Toni’s Man

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My Jim will be home soon. He still works.

One last look in the mirror. Hair: perfect. Makeup: subtle. Halter top: yummy full. Pencil skirt: wicked snug. Legs: smooth. Open toe three inch heels: sexy. Gold hoop earrings, gold necklace, diamond and gold wedding rings: Elegant.

I’m forty two. Five seven. Dark brown hair in a short do that just covers my ears. Hundred and forty pounds, well, hundred and forty five. OK one fifty. My long shapely legs are my best feature. Well other than my tits, but they’re extras so to speak.

You know, when I first met Jim I hardly gave him a second look. My financial advisor, Nancy, you know, that little red head doll that’s married to Flower, the Viking Goddess, sent me a ticket to a charity event her brokerage was sponsoring.

The timing was perfect. My big new tits were no longer looking like bruised punching bags. They were feeling like part of me. I went shopping for a satin and lace bra and a new dress that showed my new cleavage.

My place card was at a table for eight. There were two married couples, a couple of single gals (young and hot, and they knew it) myself and this Jim fellow.

The speaker was a well known scientist whose books are very popular.

The raffle tickets were one hundred dollars each. One of the hot chicks won the fur coat. The other winner at our table was this Jim guy. He won a dinner for two at ‘End of the Pier.’

I noticed his eyes flick down to my new personalities a few times. I decided to be a bad girl.

“Jim, will you ask me to dance?” I love being a cock teaser.

In my heels Jim’s a few inches shorter than me. Not bad looking at all. His suit was off the rack, but can’t be a snob, right. But I can tell.

Slow dance. he held me like a gentleman. I pulled him closer and quietly purred, “I saw you looking. Like them? There new. Bet you’d like to play with these puppies.”

He blushed and stammered, “I thought I was being discreet, um.”

“You were sweetie. I’m just teasing you.”

By the end of the evening he got up his courage and asked me if I’d join him for that dinner he won.

What the hell. Fancy restaurant. At least I’d get a four star meal out of it, if nothing else.


“What’s this?” Jim showed up with a swoopy car with a long hood.

“It’s a sixty two Jaguar XKE Coupe.

“Wow. Old. It looks like new.”

“I just finished restoring it. You’re the first person I’m taking for a ride in it.”

“Oo, I feel special.” Giggle. Glad I wore a knee length skirt, the door sill was high and the seat low. Would have shown him too much for the first date. If this was a date. Hadn’t yet decided. “Mm, what a lovey smell.”

“Real English leather. Took a while to find a leather worker who could re-upholster the seats, but she did a wonderful job.”

Dinner was nice. When we got back to my apartment he walked me to the foyer.

“Um, er, would it be OK if I asked you out again? Um, can I call you? Um.”

“I’d like that.” I gave him my number.. He gave me a quick little peck on the lips and left.

You know, he’d sort of grown on me. I was a bit put out he didn’t call. But these things don’t work out for ‘girls’ like me with straight guys anyway.”


Hi. Toni? It’s Jim. You know? I’ve been away for a month. Problems at the Denver plant. Um. I was wondering, would you like to go to dinner Saturday night? Um.”

“That sounds nice. What time?”

“How about I pick you up at seven.”

“Great. What should I wear?”

“Something nice. Oh, that didn’t come out right . I’m sure you always dress nicely. I was thinking of The South Meadows Club.”

“Are you a member?”

“Sure. Business contacts and all that.”

“I used to belong. Family, you know, but didn’t keep up my membership.” Shut up Toni. “Anyway, I know just what to wear.”

Well, could be slightly awkward. I didn’t have to quit. It was more about me than him quite honestly.


“And, what’s this one?” It was a pretty little turquoise sports car with no roof.

“It’s an MGA. My first car. Had it since high school.”

Phillip was still the Maitre’ D. at the club. Sweet tush. A real flamer. Here goes.

“Toni! You look great. These are new. Yum.” He summons a waiter before he can embarrass me more.

“You know him, eh?”

“Yes. we dated. Long time ago.” Please don’t ask any more questions. Jim didn’t. Whew.

By the end of dinner I found out he was chief engineer at the bearing factory. I told him I was a sales lady at my friend, Susan’s boutique. I didn’t tell him about my trust fund.


“Want to come up?” It was after our fourth date. I knew it was time. ‘Fish or cut bait’ whatever that means. Grandpa Lewis’ favorite saying.

Somehow the buttons on my cream cashmere sweater came undone. I pulled Jim’s hand to my boobs. “Like that?”


Such a gentle touch. Good kisses. I saw a bulge.

“I know what you’d like.”

I pulled down his fly and dug out his cock. Nice. Circumcised. Just the right size. I bent down and kissed his helmet. Lick, lick. Nice. Just his knob in my mouth. Boy, I’ve missed cock. Lick, Kiss. Take it all in. Jim stroked my back. Bob up and down.

“Toni! I can’t. Ahh.” He came gangbusters. Some dribbled out of my mouth.

“I’m sorry, I’ve never had, um.”

“A blow job? Your cock sucked? You poor dear. We’ll have to do this again some time.”

I re-filled our wine glasses.

“Here’s to Jim’s first hummer.”

Sweet sheepish smile as we toasted.

I really should have told him right that night. But, you know, didn’t want to spoil the evening.

OK. I’m a coward. Next time.


“Fifty nine Ford F100. My hot rod. Five point four bored out to five point seven, Five speed automatic, four wheel discs, Independent front suspension. What do you think?”

“I like the color. Pickups should be red.”

“The color?”

“Oh, hon, I don’t know a thing about cars.”

Jim said to dress casual, he was taking me to a ‘cruise night’, whatever that was. Grey cotton blouse with a Peter Pan collar. Navy blue two inch below my knees skirt, and my pink running shoes.

As he started the truck I said, “Jim, dear, we need to talk before we go. You see, I’m not the kind of girl you think I am.”

“What? You’re a de-frocked nun?’

“Jim, I’m serious. Look.” I took his right hand and held it to my crotch. He pulled his hand back like he’d been burned as he felt my wienie growing in my skirt.

He looked between my face and my crotch. He said “um” a lot. I reached for my door handle.

His hand went to my shoulder as I started to get out. “Um, I’d still like to take you to the cruise night. If you’d like.”

Strange evening. Trying to be a normal couple out on a friendly date. And the cruise night. We pulled into the West End Canadian Tire parking lot. There were a bunch of people standing around old cars. Jim parked and opened the hood of his truck. Someone had big speakers playing a continuous loop of fifties and sixties rock and roll. Someone had a BBQ and pop stand. There were a bunch of wives and girl friends trying to look interested as their men talked cars. Jim introduced me to Paul and Rosemary, then they talked about Paul’s Corvette and Jim’s truck. I waited for something to happen. Nothing did.

After about a century I quietly said, “If I have to hear ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ one more time, I WILL scream.”

“Oh, sorry Toni. You should have said. Let’s go.”

As we pulled out of the parking space Jim patted the seat beside him. “Slide over here.” He put his arm over my shoulder. “At least let the guys think I got a date with a hot chick with big hooters.”

“You pig.” I laughed. “I thought you were a gentleman, but you’re just a perverted swine.” I laughed. We both laughed as we drove off.

Back at my place, Jim walked me to the lobby door, kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye.

Oh well, he would have found out sooner or later. In the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t good enough for a real man anyway.


What a bad week. I tossed and turned through the nights. Work was slow and dragged on forever.

Friday night when I got home there was a turquoise MG in the parking lot with Jim leaning on the rear fender.

“Look, Toni. I’ve, um. I was wondering, um, will you still be my, um, can we keep seeing each other?”

We kissed. “Come up, I’ll make us something to eat.”

I poured a couple of glasses of white wine. We sat on the couch. I closed my eyes and leaned forward. We kissed. We kissed some more. We sipped our wine.

“Um, look, I er, I really like the time we spend together. And, um, not just the kissing and, um?”

“Shh baby. It’s OK.”

“But I’m not , um, er.”

“Oh Honey, nobody’s saying you are.”

“But, um, I don’t know how to please you. I’m not a, er?”

“Cocksucker? Oh Baby, you don’t have to do any of that.” I kissed Jim and lifted his hand to my boobs. “I like the way you touch me, Want to unbutton my blouse?”

His hands were trembling. We kissed some more. “That feels so nice Baby.”

I guided his hand down. I lifted the hem of my dress. I held his hand to my satin panties, over my hard little wienie. “See, that’s OK. Nice smooth satin.” He stroked his hand over my panties. “Oh, baby. You have such a nice touch. So gentle. Here.”

I undid this pants and pulled out his bone. “I’ll look after you Baby.”

Not to brag, but I’m one hell of a cocksucker. I made it last for Jim. By the time I’d sucked him dry he was weak as a kitten. We ordered pizza from the joint down the street for supper.


“Would you like to see my place? Friday? I could pick you up a seven, we could go someplace for dinner first?”

“Great. I’ll pack a bag for the weekend.”

“Um, Ya, er, yes, for the weekend. Sure.”

So shy and sweet.

I wore my yellow sleeveless sundress with the white polka dots and my white angora bolero sweater to keep the evening chill off. Sheer natural nylons and my two inch heel woven bamboo sandals. Single pearl earrings, my single row pearl choker necklace, and a pearl bracelet on my right wrist. Coral lip gloss and nails. Not too dressy, not too casual.

“How many cars do you own?”

This one was a newer Lincoln. “Now you’ve seen all my drivers. This is my work car.

Jim took my bag and put it in the trunk. “You look fabulous Toni.”

I made sure he saw lots of leg as he held my door.

His place was in the country. It was dark by the time we arrived. Open concept, immaculate, one wall of glass. I could see lights down the hill.

“I’ll put your bag in the guest room.”

So naive, my sweetie.

He left the lights low. Soon we were groping each other on the couch. Oh, he’s getting brave. His hand strokes my leg. It slides up under my dress. He strokes my panties. Mm. I’m growing. We kiss. Damn he’s a good kisser.

“Just a minute.” I slip off my panties.

We kiss and fondle some more. Jim’s hand slides to my cock.

“Um, what if I kissed it?”

“Go ahead. It’ll be our secret.” I lifted the hem of my dress.

I rested my hand on Jim’s shoulder. He gently wrapped his hand around my shaft and bent down to it.

“Take your time Baby, we have all weekend. Just relax.”

“No. I want to. For you.”

I closed my eyes and leaned back. Such a sweet kiss right on my knob.

“Oh Jim, that was good.”

He smiled like a little boy who’s just been praised for doing something right.

he sat up and we kissed.

He went back down and put my knob into his mouth. “Oh Jim!” he swallowed until he gagged. We kissed some more.

“Maybe it’s time to get ready for bed.”

“Oh, sure.” He sounded a bit put off, but gave me a wet goodnight kiss. I picked up my panties and went to the spare room.

I’d bought a new nightie just for Jim. Sheer white with sweet pink ribbons to tie and be untied down the front.

The master bedroom had deep, soft, light brown wall to wall. The wallpaper was dark green with a subtle grey pattern. The bed and side table were a dark wood. The headboard a bookshelf.

Jim didn’t hear me coming. His eyes were closed, the blankets tossed back. He had a handful of tissues and was stroking with the other.

“I can help you with that.” He jumped and turned beet red.

“Aw nothing to be ashamed of.” I climbed into the bed and headed for his cock. “I think it’s sweet you were thinking of me.” I kissed and swallowed.

When I finished my bedtime cum snack we cuddled to sleep. What a great snuggler Jim is.


Outside the wall of glass was a deck facing the south. We started the day drinking coffee on the deck and looking across the bean and corn fields. I felt so tres’ elegant siting on the padded wooden patio chair in my powder blue ankle length satin dressing gown, it’s long sash tied in a bow, one leg wickedly bare, above the sash, the front open enough to show a peak of my nightie.

Jim looked so good in blue jeans and a tan cashmere long sleeve pullover.

“Did you sleep well? I designed the mattress and had it custom made.”


“Yes my ex said she didn’t like how she woke with a stiff neck from my arm under when she fell asleep, so I designed it with a strip of very low density foam at shoulder level.”

“Wow.” Jim was married and never got a blow job? “That was a nice cuddle last night.”

“That’s because I was cuddling you, Dear.”

“Oh, Baby.” Melt my cold hard heart.

“Where are the rest of you cars?”

“Get dressed, I’ll show you.”

White lace bra and panties. Short cut off jeans. White blouse, unbuttoned, tied over my belly and my pink trainers. No makeup of jewelry except for gold button earrings.

The paved drive went ’round behind the house to a red barn. Jim pressed an icon on his phone. The big door rolled up.

Inside was a spotless garage with a painted floor. There was even one of those lift thingies mechanics put cars up on to fix. There was a car with no fenders up on it.

“That’s my latest project car, a FIAT 124 Spyder.”

He showed me his tools and stuff. Exciting? Not so much.

“Lets go for a drive. Find someplace for breakfast. You chose the wheels.”

I chose the pickup. After breakfast we cruised along the lake shore, found a hotdog stand for lunch, then headed back.

Jim gave me a funny look when I lifted his arm off my shoulder and slid over to the passenger’s door. Then when I lay down across the seat and undid his fly, he understood.

The rumble of the engine and the undulations of the suspension added to the experience. Shadows flickered by. Beautiful mouthful. Jim’s gentle touch on my shoulder and back. He stroked my hair. Nice hard cock. Wonderful.


At the end of the month I moved in.

Jim became a bit more adventurous. I asked him if he was ready.

“Over the edge of the bed Sweetie. Mm. Now spread your knees a bit. OK? This is sex lube. It might be a bit cool at first. OK? That’s nice, right? Just two fingers. In and out. Mm. Relax Baby. Mm. You’re really hard. You like this.”

I pushed my lubed Trojan covered cock to his hole.

“I’ll go slow now. This is the real thing. Just relax.” One hand holding his shoulder, the other guiding, I pushed in.


“OK Baby, that was the hard part.” I slid the rest of the way in.


“I thought you’d like it.” I moved my hands to his hips. I slowly stroked out and back in. “See. That’s nice isn’t it? My strong handsome Baby.”

“Ah, um.”

My palm was still slippery with lube. I reached down and began stroking his cock in time with my thrusts.

“Good Baby.” I picked up the pace.

“Ug, ug ug. Toni, I’m cumming I cant..”

Jim squirted and squirted in time with my thrusts. Then I came.


My family came to our wedding, just before the new year. Jim’s sister came, but his other relatives refused.


Oh, there’s my man. Just pulling in the drive. Oh no. Paul’s Corvette is pulling in right behind.

I run to the bedroom. Long sleeve pastel cashmere cardigan over my top. Skirt will have to do.

“Rosemary. Paul. What a surprise!”

“When I stopped for our pizza, they were getting one too, so I said to bring it along and we’ll make a party of it. I’m going to show Paul the turbo conversion on the truck. Be back in in a bit.” he kissed my cheek and out they went.

“I told Paul I should phone, but he said Jim would be calling you from his car.”

“When Jim starts thinking about his turbohoozie, it’s amazing he remembers where he’s going.”

“Boys and their toys.”

“Ain’t it the truth. We won’t see them for another half hour at least. Let’s have a glass of wine. White or red? I just opened a nice Merlot.”

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