Tina’s Awakening

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Dani Daniels

She was nervous. This had never happened to her in her entire life. Normally a situation such as this happens to sluts her age, but never to her. Tina was sitting on the couch in the living room when her mother and her mother’s boyfriend walked into the room and started making out… Eww. Tina thought she was going to puke as she saw Chad’s tongue dive into her mother’s mouth. Barf. Tina was about to stand up and leave when she felt a slight tingling in between her legs. She immediately shunned herself and went into her room.

Tina has never been kissed before in her life and such a kiss as the one she just saw was more than she could even dream of. She tried to brush the thought out of her mind and tried desperately to get some sleep. The hours passed as the room grew dark. Tina’s mind was racing to all the things she wanted in her life. She had wanted a puppy at age seven and a new car at age sixteen. And now, Tina wanted to be kissed at age 18. She was almost an adult and should have experienced certain “adult” things by now. As her mind wandered so did her hand as the moisture started to increase in between her legs.

Tina was not new to pleasuring herself, however tonight it was as if she had never been touched before. Her body was so responsive and sensitive that every caress and stroke became too much to bear. Her hands roamed over her pert breasts and down her taut stomach slowly and almost artfully. She moaned quietly and continued her way down. Once her fingers touched the inner folds of her most secret place the pleasure took Tina somewhere else. She blacked out from the ecstasy and awoke in the morning, covered in sweat and extremely pleased. Her hand was still in her underwear and there was some spit on the side of her face from sleeping. She opened her eyes and rubbed out the sleep. After stretching like a cat, she finally made her way down the hallway to the bathroom to try and make herself not look like she had been up all night. Although she had blacked out, her body was so fatigued from all of this that it looked as if she had not slept in days.

After splashing some cold water on her face she looked into the mirror to find Chad staring at her in the mirror…

“Hurry up slow poke. A guy’s got to pee around here you know” Tina slowly started to turn around but he was suddenly too close for her to move. He forced her to turn around and face him. He got extremely close to Tina’s face, staring intently.

“Hmmm. You did not get much sleep did you?” His breath smelled like coffee and his eyes penetrated hers with their forest green hue. Tina was having trouble breathing normally.

“Nope… I guess I didn’t sleep very well” Tina whispered. Chad grinned.

“Aww. That is just too bad cupcake” He ran a hand over her hair affectionately.

“Do you need a hug?” He inquired, smiling sweetly.

“Um. Sure.” Tina’s hands were trembling. Chad wrapped his arms around Tina’s small frame and pulled her close. Tina was unsure of how this was possible considering how close they already were.

“Where is my mother?” Asked Tina.

“I think she went to the office early today. So it’s just us two today. Chad started to rub her back as he smiled again, and Tina started to sweat.

“Okay. Well I will let you pee now.” Tina let go of Chad, and he laughed and chirped,

“Well alrighty then Tina.” Chad let go and Tina started to breathe again. His pelvic bone was escort bayan digging into her and she felt all tingly again and refused to look Chad in the eyes as she left.

Tina made a sprint into her room to think about what had just happened and to rewind the moment where she was so close to Chad. The color if his eyes and the feeling of his warm big arms around her made Tina feel intoxicated. The tingling was now unbearable. She just had to touch herself one more time. She was about to ram her delicate fingers into her underwear to soothe her aching pussy when Chad busted through the door.

“Hey you!” He smiled.

“Want some pancakes?” Tina was about to shake her head no so that she could continue to make her way to her pussy when her stomach growled fiercely.

“Yes. I would love some.” Tina said. Chad’s face lit up and he smiled again and shut the door.

“I’ll let you know when they’re ready!” He yelled as he walked away.

Tina decided to lock her door before anything happened. She did not want to get caught. That would be the ultimate embarrassment for her. Her hand finally found its destination and Tina was starting to sweat when she heard a knock on the door. She was so close to an orgasm that she didn’t bother to answer the knock when Chad yelled out,

“Come on out! Pancakes are ready now! Hurry or else I am eating them all!”

Tina knew that he was not lying and decided to reluctantly get up and open the door.

“Hey you” He grinned again. It was as if he knew what she had been doing.

“What were you doing in there? You look exhausted…” Chad winked and Tina was absolutely terrified that he had heard something.

“What?!” she searched his expression. Chad winked at her again.

“Nothing. I am only teasing you cupcake.” He ruffled her hair and went downstairs. Tina breathed a sigh of relief and headed down the stairs behind Chad.

The aroma was so wonderful that Tina’s mouth literally started to water from the smell. She hurried and grabbed the plate sitting out for her and piled on the pancakes. Chad laughed from behind her.

“Aren’t you Miss. Hungry today?” Tina blushed and sat down at the table with her pancakes. As she poured on the syrup Chad sat down and poured her some coffee.

“Poor thing. You look like you need the whole pot of coffee.” He teased.

Tina was embarrassed and looked down at her plate.

“Aw. I was just teasing you again. I’m sorry, don’t take it to heart sweetie” Chad smiled as Tina’s eyes slowly looked up to meet his.

After breakfast, Tina stood up and ran to her room. She threw her hand in her underwear and started to moan at the sensations she was feeling. Her pussy was so wet and her finger felt almost too tight as it rapidly pumped in and out of her sweet hole. Tina couldn’t help but moan when she, yet again, heard a knock at the door. Tina huffed with frustration and threw open the door with a crazy look in her eye.

“What do you want now?!” She snapped at him. Chad’s face became downcast as a look of pain flashed across his face.

“I just came to apologize,” He mumbled to his shoes. Tina immediately regretting snapping at him and couldn’t help but wrap him in her arms. Chad sighed happily and all was forgiven.

“It’s alright Chad. You don’t have to apologize.” Tina’s face was buried in his chest. Chad held her tighter and whispered into her ear,

“Yes I do. I feel bad kocaeli escort bayan for teasing you,” He pulled her closer again and she almost moaned from pleasure at being so close to him. Her mind was cloudy.

“I’m sorry Tina” He said sadly. Tina forgave him and he almost exploded with happiness. He went to lift her up and spun her around until she begged him to let her go.

“Alright! Alright! Put me down!” Chad laughed and put Tina down on her feet. Tina should not feel this way. Especially towards her mom’s boyfriend. . .

“Are you going back into you room again?” Chad asked timidly.

“Yes.” Tina would not be interrupted from cumming again.

“Well, I am lonely. Can you come out soon?”

“Of course I will.” Tina said, and Chad smiled and went to lift her up again and she looked into his eyes until she thought he was going to kiss her and she turned quickly and shut the door behind her. She was gasping for air and decided to finally orgasm and try to process her thoughts.

After the hours of coming close and stopping, the pressure was so intense and Tina barely touched her clitoris when a bone racking orgasm took her over. She could not help but moan loudly, and hoped that Chad could not hear her.

Tina waited a few hours before deciding to venture out of her room in the hopes that no one would hear. The television was on, so Tina assumed that Chad was watching the game. She heard moaning and thought that he and her mother were being intimate. Her mind told her to leave, and her pussy told her to keep walking into the living room silently. The sight that Tina saw surprised her. Here was Chad out in the open staring at the TV and pounding away at his perfect cock. Tina gasped aloud and Chad met her eyes and quickly covered up, but it was too late. Tina made a dash for her room again.

Her pussy was now pulsing from her arousal, and Tina tried desperately to calm herself down. Chad was knocking on her door again,

“Tina? Please open up! I am so sorry.” He was pleading. Tina, now lusting him more than ever opened up the door.

“What do you want Chad?” Her eyes were beady as she stared at him, all covered in sweat and smelling like sex.

“I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking you would come in because you ran in your room after I hugged you”

“Its fine Chad” Chad sighed a breath of relief. But he had a mischievous look in his eyes. He got really close to her and whispered in her ear,

“The only reason I had to do that was because I heard you moaning and my poor cock just couldn’t take all the teasing…” He got even closer and held her so close that she could feel his pulsing cock digging against her.

“Why don’t you wait for my mom to come home?” Tina tried.

“Well that won’t do. He is very unhappy my dear Tina. And you are just so delectable…” Tina thought she was about to faint when Chad pressed her to the wall and intoxicated her with his breath. Tina felt dizzy as she stared into his piercing eyes again and Chad started to kiss her.

The kiss was the most wonderful experience of Tina’s short life. His lips were soft and warm as they anxiously pulled at hers. His breath was warm and sweet. Tina could not help but moan as Chad’s hands roamed her body and rested at the end of her butt. He squeezed it and she moaned again pulling him closer. Tina’s clit was now on fire and she started to grind against kocaeli escort him. Chad moaned and threw Tina on her bed like an animal, ripping off clothes by the second. Tina moaned and Chad wasted no time ripping of her lacy panties all drenched in cum and tossing them aside. His mouth immediately latched onto her clit and he sucked on it softly kissing the little nub. Her pussy was burning with passion as his hot smooth tongue glided between her pussy lips and flicked her clit. Then it went down to worm its way into her sweet and sticky hole. The juices were pouring from Tina like a river.

“Oh my god. This feels so good. Mmmm.” Tina’s hips bucked several times; and every time she moaned, Chad just licked harder. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. When Tina was just about to cum, Chad shoved his perfect cock into her dripping virgin hole. It was such a tight fit that Tina screamed until she was moaning again. He was just so huge!

“Mmm. My tight little girl. That feels so good baby. Keep milking my cock like that you bad girl.” Chad was pushing faster and Tina was clenching her pussy muscles and literally trying to milk his sexy rock hard dick. Sweat became the only thing between them and the moans were getting so loud that someone outside the house could probably hear the lovers. She was clawing at his back digging it into his muscled and toned body. He felt so perfect lying on top of her. Then he decided to shift and flipped Tina over so he could fuck her doggie-style. The tip of his cock was rubbing her G-spot and Tina was close to either cumming or passing out from all the stimulation.

Tina finally decided to flip herself over and kiss his salty lips again as she bit lightly on his lower lip flicking her tongue over it. Chad was moaning and grunting as he slid down to eat her out again. His tongue was hotter and her pussy was so sensitive. She was about to cum, when he stopped. It was as if he knew when she was close. She huffed again and started pouting. Her bottom lip stuck out and Chad licked those lips too. She couldn’t help but smile at him.

“You are so sexy right now” Chad mumbled as he sucked on one of her small and hard nipples rolling it between his teeth.

“Mmmm. Please make me cum Chad. My pussy needs you,” With that Chad slid back up and lightly rubbed his cock at her opening until she was begging for more.

“Oh please fuck me please! I need you! My kitty needs that cock!!” Tina was getting so frustrated and was about to yell again when Chad placed his hand over her mouth and rammed his cock so hard into her that she almost fell off the bed. She was moaning and thrashing as she felt his rod in the deepest parts of her pussy. She was so full of him and her pussy started to tingle uncontrollably. Chad was close to cumming too. Tina started to breathe heavily and her muscles tightened in her pussy. Chad groaned from the new pressure.

“I am gonna cum!” Tina yelled. Chad pushed faster and harder and deeper. Tina lost all control. . .

Her pussy spasmed endlessly as it clenched Chad’s cock. This was too much for Chad and he ripped out his monstrous cock and made it pour endless streams of cum onto Tina’s stomach. He then decided to finish off Tina and scooted down to lap at the juices flowing from her hot dripping pussy. His tongue flicked her clit and Tina screamed in pleasure. He then dove his tongue in and out while wiggling it around inside her. The probing sensation took Tina over the edge again as she pressed Chad’s sexy sweaty face against her wet pussy. Chad continued to lay there and lick her pussy for a while after she came. After a day like today, Tina didn’t care if her mother never came home again.

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