Torrie the Bully

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Torrie stood at the door of my office looking confused as usual. She tried to play the innocent game, but it never worked. She had been called to my office to discuss her behavior and inability to get along with the other girls.

As I walked towards her she smacked her gum and slung her hair to the side. I greeted her by saying “good morning Torrie always a pleasure to see you fired up first thing in the morning” and then glanced back and told my secretary to hold my calls the rest of the morning.

We entered my office and Torrie made herself right at home. My office was on the second floor downtown, so you could see everything, and I left the shades open for people to see in, especially when I had a special visitor and could put on a show.

Torrie was short, she had oversized size dounle d breast, a tiny waist, and her ass stuck straight out. Her skin was darker due to her strong Latino heritage and she has a wild girl look about her. In reality rus escort Torrie was a bully to girls her own age, but she craved to be dominated and humiliated by older more mature women.

I left Torrie sitting in my office while stepped into my private bathroom, I needed to get my necessaries ready for our meeting. I slipped an eight inch ribbed cock on under my dress and pulled my lace panties up over it. I unbuttoned the top buttons of my dress some top show my cleavage. I had that dominating motherly look about me; not skinny, but not sloppy fat. I aged well compared to some.

As I entered my office again, Torrie had relaxed herself in the chair across from my desk. Her leg was thrown over the arms revealing her girlish cotton panties obviously her mom bought her thinking she was a good girl. I smiled at Torrie and took a seat at my desk.

Torrie asked with smirk “what am I here for now?” I laughed and told her “you istanbul bayan eskort know damn well you got your ass here so I could fuck your brains out, but we do need to talk about your behavior and you being a bully.”

Torrie made a line of excuses as to why she couldn’t be nice to the other girls. I knew the real problem was Torrie needed to be taken care of more often and I was going to have to make sure of that.

I had some phone calls I needed to make, so I told Torrie to take off her panties and her shirt so I could enjoy looking at her while I worked. She listened and quickly removed her clothes and her big tits were on display along with her glistening pussy.

I first had to call my husband, I dialed him in on FaceTime, he knew Torrie was in my office and knew what I was about to do with her.

We chatted a while, I could see her squirming in her chair uncomfortably while we talked. I had a feather on a stick tucked ukraynalı escort behind my desk, so I grabbed it and reached over the desk to tickle her nipples.

She slouched down in her chair, opened her legs, and gave me access to her clit, so I moved my feather to her clit. Her breathing got heavy, so I wrapped up my phone call to tend to her.

I commanded her to come around my desk and stand in front of me. I pulled my dress up and slid my lace panties down to let my cock free. She looked down and I asked her if she wanted it in her pussy or her ass. She blushed so I told her to face the window with her ass out.

I stood behind her and guided my cock in her pussy slowly, she whispered Mam’ I think he can see us, and I whispered back “he is enjoying the show.”

I fucked her pussy until she orgasmed twice, then I told her to bend over my desk so I could enjoy her ass for while. She loved having her asshole fucked hard, the juice ran down her legs, as she whimpered and whined. I fucked her hard until her knees got weak and she couldnt stand any longer.

I sat down in the chair and pulled her up on my lap, propping her feet on the window with her pussy on display, and opened my bra up to give her a nipple to suck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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