and begin to finger fuck me.

“You know I actually think I’m going to enjoy pegging. I never really saw myself as a peggah but it is quite cool actually.” Beth giggles, pulling her fingers from my ass.

Moments later without warning I feel the tip of the strap-on press against my anus I close my eyes and clench my teeth as the didlo slides inside me. As she begins to fuck me I open my eyes to see Ella masturbating at the sight of me being used.

Beth’s speed picked up and thrusts of her hips got harder and deeper with each stroke.

“Oh shit. Fuck, I think im cumming.” I moaned as I felt my body begin to shudder.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum!” Beth snaps, and with a *plop* out slides the dildo.

“Arghhh.” Moans Ella. Climaxing at the sight of my humiliation.

Ashamedly seeing Ella’s juices leak onto the floor and my own gratification being denied left me with the urge to lap it up. Ella’s eyes lock with mine and she gives me a knowing stare and smile, as if she could read my mind and could see how pathetic I am. Highly humiliated, I lower my head in shame.

*Beth’s phone rings*

“Ella. Grab my phone and tell me who’s calling.” Beth orders while she towers above me with her hands on her hips.

“It says, Coach Taylor.” Answers Ella.

“Shit!” Exclaims Beth as she walks over and snatches the phone. “Hi Robbie.” Beth begins as she walks out of the lounge for privacy.

Looking up from the floor this time in Jade’s direction, I see Baxter orally servicing Jade’s schlong.

“Thought you didn’t like head?” I asked curiously.

“It’s clean-up duty. Not a blowjob.” Jade responds. “I don’t like a smelly cock.” She laughs.

“Oh…right.” I mumble. Rolling over and sitting up.

My eyes are fixed to the wet patch Ella left on the floor. I softly start to yank on my cage. Hoping for some relief, but stops immediately as Beth walks back into the lounge.

“I have gymnastic practice. So I’m gonna pack quickly and then I’ve got to go. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“We should be leaving too.” Answers Kartal Escort Jade as she pats Baxter’s head. “But we will definitely be having another playdate soon.” She laughs.

“Okay, well thank you for coming Jade. It was a pleasure.” Thanks Beth. “Ella tidy your mess and don’t think I won’t punish you later for masturbating to Timmy and I without permission.”

“Yes Miss. Sorry Miss.”

“Timmy, do some sketches or something okay.”

I nod in agreement and Beth’s run upstairs to get ready.

With Jade and Baxter gone, Beth at gymnastics just left Ella and I only in the house. I watched as she mopped the floor and cleaned up in that french maid outfit. My cage leaking into my shorts the entire time.

“I knew you still fancied me.” Scoffed Ella.

“I don’t.” I lied.

“You haven’t taken your eyes off me this entire time.”

I paused briefly.

“Actually Ella, I wasn’t looking at you with just or desire. I was just thinking that without Beth I’d be the one in that outfit and you’d be the one sitting watching.”

An expression flashes over Ella’s face but quickly disappears. If I had to guess it was a look of resentment.

“Wasn’t that the way you wanted it? Huh?” I goaded.

“You can try to be smug as much as you want, Timmy. But let’s not forget I literally just saw you get face fucked and butt fucked like the little bitch you are!” Ella snapped back.

Although her words were designed to hurt all they did was arouse me even more. My cock felt like it was about to explode in its cage.

“Whatever.” Is all I could muster thanks to the additional pressure from the O-ring on my testicles.

Ella scoffed, satisfied she won the argument and walked away. Leaving me free to immediately run upstairs and try to make myself cum through the cage.

In the bedroom I grab the vibrating wand and fire up the laptop and play one of my favorite cuckold sessions scenes fearing the King Shane Diesel. With the wand pressed against the cage and my ballsack I start to wriggle and grind in my chair. I feel the pressure building. My head is heavy. I’m so close. It’s almost there…

*phone rings*

“Not now!” I yell at my phone.

*phone continues ringing*

“FUCK!” I scream in defeat. As the pressure that had been building completely drops off.

“Hello?” I bark, answering the phone.

*scratchy noises.*

“Hello?” I ask once more.

*heavy breathing*

“Fucking dickhead.” I snap, hanging up the phone.

With the moment to climax gone I slam my laptop shut and throw myself back into my chair. Swirling around aimlessly for a few minutes before picking up the phone and going through the socials.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter led me straight back to watching porn and tugging in vain on my cage.

“You’re so pathetic!” Laughed Ella at my doorway watching me trying to jack off my cage.

“Says the person in a maid’s outfit.”

“At least I was able to cum today.” She laughs.

“Yeah and Beth will make you pay for it.”

“You’re missing the point, Cinders. I can cum whenever I want. You, you just leak like a broken tap.”

Her words were potent. I had everything. But I still felt like I had nothing.

“Did I strike a nerve, Cinders?”

Standing I march straight up to Ella and she stumbles back against the wall. Both of us were breathing heavily.

“What…do…you want, Ella?” I whisper to her as I slide my hand up her skirt.

“Cinders…Are you, are you feeling dominant all of a sudden?” She mumbles.

My hand reaches her panties and I begin to tap on her clit.

“One day, I’m going to hate fuck you into oblivion.”

“No, Cinders. One day Beth is going to have you in a maids outfit just like me. You just can’t see it yet.” She says pushing me away. “You’re a beta. A wimp. Your dick is in a cage.” She says walking away.

I walked back and I sat in my room going over not only Ella’s words of me being a wimp, but Beth’s as well about having Ella eat her out over me.

“Yeah I have cuck tendencies, and I’m submissive. But I want to eat pussy. I want to finger fuck and I want to fuck too or at least a BJ. I don’t want to be pussy free.” I muttered to myself over and over. Sycking myself up to talk to Beth.

So I sat and waited for her.

Beth was finally home, but now my nerves were kicking in. “Do I go and confront her? Or wait for her to come up?” I asked myself.

That decision was quickly made for me as Beth walked into the room. Without any hesitation I walked right up Maltepe Escort to Beth and began to kiss her.

“Hey, babe. I missed you too. But I’m disgusting right now. Let me shower first.”

“I don’t care.” I tell her as I slide my hand down her shorts to play with her pussy.

“No, Tim.” She says grabbing my arm. “I’m gross, sweaty and sticky. You won’t like it.”

“Please, Beth, I need this.” I beg as I drop to my knees and pull down her short began kissing her mound.

“Timmy! I promise you’re going to hate it.”

“Beth you smell delicious. Please let me make you cum.”

Beth sighed and fell back onto the bed. Placing an arm over her eyes, like she couldn’t bear to watch.

Even if she tastes bad, don’t you dare stop until she’s cum. I tell myself.

I lean in and plunge my tongue into her. Swiping it up and then sucking on her clit.

“You’re already creamy for me.” I tell her as proceed to to the fuck her.

“Okay, That’s enough. I feel gross, let me go shower.” Beth says tapping at my head. While her other arm keeps her eyes covered.

“I’m sorry you feel gross. But you taste delicious.” I say ramming my tongue back inside her.

Beth hoists herself up finally looking at me.


“Fuck yeah!” I told her.

“You think I taste good?” She says with disbelief.

“I do.”

“You like my sweaty, stinky, smelly pussy?”

“I want to eat you after every gymnastics lesson.”

“Okay, Timmy. Clean my dirty pussy.” Beth exclaimed, laying back down and lifting her legs up so I could get deeper.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I reply with a salute and dive back down and start to lap away.

Beth’s hands come down and she begins to rub her fingers through my hair.

“That’s it…clean my filthy pussy.” She moans.

I coincide my licking with rubbing my nose against her clit.

Her fingers grab clumps of my hair and she pulls my face deeper into her snatch.

“FUCKING CLEAN MY CUNT, TIMMY!” Beth screamed as she climaxed on my face.

Beth’s fingers release my head and I fall back gasping for air with her juices all over my face as she giggled with orgasmic bliss.


“Yes, Timmy?”

“I’d like to cum too.”

Beth sits up and looks at me. “You came this morning. With the strap on.”

“Yeah, but I’d like a normal ejaculation too. From sex ideally, or maybe a blowjob?”

“Hmmm.” Beth ponders. “Well sex is off the table and I don’t think I’d like cum in my mouth…”

“I wouldn’t cum in your mouth, Beth.” I plead.

“The warm, wet sensation. I don’t know Timmy. I don’t think you could control yourself.”

“Please, Beth.” I beg.

“I tell you what. How about a handjob?”

“I’LL TAKE IT!” I say jumping to my feet.

“Hahaha.” Beth laughs. “Easy there Cowboy. I don’t have your key on me. It’s in one of my bags.”

“Oh.” I sighed, defeated.

“Okay, okay. Hold on.” Beth says. Getting up and walking out of the room.

She comes back moments later, key in hand and my eyes light up.

“I see how much it means to you. Lay down.”

I lay onto my back and Beth squats over my face and plants her perfect pussy over my mouth. I hear the jingle of the key in the lock and then feel the cage slide off and my cock springs to life.

“Oooh he looks sore.” Beth coo’s.

I feel Beth’s hand wrap around my cock and slowly slide up and down my shaft. My balls tighten but it’s not fully comfortable. Still somewhat restricted.

“I thought you wanted to cum?” Beth asked, pumping away.

All I could do was moan.

The faster Beth pumped her hand the more the pressure built. But it wasn’t 100% comfortable. Not like how I remembered. Then it hit me. I still have the O-ring on. Acting like a cock ring, keeping me hard but making it harder to cum.

“I’m going to stop if you don’t cum soon.”

I closed my eyes and began to imagine a porn scene to help. My mind quickly went to pretending I was wanking myself and watching Shane Diesel fuck Beth.

“10…9…8…” Beth began to count.

Fucking cum! I screamed to myself.


And BOOM! There it was. My ejaculation. I felt the hot streams of fluid shoot from my cock and land on my stomach and legs. The sensation of climaxing didn’t last long. It was quickly replaced with a painful crushing feeling. Like Beth’s breaking my cock into pieces.

Beth unstraddles my face and I now am more uncomfortable than before. I look down to see she’s put the cage back on. Which explains my discomfort.

“Looks like you need a shower too.” She giggled.

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

“Come on then. You can join me.” She says, offering me a hand.

“You go ahead. I just need to readjust to the cage first.”

“Okay, but don’t keep me waiting.” Beth purs.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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