Too Good To Be True Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 Dying for it.

Phil senior’s orgasm had been the culmination of years of frustration fuelled by the jealousy of seeing his son covet her lustrous curvaceous body first and enter her hot tight cunt. Years of pent up jealousy rose in him; his wife’s affair and his bitter divorce and the burden and responsibility of his son all welled in Phil’s consciousness. When he felt his cock throb gloriously and the endorphins soak every nerve ending with their mind numbing delight and he felt his whole body quake with pleasure as he released his load over her angelic face and tits. He had watched the pearl droplets trickle down her silken skin and the look of blissful pleasure on her sexy face as she scooped his cum to her lips and smiled at him as she feasted on the harvest of their intense tease.

She had taunted him beyond endurance but now the satisfaction of this long torturous journey had more than eclipsed any doubts he had had as he watched his son delight in her. To make it more exciting she continued to relentlessly pursue his erection and urged him to enjoy every delicious curve and sexual favour she could offer. It was Candy’s tenacity and uncompromising desire to induce continuous sweet attention and un inhibited access that made her so good to fuck, so good to touch and to pleasure. Her body and mind was an eternal playground of new enticements.

Even as a younger man Phil he had never managed to cum so frequently nor rise from his post orgasmic flaccidness so quickly. She inspired and teased and coaxed him to three unbelievable orgasms, each increasing in intensity. Her pussy was a dreamscape of his most erotic fantasy and sucked at his cock with an insatiable hunger. Each time he came on her she would lick his cock and suck it so that his orgasm was prolonged.

The pleasure she induced in him was beyond expectation and her delectable form would populate his fantasies until the day he died. He twirled the delightful lime green panties in his hand after he had availed himself of their unmistakable scent the thin silk stiff with their combined outpourings. This was his prize this and the memory of their affair captured on video.

Candy had worked hard to make up for her cruel teasing of Phil. It was so unlike her nature to be a nasty bitch. She hated unfaithfulness even though her whole life style urged men to be unfaithful with her. She still enjoyed deflowering the virgin and seducing him so blatantly. She was intoxicated by the power of her overt slutty seduction of Phil junior and luxuriated in the intensity of his hot hard inexperienced fucking. The men she loved were all expert love-maker’s his clumsiness turner her on, his shivering, aching inexperience was such a contrast to the men who knew how to drive her into a frenzy and keep her on the edge of ecstasy for hours. That became predictable. It was junior’s lack of finesse that made Candy hot that and the fact that hundreds of men and women were joining Phil on his awkward journey to pleasure.

After she had bathed the sticky remnants of her days prize giving she lay at home with Tom making love to him with the tender romantic touch that fueled their mutual love. It soothed her savage desires and awakened her maternal desire to have him fill her with his seed so she could bear a child. There was something so exciting about fucking to this end, more exciting than any of her wild sexual exploits. They slept in each other’s arms blissfully. Candy resting for her next encounter, Tom caressing her like the precious work of art that she was. Not jealous of her but in awe of her patient generosity of spirit and inspired and athletic performance.

In the seclusion of his office Anthony opened the bubble wrapped envelope excitedly. Her white lace panties were inside and he could not resist bringing them to his nose to inhale Candy’s sweet familiar scent. He knew that the panties in the envelope could only mean that she was now naked beneath her clothing. Any thought of Candy inspired lust in him that made his cock tingle with excitement but the thought of her slick shaved pussy beneath a skirt made him boil in anticipation. He adjusted his awakening cock and patted it affectionately. It would be a long day of waiting on the edge. He did not notice the extra security cameras in his plush office.

His arrogance and self-confidence plus his social connections had rocketed him to success virtually overnight and he managed a large bustling branch office at barely 25. He had arranged for Candy to be his PA as a temp today so she could give him his prize. He had had sex in his office before with one of the young willowy sales staff that had been infatuated with him and let him take her bending over his large oak desk from behind. He had enjoyed the power of his control over her and the sweet sensation of eager wetness that greeted him inside her young tight pussy. He had prided himself on how many times she had squealed in orgasm with his mouth and fingers and how wet she was when he slid inside her escorts in london and brought her to more climaxes. Their affair had been brief and totally sexual and he had thought she was infatuated with him until his boss revealed that she would be transferred to head office. She had been fucking them both.

Candy entered the building at 8am dressed conservatively in a tight black pencil skirt that split down the rear and covered her knees. It fitted her hips like a second skin and her stocking clad legs shimmered with the nylon as they peered momentarily from the split from behind, her luxuriously attractive ass swaying tempestuously on her black stiletto heels. The trail of eyes that connected with her view stretched from the car park through security in the elevator to the seventh floor. The scent of her perfume wafting behind her as a reward to the senses of those whose eyes scanned her sumptuous legs and buns. She wore a soft silk blouse that was unbuttoned to reveal her cleavage clad in a pretty satin and lace bra that lifted her small but perfect breasts and delivered her sumptuous mounds of flesh to view with grace and subtlety. The bra and blouse were thin enough to allow the barest trace of her jellybean-sized nipples to punctuate their smooth line.

Candy entered his office without knocking glancing at the postbag in his hands. Without a word she kissed him wetly. He held her and caressed her ass instinctively searching for any trace of her panty-line. There was none. As sexy as candy’s body was and as available as her delicious holes were it was her kisses that lovers remembered most. She kissed men as if their mouths were genitals. She was a legend figure who some say they had cum with no more sexual contact than her kiss. It was this that filled Anthony’s mind now. It wasn’t’ just her tenderness it was the gentle restraint with which she kissed.

When she encouraged men to touch her luscious curves and explore her ass and breasts the erotic pleasure of her body drew her lovers to her like a magnet. Anthony’s hands took this opportunity to fondle her firm breasts through her clothing and cup her exquisite ass in his palm as she ground against him knowing he would be impossibly hard in moments. Candy loved to have an immediate effect. She broke the kiss suddenly and stood back reaching for the panties that lay on his desk.

‘ I’d better put these on.’ She purred sexily.

She balanced delicately on her hi heels and tottered a little as she slid her feet into each leg of the panties then shimmied them up. Anthony could see she wore stockings and suspender and the shapely contours of her legs appeared momentarily as she adjusted the panties over her pert ass and enticing pussy. She smiled as she gave him a brief look at her curved buns and then smoothed the dress down over it and her long shapely legs. Anthony sighed audibly. She only had to do something as simple as that to drain him of confidence and reduce him to being a babbling wreck. He felt his cock ache within its enclosure.

‘Now show me to my desk and I’ll get to work.’

The statement had double meaning she would work for him or give a pretty good pretense of taking phone calls and organizing his diary but her main work was tease. The thought of her and the vision of her passing by or talking on the phone in the anti room that served as the PA’s office would drive him mad with desire. If she weren’t a lottery prize she would have made a damned good PA. Anthony glanced at his electronic diary and opened his email to take his mind of when she would begin her erotic taunting. He gazed at the semi naked jpegs of her wearing the white panties and drooled. He glanced momentarily at his diary.

’10am- 10-15am Morning tea and BJ with C.

Anthony glanced at his clock try as he might any attempt at work drew him back to drooling over her photos. It was 9-52am and Candy had made friends with the other office staff and been suitably ogled by the males of all ages and complimented on her stylish suit by the female staff. She had by all intensive purposes deflected and dealt with any enquiry that had passed through her and managed to organize and file and make diary entries like a seasoned professional knowing that it was the waiting that drove him wild. She went to the tearoom and chatted animatedly with the other staff making a pot of tea and a preparing a plate of chocolate biscuits for Anthony. At 9-59 she knocked on her door and sat on his desk and prepared his tea. She pulled up her skirt so her luscious legs were visible.

‘If you check your diary Mr Peters you’ll see we have a pretty full schedule I thought you might enjoy a break.’

‘ You’re an Angel Candice. I get the tea thing and I guess the C is you but what is BJ?’

Candice slid off the desk and walked towards him. Began to rise from his seat thinking they would embrace.

‘Don’t get up Anthony stay seated.’

She bent over his chair and kissed him sweetly. Anthony craved those sweet kisses escorts in london like an addict now and sucked her eager tongue into his mouth. Her hand fell to his lap and she unzipped him. He quivered at the thought of her touching him again. She unfurled his awakening manhood and wrapped her slender well manicured fingers around his shaft peeling back the foreskin so his head could emerge into the neon office light.

‘You know I could so easily lift my skirt and slide your hot cock inside me and we could fuck here and now. I’m so wet darling but you’ll find out soon and that would spoil all my plans to give you the sexiest day and the hottest fuck you’ve ever had.’

Anthony toyed with the idea of lifting her skirt and pulling her towards her roughly. He knew she wanted it and some girls loved it urgent and quick and dirty. He thought twice about it and then simply lost himself in the pleasure of her nimble fingers as they coaxed his substantial cock to full length. He was proud of his long thick cock and knew women liked it.

Candy caressed his shaft like no other knowing how to circle his flesh and tease the sensitive glans until he began to throb. She had whetted her fingers and the moisture lubricated her featherlike strokes. Her other hand cupped his swollen balls and tickled them gently then grazed them with her long red fingernails. He shivered with desire his eyes closed and rolled back into his head as her fingers worked their erotic magic on his swelling cock.

‘Mmmmmm you are a big boy Anthony. My pussy’s going to be so tight for you. My panties are sooooooo wet for you. Your beautiful cock looks good enough to eat.’

Candy lifted her skirt to her waist revealing her white panties and the suspender and stockings she wore. She knelt in front of him smiling and looking at his cock like a ravenous cat she pulled back her shoulders thrusting her breasts forward and absently unfastened one button so her bra was visible and the swell of her cleavage was thrust towards him. Anthony stared down at her lithe form and pert little breasts. He knew this would be where his fist cum would be spent. He wanted desperately to cum on her luscious little teen sized tits. Her eyes glistened with their mutual understanding. She crawled beneath his desk and beckoned him to bring his chair so that she was concealed beneath.

‘Oh by the way if you check your diary you should see the next appointment I booked in. She should be due any minute. I told her to knock and come right in.’

Anthony hurriedly brought his computer back to life to see the 10-15 appointment. Fiona Wells an attractive thirty something who worked in accounts. She was to discuss monthly sales figures. Beneath his desk candy had begun to kiss his cock wetly. Covering it with tiny wet kisses until he was breathless with desire. There was a knock at his door.

‘Come,’ he said almost prophetically.

The pretty brunette entered carrying copies of the figures they would peruse for anomalies. She too wore a sexy little business suit hers with a short skirt. He made a mental note that he would fuck her before the end of the year. She crossed and uncrossed her legs until she was comfortable with her hemline and the modest visibility of her legs. She smiled at Anthony knowing he like other men in this office lusted after her. Anthony would get her but she would make him respect her by holding off for a suitable distance of time. Fiona’s values were dependent upon doing the right thing at the right time and even though she dressed seductively this didn’t mean she was a slut with an open invitation to men. Beneath the table Candy began to suckle his shiny tip as he suppressed the gasp that rose involuntarily to his throat.

‘Hi Fi’ hope you are bringing me nice figures that excite me.’

‘I hope my figure always excites you Tony.’ She flirted.

She handed him the copies of the accounts puzzling at the dreamy sexy look in Anthony’s eyes and hoping they were for her. Anthony tried hard to concentrate as Candy licked and kissed his cock excitedly. He smiled weakly as he gazed at Fiona’s full breasts peering from her lace camisole.

‘Oh.’ He gasped spontaneously as Candy swallowed his cock once more. The image of how deeply she had consumed him at the club infiltrated his concentration. She had swallowed him to the hilt and dribbled and breathed on his pubic hair as she held her breath while his cock throbbed dangerously in her warm wet mouth. Phil put his hand under the desk to touch her hair and feigned rubbing his stomach instead.

‘Are you all right Tony. You look pale. Is there anything I can do?’ Fiona looked concerned.

‘No, No it’s just a stomach bug I picked up overseas. It passes. These December expenditure figures look a bit out of whack are you sure the decimal place is in the right place?

Phil fell upon the only distraction he knew question the figures so she had to talk.’ Candy waited for him to finish talking then withdrew his cock from her mouth escort service and blew warm air across it sexily. The sexy breeze sent shivers through him.

‘ Oh Ok I think you are looking at the year to date figures you must be unwell Tony. Why don’t you take the day off or see a doctor.’

She toyed with the cameo necklace around her neck not conscious of drawing attention to her breasts. Anthony glanced at her and nodded approvingly as she talked through the rest of the figures.

Candy waited for her to talk before suckling his cock each time. She consumed him so expertly. She loved sucking cock. She thrilled at how easily she could make a man hard in her mouth and how their shafts slid so easily down her pretty throat. As a teen she had practiced with a banana for days to stem her gagging reflex and when she finally unleashed her secret weapon on her unsuspecting dates she quaked with pride at how easily they would melt.

She adored cock sucking and regularly knelt before men’s phallic alters to worship cock and milk them of their sticky prize. Each time she would bring him to the edge of orgasm and then she would pinch his tip to quell his explosion. Sometimes pearls of cum escaped but this too had been a technique she had practiced. One of her first older lovers had given her a book on masters and Johnson technique and she had practiced it for hours on his grateful cock and now rather than a cure for premature ejaculation she used it to prolong lovemaking and to tease mercilessly. Anthony ‘s cock had delivered two pearls of cum and his pleasure had been disguised as a sharp stomach pain, which continued to disturb Fiona.

Candy covered his cock with tiny kisses, grazed his balls with her fingernails and stroked his shaft repeatedly then took his cock into her mouth in a sequence that guaranteed his pleasure. It was 15 minutes of relentless torture for Tony as he tried desperately to hold a sensible conversation with Fiona while Candy sucked at his cock voraciously. When Fiona finally rose out of her chair and he followed her shapely legs out of his office with his eyes as she shut the office door he shuddered and moaned as he slumped back in his chair exhausted. His cock throbbed uncontrollably He looked down at the angelic visage that held all of his cock down her slender throat. He felt the first throbs of his orgasm and almost blacked out from the intensity of it.

She slid off him and held his cock against her sweet chest. He spurted onto her in thick wads. She had unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her breasts over the under-wire of her bar and the hot gobs of his jism sprayed them and trickled between the delicate teardrops of flesh. Candy liked it when she had prevented a man from cumming and then finally let go. The force of his ejaculation was a testament to the urgency of his need and her skill of sexual manipulation. She had been fondling her panties when Anthony looked at her and she too shivered in delight as she came. She rubbed his thick sticky cum into her breasts so that they glistened with the stickiness. She licked her fingers seductively.

‘B-J blowjob honey. You must remember to check your diary there’s all sorts of things booked in for today.’

She milked his cock for the last droplets of cum and licked around it as he sat contentedly in his chair. Then she slid his cock back in his trousers and zipped him in. Anthony’s head was reeling he’d have blow jobs before but not like this one- not only was she the world record holder for tease but she was the most discreet and erotic woman he had ever met. God she was beautiful too and the image of his cum dribbling down her magnificent breasts flooded his imagination as the endorphins crowded his senses with their tingling ecstasy.

Candy stood and smoothed her skirt over her delicious legs and re buttoned her blouse and turned to the door.

‘ I’m just off to the bathroom to clean up a little. Don’t forget to check your diary. I’d hate you to miss anything important or urgent.’

Her curvaceous hips swayed sexily as she walked to the door and she turned at the door and smiled and blew him a kiss. Anthony scrambled his computer back to life and clicked on diary.

11am Inspect executive bathroom. 11-15am BJ Candy 12noon Lunch at Pascales 1pm Meeting in boardroom 2pm log on to specified group as per email from C. 4pm Club

It was 11-02 am he was late for whatever delightful event Candy had planned. When he arrived he locked the door after himself and watched as she slid her panties off her alluring ass and placed them with her clothing on a bench. The full mirror and lighting displayed her smoothly shaven pussy. A 24-carat diamond gleamed in her navel. She was captivating and acted as if he wasn’t there as she turned and entered the clear glass shower area.

She turned on the hot streams of water and luxuriated in their soothing cleansing touch. She reached for the soap and Anthony’s heart skipped a beat as her pert ass and tiny buttonhole opened before him. She soaped her breasts and washed the sticky cum from her lustrous skin. The soap foamed over her like lace as the steam rose around her. She toyed with her nipples until they hardened, pinching them and cupping her breasts, lifting them to kiss them.

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