Touch Class Ch. 07

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The next morning we all woke up languidly, yawning, stretching our limbs, and lovingly running our hands along each other’s naked flesh. I sucked Karen’s tits, our hands found each other’s cocks, which soon grew to full size, and in a moment we were in a passionate 69. Shiri put a big toe in my ass, Christine was frigging herself, and I reached over and stuck two fingers up her already wet cunt. Karen started fisting Shiri, and we were off to the races just like that.

I felt both Karen’s body and her cock stiffen, and the next moment a torrent of warm gooey cum shot down my throat and filled my mouth. Mmmm, what a delightful breakfast surprise. “Thank you, Karen,” I said after a minute of enjoying her jism.

“Can I try some?” Christine asked.

“Sure. Here,” I said, and we kissed and swapped the sperm.

Karen came up for air for a moment to say, “Jimmy, will you come in my mouth? I know you like to hold back indefinitely, but I’d so love to drink your juice just this once…’

“Karen, I’ll be glad to oblige.” And I let what she resumed doing with her throat, tongue, and lips bring me over the brink, until I shouted “Here comes!” and spurted my sperm to the last drop into her mouth.

Ahhhh, what a great way to start the day.

“How about some breakfast?” Shiri inquired. We all assented. We were torn between showering or just staying like we were, and finally decided to bathe but stay nude afterward. So we all hopped in the shower, soaped each other naughtily, toweled off, and stayed naked as we helped Shiri rustle up some breakfast.

Shiri was making pancakes, and had an idea. “Hey, you two with penises, stand together facing each other. Christine, let’s put some syrup on their cocks, and jerk them off with their cocks rubbing!”

“Mom, what a great idea!”

Karen and I moved to the center of the kitchen and stood together, our flaccid peckers jiggling as we faced each other and got close enough to where our bodies were touching. We rubbed into each other with our dicks, kissing and sucking tongues, my hands groping her hot tits and tweaking her nipples. Shiri came up behind me, rubbing her voluptuous body against mine, and put Escort Çankaya her hands around our awakening dicks. Christine came up behind Karen, squirmed into her, and slathered maple syrup on our dicks.

Karen and I were both erect now, Shiri cupping our pair of stiff dicks with both hands. She stroked us together, up and down, up and down, the syrup lubing the piston action. Christine moved so she could reach both Karen’s and my ass. Shiri shifted position to allow this, so she was now across from Christine. Christine used one hand on each of us to apply more syrup to our groins from behind. She worked the syrup into our asses.

“Shiri, I think it’s time for you and Christine to suck us off. You might want to put a special topping of cum and syrup on the pancakes.” I said.

“That’s a great suggestion, Jimmy.”

She and Christine bent over our bumping boners, each taking one into her mouth and cupping the balls under it as she vacuumed a dong. Shiri’s suction brought me to an explosive climax and I jetted a gush of warm jiz into her mouth. Karen wasn’t far behind, filling Christine’s gullet with her own gooey seed. Shiri and Christine then bent over the plates of now-cold pancakes and sprinkled them with rains of syrupy cum.

“Let’s add some squirt from you two, too,” I said.

Karen and I fingered their pussies frantically until they both quietly screamed and creamed copiously into our cupped hands. We dripped that over the pancakes.

Shiri briefly microwaved the plates to warm them up, we carried them into the dining room, and sat down to a unique feast. The pancakes were delicious, the cum definitely enhancing their flavor.

“God, I can’t get enough of this,” Shiri declared. “Let’s spend the day in bed.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

We adjourned to the bedroom. Shiri set up for filming and started recording. We lay there on the bed for a while. Shiri was playing with Karen’s dick, and pretty soon it was revived to flagpole status, sticking straight up along her belly, parallel to it. “Fuck me good, Sweetie,” Shiri requested, and Karen mounted her, plunging her huge tool to the hilt in Shiri’s slick vagina.

Christine Ankara Escort rolled onto her belly, sticking her taut butt into the air, and I needed no further invitation. I plugged my throbbing manhood into her electrical socket, pumping her pussy while she clenched it around my member to a pulsing rhythm.

Next we formed a daisy chain. Shiri sucked Karen’s dick, I ate out Shiri’s twat, Christine sucked my cock, and Karen buried her face in Christine’s crotch.

Then Shiri and Christine donned strap-on’s. They fucked our asses standing up, while jerking off our cocks with a free hand.

I wanted Karen, and apparently the feeling was mutual. We took over from the other ladies with the cock jerking, grabbing each other’s dick and stroking it backhand, base-to-tip. Some pre-cum was seeping from Karen’s magnificent schlong and I sucked it off my fingers. We all maneuvered onto the bed, Karen and I where we could get our faces near each other’s dick. Then we commenced to take the other’s length in our mouths. It became too much for both of us and we both came and collapsed.

Shiri and Christine kept busy while Karen and I were in a refractory rest period. They fondled each other’s great tits, fingered and sucked each other’s molten pussies, dildoed and fisted those same pussies, and fucked each other’s assholes til both came buckets.

They were wiped out for a while and Karen and I started coming alive again. She lubed me and started reaming my ass, my butt stuck up in the air for her. Her rock-hard love muscle filled my ass cavity with its length and breadth, and each time she thrust it in far I felt the head rubbing up against an inner wall of my anal canal. She reached around and squeezed my cock in time with her penetrations. Oh baby did this all feel good.

We then switched places and I filled her ass and jerked her off while she tweaked her own dangling nipples. By now the girls were arousing and joined us. Christine got her face under Karen and Karen’s dick fucked her mouth as I jerked it off. Shiri played with my scrotum, then fingered my ass, and finally put one prong of a two-pronger in her cunt and the other Sincan Escort in me.

I pulled out of Karen and took Christine’s place, wanting Karen’s beautiful dick between my lips again. Shiri move up and into Karen’s butthole, and Christine strapped on a fat dildo and fucked her mother’s ass with savage thrusts, Shiri crying out “Oh! Oh!” over and over til she squirted out a stream of cum below Karen’s genitals and onto my face. Karen wiped it up with her hand, licked some off, and offered the rest to Shiri, who slurped it down.

I sucked in several inches of Karen’s velvet cock, going up and down on it, licking the head and shaft while it was inside my mouth. The stimulation from both ends became overwhelming and Karen blasted a huge load of warm sperm into my waiting throat. It smelled like ammonia and I swirled it around before gulping it down.

While she rested, Shiri and I double penetrated Christine, Shiri in her ass and me in her pussy. We drove her into a frenzy and she squirted a puddle on Karen’s face.

At this point we all took a nap.

A couple of hours passed. We woke up one-by-one. Karen started fucking Shiri’s massive tits, the tip of her dick going in and out of Shiri’s mouth. I played with Christine’s tits, then fingered her clit til she came. Then I inserted my sausage in her dripping pussy. She put her legs behind my back, then raised them straight up toward the ceiling.

“Let’s all eat our own cum,” Christine suggested, and we heartily seconded that motion. Karen and I pulled out, and all four of us masturbated to orgasm. Each captured his or her own secretions on their hand and licked it up and swallowed it. Yummy!

“Now let’s fill Mom’s three orifices!” Christine recommended. Shiri sat on top of Karen’s cock facing away from Karen, whose dick’s regenerative powers were marvelous. Her ass so impaled, Shiri lay back until her back rested on Karen’s tits. Christine donned a thick long dildo and proceeded to skewer Shiri’s hungry pussy. I squatted above Shiri’s voluminous chest and stuck my half-tumescent penis in her mouth. She fiddled with my balls, then stuck two fingers up my ass. She gobbled up my dick and I got into a fucking rhythm as my cock expanded. Shiri was in a daze as we rammed and reamed and pistoned her every entrance.

After a few minutes, Shiri and Christine changed places. Karen and I came in Christine and all four of us lay down for a well-earned nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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